Best Hanging Solar Lights for Garden & Trees

Adding ambience to your outdoor living space can be clean and green with hanging solar lights. There are tons of available options from solar hanging lanterns, to strands of solar globes, to hanging solar lights for trees, and more.

With all those choices it can be hard to decide what will work best on your deck or patio. To help you, we’ve rounded up the best hanging solar lights to create ambience for your next barbeque, or offer illumination to your next garden party.

It’s easy to take the decor and beauty of your outdoor living space to the next level without running cords or paying a higher electric bill. Take a look at the best outdoor hanging solar lights we found available in 2020.

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Gigalumi Hanging Solar Lights

Gigalumi Solar Powered Mercury Glass Mason Jar

The Best Solar Hanging LIght Reviews

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Editor's Pick

The Brightech Ambience Pro lights provide a string of solar hanging globes which can attach to your pergola, along a fence, or anywhere else you might need solar hanging lights outdoors.

Though these lights are strand lights, they’re nothing like the Christmas lights or fairy lights that you’re used to. The individual LED bulbs are large, chic globes two inches in diameter which provide a warm glow. The lights give your outdoor space an air reminiscent of an Italian bistro or a French café after dark.

The light the Brightech Ambience Pro gives off is bright enough that you can grill, chat, or eat by them, but is also dim enough to provide a relaxing ambience to your outdoor space.

These solar hanging globes come in a strand of twelve lights. They are connected to a small solar panel which can be staked in your yard or clipped to any nearby structure that gets full sunlight. Both the clip and a stake are provided in the kit, so no worries about how to attach it.

During the day the solar panel will charge the battery, and once the sun goes down the lights automatically sense this and turn on.

These solar hanging globes are sturdy and weather-proof. The the globes are actually not glass, but sturdy plastic which protects the LED lights in the interior. This gives them plenty of durability for all weather conditions including rain, temperature extremes, and some wind.

Additionally, these lights have a master solar panel, rather than tiny individual solar panels on each bulb. This means you have more flexibility in positioning the lights themselves as they do not each need to catch full sunlight. Because of this they are great hanging solar lights for trees, especially those that are large and shady. There is a six foot length of cord between the solar panel and the first light, so you can position the panel in the sunlight and hang the globes in the shade.

And it’s not just a great solar light for trees. They are great for the underside of umbrellas or for pergolas that have canopies, vines, or other hangings that might prevent the bulbs from getting sun.

And, just in case the Italian bistro vibe of the globe lights doesn’t suit your decor, the Brightech brand also makes lights with all the same specs and features, but in a vintage “Edison” bulb look to create more fashionable options that fit the style of your space:


  • Master solar panel allows lights to be positioned without individual attention to sunlight
  • Comes with stake and clip for solar panel, each light has a loop for hanging
  • Sturdy and waterproof. Holds up to weather extremes
  • 12 lights in a set


  • Lights are all connected, so must be placed together

Gigalumi Hanging Solar Lights

Most Popular

The Gigalumi Hanging Solar Light kit provides eight lovely solar globes that can be adjusted to provide colored light after the sun goes down. Choose your favorite color, create a multicolor pattern, or switch it up every night. The Gigalumi lights are not connect via a cord or string, so you can place each one individually.

These hanging color changing solar lights have four options: blue, red, green, and purple. They also have a crackle glass exterior globe which gives the light an interesting effect. The actual material is not glass, but heavy plastic. This makes these lights sturdier and able to hold up to outdoor conditions.

Since each of the solar hanging globes are independent, it’s important to make sure that each light’s solar panel is positioned to receive full sunlight through the day. These are good solar lights to hang in trees, if you take care to put them on sunnier branches. They won’t do well under large trees with a lot of shade, but for small or young trees you can easily make them work. You can also position these solar hanging lights on a pergola or overhang.

The Gigalumi Hanging Solar Lights are on the small side compared to larger lantern styles, but they are still much larger than fairy lights. The bulbs are sizeable at about two inches around, and the overall height of each individual globe from tip to hanging hook is about five inches.

These are great solar lights to help provide colorful illumination to your next outdoor party with no need to run cords or pay for extra energy costs.


  • Four color settings with crackle finish for visual interest
  • Lights are able to be positioned and changed independently of one another
  • Sturdy plastic construction makes it waterproof and weatherproof


  • Small, individual solar panels require careful positioning for maximum effect

HKYH LED Solar Mission Lantern

The HKYH Solar Lanterns are great solar hanging lanterns to put outdoors for beautiful, soft light at night. These lanterns come in the classic style of a candle lantern, but they provide safe, LED light from solar power. No worries about fire hazard from unattended or knocked-over lights.

These hanging solar lanterns come equipped with a large top loop. This allows you to hang the light on a tree branch or other similar outcropping, it also has a small metal clip, which can be attached to the fabric of an umbrella or pergola. These lanterns are lightweight, under half a pound, and so sturdy fabric, or small, outlying branches can hold them. They are good hanging solar lights for trees, provided you choose a sunny spot.

The lanterns provide LED solar light from a small “candle” in the center of the lantern. This gives a lovely bit of atmosphere to a party or gathering. And though the lanterns are on the small side, about 3.5 inches to a side and five inches tall, they give plenty of light.

These also versatile, as they have a flat, sturdy bottom. They can sit on any flat surface in addition to being hung, and they look nice sitting on a deck railing as well as being hung from overhead.

Like the other quality models of these hanging solar lights, the HKYH Solar Lanterns are waterproof and stand up to extremes in temperatures and weather.


  • Larger than solar hanging globes
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Independent solar panel on each for flexibility in placement


  • Only four lights in a set

ZKEE 10” Vintage Solar Lantern

The Zkee Vintage Solar Lanterns are beautiful solar lights to hang in trees, or on sturdy railings, they also can be placed on top of tables or other flat surfaces. These large candle lanterns have a white painted exterior and provide character to your patio or other outdoor living space.

The unique thing about the Zkee Solar Lantern is the flickering LED solar light that provides the feel of dining or relaxing by real candlelight without the risk of burn or fire. Create a cozy, intimate atmosphere on your deck with this set of four 10 inch lanterns that give off a warm glow.

The Zkee Solar Lanterns are large and sturdy, and they weigh accordingly. While other solar globe lights or small hanging solar lanterns were mere ounces, this light comes in at around three pounds. That means that the Zkee is not ideal for small tree branches. This may not be the best hanging solar light for trees unless you have sturdy branches that also receive significant sun.

However, the limitations in placement can be overcome. These hanging solar lanterns have a sturdy metal hook and a smaller metal clip that allow it to be placed in many different configurations.

This may be the best solar hanging lantern when you would like to light candles, but don’t want the risk of fire and the annoyance of smoke. The Zkee solar lanterns instead allow you to use safe, clean, and free solar energy instead of burning and replacing candles.

While this design is sturdy, it does contain tempered glass, and so it is a little bit less likely to stand up to wear. Since it is on the heavier side, the Zkee solar hanging lanterns are not likely to get bounced around by a light breeze like the small hanging solar globes might. However, it may make sense to bring this model in when weather conditions get truly severe.


  • Large size and heft for stability
  • Individual placement possible due to individual solar panels
  • Flickering candle-like glow


  • Too heavy to place on thin branches
  • Tempered glass may not be as durable as plastic

Gigalumi Solar Powered Mercury Glass Mason Jar

Best Value

These beautiful, silver jar lights are some of the best hanging solar lights for those who want an on-trend look in our outdoor living space. They have the appearance of mason jars that are made of mercury glass. A mottled silver exterior allows light to pass through in interesting and beautiful configurations.

And even when not lit during the day, they provide beautiful decor to your outdoor living area.

Each of these hanging solar lights has a large metal loop which allows it to hang from a tree or post. It can also be placed on a flat surface, and will look quite nice in either configuration.

With the hook included these lights measure about six inches by four inches, and the silvery painted glass creates a vintage mercury look. While most other solar hanging globes and lanterns have a warm, yellowish glow, the look of these lights is a much cooler, bluer light.

Like the Zkee lantern, these Gigalumi Mason jars are made of glass. So it is not quite as rugged as the plastic models that were higher rated.

These solar lanterns need a bit of extra care, but they are solid and unlikely to get bumped around by a single gust of wind, or tip over easily when set on a table top or railing. The jars are stout and sturdy enough to stand up to normal wear and tear, and the stainless steel lid seals tightly to make this lantern waterproof.

The lid also contains the small solar panel, which provides up to eight hours of gorgeous, cool white light after a day of charging in the sun.


  • Trendy and attractive combination of mercury glass and mason jars
  • Cool white light with an interesting cast
  • Beautiful decor whether lit or unlit


  • Only two solar hanging lights per set
  • Glass construction makes them less durable than plastic lights

How do I choose the best hanging solar lights for my outdoor living space?

How do I choose the best hanging solar lights for my outdoor living space

Now that you’ve seen the beautiful varieties of hanging solar lights available to purchase (the available variety reminds one of our favorite solar string lights), it’s time to decide what is best for you. When you are choosing the right solar hanging lights for your space, there are several questions you might want to ask yourself.

What kind of sunlight does my outdoor space receive?

Free, clean solar light relies on a solar panel that gets plenty of sun during the day. While it may seem nice to place a hanging solar lantern in the deep shade of a large tree, you may be disappointed when the sun goes down.

Like with solar rope lights, a solar hanging light that gets limited sun might not come on at all, or it may come on with limited brightness, and fade after only a few hours of use. However, properly placed, a solar hanging light left in full sun will give you six to eight hours of light once the sun has set.

Some lights, such as the string lights, have one master solar panel which can be placed a few feet away from the bulbs themselves. But other lights have individual panels for each of the lanterns or globes. This can help you if the area you want to light is blocked from direct sun for most or all of the day.

Where would I like to hang these solar lights?

Knowing where you would like to have light available is also important. A quality hanging solar light will have a hook, clip, or loop to allow the light to be attached where you want it. But not all types of hooks or clips will work with every surface.

Consider the surface of the structure where you would like to hang lights. Perhaps it would be easy to clip or hook them onto a branch or the end of an open umbrella. In other cases, though, you may want to affix a hook or nail. Make sure the weight of your hanging solar light will not be too much for the hook, beam, or branch that it is meant to hang on. And if you’re looking to hang them on a Christmas tree, check out our favorite solar Christmas lights instead.

How much light do I need?

Consider what you will plan to do outside under your beautiful new solar light bulbs. Will you need to see well enough to cook or read? Do you prefer dim lights so that you can stargaze? Or do you want it nice and bright?

Pay attention to the number and brightness of the lights in each kit. Some have many hanging solar globes, others only a few lanterns. Make sure you get enough for your needs. (Looking for something similar but a little more delicate? Check out the best solar fairy lights!)

What style of decor do I prefer in my outdoor space?

The feel and warmth of the hanging solar lights varies from model to model. Some have a cool, blue light others are very warm. Other lights have special effects such as color variation or flickering to resemble candlelight. Decide what light type matches your space, just like if you were buying a solar wall light.

You should also consider the appearance of the solar lantern or globe that you’re choosing. Does your space have a modern look? Vintage vibe? Or is it cozy chic? Think about this when choosing lights so that you can create a consistent mood and theme.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to enjoy the ease of solar power. You can sit all night by the beautiful hanging solar lights you’ve chosen without adding to pollution or to your electric bill. How illuminating! (Looking for indoor solar lights instead?)

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