Best Solar Bug Zapper – Top Reviews for 2021

You finally sit with your family in the backyard to enjoy a barbeque feast and there’s flies all over the food, but this wouldn’t happen if you had a solar bug zapper around. Your family tries to enjoy the meal anyway but there’s mosquitoes buzzing in everyone’s ears. Someone swats at a bug; a dead fly falls in the fries. There’s a small collection of itchy, red, swollen bug bites on summer arms and legs. Before you know it, the insects have driven you back inside, but if you had an efficient and cost-effective system to eliminate the backyard beasts, your afternoon would be peaceful and delicious. You could still be the king or queen of your castle.

You could use citronella candles, but the flame always catches the napkins on fire. They don’t smell all that great. They’re not all that effective. You could slather your family in chemical bug sprays and lotions, but it’s not very healthy and it gets on your hands and in your food. It leaves your skin sticky and uncomfortable. They especially don’t smell good.

An electric bug zapper could be helpful, but it’s definitely cost-effective. Keeping one or more electric bug zappers running for the evening can quickly rack up extra cost on your summertime electric bills. It requires an outlet and it might even involve the need for some electrical work. Plus, it carries with it the risk of a fire hazard.

A solar bug zapper is your solution. Rid yourself of insects on your dinner. Save yourself from dozens of itchy, ugly, bug bites and the diseases they can carry. All without scary chemicals and costly electricity bills. Imagine a happy family barbeque in your own outdoor space without the annoyance of nerve-racking bugs in your ear, in your eyes, on your skin, in your potato salad. This comfortable summer dream is yours when you install a couple of solar powered bug lights in your yard.

These solar mosquito zappers are an excellent way to minimize the presence of all flying bugs in your home, garden, backyard, patio, or balcony. There are no chemicals or fumes. There are no hot UV lights or electrical cords. There is no risk of fire. It’s all done for you with the power of free and renewable sun.

RoJuicy Solar Waterproof Bug Zapper

MeetUs Solar Indoor/Outdoor Portable Bug Zapper

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Top Reviews for Solar Bug Zappers in 2019

When choosing a solar powered bug zapper for your home, you should make sure that the device covers a wide area and has a high capacity (just like with solar electric fence chargers). In addition, you should be able to use it both indoors and outdoors. Bug zappers should be compact and lightweight. They need to kill insects on contact. We’ve selected for you the best solar zapper for a limited budget, the one for most versatility and portability, and the best design to keep in your backyard, pool area, garden, or patio. Keep reading to find out exactly how solar bug zappers work and which features and functionality you should consider. Below, you’ll find the best solar bug zappers available in these top reviews from 2019.

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Best Value

Create a lighted path effect while eliminating bugs from your yard with these solar bug zapper ground posts. These are easy to place in your garden or patio and take virtually no setup. Just place the stake in the ground where you want it, and move it when you want to.

This solar bug light from Pure Garden uses light to lure mosquitoes and then zapping them when they come close enough. What makes this zapper very convenient is that it looks like a garden lamp and it will fit in your garden perfectly. The quality plastic construction of the product will ensure that it lasts for many seasons. In addition, the outer grid provides an additional layer of safety, making the product safe for children and pets.

The zapper comes with two different lighting modes. The first mode, the bug attracting UV mode, ensures that no bugs come inside your home. The second mode, the super bright LED mode, serves not only as an insect zapper but also garden lighting. To charge the zapper, all you need to do is place it in direct sunlight. Thanks to the low voltage LED bulb, the zapper is capable of lasting through the entire night. If the zapper doesn’t manage to fully charge during the day, it can operate on batteries.

The only downfall to this product is that the buyer will have to clean it every now and then in order to keep it work effectively.


  • An efficient and durable insect zapper
  • Features two operating modes
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Resembles a garden lamp and it can be used as decoration


  • One unit is not enough to cover a large garden
  • The backup batteries that come with the product are not long-lasting

Solario Enhanced Portable Solar Zapper

Solario is taking an old model and making it better with the new and improved solar powered bug zapper. Now, solar, cordless, and portable, this garden lamp is a bug zapper, too. You can stake this unit in the ground, set it on a table, or hang it from a tree. It’s lightweight and compact which makes it an excellent item to take with you on camping trips. Keep one by the grill and table, and keep one in your tent. There’s no flammable risks and bugs will dare not bother you.

Add a couple of these bug lights to your backyard and watch a dramatic decrease in the number of annoying bugs and the cost of your summer electric bills. Let the solar panels on the top of this unit charge all day in the direct sun. In the evening, you can relax in your outdoor space with friends without out any uncomfortable buzzing or biting. Instead, your garden is aglow with ambient night light. All night long these zappers stay on and bugs continue to meet their fate as you sleep peacefully through the night.


  • Portable and easy to take camping, to the beach, or other outdoor activities
  • Made from tough ABS plastics and very durable
  • Weatherproof and ready to work in any weather condition
  • Unit is wireless, no messy outdoor cords
  • Provides 50,000 hours of lifetime


  • One is not enough for a backyard area
  • Bugs can be difficult to clean out
  • A bit small
  • Charge is sometimes not enough to kill a bug on contact

Sandalwood Solar Powered Bug Zapper Garden Lamp

The solar powered UV bug zapper from Sandalwood makes an excellent outdoor gift for your father, husband, or brother this season. The item is a discreet dark green which makes it very easy to blend these into a backyard tree for a beautiful lighted focal piece and hours of no bugs biting your guests. It’s versatile and can be hung, staked into the ground, or simply placed on a sturdy surface.

This portable bug zapper is also an LED lamp, perfect for grilling by the moonlight, camping, hiking, or anywhere you need a bit of bug-free light. Work with the power of 8 bright LED bulbs or guide visitors up a path hanging with these lanterns.

Specially designed to target the peskiest of all bugs, this solar bug light has a range of 3000 ft that emits a 365 nanometer wavelength to attract mosquitoes and eliminate them on contact. The ease and portability of this item makes it a must-have with your camping and hiking gear. It’s an excellent resource to take to the cabin or beach house, too.


  • UL adapter included
  • CE, FCC & RoHS Certified
  • Very bright LED bulbs, great for night
  • Attractive unit and blue light from LED bulbs


  • Luring bulbs still need to be replaced frequently

RoJuicy Solar Waterproof Bug Zapper

Editor's Pick

This high-efficiency solar bug zapper from RoJuicy features low-energy consumption, keeping it running for about 8-10 hours after a full day of charging in the sun. This powerful model includes a 000mAh 18650 lithium battery to store significant power. On overcast days, you could use the USB adapter cable to charge this if necessary.

This bug light is made from durable, weatherproof, ABS plastics and polycrystalline solar glass and has a range of about 80 ft; great for about ½ acre of outdoor space. This unit can be staked in the ground or mounted to a wall or tree with screws. The automatic on/off function shuts the light off during the day and turns it back on at dusk, though the manual switch allows you full control.

There’s no noise, no chemicals, and it’s eco-friendly. The high powered UV light draws in mosquitoes and other flying, biting, pests to dispatch them quickly on contact. This advanced model features a hygienic non-clogging killing grid that will not require you to clean out dead bugs as other models may.

Four 5mm LED bulbs light the way for your family and visiting guests but the plastic shield protects anyone from contact with the UV light. Even in the event of an accident, the unit is completely harmless to humans and pets.


  • Recommended for areas up to 1/2 acre
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Excellent price
  • No cleanup
  • USB for overcast days


  • Outdoor use only
  • Not as portable as other models
  • Must fully charge the battery before use

MeetUs Solar Indoor/Outdoor Portable Bug Zapper

Most Popular

Meet this indoor/outdoor portable solar bug zapper from MeetUs. This works like a typical solar powered bug lantern but it features both a solar charging method and a DC charge if necessary. If charged by DC, 5 hours of charging will generate about 24 hours of light and zapping. Charging via the solar method takes a little longer depending upon the strength of the sun that day.

This unit is light and durable which makes it very convenient for portability when you go camping, hiking, or fishing. It comes with an each and comfortable carry handle and can rest on a sturdy surface or hang from a nearby tree or hanger. This zapper even comes with a brush to help you keep it free from the accumulation of dead bugs.

It’s made from heat-resistant acrylic and stainless steel materials, simple to use, requires virtually no installation or assembly, and offers you a convenient way to eliminate bugs without the costly electric bill.




  • Super quiet functionality will not disturb sleepers
  • Made from safe, durable, non-toxic plastics and stainless steel
  • 12-month warranty
  • Attractive design
  • 2 light modes, blue UV and white light


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Expensive
  • Does not readily stake into the ground

How Solar Powered Bug Zappers Work?

How Solar Powered Bug Zappers Work

You probably know the concept behind bug zappers. They feature a bulb that emits UV light, which attracts mosquitoes and other insects (unlike solar mole repellers, which work by emitting an obnoxious subsonic frequency). They enter into a mesh grid from which they cannot escape and upon coming into contact with the high voltage bulb, they are paralyzed and electrocuted instantly. In order to work, solar-powered bug zappers require electricity which is converted from sunlight. The majority of solar bug zappers feature a solar panel placed on top of the device. This way, the bug zapper can gather sunlight as efficiently as possible. All solar insect zappers can charge when it’s sunny; however, there are some models that can also charge during the night by using a backup charge option such as USB cable. They go great with solar-powered owls, which keep away larger animals as well.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Solar Bug Zapper

When trying to decide which solar powered bug zapper is the right choice for you, there are a few factors you should consider first. These will hopefully help you choose the product that will fulfill all your needs and keep your home protected from unwanted insects. (And keep in mind that they go great with solar escape hats!)

Use of the Device

Like solar flashlights, there are many different bug zappers available on the market and each is designed for a specific purpose. For example, there are small, lightweight, and portable models that are perfect for those who frequently go camping. There are even models designed for RVs (and their associated RV solar panels) only. On the other hand, those who want a mosquito zapper for their home should go for a larger and more powerful model. That’s why you should first decide how you’re going to use your bug zapper.

Price Range

Sometimes, the price of a product might be an indication of its quality. It’s very likely that cheap bug zappers are sub-standard and they may turn out to be powerless against attacks of mosquitoes, or they may lose power after 10,000 hours of use.

Since bug zappers can be found in all sorts of styles, shapes, and with specific functionality, their prices can vary. If you’re on a budget the price is definitely one factor that will determine your choice. There are some inexpensive yet efficient options available. Unfortunately, these may lack certain features such as the ability to store energy for use at night or working both during the day and night.

The Ability to Absorb Sunlight

The placement of the solar panel on a bug zapper determines how much sunlight the zapper can absorb. The most convenient placement is usually on top of the product and such devices can take in more sunlight, faster, when compared to other products. Of course, other factors such as the place where the zapper is installed or presence of any obstacles can also affect the product’s ability to absorb sunlight.

Types of Bugs Killed by the Zapper

When people look for a solar bug zapper, the primary concern is whether it kills bugs, and preferably, all of them. But, some insects are good to keep around and they control the population of unwanted pests. Like the ones that bite. Before buying a bug zapper, you should research what types of bugs it kills. Many models are designed to attract mosquitoes more than any other insect. You don’t want a product that is indiscriminate in its killing and eliminates even the insects that have positive effects on your backyard.

The Design

Just like every other product, some bug zappers are only functional and feature a utilitarian design. Others, on the other hand, can feature decorative shapes and appear more pleasing. So, it’s up to you to choose whether you need a product that will also decorate your home or you just need something that kills bugs, regardless of its appearance.

Other Features:

  • The bulb: Keep in mind that the number of bulbs and their capacity affect the efficiency of a bug zapper since the light is what attracts insects in the first place.
  • The area: You should also consider the area where the solar powered bug zapper is going to be placed. If you live in a marshy area and plan placing the bug zapper outdoors, then it’s very likely that you may need more than one product to eliminate all the pests.
  • Zapper working mode: Even though bug zappers are most effective at night, some can also work during the day.


Solar powered bug zappers are an excellent choice for all those who struggle with mosquitoes and other flying insects in their home or yard. It’s a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to chemicals and sticky lotions that smell. In fact, these zappers generate no sound or smell and require no flame. The greatest part about these products is that they do all the work for you. Imagine that backyard barbeque now: just a lovely outdoor space glowing with ambient light and laughter instead of swats and swears at bugs. Just a picnic table spread with foods that haven’t already been sampled by flies. Just a relaxing lounge in the hammock without the worry of buzzing and bug bites galore. Finally, your backyard dream come true, thanks to your solar bug zapper. (Looking for some other cool solar-themed products? Check out these solar window blinds and shades.)

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