Best Solar Powered Bird Bath of 2021

Sunnydaze Decor 4-Tier Cascading Bird Fountain

Imagine stepping into your plush backyard where a gorgeous solar bird bath attracts all the colorful feathered friends from around your property.  The sun is shining, the grass is green, and all the flowers are in bloom. The captivating colors and textures call birds and hummingbirds into your backyard retreat and they stay all day to enjoy nectars and seeds and bask in the warm, clean, waters of your bird bath.

A bird bath is an excellent addition to any backyard landscaping. These beautiful solar bath sculptures add a level of sophistication to any garden and provide your bird friends with clean, warm, fresh water for drinking and bathing.  These bird baths require little to no maintenance once installed in your yard.

These units are designed to filter and recycle your water which can attract more species of birds than even high quality specialized seeds and suets. A bath comes with built-in solar panels to collect energy from the sun and convert it into power which keeps your water warm and filtered.  In many cases, the bird bath will have a fountain feature in the center and the sun’s power is used to run the fountain features as well. The best solar bird baths are the perfect alternative to a traditional pedestal because it doesn’t allow the water inside to get dirty or freeze in colder months.  In order to keep your bird bath mosquito- and bacteria-free, a constant flow of water is required. The bubbler and fountain features of these baths keep stagnant water from forming.

These baths typically come with a base and bowl, a water pump, replaceable nozzle features, and one or more solar panels. The water pump uses solar energy to supply fresh water to the bath bowl so there’s no additional cost to keep it running. The solar panel collects the energy to power the unit.  The panel is often times at the bottom of the bath bowl to collect the maximum amount of energy, but in some cases is hidden in the design elsewhere. Adaptable nozzles, fountain heads, and bubblers can be swapped out for one of your preference.

There are lots of advantages to a solar power bird bath over a traditional pedestal. They’re generally about the same cost as a traditional model but it offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly, option for self-maintenance. There are no electrical wires to run outside so there’s no risk of outdoor electrical hazards happening in your yard. Installation is simple and no plumbing is necessary.  With natural designs, your bird bath will fit easily into your backyard garden landscape. As gentle on the environment as it is on your wallet. Continue reading for our top reviews of solar bird bath fountains for 2020.

Sunnydaze Decor 4-Tier Cascading Bird Fountain

Sunnydaze Decor 2-Tier Solar Power Bird Bath

Smart Solar Ceramic Koi Fountain

Top Reviews of Solar Bird Baths for 2020

It’s not only our feathered friends attracted to these baths, people love the relaxing and meditative sounds of the constant flow of water.  You can find bliss in your garden while you observe the birds and wildlife attracted to your easy, breezy, backyard vibe. Add a fascinating solar powered cascade feature and some solar pebbles and you have instant calm in your outdoor space.

In the following top reviews, everything has been considered for you; size, style, functionality, installation, maintenance, quality, and cost. These reviews will help you find the best solar bird baths and solar fountains to transform your backyard into an environmentally friendly oasis.

Smart Solar Ceramic Koi Fountain

Best Value

This attractive solar bird bath from Smart Solar features an elegant koi fish with a fountain feature that sends recycled water gushing from the mouth of the koi in a neat little stream to the basin of the bath.  This bath and fountain is made from durable ceramic and finished with a stunning cerulean blue glazing to bring out its unique details.

Instead of wasting disposable batteries or electricity to power your outdoor space, this bird bath fountain uses 100% solar power to pump and recycle water.  Set the solar panel where it will be in full sun. This model allows up to 10 ft of cable that can be hidden between the solar panel and the unit so your water keeps pumping and recycling up to 1.5 gallons through the entire day and into the night.

With dimensions of 17.3 x 15.4 x 6.9 inches and weighing only 6lbs, this bird bath is space-saving and discreet while still adding a pop of color to your space. It’s best used by itself placed on the ground or another structure, or placed on a pedestal for a raised height.


  • No electrical wiring
  • Simple installation
  • Little to no operating costs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Space-saving


  • Requires direct sunlight on solar panel for best use
  • Doesn’t include a base or pedestal
  • Could be damaged by extreme cold

Solarrific Solar Floating Bird Bath

The solar floating bird bath from Solarrific is the most versatile items on the list. Not only can this floating unit be added to any existing bird bath, fountain, pool, or pond, it functions as a fountain or a bubbler. This floating solar bath measures 6 inches across but it can shoot water upwards of 18 inches for a fountain effect.

This solar bird bath is simple to assemble and virtually effortless to install. It requires little to no maintenance and will continue to perform for 10,000 hours in a minimum depth of about 2 inches. Create a tranquil atmosphere in your garden and bring your backyard to life. Birds and hummingbirds will all be drawn to the inviting retreat of your outdoor area. Keep water clean and keep mosquitoes and bacteria away.


  • No electric outlet or battery needed
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used in any existing bath, fountain, pool, or pond
  • Works as a fountain or a bubbler
  • Discreet size
  • Easy to assemble


  • 10,000-hour lifetime
  • Bird bath not included

Best Choice Products 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath

Best Choice Products presents a classy, poly-resin, 2-tier solar bird bath fountain that will liven up any backyard with a touch of sophistication.  This elegant bath design is reminiscent of fine sculptures but with much more durability to the elements. Detailed engravings of water lilies on the stand and basin transport you to a tranquil and relaxing moment of zen.

This bird bath uses solar panels to power the features fountain and bubbler and it also includes a wonderful LED light effect so your fountain continues to cast class and fine taste into your backyard long into the evening.  This unit will store enough energy in its battery to keep it running for 6 hours without sunlight.


  • 2-tier effect
  • Includes bubbler and fountain functions
  • Four spout options
  • 4 LED lights
  • Concealed pump and battery
  • Will last for up to 6 hours without sunlight if fully charged


  • Short lifetime of 6 months to 1 year
  • Not corrosion-resistant

Sunnydaze Decor 2-Tier Solar Power Bird Bath

Most Popular

Perfect for the summer months, this traditional 2-tier bird bath is ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere within your garden. The artistic swirling ridge top adds a unique contemporary flare in this eye-catching style.

This functional product incorporates an integral solar pump and a panel and battery system with an on/off switch, which enables the feature to be used at night or in inclement conditions. You have the option of battery power as well as solar, so you can use the bird bath exactly for the length of time you need it. A fully charged battery will operate the fountain for up to 4 hours.

It’s built of durable resin and fibreglass to ensure that it is long lasting. The dimensions are 23-inch diameter x 45 inches tall, and it weighs 28 pounds.  It comes with a recommended water capacity of 3 gallons. The kit includes a bird bath, a solar panel with rechargeable battery pack, a compatible submersible water pump, and a 16-foot power cord so the solar panel can be installed in a convenient, discreet, location.  The charming cascading water feature adds elegance and class in any garden. Just relax and watch how the water begins to flow and sparkle the surroundings with reflected light.


  • Solar-on-demand - battery backup
  • Can automatically switch back to solar power
  • No operating costs
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight & easy to maintain


  • The pump can get clogged and would need to be cleared

Sunnydaze Decor 4-Tier Cascading Bird Fountain

Editor's Pick

Another charming option from Sunnydaze Decor is the 4-tier cascading solar bath and fountain.  This solar bird bath is our top choice because it comes with a great combination of practicality, versatility, quality, and incredible style. It’s solar powered, easy to set up, and transforms the space where it stands.

The kit comes with a pump, built-in lithium battery, 4 LED lights and can last up to 6 hours without sun if fully charged.  Molded from durable cast resin with a dark terracotta finish, it has a realistic look and can last longer than terracotta. The product’s dimensions are 25 x 21 x 19 inches, and it weighs 12 pounds.  It comes in two parts which are simply slotted together after joining the pump to the outlet via a tube.

The bird bath fountain has a solar-on-demand function which allows you to choose when you wish your feature to work. With its integrated battery technology, the unit can store the energy from the sun in the battery. Place in direct sunlight and allow the lithium battery 24 hours to fully charge before operating the solar fountain pump and then switch the unit off and it will store the energy for later use. It can be used as a solar powered fountain or flowing water bird bath anywhere you need it, such as a garden, patio, or front entrance.


  • Solar-on-demand - battery backup
  • Patented underwater integral solar panel
  • Optional remote solar panel available
  • UV and frost resistant
  • No operating costs
  • Simple to clean & maintain


  • Water might leak from individual pots

How to Select and Set Up a Bird Bath

How to Select and Set Up a Bird Bath

Compared to electrical versions, there’s no environmental impact coming from a solar component, like garden decorations powered by solar energy or rain barrel pumps. In general, the only thing needed to install it is a stake that will fix the bath into the ground, and even that part comes together with the rest of the kit. If you’re wondering what type of solar bird bath works best for you, read the following steps to consider before acquiring one.


The most important aspect of your unit’s style is the color, as vivid colours can attract more wildlife. Then comes the size: it can have one small tier, or it can be multi-tiered. (Consider this one at the Smithsonian or this fountain in Ann Arbor!) Take into account the pedestal and the fountain when making the decision, so that it can be naturally integrated into your garden, patio or backyard.


You can choose materials and designs based on weight. Consider this up front and cleaning and relocating the bath  easier if necessary. Ceramic or glass are seen as delicate, while concrete and clay are perceived as sturdier. Depending on the rest of your garden’s design you can easily select the one that fits best.


Most of the cost pays for the solar cell and conversion unit used to capture and convert the sun’s energy. Look for a unit with a quiet pump that sucks the water from below and pushes it to the head through a bubble faucet or a regulator. The bubble faucet will ensure that you’re purifying the water and preventing stagnation. Birds are easily scared and will not come back if the pump is simply too noisy. During the winter months or cloudy days, you may need to remove the solar insert and/or use it in conjunction with a bird bath heater that keeps the water and unit warm. (Also, make sure your solar pool pump can handle the water flow you intend to put through it!)


Birds like to have the cover of trees and shrubs close-by so they can quickly fly away if startled. But make sure solar panel is not obstructed by that shrubbery. Solar panels should be placed in direct sun to work at maximum capacity.


Solar powered fountains are an artistic and eco-friendly way to offer a peaceful refuge for birds and wildlife and a relaxing oasis for yourself and your friends. Add a centerpiece to your yard or garden that won’t cost anything to keep running. Elevate your style with one of these solar powered bird baths and revolutionize your home.

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