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NA4193 Evolution Floating LED Solar Pool Light by Blue Wave

Solar pool lights can provide a fun and environmentally friendly way of illuminating your pool during the summer months. Regardless of what aesthetic you’re going for or what budget you’re working with, there’s a product that meets both your style needs and your price range. Whether you want LED, floating, or mounted alternatives, we’ve combed through the available alternatives and consolidated the information so that you can find the set of solar powered pool lights that’s right for you. Read on for several brief reviews of the top products on today’s marketplace, as well as several choice pieces of advice on selecting solar lights for your pool from the wide variety of possible features and options.

NA4193 Evolution Floating LED Solar Pool Light by Blue Wave

Solar Floating Light with Multi-Color LED Waterproof Outdoor Garden Lights by Bibly

Floating LED Pool Light by Intex

Best Solar Powered Pool Lights Reviews

NA4193 Evolution Floating LED Solar Pool Light by Blue Wave

Editor's Pick

Although this item is pricey, it’s quality far outstrips other available products. The solar pool light’s combination of reliability, design, and durability makes it well worth the investment, which is why it’s our choice for Editor’s Pick. Equipped with a premium solar battery, left to charge in strong sunlight this light can last for up to seven hours. The LED bulbs are guaranteed to provide up to 30,000 hours of illumination.

The ABS plastic exterior is durable, chemical resistant, and completely waterproof, and, at 11.5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height, this product is much larger than many of its competitors, and provides a wide range of strong, bright light. As an added bonus, the floating solar pool light comes with a built in feature that allows it to automatically sense sunrise and sunset and turn on and off accordingly. If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable set of solar pool lights, this is certainly the product for you.

Floating LED Pool Light by Intex

Best Value

Available with a variety of features at a great price, this floating solar pool light is easily one of the best values available to today’s consumers. Equipped with two lighting modes–one bright white light and one smooth color changing mode–and an impressive lighting range, this solar pool light will let you illuminate your pool in style without breaking the bank.

As an added bonus, light has an auto on/off mode that turns on at sunset and off at sunrise. With direct sunlight, the product can provide between four and five hours of light after sunset. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to the product’s design. The biggest one is that the on/off switch on the top of the light is not fully waterproof. Consequently, when the entire light is submerged, or water swamps the top part of the product, the interior portions can become damaged–a major downside for a pool light. Additionally, because of the arrangement of the floating LED pool lights, the white light mode provides better light and more visibility than the color-changing alternative.

Solar Floating Light with Multi-Color LED Waterproof Outdoor Garden Lights by Bibly

Most Popular

Unlike the previous options, these solar powered pool lights are geared towards providing decoration and ambiance rather than reliable light. Consequently, although these solar pool lights are much cheaper than the alternatives, they are a product to consider only if you’re looking to give your nighttime swimming experience a very particular vibe. Additionally, the specifications for this product don’t tend to hold up against the competition.

The batteries require eight hours of direct sunlight to fully charge. When fully charged, however, they can provide between eight and ten hours of light. Furthermore, the floating LED pool lights are capable of switching between sixteen different color options and four different lighting modes, all via a small remote control. One downside, however, is that these lights are not terribly durable, and tend to breakdown and wear out quickly. Overall, these solar powered lights are the best option if you’re looking to use solar energy to add ambiance (and little else) to your darkened pool.

Multicolor LED Swimming Pool Lights by SUNWIND

These floating solar pool lights are quite similar to the previous product, in that they are largely designed for decoration and can be used both in and out of the water. Additionally, they excel at providing a show rather than lasting light–something to keep in mind as you shop. But if you’re looking for theatrics in your solar-powered pool lights, look no further.

These lights are built with a unique, rotating resign that allows them to light up darkened pools with an RGB strobe show guaranteed to astound and amaze. Furthermore, a day of charging in direct sunlight will give about eight hours of battery life after dark. Unfortunately, these floating solar pool lights are water-resistant rather than fully waterproof, so as with other products swamping and overflow can be an issue. Carefully managed, though, these solar-powered lights are a good option for providing a season of reliable, beautiful light shows.

GAME 3547 Solar Underwater Light Show by GAME

The biggest selling point for this product is the price. It’s cheap. Unfortunately, that low price comes at a major cost in terms of quality. If you’re looking for a low-priced, fun way to add some drama to your pool at night, then this is certainly a product to consider. Primarily designed to provide a light show, rather than steady, strong light, the product has a low range of illumination and a short battery life.

Furthermore, flaws in the design make it difficult to determine whether the product is on or off, and the unit requires several days of sunlight in order to fully charge. On the bright side, however, the range of colors cast by the floating solar pool light and the plastic-encased exterior mean that the unit is largely self sufficient, and it really does provide quite a show. If you’re looking for solar pool lights to spice up the night, then this is the product for you.

The Advantages of Solar Powered Pool Lights

The Advantages of Solar Powered Pool Lights

Like solar pool heaters, solar-powered lights can provide a number of benefits to you and your family. In addition to providing light during night time hours, thereby extending the hours during which your pool is useable and increasing swim-time safety, solar light for pool is an easy, cheap way to provide a fun atmosphere and enhance the architectural features of your pool and your home. Available in a wide variety of designs, solar pool lights have the added advantage of being both self-charging (no worrying about dead batteries) and environmentally friendly. Most models include remote control and color-changing features, and several products are available that can double as pool toys or garden decorations.

Contrary to the fears of many, floating solar pool lights, like solar pool covers, are not dangerous. They operate using extremely weak electrical currents and will not shock you. Many of the available models are fully waterproof. For those that aren’t, the danger posed to the longevity of the product itself and the exposed solar cell is far greater than the danger to you and your family. There’s nothing to fear from these solar powered pool lights; all of them are designed specifically to enhance the enjoyment, accessibility, and safety of your outdoor swimming facilities. Whatever product you ultimately decide is best for you, make sure that you make enjoying your friends, family, and lovely summer months your top priority.

How Solar Pool Lights Work

Most floating LED pool lights, rely on a small solar cell and an associated battery that uses something called the photovoltaic effect–the creation of voltage and an electrical current upon exposure to light–to harness the sun’s energy, store it away, and access it later in order to power small LED lights. The solar cell–the dark panel at the top of a solar pool light–harnesses the energy of the sun’s rays and converts it into direct electric current. This works because the solar cell is made of layers of silicone and specific chemicals that create electrical potential (a.k.a. voltage) via alternating pockets of positively charged space and negatively charged, reactive electrons. This technology powers a wide variety of solar devices, from solar pool pumps to solar sun rings.

When high energy waves of light cast by the sun strike these electrons, they are discharged from their positions and pushed into the cell’s positively charged spaces, ultimately creating an electrical current. Much like dominos, the initial movement of electrons down the electrical gradient triggers a chain reaction–electrons transfer their energy to one another on down the line. The solar cells channels this induced current through wires connected to a battery, which stores the gathered energy in the form of yet another potential difference. When night comes and the light is turned on, that energy is used to power the LED lights and is thus converted yet again into several hours of visible light for you and your family to enjoy.

The Different Types of Pool Lights

Although this article focused primarily on floating LED pool lights, it is important to note the different options available. Most solar pool lights float, as floating solar pool lights provide the easiest and cheapest design solution for allowing the solar cell access to steady sunlight. Similarly, most solar-powered pool lights utilize LED bulbs, as they are long-lasting and energy-efficient — critical for providing hours of light using the relatively weak electric current produced by the photovoltaic effect. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, however, there are ways to install wall-mounted solar lights in your pool. In general, though, these are difficult to add to existing pools, prefabricated pools, or above ground pools–a major disadvantage for most consumers looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces.

Among outdoor solar lights, there are also several distinctive options. Certain lights are practical–geared towards providing the most light for the longest time. Others are more decorative. Crafted in the shapes of saucers or floating spheres, these floating solar pool lights tend to have many color-changing options, but less reach or longevity compared to their more practical alternatives. Their utility comes primarily from the beautiful ambiance they can provide, as well as the potential oohs-and-aahs their light shows can produce.

What To Look For When Buying Solar Pool Lights

What To Look For When Buying Solar Pool Lights

In order to maximize your value when purchasing solar powered pool lights, it’s important to consider what qualities are most important to fully meet your needs. Thinking about what purpose you want to invest in the lights for is a great place to start. Are you looking to extend the swimmable hours of your outdoor pool? Are you looking to increase poolside safety for yourself and your young children? Are you looking to create a certain ambiance or atmosphere? Impress visitors with a solar-powered light show?

Envisioning how you will ultimately use your pool lights will help you rank the qualities you’re looking for, such as price, durability, reliability, battery life, lighting range, and color-changing capability when searching through the various options. Think about the space you’re lighting, what sort of occasions you would like to use the lights for, and what aesthetic you are ultimately trying to achieve. Finding a few similar products and comparing them is also a good idea–most varieties of floating solar pool light have a plethora of options available on the market. After narrowing these options down, compare factors such a price, ratings, and relative specs in order to make your final decision.

In conclusion, many options are available for floating, sun-powered illumination, but buying solar pool lights for your outdoor pool should ultimately be a fun and pleasant experience. Look on your purchase as an opportunity, not a burden, and make sure to enjoy the process of imagining the possibilities. Similar to buying a solar fountain, all of the variety might seem daunting, but considering your options and comparing prices shouldn’t keep you from considering all the ways in which you and your family can enjoy your purchase. Remember to have fun, relax, and enjoy as you and your family allow the marvel of solar energy to power hours of fun after the sun goes down. (Looking for more novel solar technologies? Check out these cool solar showers!)

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