About Us

Our goal is to make your shopping experience a breeze!

What do we do?

Renewable energy is no longer an innovation, but part of our lives. More and more people swap to environmentally friendly alternatives, whether it comes to smart homes, water solutions or electricity ideas. Not only are these options better for the surrounding environments, but they also pay for themselves.

At the end of the day, solar energy is less likely to end too soon. You do not have to pay for it, but only for the devices and appliances relying on it. From that point on, the respective technologies will help you save money. Here at MageSolar, we aim to make your life easier when about to purchase a solar-based product.

Whether it comes to solar lights for your garden, solar chargers for some of your gadgets, solar panels for renewable energy or various accessories, we compare hundreds of products in multiple categories in order to advice you accordingly. We analyze features, as well as quality standards and reviews from current buyers in order to determine the front runners.

Every brand or manufacturer will promise you the world. We know already – they have their own technologies, proprietary solutions, long lasting ideas, and high-quality products. But different people have different definitions for quality. We analyze products as they are and ensure you make an informed decision based on your own standards.

Why trust us?

You do not have to be a genius to realize our reviews are authentic and genuine. None of our recommendations is biased. Simply go through some of our recommendations. We agree that nothing is perfect, so we will give you both the positives and the negatives of a product. We do not necessarily recommend something, but we give you all the info you need to make a decision yourself.

Our experts spend hundreds of hours on a weekly basis to research and analyze products in various categories. We test many of them in order to understand how they work, what their pros and cons are. We choose the best and most rated products on the market, then we test them and disclose their pluses and minuses.

You will never see us recommending a product from a random brand that no one has ever heard of. You will never see MageSolar recommend a product with a dozen reviews all over the Internet. Instead, we review and recommend products with high ratings – not to mention the reputable brands behind them. In other words, you can leave yourself in good hands with us.

How we do it?

When ready to buy a new product, chances are you may feel a bit overwhelmed if you are not familiar with the solar industry. Furthermore, there are lots of options out there – a simple search over the Internet will provide dozens of even hundreds of products. There will be plenty of them with great reviews, so choosing the ideal one could be confusing, not to mention the amount of time you have to waste.

This is when MageSolar kicks in. Our experts and reviewers will do the work for you. We find the top rated products, we go through the most promising ones and we test and review the final result. We will disclose pluses and minuses and decide ourselves what is worth being tested and reviewed. All this info goes to you straight away.

Independent reviews

Our reviews are straightforward and direct. They are not biased and they include pros and cons. We are not affiliated to any of the brands or products we mention in our reviews. Simply put, our work is independent and not affected by financial gimmicks. Here at MageSolar, we believe in clear and transparent tests.

In many situations, we purchase products or request copies for tests. We often test them one against the other. A simple test may not always be enough to make a good recommendation. There are products that come in categories of their own. Sometimes, getting a copy and testing a product is simply not possible. In such situations, we rely on professional research and customer feedback.

Professional advice

You probably ask yourself now – are we industry experts? How do we know whether a product is good or bad? We have years of experience. Our reviewers have had various roles in this industry and have worked multiple jobs. At the same time, we also communicate and interview experts and contractors regarding their experience with various products.

Most of the people we interview are engineers and provide specific advice on how to test solar related products. We know what safety measures to take and what products tend to last or provide better value for money. Simply put, it is just like asking a plumber what faucet lasts longer or a chef how to tell when the turkey is done.

Our promise

We aim to exceed expectations and provide access to the information you would not be able to get otherwise. When you buy something, you are more likely to get the brand’s specifications only, which will promise you the world. If you buy from a company that gets paid commissions for purchases, your recommendations will bring in the most expensive products.

We try to provide value, as well as all the information you need. We will not make this decision for you. Instead, we will pick the best-rated products in commerce, test, and review them, with their good and bad parts. We will reveal all this information. You should know exactly what you need or aim for, so making a final decision should be a matter of time only.

We are not biased to recommend certain companies or products. If we fail to guide you accordingly, we know that you will never come back. Instead, we have joined this industry for quality longterm results. We can get there by providing trustworthy and detailed reviews, so this is what sets us apart from other similar websites. Leave yourself in our hands and there will be nothing to worry about.