Best Outdoor Solar Lights – Top 10 reviews of 2021

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

The best outdoor solar lights available on the market can be a godsend for the following situation. We get home after a long night out and one too many cocktails and, when we approach our home, we notice that it’s in enveloped in pitch blackness. We try to stumble up the narrow path to our front door while trying to make sure that our clumsy spouse, who’s had one more than one too many cocktails, doesn’t trip over themselves. We ask ourselves why exactly we installed outdoor lights if they weren’t going to reliably work when we needed them to.

It’s best to simply avoid that entire situation and solar-powered outdoor lights allow you to do that. Simply put, these lights collect solar energy from an attached solar panel during the day and expend that energy by illuminating automatically at night. They don’t require any alternative forms of charging nor do they have to be plugged into a wall socket. Some of them sense motion, while others are active as long as it’s dim enough outside.

Not limited to the driveway, creativity can turn what appears to be a single-use product into a versatile lighting solution. Amazon user reviews suggest these items have been used for everything from providing added security and visibility to making life easier for the aforementioned late-night walk up the driveway. Read on below to find out what the best solar outdoor lights are for 2020.

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights

Solar Lights Bright Pathway Outdoor Garden Stake

What Are the 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions For Sale in 2020?

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Editor's Pick

This set of 4 (not 12!) LED solar-powered outdoor landscape spotlights will brighten up virtually any yard, lawn, or garden. Set on stakes designed to be driven into the earth, they can be placed anywhere the ground isn’t too hard (don’t try driving these plastic spikes through concrete, for example). If you don’t intend to use these as lawn or garden lights, included screws allow you to mount them to the wall of your home or garage.

At 150 lumens each, these bright LEDs will illuminate virtually anything. They are versatile as well, allowing for the use of both a low- and high-light mode, with 12 hours and 6 hours of usage-time respectively before they need to be recharged via the sun’s rays.

These landscape lights are extremely durable and completely waterproof. They carry the IP67 waterproofing designation, ensuring that, while other products may let in rain or snow, these will continue to operate in even the harshest conditions.

They cost $53 dollars, which is an absolute steal considering you get four lights in the set. Users are raving about these lights on Amazon, noting their substantial brightness and reasonable cost. This set of outdoor solar lights wins our coveted Editor’s Choice award for a number of reasons. Excellent cost-per-light, extraordinary brightness, versatile mounting options, and high- and low-light modes all combine to create an adaptable and powerful outdoor lighting system that will provide tremendous utility to even the most discerning consumer.


  • Low- and high-light modes
  • Versatile mounting and staging options
  • Bright


  • Not appropriate for those looking for only one or two lights

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights

Most Popular

Unlike the Litom 12 product, these waterproof, LED, outdoor, solar-powered lights hang from strings designed to be hung off of a ceiling, roof, or tree. If you can’t find something overhead to clip these lights to, some included stakes will allow you to stick them into the ground.

These decorative lights are best used where decor and design are crucial to the overall ambiance of a setting. Weddings, dinner parties, and summer gatherings on a patio for drinks will all be enhanced by these lovely bistro-style lights. With its focus on aesthetics, it’s no surprise that these lights come in both warm white and soft white colors.

The item is a little bit more expensive than its competitors, weighing in at a hefty $39.99, but you certainly get what you pay for. These are reliable, wind- and rain-tested solar lights that can stand the test of time.

This product has received our Most Popular award due to its extraordinary popularity on Amazon, both in sheer numbers of purchases and the number of five-star reviews. The median review is a perfect five-star rating and over 81% of users gave this outdoor solar set perfect marks. Users are going on about their charming and bohemian style and many say they look even better than pictures can communicate.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a few Amazon users seem to have had a bad experience with customer service that insists on consumers paying to ship defective products back to them in order to receive replacements.


  • Beautiful and tasteful
  • Bright
  • Multiple colors
  • Extremely popular


  • A little bit pricy

Solar Lights Bright Pathway Outdoor Garden Stake

Best Value

These no-frills solar powered outdoor lawn and garden lights will do the trick for just a little bit of cash. Coming in at less than $60 per eight lights, this package will light a fairly good-sized garden or lawn. Unlike some of its competitors, it is made of glass and stainless steel (instead of plastic) and is insanely durable and weatherproof. It seems doubtful that even a Wizard of Oz-inspired tornado could tear these things out of the ground when properly staked. (Okay, that might be a bit of hyperbole but you get the idea. These lights and stakes are solid.) To back up its claims of durability and reliability, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The light is designed to shine for between eight and twelve hours per full solar charge and does it ever shine brightly. Over 500 users on Amazon have given these lights an average of 4.5 stars and overwhelmingly indicate that the lights are bright and clear.

The only fault we could find with these lights was aesthetic. When compared to the hanging bistro style outdoor solar lights, we found these a little wanting in the looks department. But your mileage may vary. It all depends on the style of your home, lawn, and garden. These might go great with your decor!


  • Steel and glass construction
  • Reliably durable
  • 8 bulbs per package


  • Utilitarian appearance

URPOWER Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

These lights ain’t just for lookin’ at (although they don’t look half-bad, with a sleek and modern design.) They’re here to do a job. And that job is security. These solar light kits come with two lights made up of 4 LEDs each. Waterproof, weatherproof, and rustproof, these bright and focused lights will illuminate front porches, patios, backyards, and the areas in front of windows and doors like nothing else on this list.

Looking for peace of mind? Look no further. These lights will last six to nine hours after taking a full charge (to ask more of them would require the manufacturer tone down the brightness, which is a non-starter for security lights) and can be counted on to light up every time the sun goes down. Each light features a total of 200 lumens of illumination, a truly impressive amount. The solar lights come with two modes: high and low.

These lights do one thing (provide additional security and visibility) and they do it well. You won’t be choosing these for your next dinner party (for that you should take a look at item number two on this list) but if you’re looking for something to make you feel safer then these are the lights for you.


  • Perfect for security


  • ONLY perfect for security

AZIRIER Solar Lights

These no-hassle Azirier stake-mounted solar lights are a cinch to install. Offering bright lighting in a simple package, these lights are ideal for the person who doesn’t want a lot of muss or fuss when they get a solar light.

The product is durable and tough, proven by the manufacturer’s willingness to offer a 1 year warranty. Instead of offering a cold and bright illumination, these lights offer a warm, pleasant, and subtle glow, perfect for lighting a pathway or lawn decoration.

Designed to be weather resistant, these lights will endure rain, snow, sleet, and hail with aplomb. There’s no need to worry about your recently installed lighting installation when inclement weather hits if you’ve chosen these little guys.


  • Soft, pleasant glow
  • Durable and weather-resistant


  • Being stake-mounted means you won’t be able to put these on a wall


These motion-sensing security lights come in packs of four bright LED arrays. Designed to be mounted to the wall of a home or garage, these lights have an extremely wide angle of illumination. They are able to light up a broad swath of lawn, driveway, or patio and keep your yard safe and secure.

Each light comes with a whopping 28 LEDs, ensuring sufficient lumens to brighten up even the darkest night. Over 2000 Amazon users have left reviews for this “Amazon’s Choice” product and they are overwhelmingly positive. Users are especially impressed by Baxia Technology’s ability to create a product that works in all climes and temperatures.

These outdoor solar powered lights come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a limited 180-day guarantee of product worthiness, which speaks to the product’s obvious workmanship and durability.


  • Wide angle of illumination
  • 30-day refund period
  • 180-day limited guarantee


  • Not especially pretty

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

This hyper-powerful, 270-degree illuminating motion-sensing behemoth is the ultimate solar powered outdoor light. Designed with upgraded LED lights in mind, this product can illuminate up to 200 square feet, all by itself. Multiple modes of use allow for versatility and flexibility in its functionality, while its durable construction will keep it working through all kinds of inclement weather.

This outdoor solar light is designed to last 36 months without major maintenance, one of the longest lifespans on the market today. Over 11,000 people have reviewed this product on Amazon, resulting in a 4.5 out of 5 stars average review. They are raving about the features we noted above.


  • Extraordinarily bright
  • Wide range of illumination


  • The aesthetic might not fit with your decor

Biling Solar Disk Lights Outdoor (4-pack)

These completely waterproof outdoor solar disk lights are built to last. Their interesting and futuristic design will go great with any modern lawn decor and the eight LEDs included in each disk will provide powerful illumination on even the darkest night. 6-8 hours of charging allows for 8-10 hours of illumination, a remarkably effective and efficient ratio.

The body is made of stainless steel and the lights can be staked in the ground or even just placed on a staircase or other flat surface if you forego the included spikes.


  • 8 LEDs per disc
  • Look great
  • Strong, stainless-steel construction


  • Won’t go well with classic or old-fashioned home decors

XMCosy Solar Garden Lights

These solar garden lights contain 40 powerful lumens of soft, pleasant illumination. They are perfect for any decorative garden or pathway. Powerful, without being overpowering, these lights are certain to provide the perfect accent wherever you might need them.

Simply installed and durable, these lights will go from box to lawn quickly and, once there, continue working for as long as you take reasonable care of them. They are weatherproof, able to withstand rain, snow, sleet, or hail, so you won’t have to worry about them when the weather turns ugly.

Their brightness can be adjusted down to as low as 10 lumens each, or as high as 40, depending on how long and how bright you want them to shine.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Soft, pleasant glow
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • None

TomCare Solar Lights (Flickering Flames)

These faux-flame torches put a unique spin on the typical outdoor solar light. Mimicking a traditional, flame-powered torch, these pretty lights will go great with any decor. They are tall, standing at a full 43 inch height from the top of the torch to the bottom of the stake. The torches last for up to 12 hours on a full eight hour charge.

These outdoor solar lights are weatherproof, easy to install, and, most importantly, are much safer than traditional flame torches.


  • Beautiful flame design
  • Tall and striking


  • The beautiful faux-flames might not be for everyone

Features To Keep An Eye Out For

Features To Keep An Eye Out For

When deciding on which outdoor solar lights to buy, you’ll want to keep a few category features in mind. Of course, a standing caveat is to always consider what you’re using the product for and how much luminosity you need. If you need to keep a large lawn fully illuminated all night, your needs will differ from a person looking to keep a small motion-sensing night-light on over the front door. And if you’re looking for a fulsome explanation of how solar lights work, click that link.

Ease of Installation

As most people are not electricians or engineers, the typical consumer is looking for a product that is easy to install and maintain. Luckily for that consumer, all of the products included on this list are “plug and play.” If you’re especially worried about this feature though, you may wish to choose a product that offers free lifetime technical support, as having someone you can call about any issues can make a world of difference when dealing with a problem.


Some of these products are going to end up attached to the wall of your home or garage. As a result, they need to secure properly to the wall without causing any unnecessary damage or unsightly marks.


Similar to solar lanterns, solar outdoor lights spend their time outside, on the walls of houses, garages, and on the lawn in all sorts of weather and climates. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and high winds are all possibilities, depending on where you live. The solar lights you choose must be able to withstand all of these. These products accomplish this task via the use of durable construction and workmanship and a tempered glass coating over the top of the solar panels. Keep in mind that this glass should be cleaned regularly, in order to ensure that the solar panels are soaking up as many of the sun’s rays as they’re capable of.


Just like with solar umbrellas, this is not a product you want to fail on you as it’s likely to happen at the worst possible moment. Isn’t that how it always is with lights of any kind? Make sure to choose one that’s made well, ensuring consistent reliability. The last thing you want is to attach one of these onto your home at the beginning of winter before you go out for the night only to find out the next evening that the thing wasn’t working at all and you’re now left to serpentine your way to the door in the dead of night and the pitch black.

Brightness and Color

This one’s a no-brainer. Some LEDs are brighter than others. Some lights are different shades of white than others. You want a light that’s bright enough to illuminate your setting without searing the pupils out of anyone in a two-mile radius. It’s a balancing act and all of the solar lights on this list achieve that balance reasonably well. You may even wish to consider adding a solar birdbath to your shopping list if aesthetics are high on your list of requirements.

Give It Away Or Keep It? The Ultimate Outdoor Solar Light Dilemma

Give It Away Or Keep It - The Ultimate Outdoor Solar Light Dilemma

Because of their extreme versatility, outdoor solar lights make perfect gifts, especially for a person with large yards in rural areas. The dimly lit nature of these properties makes them perfect candidates for the addition of convenient additional lighting.

They should especially be considered in areas frequented by children and in areas where additional light and security is a must-have. After all, there’s no use having a security camera if it’s so dark that the camera can’t pick up any images. A substantial body of research shows that thieves and prowlers avoid brightly lit targets, preferring to skulk around in the dead of night. So, odds are, if you add one of these outdoor solar lights to your property, hooligans will bypass your floodlit lawn and seek out someplace more inviting.

All of this means that you’ll have to decide whether you’re actually willing to part with one when you receive it! Of course, given the inexpensive nature of the product, you may wish to buy a few extra and keep one for yourself while giving the rest away as gifts.

Be Creative

You don’t only need to use these outdoor solar LEDs on a lawn or front door. The user reviews on Amazon and a bit of creativity on your part will reveal a multitude of other uses for the products. Anywhere one needs a small or large amount of light could create utility for one of these outdoor lights. This is especially true of the decorative bulbs, like item number two on this list. Outdoor solar powered lights make fantastic additions to lawn decor and can (literally) brighten up any party. You might even be able to use some as floating pool lights!

Be Secure

As mentioned in the introduction, prowlers and thieves hate solar outdoor lighting. The brighter your yard and home, the less likely that someone sinister will make a target of it. Do yourself a favor and keep your property brightly lit. While you could certainly go with a product specifically designed for security, any light that’s bright enough will do the trick if it’s installed properly. Consider grabbing one of the more aesthetically pleasing lights, installing it creatively, and get kudos for your outdoor design chops and secure your home in one fell swoop. They can even be used to light up your pond or water feature!

Of course, if you choose a light designed specifically for security, you’ll definitely be happier with the luminosity and focus of the extra-powerful LEDs. The motion sensing features come in very handy as well.


Gone are the days when installing lighting outside your home required proximity to a wall and outlet. Solar powered outdoor lights make that problem a thing of the past and do so while putting very little strain on your budget. As is clear from the foregoing, we strongly recommend the LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights. Its blend of features and value is the perfect combination for the vast majority of consumers and the positive Amazon reviews are proof of that. If you want to save a little bit of money though, you can’t go wrong with the Solar Lights Bright Pathway Outdoor Garden Stake. At just under $60 for eight LEDs, you’ll hardly notice the cost. You’ll definitely notice the tremendous utility you get from the product though, as there’s hardly any product on the market as versatile and useful as the best of these outdoor solar lights. (Looking for our favorite indoor solar lights? Click that link!)

Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 29 reviews

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