Best solar attic fans – Top reviews of 2018

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Having the best solar powered attic fan is a great feature for any home that wants to save energy, be kinder to the planet and maintain a comfortable environment in their attic and do that with a solar roof ventilator fan.

You’ll not be surprised to find out from our solar attic fan reviews that, as the name implies, these fans are powered by solar energy. This means that they use a photovoltaic panel that will protrude through the roof and soak up light, this special feature makes the solar fan ventilator the most cost-effective accessory for your roof that will help you eliminate the over-heating problems.

The bottom line is that in this solar attic fans review we are going to help you chose the best roof ventilator fan to generate cool air without taking a toll on your energy bill. This means:

  • Lower monthly costs
  • No risk of power-outage (the attic fan is powered by solar energy)
  • A cleaner conscience knowing you aren’t harming the environment


While there are many solar installations a family can consider installing a fan on their roof for ventilation purposes, after reading our attic fan reviews, you’ll realize that the great thing about solar attic fans is that they offer a lot of benefits while being relatively easy to install. The solar attic ventilator is generally very quiet and will require very little set-up for the attic fan.
And here’s another great thing about solar powered attic fans: they are almost guaranteed to work right when you need them most! While other solar powered tools and appliances might be ineffective when the sun is out, the great thing about a fan is that you are most likely to want the ventilation when the sun is out! When it’s cloudy, you won’t need to use your ventilation anyway!

On top of all this, the best solar roof fan ventilators may also qualify for tax credits, meaning they’ll save you even more money.


Solar attic fan review – Cooling Guide

Like any fan, a solar attic fan also has the job of keeping your home nicely cool. It does this by specifically cooling your attic, circulating air in order to keep it cool, and thereby reducing some of the strain that is otherwise going to be squarely on your HVAC system.

Remember: hot air rises and so a lot of the warmth will rise into your attic. If you can cool that space, this will often mean cooling the entire house.

Using one of the best rated solar attic fans also has the advantage of helping to reduce moisture and prevents mold from forming. Not only will it increase the lifespan of woodwork and fittings in your attic, but it also helps you to prevent health issues that can arise from inhaling mold spores otherwise. Also, in winter, some of the attic fans we reviewed can also prevent the buildup of ice on the roof.


Solar Attic Fan Reviews Comparison

Natural Light (36 Watt)Best Solar Attic Fan Warranty$$$
Amtrak SolarSolar Powered Attic Fan$$$
Rand Solar Powered Attic FanSolar Power Attic Fan$$
Durabuilt 20-WattAttic Fan 20-Watt$$$$
ESM Solar Attic FanSolar Ventilator 20-Watt$$$


1. Best Solar attic fan with thermostat by Natural Light

Product Review

This is for sure our best solar attic fans, we can say that because of numerous reasons. First: this is a ventilator that looks the like no other attic fan. It has a sleek design that looks neat and tidy on your roof and that won’t draw undue attention to itself. At 36 watts, it is also highly energy efficient and powerful. In fact, this model may even qualify for solar tax credits.

The product comes with a very impressive 25-year warranty, as well as being made from very impressive materials. Installation on the roof is easy with no wiring necessary and there is an included optional thermostat.

Overall Rating: 5/5
  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy materials and good warranty
  • Powerful
  • Easy installation in the attic

2. Amtrak Solar Attic Fan 40 Watt

Product Review

This is another very powerful solar attic cooling system with a powerful motor and a healthy 10-year warranty. The device uses an attractive chrome finish but isn’t quite as well made as the Natural Light product and feels a little more flimsy. The solar panel also sits flush against the roof.

However, in terms of price, this is a great way to get started. And with positive reviews and that good warranty, you should still be able to buy in confidence. At 35watts, it’s also one of the most powerful from our solar attic fan review.

Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Affordable
  • 10 year warranty
  • Powerful enough for Hot Summers
  • Not as good looking
  • Flat against roof

3. Rand Solar Powered Attic powered Fan

Product Review

This is significantly less powerful than the best solar attic fans from our review and definitely won’t be eligible for tax credits. At just 5 watts you’ll be doing a lot less cooling but it’s also pleasingly simple to install and according to the manufacturers it can still cool up to 700 feet of attic space. It is quiet and looks nicely finished and thanks to the lower power, it also costs considerably less than some of the competition.

It’s all self-contained in a single unit and once again, this is a good choice for someone just looking to get into the world of solar heating and cooling.

Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Very affordable
  • Single unit
  • Easy installation
  • Relatively underpowered

4. Durabuilt Solar Attic Fan Ventilator 20-Watt

Durabuilt Attic Fan 20-Watt Review
Check Price
Product Review

This solar attic fan from Durabuilt is very similar to the last model on our list, suggesting a common manufacturer. However, it is significantly more expensive and for the extra power it provides (20W). As there are more powerful options out there, this isn’t all that compelling. We consider this one of the less impressive models on the market right now and not great value for money, but with a whole lot of similar product on the site, it was worth mentioning for the sake of comparison.

Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Best design
  • Easy installation
  • Low powered
  • Similar design to others
  • Not great value

5. Solar Panel Attic Fan 30 Watt

Solar Attic Fan 30 Watt Review
Check Price
Product Review

This is a very nice looking solar fan that has a more premium feel. It is adjustable to best get the angle of the sun and will protrude slightly above the attic roof for extra height. It’s also well suited to flat roofs.

The power is relatively good too at 30W. Overall, it’s a very sturdy option and has positive reviews right now. It’s on the more expensive side though and it doesn’t come with the same authority as Natural Light products – nor the same warranty!

Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Amazing design
  • Adjustable
  • Suitable for flat roofs
  • Most powerful
  • Not the cheapest
  • No warranty

Solar Powered Roof Vent Reviews – Efficiency of your attic fan

Why it is So Important to be Efficient With Heating and Cooling

We are constantly being reminded by the media and the press, as well as by politicians, about the problems facing our heated environment. Specifically, we will be hearing about the energy crisis and global warming which could be solved fairly easy if everyone would have an attic solar fan.

It is only right that they should be so prevalent, however, as attic fans are not only highly important but also very safe for our family health and cooling problems. Here we will look at how your heating and air can have such an impact as well.

There are many aspects of heating and air, and these include your HVAC systems, as well as furnaces and other aspects. These affect the environment for one simple reason – they use up energy. This then means that when you turn on your air conditioning, you actually use up energy that comes from a power plant, while, on the other hand, a good solar attic fan with 2018 technology can save the planet while cooling the hot air from your attic, and why not, the entire house.

And so, by choosing to use the top rated solar attic fans, you can actually save considerable amounts of power and also know that you’re doing something very good for the planet.

What is the best solar attic fan tip in 2018?

Top Ways to Save Energy on Your Heating and Cooling

Having the best solar attic fan is just one way that you can consider the environment while handling heating and cooling around your home in the most efficient (high-performance assessment) way.

Of course, we need to cool our air and these amazing ventilators are necessary. The first and most important call is to have efficient systems installed by professional contractors to make sure that you use as little energy as possible while getting your attic cooled. Whatever systems you use for cooling in your home, you should know that they are rated for efficiency and that you aren’t wasting more energy than it’s strictly necessary.

Furthermore, you should also get regular maintenance and constantly read reviews on solar attic fans. This will prevent them from becoming less efficient as they get clogged with dirt etc. and that will mean that they remain using as little energy as possible. Likewise, do what you can yourself, whether that means changing filters or checking constantly the attic temperature.


Going Green with a Solar Powered Attic Fan

If you want to go one step further then you can consider getting alternative green energy Attic fans powered by solar energy. We’ve already seen the power of a solar attic fan, but there are many other options besides that, like solar ventilators. Or maybe another cool accessory for your house, the best solar pool heater so you can enjoy a solar-heated water in your pool – a system that works by running water through pipes on the ground. But, to be honest, it’s nothing compared to the cooling power of a good fan for your Attic.


Conclusion for this Solar attic fan review

Whatever you decide to do about your overall ‘energy budget’ on cooling your attic, choosing to use the absolute best solar powered attic fan of 2018 is a great way to save a lot of energy and keep your home healthy and cool all year round. This is the perfect example of a small change you can make to improve your efficiency thanks to the solar energy.

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