Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights on the market. These lights come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, but they have one thing in common – they are designed to secure your property and make your life easier.

Sensor lights are designed to remain dormant until they detect some sort of movement. They are useful in a number of scenarios. First, they can be placed to turn on when you arrive home late at night, making it easy to navigate your way to the front door, preventing you from tripping or falling. They will also turn on in the presence of an intruder, alerting you and, in many cases, scaring the intruder off before they can cause any problems.

After countless hours of research and in depth internet searching, we’re confident that we’ve found the best motion sensor lights available online. Find them outlined below.

SUNTOLL 8 LED Solar Sensor Light

LITOM Original Solar Powered Motion Lights

Aytech Waterproof Motion Sensor Light

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light In 2020

SUNTOLL 8 LED Solar Sensor Light

Editor's Pick

The super bright 8 LED SUNTOL solar sensor light is arguably one of the best on the market. With resounding positive reviews from customers and a range of features, it is an easy choice for people looking for a trouble free outdoor sensor light.

Although it only contains 8 LEDs (compared to 12 in most solar lights), this sensor light contains a uniquely designed reflector board coupled with top of the range LEDs for maximum brightness. If you decide to install it on your property you won’t ever have to worry about dull light again.

The built in motion detector is designed to detect motion from up to 16 feet away, which makes it perfect for large driveways or garden spaces. The ball head is also fully adjustable, allowing you to point the light exactly where you want to, which makes installation a breeze. The fact that the motion detector is built into the light means that you won’t ever have to worry about your detector and light being out of sync, as they will always be pointing in the same direction.

For us, the cherry on the top is the high-efficiency solar panel that comes with this SUNTOLL motion sensor light. Rather than having to connect it to mains electricity when you mount it on your house, all you have to do is make sure that the solar panel is clean and in a well lit area. The built in Li-ion battery will store charge during the daylight hours, delivering power to the light at night.


  • Super easy installation
  • Tough design with a complete two year warranty
  • Extra bright LEDs will light up your property


  • Can’t be placed in a shaded area or the solar panel may not charge the built in battery
  • The light is quite bulky and may stand out if you mount it in an obvious place

LITOM Original Solar Powered Motion Lights

Most Popular

The LITOM original solar motion sensor light is undoubtedly a market leader in motion sensor lighting. With thousands of happy buyers throughout the world and a reputation for excellence, we think that you’ll love it.

LITOM is one of the world’s leading solar light brands, and their reputation speaks for itself. Known for delivering exceptional quality lighting for a wide range of applications, they claim to have sold over 5 million solar lights to satisfied customers worldwide.

This light is one of their best selling motion detector lights. Complete with built in solar panels and batteries, they are extremely easy to install and maintain. The cleverly designed solar panel is built to absorb energy throughout the daylight hours, transforming sunlight and storing it in a high capacity lithium ion battery.

The light can then be set on one of three settings; always on, dim & sensor, or sensor only. This makes it extremely versatile and useful in a range of scenarios. The 270 degree wide angle beam will effectively illuminate a large area when the light is turned on, and the waterproof and heatproof design make it perfect for even the harshest climatic conditions.


  • Has the ability to illuminate up to 200 square feet per light, especially if installed in a clever location
  • Cleverly designed to last for up to twice as long as conventional solar motion sensor lights
  • Turns on for 20 seconds when motion is detected, but time is prolonged if motion is redetected


  • Little flexibility or adjustment once the light is mounted. You can only point it in one direction
  • There have been reports of the light malfunctioning within months of purchase, but these are few and far between

Aytech Waterproof Motion Sensor Light

Best Value

This is arguably the most affordable and best value sensor light on the market. With a small, compact design and super bright illumination, we believe that the Aytech waterproof motion sensor light is one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights on the market – and we’re sure that you’ll agree!

Unlike many other motion detecting lights, this light remains on at all times. The light detector will cause the light to turn on when the sun goes down, and it will remain dim throughout the night. When motion is detected, the light will shine bright for 20 seconds, illuminating anything in the immediate area.

Installation is easier than ever, with clear instructions and a wireless design. The solar panel and motion sensor are built into the unit, which means that all you have to do is screw the unit into your roof/wall, turn it on, and sit back and relax!

The cleverly designed protective housing was created with both heat resistance and IP65 waterproofing in mind. It was made specifically for use in exposed outdoor areas, and is extremely resistant to both rainy conditions and extreme summer heat.

Finally, the sensor range is up to 10 meters, which means that – even though small – the light can effectively protect a large area. The angular beam will illuminate a 180 degree area, securing your property and making entering or exiting in the dark easier than ever.


  • Very low cost, affordable design perfect for people with a tight budget
  • Long-lasting battery which allows the light to remain on throughout the nighttime hours
  • Compact design which will blend into the surface that it is mounted on


  • Very simple looking light which may be a bit boring for some people
  • The battery will lose its longevity eventually and will need replacing

WLXY Solar Motion Sensor Spotlight

For those looking for a brighter, more versatile option, the solar motion sensor spotlight by WLXY Tool is a great choice. With an extremely bright 500 lumen light powered by 10 LEDs, it has the ability to illuminate large areas of your yard or garden.

One of the major benefits of this light is its versatility. With three different working modes, you will be able to choose one which meets your needs perfectly. If you want the light to be turned on at all times, you might choose the always on mode. Alternatively, choose the dim light sensor light, which will brighten when motion is detected. The final mode, sensor only, will only turn on when the motion sensor is activated.

Along with this, the built in photocell sensor will turn the light off during the day, no matter what setting you decide to use. This feature will help save battery and ensures maximum product life. Even under low light conditions, the battery holds enough power for two days of constant operation.

The spotlight style design means that you can adjust the light to illuminate whatever areas you want it to. This provides extra flexibility, and allows you to change its position over time without having to remount it in a new place.


  • Installation is super easy, and only requires one hole to be drilled. The provided plug can then be hammered into the hole, and the light fastened securely
  • The spotlight style design allows you to change the position of the light as needed
  • The long-life battery ensures your light will continue working even under low light conditions


  • Slightly pricier than some of the other motion sensor lights on the market
  • Plastic shade may fade or crack over time, especially in harsh environments

LEONLITE 2 Head LED Outdoor Security Floodlight

The LEONLITE 2 head LED outdoor security floodlight is perfect for the security conscious homeowner who is looking for a classy, yet effective motion detector light. With three modes of operation and extremely energy efficient operation, it has made our cut as one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights on the market.

One of the things that separates this light from the others on the list is the dual head design. This means that you’re effectively getting two for the price of one. You can adjust both heads independently, allowing you to illuminate the areas that you want to.

The manufacturers claim that this light has an incredible 50000 hour lifespan, with durability and reliable performance touted as core design features. The 5 years unlimited warranty speaks for itself, allowing you to buy with comfort.

This light can be set on one of three different modes. Dusk to dawn lets you set the light to be on during all nighttime hours. Auto mode is motion sensitive, and causes the light to remain off until it detects any motion. Finally, manual mode lets you control the light using a switch, like you would any other outdoor light.

Unfortunately, this light does have to be hardwired into mains electricity. However, this will reduce your reliance on solar power – most motion lights are solar powered – and will make sure that your security lighting works at all times.


  • Innovative dual head design allows flexible positioning as needed
  • 1800 lumen brightness will illuminate your yard and garden
  • Mains power reduces reliance on solar panels
  • Extremely long lasting


  • Needs to be wired up by a professional electrician
  • Can consume significant amounts of electricity

Features To Consider when buying motion sensor lights

Features To Consider when buying motion sensor lights

Choosing the right motion detector lights for your property can be difficult, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. There are a wide range of different motion detector lights on the market, including both solar powered motion lights and lights that need to be hardwired. Below we’re going to explore a few of the features that you should consider when choosing security lights for your home.


The right brightness for your property will depend on a number of things, including the size of your garden and the position of the lights. If you want to illuminate a small pathway or an area close to a neighbour’s house you might consider using a light that’s not as bright. Alternatively, brighter lights offer better security for large gardens and front yards. Motion lights come in a range of brightnesses, and many can be adjusted to suit your needs.


It goes to reason that you need to find a light that blends in with the rest of your property, especially if you’re planning on mounting it on an outside wall in an obvious position. Try and match the colour of the light that you choose with the colour of your other lighting fixtures and with the other elements of your home.


Outdoor motion detector lights come in a range of different sizes. Try and choose a size that is suitable for your home. Don’t go for a large, bulky security light if you only need to illuminate a small section of path or garden. Instead, you would be better off choosing a smaller light that’s designed for use in areas like this.


Many motion lights come with a number of different settings. Some are solely motion triggered, which means that they can’t be turned on or off manually. Others have manual settings that allow you to connect them to a switch, while still others can be set to turn on at dusk and off again at dawn.

Power Source

When it comes to outdoor motion sensor lights there are two main power sources that you need to consider. Many lights are solar powered, but some of the larger options need to be connected to mains electricity.

Solar power – Solar powered motion lights are attractive because they cost nothing to run and usually need little to no maintenance. However, they usually need to be mounted in an area with a decent amount of sunlight, otherwise they won’t charge effectively. One of the main drawbacks of solar lights is the relatively low lifespan of their batteries, which mean that they have to be replaced every few years.

Mains electricity – Larger security lights are usually connected to mains electricity, and can be connected to an ordinary light switch if required. These lights are usually larger and brighter, but they can be expensive to install. Installation usually needs to be completed by a licenced electrician, which increases costs.


If you want your new security lights to function effectively, regardless of the weather and other conditions, you need to make sure that you buy a reliable brand. Security and other motion sensor lights are essential parts of many people property, and it’s important to choose reliable brands and models. The five products outlined above have a proven track record of reliability and longevity, and therefore make great choices on this front.


Everyone likes saving a few dollars, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the motion lights that you buy. Try and find a balance between affordability and quality that fits your budget. Again, the lights outlined above have a proven track record and would be great choices.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to installing motion lights you usually have two choices. Simple solar powered lights are usually very easy to attach, and anyone with a drill and a few handyman skills will be able to put them up. On the other hand, lights that have to be hardwired into mains electricity are somewhat more difficult to put up, and usually require the services of an electrical professional.

How Many motion sensor lights do you need?

Usually you will need more than one security light, especially if you own or live in a large property. Think carefully about exactly how many you need and where you’re going to put them before you buy so that you don’t run into problems in the future.


In this article we’ve explored some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights on the market. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of five of the most popular, most versatile and best value sensor lights that money can buy, allowing you to make informed decisions about the best choices for your home. Additionally, we’ve explored a few of the crucial features that you should consider when choosing motion sensor lights. If you’re looking for great value, go for the Aytech Waterproof Motion Sensor Light. Alternatively, grab a few LITOM Original Solar Powered Motion Lights and brighten up your home!

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