Best Hummingbird Solar Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

You might be thinking there’s nothing too philosophical about solar hummingbird lights, right?  But did you know that in many cultures the hummingbird is a symbol of joy and playfulness? That’s right, and it’s also a symbol of adaptability.  This is because the hummingbird doesn’t see change as scary, but rather as play. He adapts to changes well because he’s happy for them. If you think about it, there’s really no better creature to represent the switch to solar power.


Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards.  They also fly up, down, left, right, and forward of course. They can even fly upside down! That’s a powerful display of adaptability. Solar power itself highly flexible and portable compared to traditional electricity and electrical wiring.  You cannot easily take the electrical system in your house with you wherever you go. However, in most cases, you can do this with solar electric. From panels to control panels and other equipment, solar packs up and ports pretty easily, and pretty quickly.  When you’re out in a remote region, solar is there to be adaptable as a tool, and to help you be adaptable, too!


There are nearly 350 different kinds of hummingbirds that we know of; quite a few.  Similar to these solar dragonfly lights, these solar hummingbird lights, come in a wide variety of colors and designs.  The light that emits from them often works on a color rotation, and that’s just like the colorful iridescent hummingbird, too.

Hummingbirds Love the Sun

Hummingbirds love the warm and sunny southern hemispheres where they can get the most sun. The majority of hummingbirds live in tropical areas like South America. These little cuties just want to absorb as much sun as they can.  That sounds a lot like a maximum-size, monocrystalline, solar panel. (Looking for other cool nature-themed solar lights? Check out these cattail solar lights!)

No Extra Weight

By weight, we mean there are no skyrocketing costs added to your electric bill when you opt for solar lights.  Unlike solar solutions (like these solar string lights), traditional lighting outside can be very expensive to install and to keep running. With solar, there’s nothing like that; no extra weight.  Did you know that smallest hummingbird weighs half as much as a nickel? The average hummingbird still weighs less than a nickel.

In the reviews below, you’ll read about some other excellent features of solar lights. If you’re just getting started with solar, consider starting with one of these charming solar hummingbirds.

Topspeeder Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime

ArtDIY Solar Hummingbird and Friends

YeYo Hummingbird Solar Hummingbird Spinner

Best Solar Hummingbird Lights – Top Reviews of 2020

Have you always admired hummingbirds and enjoyed their colorful little feathers? They can be a magical presence to any backyard or garden.  You can attract more of the real hummingbirds to your garden with these mimics. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Most are just decorative (like these solar Christmas lights), but some are bright enough to function as a pathway light, and some double as a chime or wind spinner.  We’ve made selections for top picks based on cost, quality, and design. Keep reading to find out about the most popular choices in 2020’s reviews of the best solar hummingbird lights. (Check out these solar rock lights for a similar solar-powered product!)

Topspeeder Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime

Editor's Pick

What’s better than a solar hummingbird to light your evening?  How about one that serenades you,too? This hummingbird decor from Topspeeder is our selection for Editor’s Choice for its dainty sparkle during the day, for its gentle color-changing glow at night, and because it doubles as a wind chime to bring music to your ears.

This wind chime comes with 6 tempered glass hummingbirds on strings of varying lengths.  These attach to the top component which is also where the solar panel is located. Another hook is atop that which you can use to hang your solar chimes anywhere – as long as it’s in the sun.  When the panel has collected enough sunlight to fill the rechargeable battery, your lights will automatically come on at dusk and will last for 8 hours. These lights are designed to last 100,000 hours of runtime, which is about 11 years worth of gorgeous, colorful evenings with your hummingbird chime.


  • Solar-powered
  • Easy to use & hassle-free
  • Versatile for indoor/outdoor use
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty


  • Hanging wires might get tangled in the wind
  • Hanging wires may become brittle in the sun and harsh weather

Saguaro Solar Flying Hummingbirds

Most solar hummingbirds for your garden light up, some chime, these fly! Give more life to your garden with these cute solar hummingbirds! These will be the perfect decoration for your garden, flying around flowers just like a real hummingbird.

The package comes with three solar-powered hummingbirds; each one on its own garden stake including a solar panel.  They’re simple and fast to assemble and they can be staked in your ground or in potted gardens, as well. Each bird’s solar panel should be placed in a spot that gets full sun and you’ll see your little birds start to flutter their wings and fly around your plants right away.  If you want these to work in the dark, you can switch modes to a backup AAA battery. The lifelike design of these birds is meant to attract more hummingbirds to your zone.


  • Lifelike hummingbird design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Can switch to AAA battery mode in the dark
  • Long-lasting lifespan


  • AAA batteries not included
  • Colors at random; no selection choice

YeYo Hummingbird Solar Hummingbird Spinner

Best Value

The sleek design is the first thing your attention will be attracted to. This solar gadget is a perfect combination of solar power and wind power.  In the center, your hummingbird will glow in multiple colors at night from the charge of the sun during the day. The outer piece is not only an elegant design but it’s also a wind spinner, adding that extra touch of charm and magic to your hummingbird.

It’s made from stainless steel and acrylic so you don’t need to worry about it holding up to rain and harsh weather. This unit must charge in full sun for about 8 hours and then it will glow through the night for just as long.  It’s very easy to install; turn the bottom switch to “ON” and just pick a spot in direct sun and hang it.


  • Automatic on/off sensor for day and night
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Bright LED light at night
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • Solar panel needs regular dusting for best charge

ArtDIY Solar Hummingbird and Friends

Most Popular

We’re stepping outside the box a little for this solar hummingbird from ArtDIY.  Not only will you receive a solar hummingbird to light your gardenscape, you’ll get a dragonfly and a butterfly to light up alongside their friend. With this 3-piece collection, your solar lights will change 7 brilliant colors automatically from dusk to dawn. Each solar friend comes on its own stake that has a solar panel attached.  Stake this into the ground and the solar panel rests discreetly on the ground. What a lovely addition to any evening backyard celebration; and such an excellent background prop for all the fun pictures you’ll share all evening long.

Made from durable, weatherproof plastic and aluminum, this item is our selection for best hummingbird to add life to your garden on a budget.  Plus, it comes with an IP65 waterproof rating. These lights are each about 23 inches tall from top to bottom and the solar panels each charge a NiMH battery safely enclosed within the unit.  This battery is more efficient and longer lasting than the rechargeable NiCad batteries. Consider this solar garden gadget for fun and eco-friendly outdoor decor.


  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Seven gentle colors change automatically
  • 60-day back-money guarantee
  • 6-month warranty


  • 3 different figurines (not only hummingbird)

Moonrays Solar Hummingbird Stake Light

This solar powered hummingbird from Moonrays is stunning in day or night.  The bird is made from intricately designed translucent glass that glows in reds, golds, greens, purples, and blues. The metal stake is adorned with an adorable little daisy wrapping around it.  A perfectly warm welcome for evening guests.

Let this hummingbird charge in direct sun for 6-8 hours and it will run just as long at night. The lights will turn on and off with an internal light sensor.  It’s simple to install and requires next to no maintenance. It’s a good idea to check the solar panel every now and then to make sure it’s not covered in dirt or dust and that there’s nothing obstructing it otherwise.  This solar hummingbird light is our selection for best design.


  • Elegant design with intricate craftsmanship
  • Made from metal and glass
  • Gorgeous day or night
  • Bright LED light


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • NiCad battery is not as efficient, long-lasting, or eco-friendly

What to Consider When Adding Solar Lights to Your Space

What to Consider When Adding Solar Lights to Your Space

Chances are you’re probably using more electricity than you’d like to run your life and your home.  As individuals continue to upgrade the character of their property, it’s not uncommon to add outdoor style and decoration in the form of nighttime lighting.  But why purchase all the decor and then pay to keep it running, too? If you’re already paying more than you’d like in electric bills, expensive outdoor lighting is only going to compound the problem.

In addition, have you considered how much it can cost to install traditional out electric wiring and units?  In most cases, it will require an electrician, and in some cases it may require a permit. Have you considered the safety concerns that come with traditional outdoor electricity?  Even if you were sure there was no risk of fire, there’s still a risk of pets and children playing or getting tangled in messy wires. Now consider how easy it is to light up your outdoor landscape with no risks or hazards, no permits, no expensive installation, and no increase to your electricity bill.  Imagine how nice it will be to see your property lit at night with solar efficiency lights. A property gains a level of class with outdoor solar lighting, especially when it’s as beautiful as some of these hummingbirds are.

Besides cost, safety, and design, we’ve gathered a few other key features and functionality you should watch for as you make your selection for the best backyard solar decor lights.  Check out these tips:

NiCad or NiMH

Most solar decor lights, like these hummingbirds, shine at night  by the power of a rechargeable battery inside. This battery is recharged by the solar panel during the day.  Inside you’ll most likely find a NiCad or a NiMH battery. While both are rechargeable for a limited time, the NiMH battery has a longer lifetime because overall, it holds a more efficient charge.  Additionally, the NiCad battery is made with heavy metals that are dangerous and bad for the environment.


Once the battery in your solar gadget has been charged, the length of time it will run without interruption is called the runtime.  The runtime is usually also considered in conjunction with charge time, which is the length of time the gadget takes to reach a full charge.  Your runtime should be at least about equal to your charge time. Some solar devices may charge for as little as 4 hours in direct sun to achieve a full charge that powers itself for the next 12 or 14 hours.  In the world of solar hummingbird lights, you’re doing alright if your charge time is about 6-8 hours and your runtime is about 6-8 hours, or more.

Water Protection

As is the case with most outdoor solar products, you’ll want to search for an item that includes waterproofing, or at the very least, weatherproofing.  You can always check for an IP-rating, which will indicate just how well an item stands up to water damage. While most products aren’t really meant to be submerged in water, some can be.  The rest receive an IP-rating. Depending on what solar item your searching for, you might want the absolute most weatherproof item you can get, but in the world of solar hummingbirds, you’re probably safe with something around IP55.  If you can find a suitable IP68 hummingbird for your garden – perfect. Some environments (like chicken coops for example, will probably require more waterproofing.)


There’s no better place to start with the benefits of renewable energy than to treat yourself to a solar powered hummingbird for your garden.  You might find that you love solar power so much that you want to bring solar power into other aspects of your home and lifestyle. You’ll see the same benefits inside; it’s eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and safe. (Looking for more great solar-powered products? Check out these solar birdbath bubblers!)

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