Best Solar Bobbleheads – Top reviews of 2021

Teaching and learning about solar energy can be a lot more fun for everyone with the assistance of solar powered bobblehead toys. What better way to introduce solar energy to young minds than with cute and fun little toys that are powered by the sun?  These solar bobblehead toys are a great gift and lesson for students in a science classroom or learning about the power of the sun at home.

The sun’s energy has been used by humans for many years but the technology of photovoltaic cells is fairly new. It’s important for us to put emphasis on learning the science behind renewable energy sources and the benefits that come from it. Our youngest generation is facing the a long road of correcting the damage fossil fuels and pollution have left in their wake.  We must equip these children with all the knowledge we can about renewable energy in the school and in the home. It is important for them to see solar energy discussed and used in the classroom and at home. When our children see we are living a clean and responsible lifestyle, they are more apt to adopt this as a behavior of their own, which will become second nature over time.

That said, there’s also a simple and light-hearted fun that comes with enjoying a little dancing toy that only needs the love of the sun to come alive. These solar toys are a fun addition to your vehicle for you or your passengers.  It’s also an icebreaker that brings smiles to coworkers from your desk. Remember solar bobbleheads when looking for a cute little gift for your next birthday party, baby shower, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, We’ve got the top 2020 reviews for solar bobbleheads and they can’t wait to dance with you!

KIKKERLAND Elroy the Solar Corgi Bobblehead

Solar Leprechaun Bobblehead Figurine

3-Pack Friendly Animals Solar Bobblehead Toys

Top Solar Bobblehead Reviews of 2020

It’s becoming more and more evident that solar energy is making a significant impact in everyday life from the way that we cook and clean to the way we drive and entertain.  It’s no surprise then that the wonderment and efficiency of solar power has spilled into the realm of children’s toys. Not only do solar powered toys like these bobbleheads save on electricity in place of toys that need a charge, but they, like solar dancing flowers, also reduce the amount of batteries being thrown away and replaced on a regular basis in electronic toys. Beyond the factor of waste, there is also the argument that toys which require replacement batteries have a higher risk of hazard for the children playing with them. Whether the next bobblehead you get is for you or a gift for someone else, we’re here to help you select the very best.  We’ve considered cost, cuteness, color, functionality, quality, and did we say cuteness? Check out the best solar bobblehead reviews of 2020.

KIKKERLAND Elroy the Solar Corgi Bobblehead

Editor's Pick

Kikkerland delivers the adorable work of design Chris Collicot with Elroy, the solar corgi bobblehead.  This best friend is a wonderful addition to your desk or dashboard by himself or with his dearest friend, the Queen of England.  The Queen loves dogs and has five Welsh corgis. Elroy makes it six; the companion to the Queen of England bobblehead also available.

Elroy wins our Editor’s Pick for solar bobblehead because of his long lasting durability and his increasing popularity. Happy little Elroy comes to you in a clear display box standing proudly with the Royal Union Jack Flag.  He stands on a discreet white mount where the solar panel is also located. Elroy stands eager to greet you every morning with the sun. He will rock his head back and forth in the typical bobblehead movement. Help Elroy find a home in the sun with any anglophile or corgi lover you know. Surely, this counts for “Bring Your Pet to Work Day”.


  • Solar-powered, no batteries needed
  • Long-lasting, durable resin mold
  • Cute design
  • Eco-friendly


  • Must be in direct sunlight

Solar Bobble Rilakkuma Bear Toy

Meet the Japanese ambassador of stress-free living, Rilakkuma! This solar powered bobblehead sways side to side with its head and it sits carefree on the crescent moon.  The moon is nestled in a little lavender cloud. Rilakkuma rides the dream world and the day time with the built-in solar panel that powers the happy little dance. Set your Rilakkuma bobblehead in direct sun or bright indoor light for the very best results.  Best suited for spots like the desk or the car; where you might need a reminder to practice more stress-free moments.

Even on the cloudy days, this fun little bobblehead toy picks up the sun’s light and happily swings its head. It doesn’t require any extra batteries or electricity. The head has a continuous movement as long as it is exposed to indoor or outdoor light. This little brown and yellow bear sitting on a yellow moon with a cloud has a size of 5 x 4.7 x 4.5 inches with a weight of 3 ounces so it is easy to move it around to any lighted spot you desire. Anywhere around the house, your car, office or even in school. It’s a special birthday or holiday gift for friends or colleagues, and makes an excellent positive gift for those recovering or in the hospital, especially because of what Rilakkuma stands for.


  • Solar-powered, hassle-free
  • Very affordable
  • No assembly needed
  • Represents the spirit of stress-free living


  • Can blow over or fall down and break; secure with removable adhesive

3-Pack Friendly Animals Solar Bobblehead Toys

Best Value

Three solar bobblehead toys are better than one in this 3-pack of friends that shimmy and shake from your car to your office and home.  Put them all in one location or spread the joy around several places you spend a lot of time. Or send these sunny buddies to a friend and brighten their day.  This pack of 3 for a low cost makes these solar bobbleheads the most cost-effective item and therefore it wins our pick for the most headbang for your buck.

Environmental solar-powered, the bobblehead toys save you the trouble of replacing batteries regularly. The set comes with three funny characters: a panda, an owl, and a frog. This panda knows Kung Fu and he wants to show you. His head, hands, and raised leg moves in the direct sunlight.  The owl ticks his curious head back and forth, everwatching, as his wings flutter up and down. The happy little green frog does a cheery little dance with his big bright head and arms. Each solar-powered bobblehead has a double-sided tape so your friends won’t fall easily or blow over in the wind. Their constant moving can relieve eye fatigue, relax you, and can even be used to center yourself for meditation. Plus you can be sure it will always bring a little smile to your face to see your friends jiggle and shake in the glory of the sun.


  • Solar-powered
  • Lovely characters
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe to use & easy to maintain


  • Solar panels are not as strong as others

Iron Man Action Hero Bobblehead

There’s a Stark difference between the design of this solar bobblehead and the others. Just as you would expect from Iron Man, this solar toy stands apart from the rest with its striking shiny red and gold suit and courageous posture. He stands on a sturdy black base with a built-in solar panel. This Iron Man bobblehead has a stunning design at around 5 inches tall, and it’s ready for action! It will swing automatically under the sunlight or bright indoor light, as long as it is completely removed from the package.

Surely you know someone who needs a little hero in their life and this is the perfect one. Bring a laugh to anyone with a love for the Avengers and Iron Man, or comics and toys in general. The Iron Man solar bobblehead is a perfect addition to any Marvel collection and can save anyone’s day from gloom.


  • Stunning design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable material
  • Cost-effective


  • Limited edition

Solar Leprechaun Bobblehead Figurine

Most Popular

This innocent little leprechaun, named Lucky Larry, is one of our solar bobblehead top picks because it’s one of the most popular items and it comes at a very good price. Made from ABS plastic, it has a built-in solar panel that doesn’t need batteries. It just has to be put in a sunny spot like a windowsill or car dashboard to get it moving. The funny solar bobblehead is a nice decoration no matter where it’s placed and brings you joy and luck wherever he greets you.

This is a cute little gift for your coworkers, friends, children, and seniors. Lucky Larry is a perfect start or addition to any bobblehead figurine collection.


  • Non-toxic
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe to use


  • Can get damaged during transportation

Why Should The Young Generation Learn About Solar Energy?

Why Should The Young Generation Learn About Solar Energy

Dark Truth About Non-Renewable Energy

We instinctively want the very best for our children no matter what it is: education, health, security, success. Knowing our actions today will affect theirs tomorrow, it’s mandatory that we guide our children toward a future in one of the most important subjects: renewable energy sources.

Perhaps the most well-known renewable resource is solar power. One of the most intriguing details of solar power is that it’s free.  Initially, yes, there is likely a setup cost, but once it’s running, your solar energy is collected from the sun for free. The sun as we know it is limitless and sustainable. It does not pollute our environment as fossil fuels do.  There is no danger of greenhouse gases when solar power is the energy source.

Unfortunately, our most commonly used resource so far is still fossil fuels that come with a lot of risks. Even though most of those risks are taken into consideration, for example, land degradation or all too well-known water pollution, it is not enough. Many regulations are broken or not enforced. Many don’t exist. The waste, pollution, and destruction that comes from harvesting fossil fuels is arguably largely covered and hidden still, too.  For example, problems like the health of those who live in areas with a high volume of pollution. These individuals often suffer higher rates of cancer and respiratory diseases, but it goes largely unlinked to the environment which is highly saturated with pollutants. This makes it all the more dire that we learn now how to use our endless solar resource; on a global scale and right down to every last bobblehead toy.

How Do Solar Bobbleheads Work?

Solar energy consists of sun’s radiation through heat and light. It’s harnessed from a range of modern techniques including solar photovoltaic cells, artificial photosynthesis, and solar thermal electricity. When you share lessons about solar power with younger generations, consider doing it with these tangible toys that demonstrate, firsthand, the power of collecting solar energy (like with these solar motion toys).

Using renewable energy sources can, in fact, repair and conserve the environment. The spread of energy options available across the vast majority of nations is a reflection of the natural economic viability of solar power, both financially and as renewable domestic resource.

Governments, businesses, schools, farms; they’re all looking for the best options and the new technologies that solar power can offer them.  It’s pretty safe to assume solar is the way of the future.  This makes it all the more important for us to teach our children early on about solar energy. The best way to learn is to do and that’s not exception with solar power.  Solar bobblehead toys are a hands-on learning tool and cute toy that helps the child remember the lesson and see how it works.

Making Alternative the Standard

Why do we call it “alternative energy” when renewable power source options like solar and wind are so obviously the way of the future?  How much longer can we suck the minerals and nutrients from Planet Earth before the damage is irreversible? Fossil fuels are a limited resource that require a massive amount of effort and expenditure.  It’s the way of the energy dinosaurs – literally. These industries are slowing dwindling and dying as renewable energy moves in. Non-renewable energy is far too destructive and inefficient to continue much longer.  These giants of the old age cling to the last bits of capitalism as they ride the inevitable wave out.

One tiny way to speed that up is by educating our children with solar toys and projects. The more familiar they are with the workings of solar energy at a young age, the better able to implement this in the bigger picture for  things like home and personal appliances and toxic waste. Helping your kids, as the future consumers, to make informed energy choices in their lives should be a priority for anyone living on Earth. It is never too early to make your kids aware of solar energy.

Teaching Children about Solar Power

Solar energy for kids can be initially explained by making kids aware of photosynthesis where the sunlight plays a major role in plant growth. Solar energy is an ecologically acceptable alternate source of energy to fossil fuel. It doesn’t create any pollution when generating power which actually combats the Greenhouse Effect.  The Greenhouse Effect, by the way, brought to us largely by the use of fossil fuels for energy.

Children will love learning how the sun makes electricity and experimenting with the possibilities of solar power, like with these solar dancing snowmen.  Explain to children the sun is powerful enough to make electricity, and people use solar panels and the sun to heat their homes. And for the adults, it is always good to remember that using solar power means reducing your energy bills and saving money.

Encourage young and old to adopt and practice these healthier lifestyle changes and raise awareness of solar energy while your solar bobbleheads raise their arms to dance and shake. Your young entrepreneur might uncover or invent new technologies to make renewable energy resources even more efficient to harness, store, and use.  Get them started today with a little solar powered toy (or even one of these solar watches.)

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