Best Dragonfly Solar Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

It can be hard to find decorations for your garden that both look good and provide some utility or purpose, so these dragonfly solar lights are quite a discovery! They provide enough light to line a garden path or the edge of a driveway, and look great anywhere. Even better, they use sunlight to charge their batteries, meaning you don’t need to pay extra to light your garden.

Most of the dragonfly outdoor lights come in a wide range of colors too, which means you can accent your outdoor space no matter what aesthetic you’ve chosen. Also, they’re incredibly easy to set up and install. So, if you’re considering a new way to light your garden consider dragonfly outdoor lights.

Qedertek Dragonfly Solar String Lights, 20ft 30 LED Lighting (Multi Color)

AVEKI Solar Dragonfly LED and Wind Chime

CIAOYE Outdoor Dragonfly Solar String Lights (White)

Top 5 Dragonfly Solar Lights

So, by now you know solar lights can save you money, and that they look great (just like our favorite solar Christmas lights), but you don’t know which products are worth the money. We’ve done the hard part for you and reviewed the best rated dragonfly outdoor lights available on the internet. We considered price, reliability, durability and illumination when making this list so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Qedertek Dragonfly Solar String Lights, 20ft 30 LED Lighting (Multi Color)

Editor's Pick

First we have the Qedertek Dragonfly Solar String Light. It has 30 LEDs inside dragonfly shaped bulbs, along 20 feet of wire. This means you can hang these dragon fly string lights just about anywhere and can be sure you’ll have the length you need. It’s also waterproof, so you can leave it outside as long as you want without worrying about damaging your new product. Also it charges in the sun, saving you money on your electric bill each month. Unfortunately it can be a little dim, so don’t expect to use it as a primary light source outside.

Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Light - Color Changing Decorative LED Figurine Dragonfly

Next up is the Dragonfly Color Changing LED Stake Light from Qidea. This little light creates the illusion of a dragonfly in flight in your garden, which also looks great lighting paths. It also charges in the sun meaning more savings each month. Even better, it changes colors continuously so you’ll always have an interesting outdoor space. The best part about these dragonfly outdoor lights however, is the easy installation. Just press the provided stake into the ground and you’re done. Sadly, it’s a bit more expensive for several of these lights than some of the others on the list.

AVEKI Solar Dragonfly LED and Wind Chime

Best Value

Third on the list is the AVEKI Solar Dragonfly LED and Wind Chime. This product isn’t an actual wind chime, but instead has dragonfly solar lights hanging in the style of a windchime which creates a unique accent for any porch or backyard. The high quality solar panel ensures your LEDs stay lit, and saves you money in the process. It gradually changes colors from one light to another which creates a beautiful effect. Unfortunately as with any wind chime style product the strings may get tangled, and the solar panel may require some cleaning occasionally.

CIAOYE Outdoor Dragonfly Solar String Lights (White)

Next we have the CIAOYE Outdoor Dragonfly String Lights. These lights have a soft white light making them more suited to providing actual lighting not just an accent piece. They also charge all day in the sun and illuminate all night, saving you money. Also, a length of 16 feet of wire with 20 LEDs means it will reach across most areas you’d need lit. Even better, its light sensor means it will come on automatically without the need for any timers or switches. Sadly, it only displays one color, white, although some people may not consider that a negative.

Outdoor Garden Stargazing Solar Hanging Lantern Light, Dragonfly

Most Durable

Finally, we come to the Outdoor Hanging Dragonfly Solar Lantern by Ivy Home. This unique looking lantern may seem like just a metal cylinder during the day, but at night it illuminates a whimsical series of dragonfly shapes. It does this using a solar charged battery, which means you won’t be paying to light it. Another benefit these types of dragonfly solar lights have is their easy installation. All you have to do is hang it, and at only 1.6 pounds almost anyone can do it. Unfortunately this lantern is the most expensive product on the list.

Why solar lighting?

Why solar lighting

Solar lighting (like that provided by these solar rope lights) provides energy from the sun, which means no wiring, no extreme setup, and it saves you money each month on your electric bill. It’s also extremely reliable which means your dragonfly outdoor lights will always be ready to illuminate your garden. Most people think solar means large panels around their property and wires running everywhere, but it doesn’t have to. Most products now have smaller built in panels, all you need to do is occasionally clean them. So, why not make a change and try solar outdoor lights.

Decorating Ideas for your Dragonfly Lights

You probably have all sorts of decorating ideas in your head now for your new dragonfly solar lights (since they’re as versatile as these solar path lights), but if you don’t here are some ideas that might help spark some inspiration. Use them to line your driveway to add a whimsical touch to your property, or alternatively, accent the end of the driveway to add more curb appeal. Place several sporadically throughout your garden to create an illusion of dragonflies in flight, or hang them from a tree in your backyard for a similar look. Any way you decide to use them, dragonfly outdoor lights, like solar fairy lights, will make your outdoor space look great.


Only you can decide if you can benefit from these lights, but hopefully this list and the information provided can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing dragonfly solar lights. Remember, like solar candles, solar lights require sunlight so if your yard is completely shaded or you plan on using these inside, you might want to reconsider. But, if you’ve got an outdoor space that can accommodate it, consider using solar lighting. (Looking for more solar-themed products? Check out these solar mason jar lights!)

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