Best Solar Bird Bath Bubbler – Top Reviews in 2021

AISITIN 1000mAh Solar Fountain Pump

Solar bird bath bubblers are efficient, easy to use and can help attract more birds to your garden. Since they run on the sun’s energy, solar bubblers are simple and effectively free to run. They will help keep your bird bath clean and aerated so that your local birds can enjoy clean, fresh water whenever they want!

Native birds and wildlife sometimes have trouble finding clean water and a quiet place to relax, especially in suburban areas. Adding a large bird bath – complete with a bubbler or small fountain – to your garden will make it attractive to numerous small species, brightening up your life and yard.

There is a wide range of different solar powered bird bath bubblers on the market, which means that it can be hard to find one that suits your needs. With this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of the best solar bubblers for your bird bath. Following this list, we’ll expand on a few of the things that you should keep in mind when choosing a new bubbler. We’ve considered everything from affordability to reliability and aesthetics to choose the following five options:

AISITIN 1000mAh Solar Fountain Pump

LATITOP Solar Bird Bath Fountain

AMYER Solar Bird Bath Bubbler

What Are The Best Solar Bird Bath Bubblers?

LATITOP Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Most Popular

The Latitop solar bird bath bubbler is one of the most popular on the market. It comes complete with high quality solar panels, a reliable pump and an extremely attractive design, making it perfect for people looking for a simple, affordable option.

One of the best features of the Latitop bubbler is its built in battery system. This battery will charge during sunny periods, allowing the bubbler to continue working when there’s a lack of solar power – for example, during the night or on rainy or overcast days. Obviously the battery life is limited, but it offers more than enough additional power for normal use.

Additionally, this bubbler is designed to float, which means that it can be placed in any bird bath, pond or other waterbody. If you decide that it doesn’t suit your bird bath you won’t have to throw it into the back corner of the shed – instead, you can simply put it in a fishpond or other water feature to help keep the water clean.


  • It is very affordable, making it a great choice for people on a tight budget.
  • It isn’t confined to use in bird baths.
  • There are four different bubbler heads that can be used depending on the type of water pattern you want.


  • The pump can stop working if the solar panels get dirty or covered in algae.
  • The pump only works in water that’s at least one inch deep.
  • As you can see, this solar powered bird bath bubbler is one of the most popular on the market for a reason. If you want something that’s cheap, simple and reliable then look no further!

AISITIN 1000mAh Solar Fountain Pump

Editor’s Pick

The Aisitin solar fountain pump is somewhat unique in the sense that it is composed of a bubbler and a separate solar panel. This makes it an attractive option for people who have small bird baths that would be dominated by the more popular floating models.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider this option when you’re looking for a solar powered bird bath bubbler. For example, it works great for bird baths or ponds which don’t receive a lot of sunlight. The external solar panel can simply be mounted on the roof, on a tree or in some other location that gets plenty of sun.

Additionally the fountain pump is designed to be extremely versatile and usable in a wide range of applications. It floats, which means that you can use it in water of almost any depth. It will automatically turn off it it leaves the water, preventing damage to the pump.


  • The floating solar pump is super versatile and can be used in everything from bird baths to fish tanks and ponds.
  • Comes with 6 different nozzles that you can change to get the water look that appeals to you.
  • The large solar panel and built in battery means that the pump will continue working, even when there’s little or no sunlight.


  • This setup is quite large, and the solar panel can look out of place in some gardens.
  • More expensive than most other solar bubblers.
  • If you’re looking for something different to the standard floating bird bath bubbler, this is it.

AMYER Solar Bird Bath Bubbler

Best Value

This pump is one of the cheapest on the market, and receives the ‘best value’ tag due to both its popularity and its affordability. If you’re looking for a simple but reliable solar bubbler for your bird bath, this is it.

Featuring an eco-friendly, completely solar powered design, this bubbler is perfect for small bird baths and ponds which don’t need 24/7 aeration. Since it has no built-in battery, the pump will only run when there’s enough sunlight.

However, the simplicity of this pump will appeal to a lot of people. Since there are only a few components – essentially a solar panel, a pump and a nozzle – there’s not much that can go wrong. Freshen up your bird bath and provide a clean water source for any birds that visit your garden with this bubbler!


  • The AMYER bubbler is extremely affordable, which means that it’s great for people on a tight budget.
  • Designed with eco-friendly use in mind, it contains no toxic battery compounds or chemicals that could leach into your bird bath.


  • Will only run when there’s enough sunlight. There’s no built-in battery for backup power.
  • Some buyers have noted that the solar panel loses efficiency fast if it is dirty or covered with debris, which means that you will have to clean it regularly.

Decdeal Flower Shaped Solar Bird Bath Fountain

This solar bubbler from Decdeal takes the prize as the best for a simple garden. The flower shaped solar panel can be placed somewhere inconspicuous near your bird bath. It has been cleverly attached to a stake, allowing you to stick it in the ground wherever you want to.

The pump comes with anti-blockage protection, which serves a number of purposes. Essentially, it prevents the pump from blocking up, extending its working life and making it work properly for longer between cleans.

Unfortunately, this pump doesn’t come with a backup battery, which means that it’s hard to justify the price tag. It also doesn’t shut off automatically when taken out of the water, which means that you need to be careful and make sure that your bird bath remains full at all times.


  • Anti-blockage protection.
  • External flower shaped solar panel attached to the pump with a 3m cable for extra flexibility.
  • Simple design is easy to setup and use.


  • No backup battery.
  • Pump doesn’t shut off automatically.
  • Won’t work well in the shade or out of full sunlight.

Lailme Solar Powered Bird Bath Bubbler

The Lailme solar bird bath bubbler has been redesigned for 2020, and comes complete with a fully solar powered pump that is capable of spraying water up to 35 inches high. However, the water spray style can be adjusted so that you get exactly what you want, allowing you to adapt your bubbler to the size and shape of your bird bath, as well as to the type of birds that tend to visit your garden.

This solar bubbler features a fully floating design, which means that it can be used in everything from bird baths to larger fishponds. The spray style can be adjusted to act as a fountain or to simply aerate the water, and the design is attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Finally, the solar panels are larger than those you will find on standard solar powered bird bath bubblers. This means that the pump can continue working under even low light conditions, which is useful due to the fact that there isn’t any built in backup battery.


  • Attractive design that will slot seamlessly into any garden.
  • Versatile fountain/bubbler nozzle which can shoot water up to 35 inches high.
  • Powerful solar panel which will keep the pump running under even low light conditions.


  • No backup battery/power pack.
  • Needs water at least 2 inches deep.
  • Won’t work at night or in very overcast/low light conditions.

Choosing the right solar bubbler for your solar bird bath can be difficult, especially when you’re buying online rather than in-store. Below we’ll look at a few of the most common questions that people ask when buying solar powered bubblers:

Do Solar Powered Bird Baths Work?

Do Solar Powered Bird Baths Work

To keep it short – absolutely!

Since bird baths don’t usually have fish or other animals in them, they don’t need constantly circulating water. If you do want your bubbler to run 24/7 then you simply need to buy one with a backup battery. A solar powered bubbler or fountain will help keep your bird bath clean and free from algae, letting your local birds enjoy somewhere clean to drink and wash whenever they please.

What Sort Of Solar Panel Should I Use?

Solar bubblers or pond aerators can be separated into two categories – those with attached solar panels and those with external panels. Bubblers with built-in solar panels are great for bird baths, solar fountains or ponds that have enough space for a small floating unit. They are easy to disguise, and make a great addition to many gardens.

Alternatively, you might consider a bubbler with an external solar panel if you don’t want your bird bath to be dominated by solar panels. External solar panels can be placed on a roof or somewhere else they can receive full sunlight, and therefore are the preferred option for many people.

Do Solar Bubblers Work At Night?

Opposite to solar rock lights, most solar bird bath bubblers are designed to only work during daylight hours. Solar panels need sunlight to work effectively, which means that they can’t generally deliver any power to the water pump at night.

In most cases, this isn’t a problem. Having an aeration pump running for half a day every day is usually more than enough. However, you could always buy a solar powered pump with a built in battery if you want your bubbler to work through the night as well.

Why Should I Use A Bubbler In My Bird Bath?

Why Should I Use A Bubbler In My Bird Bath

You don’t need a solar water heater, but using some sort of bubbler or aerator in your birdbath will help keep the water clean and aerated. Most bubblers are designed to introduce oxygen into the water, preventing it from becoming stagnant and smelly.

Keeping clean water in your bird bath will help make it more attractive for your local wildlife. You should find that more birds – and even some small mammals if you live in the right place – will visit when your water is clean.

It’s always worth leaning on the side of caution when you’re buying a new bubbler for your bird bath. Make sure that you’re buying from a reputable vendor and make sure that the bubbler you choose has a good reputation. Watch out for cheap imitations that are likely to break, and make sure that you get something that’s the right size for your bird bath or pond. While you’re at it, combine one with one of these outdoor solar lights or solar string lights for a beautiful combination.


Choosing the perfect bird bath bubbler for your bird bath can be difficult, especially if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. This article was designed to make your choice easier. We’ve taken a look at some of the top solar bird bath bubblers on the market in 2020. Following that, we’ve looked at some of the most common questions that people have when they’re buying a new solar pump for their bird bath or pond. We hope that you enjoyed what you’ve read!

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