Best Cattail Solar Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

The most important part of any outdoor space is aesthetics, and if you’re looking to add a unique illuminated accent to your property consider using cattail solar lights. They provide you with some light around your garden or patio, and are solar powered so you don’t need to worry about wiring or added electric bills. Better yet, they’re affordable so you won’t be spending too much for decor.

The obvious benefit of using solar lighting is the reduced cost compared to other non-solar lighting products, and the solar cattail garden lights unique shape is just an added bonus. Whether you’re using them to line a garden, the edge of your driveway, or even to accent a water feature you can be sure your property will look its best.

Cat Tail Yellow LED Solar Stake Light

Hongville Solar Powered Garden Yard Stake

Solaration Cat Tail LED Path Lights 4 Piece Set (Black)

Top 5 Cattail Solar Lights

By now you know that you can save money each month on your outdoor lighting costs using solar lighting, but you might still be worried about insightly solar panels or high prices. We’ve found the top 5 cattail solar lights on the internet. As with the list of our favorite solar Christmas lights, we considered price, quality, lighting quality and durability so you can be sure you’re going to be using the best products available. You want to be sure you’re not spending too much or wasting your money, so if you’re considering using solar lights, consider these solar cattail garden lights.

Sterno Home Solar Color-Changing Cattail Stick Lights 4-Pack

First we have the Sterno Home Solar Color-Changing Cattail Stick Light. This is a great choice for anyone who needs a little bit of color in their garden or any other outdoor area. The lights are solar powered and come with an integrated solar panel, so you don’t need to worry about any intensive wiring or setting up any extra solar panels.

Even better, you get four of these cattail solar lights so it’s a great investment for anyone looking to line a larger area or a longer driveway. Installation is incredibly easy, just stick the included stake in the ground and you’re ready. Also, it’s only 1.8 pounds so anyone can move or install this product. Unfortunately it’s not very bright, so if you’re expecting to use it to brightly light an area you might want to consider another product.

Where it would look best:

  • Along the edge of a patio or gazebo
  • To indicate a water feature, which adds a bit of safety too

Cat Tail Yellow LED Solar Stake Light

Editor's Pick

Next is the Cat Tail Yellow LED Solar Stake Light by GSL. This light offers a bit more of an elegant look for those that are looking for something more subtle. Its gives off a soft yellow light which looks great almost anywhere. Even better it’s completely powered by the sun, which means you won’t need to pay extra each month to light your outdoor space.

Also, these cattail solar lights won’t get damaged by any bad weather, as it’s completely weatherproofed. Better yet, it’s very easy to install. Place the stake into the ground and unfold the attached solar panel It’s also only one pound making it extremely lightweight and easy to move. Sadly, it’s a bit more expensive than most of the other products on the list.

Where it would look best:

  • As the centerpiece to a more elegant garden
  • In a pool area, seated in a planter

Solaration Cat Tail LED Path Lights 4 Piece Set (Black)

Best Value

Third on the list is the Solaration Cattail LED Path Light. This is one of the most well designed cattail solar lights available due to its extremely lightweight frame which is only 15 ounces. This allows it to sway lightly in the breeze as if it were a real cattail. It also gives off a soft yellow light during the night, and during the day has a sleek black design that looks great anywhere.

Installation is made even easier than some other solar lights by providing a drill type bottom which digs into the earth with ease. You then just unfold the solar panel and you’re ready to use it. Unfortunately, it’s more on the fragile side, which means if you often have extremely bad weather then you might want to reconsider using this product.

Where it would look best:

  • Near a water feature due to its swaying, which looks great day or night
  • At the end of a driveway to add a bit of curb appeal

Sunset Vista Designs Froggy Hanging Cattail Garden Light

Next is the Sunset Vista Designs Froggy Hanging from Cattail Garden Light. These cattail solar lights are very lighthearted and would add a bit of humor to your garden or water feature. Its design features a frog dangling from a cattail, but at night the frog and cattail illuminate creating a wonderful accent piece for your outdoor space.

With an integrated solar panel, and a high quality battery you can be sure your new decoration will stay lit when you want it to. Also installation requires no wires and is very easy to use. Unfortunately, it’s expensive for what you’re getting and the plastic light itself can be flimsy so make sure to keep it away from anywhere that kids may play or any extreme weather.

Where it would look best:

  • In a more lighthearted garden
  • To illuminate a small sign or address at the end of your driveway

Hongville Solar Powered Garden Yard Stake

Most Popular

Finally, we come to the Hongville Solar Powered Garden Stake with Yellow LED Light Cattail. This is an extremely durable product, made of molded acrylic and powder coated with metal so you can be sure your solar cattail garden lights will be safe outside. And, like others on the list, it features integrated solar panels and very high quality batteries which ensures your product remains lit.

Installation easy, even being the heaviest product on the list at 2 pounds. Its sleek black exterior means it looks good just about anywhere, it’s even safe near water features. Sadly, it’s very dim, so it should only be used as an accent piece, not the primary light source for your outdoor area.

Where it would look best:

  • Evenly spaced along a garden path
  • Lining your driveway or walkway

Where could you use Solar Cattail Lights?

Where could you use Solar Cattail Lights

We’ve covered the money saving aspects of solar lights, and we’ve covered how easy they are to install and use, but what about decorating ideas? Some cattail solar lights are more whimsical, and some are more elegant than others which means you can design the exact outdoor space you’d like. Similar to these solar dragonfly lights, some obvious ideas are lining a garden path, driveway, porch or patio. Creating an obvious property line at night, or even lighting the end of your driveway to make it easier for guests to see your house.

However, some ideas you may not have considered are using them to indicate the edge of a body of water, adding an aspect of security and decor at the same time. Creating a centerpiece for your home garden, or front yard. Even light a pool area by placing some of these solar cattail garden lights in a potted plant or planter. Really, much like with these solar string lights, you can’t go wrong using these solar lights. Anywhere you use them to illuminate your outdoor space you can be sure it’ll look great.

Why solar lighting?

Besides the obvious perk, saving you money each month while still lighting your yard or garden, solar lighting provides many other benefits which solar cattail garden lights utilize. First, no wiring whatsoever, which means your property won’t be littered with unsightly wires and you won’t need to do any extreme installation which could be potentially dangerous. Also, most cattail solar lights require no timers or switches to turn on, because they use the energy from the sun, so they usually turn on when in the absence of that light. Even better they require almost no maintenance, just a basic cleaning on the integrated solar panels themselves each month and even that isn’t a requirement but is highly encouraged to extend the life of your solar light.


Even with the many benefits these products provide, they may not be right for you. For instance, if you live in a place where it’s constantly cloudy or your property is completely shaded. If either of these things are true you may not be able to benefit from using these solar cattail garden lights, but if you’ve thought about these facts and are still interested in using solar lighting, think about purchasing one of these products. (Looking for more cool solar-powered products? Check out these solar bug zappers!)

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