Best Solar Brick Paver Lights – Reviews of 2021

Solar powered paver lights are the eco-friendly, cost-effective, gorgeous way to light up your driveway or patio walkway at night.  Paver stones are the bricks laid in a pattern to form your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, or patio. In most cases, stone brick is laid in rectangular or square-like patterns to form designs from simple and modern to vintage and ornate.  Solar brick paver lights, then, are of course the square or rectangular lights that replace several of the bricks to create an upgraded, illuminated, new path. However, you’ll see in this article that solar powered paver lights don’t always have to be traditional rectangles and squares.

The benefits of solar paver lights are many. First of course there is the absolute appeal.  By adding night lighting to your landscape or path, you instantly improve its appearance. Paver lights will add a layer of class and sophistication to any landscape and in many cases, increase the value of a home. Solar lights outside at night add a flash of wealth and style as a thoughtful completion to your landscape.

Next there’s the obvious benefit of convenience and safety. By adding lighting features for the night, you’ll improve visibility for yourself or any visitor.  Everyone will feel safer when they can see where they’re walking and what’s in front of them.

There’s also the aspect of added security with paver lights.  Lighting up the darker spots in the night can help you to feel confident you’re safe from intruders.  If someone approaches, you’ll be able to see by the bright white LED light of the paver lights. Some solar lights are even motion-sensored and will light up, or shine brighter, upon approach.

Let’s not forget: paver lights do exist and they aren’t solar; they require traditional electrical wiring.  That means they usually involve electricians and sometimes permits. It can involve a lengthy installation process since it’s of utmost importance to make sure electrical wiring and mechanisms are safe from water and weather.  Even then, safety hazards can be risky. Maintenance will be regular. Before you know it, paver lights that are not solar are sounding pretty expensive. And you’re not even figuring in the actual additional cost of running these lights each night with traditional electricity.  Solar brick paver lights save the day. And the night.

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The Best Solar Brick Paver Lights in 2020

You deserve a classy upgrade to your home and garden.  Illuminate your gorgeous outdoor path, walkway, or patio with no additional cost in electricity and without using solar path lights.  We’ll help you figure out everything you need to know if the top reviews of 2020’s best solar powered paver lights. Plus, stick around after the review for a few lesser-known buying tips from experienced shoppers when it comes to solar brick paver lights. (Keep in mind, these products pair great with solar lamppost lights.)

Smart Brick Solar Brick Paver Lights

First on our list is the 4×8-inch, glass, set of solar paver lights from Smart Brick.  In this set, you get 8 solar rectangular bricks to light your driveway. Slip these beautiful lights into the place of a few bricks in your driveway or walkway and it instantly turns to magic.  They illuminate a cold white light at night and can last for up to 12 hours on a full 8-hour charge from the sun during the day.

These solar lights come completely sealed and water resistant.  They’re made of super durable glass so that they can withstand the weight of heavy foot traffic and vehicles.  Installation is easy and you can do it yourself; there’s no wiring involved. Keep in mind these lights should be installed in a spot that will see at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Once you’ve got them installed, there’s nothing more to do except count down the hours until you see your gorgeous lights come alive.  There’s no need to turn them on or off; it happens automatically via a light sensor in each light. There’s virtually no maintenance and these lights will shine for up to 50,000 hours, but we do recommend that you check your lights every so often to make sure there’s nothing obscuring the solar panels.  This will ensure your lights see their maximum efficiency and lifetime, and that your lights are as bright as possible.


  • Provides up to 50,000 hours of light
  • 90-day warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Automatic on/off sensor
  • Fits 4x8-inch paver bricks
  • Features non-slip tread


  • Warranty does not cover broken glass
  • No colored LED options available
  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof

Shop TJB 4x8-Inch Solar Paver Lights

Editor's Pick

Another 4×8-inch paver option comes from Shop TJB. While it’s very similar to other 4×8 paver lights on the market, this one is made with high quality, durable, materials that will last for a long time. The key feature for these pavers is that they come with replaceable parts, so after 3+ years of perfect lighting, if you do need to upgrade any parts, TJB is there to help.  You won’t have to install new lights all over again in a few years. These lights will work as an excellent replacement to paver stones in your walkway, patio, pool area, driveway, dock, or as part of your landscaping.

It’s very easy to install these solar powered paver lights; there’s no wiring necessary and no need for an electrician.  The lights turn on and off automatically so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on too long. These lights will run upwards of 6 hours at night, but they should get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight during the day.  This solar paver light uses a rechargeable NiMH battery instead of the typical NiCad ones. NiHM batteries are longer lasting and they’re not made with heavy metals so there’s no toxic effects. These store up to 50% more power than traditional NiCads and they never suffer memory issues that can cause batteries to deteriorate faster.

These lights are so strong and durable, they’re intended to be installed into concrete applications.  This way, if you do need to replace any component, you can lift the glass house off of the unit and the base remains in place. The glass casing is not only an attractive element, but it’s made with waterproof sealer to ensure water, rain, and snow does not damage  your new lights.


  • Serviceable, replaceable parts (lenses, batteries, solar panels, bases)
  • 90-day warranty for operational defects
  • 1-year warranty for unit
  • Long lifespan


  • Can be a tight fit getting these pavers into place

Happybuy Solar Driveway Lights

Most Popular

The average solar paver light is designed to take the place of an existing stone brick and sit flush with your path, but this 12-pack of solar driveway lights from Happybuy gives you a different option.  Instead of planting these lights in the driveway, you can affix them to just about any surface, and they will be raised about an inch, rather than flush with the surface. Raised lighting can raise some concern when it comes to driveways and boat docking bays especially.  But if you might be worried about a light becoming damaged from heavy foot or vehicle traffic, you can rest easy. These lights are designed to withstand a whopping 20 tons of weight! Drive over it with your truck, your boat trailer, your lawn mower; it won’t matter. The unit is made with slanted edges to accommodate the passage of a vehicle and the casing is constructed from incredibly strong aluminum alloy.

If that’s not enough, these lights are made with monocrystalline solar glass, which is far more efficient than the typical polycrystalline solar glass.  This means your battery will recharge quickly, hold a long runtime of 12 hours or more during the night, and will last for a longer product lifetime than similar products.  Each light is IP-68 weather-proofing rated, giving it the highest rating and the most waterproof protection you can find in a solar light. This also means you don’t have to worry as the temperature changes.  These lights are ready to withstand extreme high-temperature summer environments and freezing cold winters.


  • Bright, white lights; 400lux
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Monocrystalline solar panel is stronger and more efficient
  • Withstands up to 20 tons of pressure
  • IP68 Waterproof rating
  • 5-year lifetime
  • Works in extreme heat and cold


  • Even with IP68 Waterproof rating, lights cannot be submerged 
  • Prolonged exposure to extreme wet will shorten the life of the light

Paver Light Depot 6x6-Inch Solar Paver Lights

Not all paver bricks are created equal.  You may have paver stones that are square instead of rectangular.  You’re covered, too. Paver Light Depot offers a 6×6-inch solar paver light.  These lights service some of the greatest commercial locations and tourist attractions.  In fact, you can even find these very same Paver Light Depot lights from the Marriott in Coral Springs to the Plaza in South Carolina. Industry names trust this manufacturer.

This set of 5 solar powered paver lights features a bright ice-white LED shine that will come on automatically at night and turn off again when day breaks.  They have a lifetime of about 100,000 hours, which is just about they longest you’ll find in solar brick paver lights. That’s about 11 years of elegant nighttime style and safety.  If durability is a concern, it need not be. These are made with industrial-grade reinforced frosted glass and withstand all weather and crushing weight to keep on lighting your night.


  • Ultra bright LED lights
  • Weatherproof
  • Highly durable, industrial strength
  • 100,000-hour lifetime
  • Fits 6x6-inch, square-patterned, paver stone spaces


  • Recharges AAA Ni-Cad battery (less efficient, less eco-friendly)
  • There is no deactivation option; once activated, they stay on every night

Little Garden Gnome Solar Paver Rocks

Best Value

If you’re driveway or pathway isn’t made from paver stones, but of gravel instead, a Little Garden Gnome can help you.  As an alternative to solar paver lights, you can try these solar glow paver rocks. Imagine how charming these rocks would look in your garden, walkway, driveway, or aquarium.

These rocks are very durable, waterproof, pressure-resistant, and weatherproof. These solar rocks work without any battery charge at all, and instead of a solar panel, the sun-absorbent material is itself within the rock. They glow by the power of UV rays, so you’ll still need to install them in a place that gets direct sun for the majority of the day.  But, once you scatter the rocks where you want them, there is literally nothing else to do and no maintenance ever. Unlike most waterproof solar lights which still cannot be submerged, these solar paver rocks are perfectly fine submerged. In fact, they’re a popular addition to aquariums.

Each bag of solar paver rocks is very inexpensive and comes with 300 pieces.  These are non-toxic and harmless so there’s no pollution or safety concerns. A few bags could light up your whole driveway or walkway at night, with this solar paver gravel mixed in.


  • Excellent paver alternative
  • Inexpensive
  • Beautiful soft blue glowing light at night
  • Virtually no installation or maintenance
  • Never replace a battery or solar panel
  • Non-toxic, waterproof, submergence-proof, durable


  • Rocks can be dim
  • May need many bags for desired landscaping

Solar Powered Paver Secrets

Solar Powered Paver Secrets

Even if you’re new to it, you can probably see there are a few key features that are really going to help you make your decision on what’s best for you.  These items are usually compared in the above reviews of solar brick paver lights. Here are some of the more obvious features to pay attention to:

  • Design – select a finish and design that suits your outdoor space best so that it looks like it was meant to be there. Similar to solar floodlights, you’ll want your solar paving lights to look like they belong.
  • Shape – get a light that will fit the stones in your pathway, or take this opportunity to change your pathway design to something you want more and include solar paver lights in your plan
  • Brightness – choose a light with the correct brightness, you may want a dimmer softer light or perhaps a bright white light is best. Like with solar sign lights, you need the right brightness level.
  • Light color – give good thought to the color of the lights you select, you may like the pink lights in the summer, but they won’t look as good with your usual holiday decor
  • Automation – you definitely don’t want to have to be the one to walk around turning paver lights on and off, so make sure the ones you get have a light sensor that turns them on and off automatically
  • Weatherproofing – IP68 is a top weatherproofing rating and the only thing that you might find better, is something that can be completely submerged and still work

You’ve probably got those basics covered, but there are some key features that go unconsidered until it’s in hindsight.  Save yourself from learning the hard way and take these tips from experienced buyers:

  • Durability – look for a solar paver light that’s as strong as possible, some can withstand 2 tons or more which makes them particularly excellent for walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. Just like with solar parking lot lights, they’ll need to stand up to the elements.
  • Deactivation mechanism – in most cases a solar paver light can be removed relatively easily for maintenance or care and  it’s there you can sometimes find an on/off switch to deactivate the light, you may think you don’t want to deactivate the lights and stop them from shining but in some cases you might; consider if there’s a deactivation mechanism to your light
  • Installation – the process for installation is generally pretty simple (similar to solar-powered cameras) with little to no follow up maintenance, but you should consider exactly what it will take to install your lights and if you have everything you need
  • Charge time – select a light that will charge as quickly as possible, this usually means selecting a monocrystalline solar panel over a polycrystalline one
  • Runtime – pick a light that runs for as long as possible so there’s not a gap of darkness in your night, this means looking for lights with monocrystalline solar panels and NiHM rechargeable batteries
  • Lifetime – Choose a light with a long lifetime, some lights last for 10,000 hours and others last for 10x that, 100,000 hours of lifetime is about 11 years worth of illuminated nights


Hopefully this article has done its job to inform you and arm you with knowledge to buy exactly the kind of solar brick paver lights you want for your driveway, walkway, or patio.  We’ve selected our top picks for editor’s choice, best paver alternative, and best quality in order to narrow your selection. There’s really no question about whether you should light your outdoor space with elegant solar lighting.  It’s just a matter of selecting and installing the best choice. But soon you could be enjoying the envious eyes of your neighbors when they see your pathway glowing with solar paver lights. (Looking for another great set of solar products? Check out these solar mailbox lights!)

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