Best Wind Turbines for home – Top reviews of 2021

Happybuy Wind Turbine 400W White Lantern

Cut your electric bill down to size with some of the best home wind turbines on the market today. No longer requiring extensive technical or engineering know-how, today’s wind turbine generator kits cost less and provide more power than ever before.

Have you been wondering if there are ways to reduce your energy consumption, help the environment, and save some money? These environmentally friendly power generators are fantastic options for reliably windy areas.

Read more to find out where to find the best value for your hard-earned dollar, which home wind turbine kits pack the biggest electrical punch and what you should be looking for when deciding whether to add one of these versatile units to your home electrical grid.

AutoMaxx Windmill 1200W 48V 21A Generator Kit

Wonderful Online’s Wind Turbine Generator Orange and White Mini

Happybuy Wind Turbine 400W White Lantern

What Are the Best Home Wind Turbine Kits in 2020?

A home wind turbine generator must be reliable, durable, quiet, and deliver a large amount of power. It’s also got to look good while doing all of this. So, what are some of your best options in 2020? What products deliver the goods without breaking the bank? We look at five of the best options available to the consumer today and tell you what sets them apart. (Click this link to find out more about wind energy!)

Happybuy Wind Turbine 400W White Lantern

Best Value

Happybuy is a market leader in delivering home wind turbine generators at unbelievable prices. Coming in just shy of $195, this vertical, lantern-style home generator packs a 400-watt punch without leaving your wallet so light you find yourself eating only ramen until your next paycheck.

This home generator’s unique selling point, aside from its superlative value, is its unique form factor. Its lantern shape requires relatively little space and catches the eye (in a good way). The lantern shape is functional as well, as it lowers the amount of wind speed required to begin generating power. In fact, some users report that this turbine kit can generate power at wind speeds as low as two to three knots (2.3 to 3.4 mph)

This brand sells several home turbines, but we chose this one because of its outstanding combination of value and performance. You should be aware though that some users were surprised by its size. For some reason, something about the form factor and design communicate the idea of small size even though this is not the case. The blades’ wingspan is almost three feet wide and they’re almost two feet high.

Users also report that this machine is easy to put together and install, a huge consideration for those who are uncomfortable with the more technical aspects of home turbine kit installations.

Finally, Happybuy wind turbines are coated to prevent oxidation and corrosion, keep out sand and rain, and last for ages. Unlike some other models, the blades contain 30% carbon fiber to add strength, flexibility, and toughness. Considering all the foregoing, it’s no surprise that it wins both our Best Value Award and Most Popular Award. We usually don’t give both to a single product, but there was no doubt in this case that Happybuy had earned both kudos.


  • Feature-rich
  • Beautiful shape and design
  • Compact
  • Rust-proof, rain-proof, sand-proof
  • Unbeatable price


  • Lacks some features existing on more expensive products
  • Some users may prefer a traditional “fan-design” to the lantern shape

EOLO 3000 Small Wind Turbine Generator

The Eolo 3000 is the Maserati of home turbine generator kits. With a peak power output of 3000 watts (although you may only see that during hurricane-level wind speeds), this turbine kit produces less than 40 decibels of noise and its vertical blades take up very little space.

Be prepared to shell out a significant sum of money though, as this generator comes in at exactly $4,000, over 20 times more expensive than our value pick. To be fair, it also capable of generating over 7 times as much energy as the Happybuy 400W model.

This is the home generator kit you buy when you’re tired of spending money on gold-flaked caviar and diamond tiaras, and when you absolutely need the best of the best. However, consumers would be wise to keep in mind that, even if they have a lot of disposable income to burn, this turbine kit may not be the best choice for them.

This unit requires high wind speeds to reach those upper levels of power generation. Additionally, while 40 decibels are reasonably quiet, they’re not silent. If you have fussy neighbors who live very nearby, this may not be the home generator for you.

Durable and reliable, the Eolo 3000 comes standard with a 2-year warranty.


  • Unmatched peak power output
  • Attractive design


  • Might require you to take out a second mortgage on your house
  • Requires high wind speeds to reach the highest power generation levels

AutoMaxx Windmill 1200W 48V 21A Generator Kit

Editor's Pick

An excellent mix of features, value, durability, and power-generation, the AutoMaxx 1200W Generator will satisfy even the fussiest consumer.

It is weather resistant, durable, and can be used in conjunction with solar panels. It’s polypropylene and glass fiber construction is coated with a UV resistant layer to further protect the instrument from environmental decay and damage. Most importantly, the unit includes manual and automatic braking features. In the event of sudden wind gusts, this turbine will brake, rather than break, to ensure you don’t need to make use of its 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The price point is a very reasonable $1200 and, compared to the Eolo 3000, seems like a downright bargain. Considering the rich feature set, $1200 is an excellent price for this versatile wind turbine kit. Additionally, the AutoMaxx Windmill 1200W boasts a relatively simple do-it-yourself installation process.

There’s no one specific thing that stands out about this generator kit. Rather, it is the combination of features and power-generation that pushed this product over the top and rendered it worthy of our Editor’s Choice award. It’s above-average performances in so many areas create a truly well-rounded product, capable of doing most, if not all, of what the typical consumer desires from a home turbine kit. And the addition of the automatic braking features is a tremendous boon to those living in unpredictably gusty areas.


  • A rich balance of value, features, and quality
  • Loads of features, including automatic braking
  • Durable construction


  • It’s attempt to please everyone may leave performance seekers as well as budget hunters underwhelmed

Ista Breeze i-1000 Watt 48 Volt Wind generator Wind Turbine

Durable and stable, the Ista Breeze is made of a reliable aluminum housing and hard plastic and glass fiber blades. These materials make for a reasonably light home turbine kit, weighing in at 48.5 pounds. It can generate a very respectable 1000 watts at reasonably obtainable wind speeds.

Compared to its vertically bladed cousins, this turbine requires a little bit more space and may not turn as many heads with its design. However, we would be remiss if we failed to point out that, of the fan-designed turbines, this one is the most pleasing to the eye. Its interesting black-and-white colour scheme is quite modern and fetching, and likely to withstand the test of time.

It should also be noted that, unlike the other products on this list, this is not a full kit. Rather, $645 will buy you this generator and you will need to assemble the other necessary components. Luckily, the manufacturer has indicated that they make those components and are willing to supply them upon request.

Keep in mind that Ista Breeze makes several similar products with different voltage levels and number of blades. So, if this version is not quite your cup of tea but you like this price and power range, play with the options on their Amazon page to see if they offer something that’s up your alley.


  • Light and durable materials
  • For a fan-design turbine, it’s quite pretty


  • Some may not like its traditional fan design
  • Not a full kit. Just a generator

Wonderful Online’s Wind Turbine Generator Orange and White Mini

Most Popular

We had to throw in this beautifully constructed oddity. Shaped in a fashion reminiscent of Japanese lanterns, the delicately curved vertical blades are as pretty as they are tough. The generator is made of hard plastic reinforced with glass fibers and designed to withstand the rigours of all sorts of weather.

Its unique construction doesn’t just serve aesthetic purposes though. Like some other vertical-blade “lantern-style” generators, this unit has a very low wind speed activation threshold. Only two metres per second will start this generator kit spinning and creating electricity. And because of the magnetic levitation technology contained within, it’s also as close to silent as is humanly possible. All these features combined serve to make this one of the most popular generator kits available.

It produces between 100 and 400 watts, depending on which of its three phases is active, which places it at the lower end of the power-producing spectrum found in this article. And at $600 dollars a piece, one could certainly find a generator capable of doing more, with respect to sheer power generation, for less. But people aren’t buying this unit for its performance. The lure comes from the elegant and distinguished design.

Finally, using just a couple of tools and the included installation video, this generator kit is a snap to install.


  • Stunning and unique construction
  • Tough
  • Low start-up threshold
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-to-install


  • Generates relatively little energy per dollar spent, compared to the other home generators on this list
  • Cons02
  • Cons03

Are Wind Turbine Kits God’s Gift to Green Energy?

Are Wind Turbine Kits as Good as Solar Panels?

To put it bluntly, a quick scan of user reviews on these products reveals that many people have entirely unrealistic expectations when it comes to even the best home turbine kits. One needs to keep in mind that these products are designed to provide relatively small amounts of power at specific times for specific uses. They are not going to replace a fully equipped hydroelectric dam or nuclear plant, nor are they going to last forever, because the environment in which they operate is so punishing.

So, make sure to keep your requirements and expectations in check when you’re shopping for one of these highly useful, but ultimately fallible, products.

Are Wind Turbine Kits as Good as Solar Panels?

It’s difficult to compare wind turbine kits with solar panels. While they ultimately serve the same purpose, namely power-generation, they do so in obviously different ways. Which one you choose will likely depend on a number of factors, including the average wind speed near your home, number of days of sunlight per year, whether your home or yard most easily accommodates panels or turbines, and whether the noise emitted by a wind turbine kit is likely to become a nuisance to closely-situated neighbors.

In the right instance, there’s nothing wrong with using both solutions, as long as the panels and home turbine generator you choose are compatible with one another and can both add value. So, if you live in an area that sees consistent wind and sunshine, and you have adequate room for both installations, go whole hog and utilize both solutions for a consistently low energy bill (or even a rebate)!

Low Cost Solutions Made Even Cheaper (With Government Assistance)

These days, and especially with climate change having a major impact on environments the world over, more and more local and state governments are stepping in and incentivizing consumers to purchase products that reduce or eliminate energy consumption. Home wind turbines are just such a product.

The federal government in the United States and, if you’re reasonably lucky, your state and municipal governments, have created tax credit and rebate programs designed to defray the costs of buying and installing home turbines. If you’re extra lucky, when you combine these refunds with the savings created by reduced energy usage, home turbine kits can pay for themselves surprisingly quickly.

Navigating the maze of available programs, rebates, credits, and refunds will take some consumer-savvy though, so make sure you do your homework before embarking on this path. However, the little bit of work that goes into finding these incentives is well worth it, as they can amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in direct and indirect subsidies to the end user.

Must-Have Features of Low-Cost Home Turbine Kits

Must-Have Features of Low-Cost Home Turbine Kits

Gone are the days marked by inefficient and unreliable home turbines. Today, quality home generator kits are the norm, and not the exception. That being said, there are certainly a few features one should expect to see on a product before putting down any money.


The life of a home wind turbine is a punishing one. High winds, rain, UV radiation, and sometimes sleet and snow (depending on your climate) will all pummel these products as time goes on. As a result, you’re looking for a generator with quality construction. Keep an eye out for industry-standard hard plastic and glass fiber blades, a solid housing unit (possibly aluminum), a layer of UV- and weather-resistant coating, and a reasonable warranty (measured in years, not months) that communicates the willingness of a brand to stand by its product.

If possible, stick with brands that are generally known and trusted by consumers. As indicated above, turbines exist in punitive environments and they are difficult to build well.

Easily Installed

Let’s face it. You’re (probably) not an engineer. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you sometimes have difficulty getting the toaster to work properly. And because home turbine kits are just that (kits), they will require some assembly. This combination of questionable know-how and “some assembly required” makes it essential to look for a product that is easy to install, with good, clear instructions.

And don’t get cocky. Even if you are an engineer or someone exceptionally skilled in the maintenance and installation of machinery, you will likely need to exercise great care when setting up a generator kit. Don’t let a home wind turbine cost you an injury or thousands of dollars when it’s meant to save you money and energy.


Even if you’re a functionalist at heart, those who live, work, and play near you might not be. The smaller wind turbines are surprisingly large and take up a significant amount of space. They can quickly become eyesores if not designed well and maintained properly. Even if they look “all right,” two years of staring at one with mediocre design can render it subjectively monstrous.

That’s why it’s important to pick a home generator that looks, well, nice. It should be easy to look at as well as being functional. Personally, we’re huge fans of the vertically bladed “lantern-style” turbines but there are plenty of excellent options in the old-school “fan-style” turbines as well. (Click here for an explanation of the different types of wind turbines or here for how they stack up against solar panels.)


Home wind turbines used to be loud. As in extremely, call the Homeowners Association and Tell on your Neighbors, loud. This is no longer the case. Even the loudest of the units listed above registers at less than 40 decibels at source, a very manageable noise level. However, you should always be aware of the noise created by a home generator and consider it together with the proximity of your nearest neighbors and any room in which you like to rest. Even subtle noises too close to you or other people can cause significant difficulties and, if you live in a densely populated area, you may wish to go with a virtually silent unit.


You’re eventually going to be connecting your home generator to an electrical system so, before you do, it’s probably wise to ensure that the unit you’re buying is compatible with the grid that you’re on.

Additionally, if you plan to get solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, or any other sort of electricity generating devices, make doubly sure that they are compatible with one another, as well as your grid. There’s no use in getting every electricity-creating gadget known to man if you can only install one of them and need to throw the rest away.

Not just a best practice, it is likely a necessity for you to contact your local utility before beginning the installation of a generator kit. Installing even the best home wind turbines requires working with dangerous electrical components and you’ll want to go into the task with the best advice about your local grid.


You’re buying a home turbine for one reason above all else. You wish to generate power. Not all home turbine kits are created equal though. Some can generate thousands of watts of power in the right circumstances, while others are limited to a few hundred.

More generating capacity isn’t necessarily better though. You’ll want to consider what the mean and median wind speeds in your area are, how much energy you have the room for, and how much you want to spend before deciding on a capacity.

One of the things you may want to consider in this area is the relative efficiency of the generator kits you are considering purchasing. The best home wind turbines can deliver superlative amounts of energy relative to the cost involved in purchasing and maintaining them at your residence. Essentially, you’re looking for the most amount of energy for the least number of dollars spent. This can vary wildly between even the best generator kits.

Automatic (Braking)

If you live in an area defined by sudden and unpredictable wind gusts, this feature is literally make-or-break. Or brake-or-break, if you will. An automatic braking system will do what it sounds like. It will slow the rotation of the blades to prevent them from accelerating or spinning faster than what the manufacturer recommends when the wind blows too hard. This can prevent all manner of mechanical trouble and dysfunction and keep your home turbine kit running smoothly, no matter how out-of-control the wind gets where you live.


Buying a home wind turbine kit can be an extremely rewarding experience. If you keep the aforementioned product recommendations in mind (particularly the Happybuy and AutoMaxx products listed above), keep an eye out for important features, and stay cognizant of the price, you’ll rarely go wrong.

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