Best Solar Candles for Windows & Outdoor in 2021

There is no better or more subtle decoration for a room or even an outdoor space than a candle, except maybe a solar candle. Not only are candles pretty to look at, but they also create that calming and relaxing ambiance you crave. However, candles can get easily tipped, spilling the hot wax all over your place. This is especially dangerous if you have children or pets. So, if you’re looking for a replacement to the traditional flame, consider getting solar candles.

Solar powered candles will create the same aura and comfort that traditional candles do. The only difference is that you won’t have to worry about someone tipping them over or the flame inadvertently catching something on fire. There are so many different types and models of candles available on the market. We’ve come up with a list of the best products available as well as a buying guide that will make shopping for solar candles much easier. Keep reading to find the best solar-powered candles for your home!

JKLcom Solar Flickering Window Candle

P3 Flip 'N Charge Sun-Powered Candle

Little Bees Romantic Solar Tealight Candles

Best Solar Candles for Your Home

Like searching for the best solar Christmas lights, it seems like it would probably be pretty easy to find a sun-powered candle for your backyard. At first glance, it is pretty simple. You start to scroll through all the wonderful designs. There are so many different looks, it’s practically impossible that you wouldn’t be able to find one that you love and that matches your decor. But as you start to look closer at the specifications, the decision may become a little more difficult. Are you getting a candle with a long life? How can you tell? Are you getting a candle that’s bright enough? Charges quickly? Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some of the most popular options on the market. You’ll get a feel for which candles offer the best design, the best price, the best quality, and the best functionality. Plus, if you hang in until the end, you’ll find our buyer’s guide to walk you through the most important aspects to consider when making your purchase. Read on, for the best solar candles in 2020’s top reviews. (For a very similar product, check out our list of the best mason jar solar lights!)

Aobik Solar Mason Jar Hanging Lights

For all those who want to decorate their yard or deck with outdoor solar candles, here’s one recommendation from Aobik. These candles feature a popular mason jar design and they emit beautiful warm white light. There are 20 LEDs placed inside the jar, so this pack of four candles will be sufficient enough to illuminate a small space.

It takes about eight hours for this candle to fully charge and provides about 12 hours of continuous light. The candle also features the automatic on/off feature, meaning that it will turn on automatically when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises. The pack includes four mason jars, four lid lights, and four hangers. You can hang the candles just about anywhere. Even though they can be used indoors as well, they will look the best in your yard, garden, or patio.


  • The product is made of solid and durable materials
  • Hangers are included for easy setup
  • Each jar contains 20 LED bulbs
  • You can turn on/off the candle manually or rely on the automatic on/off feature
  • 8 hours of charge time provides about 12 hours of run time


  • The product is not waterproof
  • It is meant to be used outdoors rather than indoors

P3 Flip 'N Charge Sun-Powered Candle

Most Popular

Looking for a small and elegant candle to decorate your space? Here’s one unusual candle from P3 that features the Flip ‘N Charge-Solar Panel technology. In order to charge the candle, you’ll have to flip it since the solar panel is located at the bottom of the product. The candle is made of sturdy and durable materials so that it can be used both as an indoor and outdoor candle.

In order to imitate the traditional candles as much as possible, the product emits a flickering candlelight glow. In addition, the product doesn’t emit any scents. The color of the candle is red and the finish is matte. Unlike many other candles that simply feature the on/off mode, this one includes a third setting as well: dimmable mode. The manufacturer made sure to include a limited warranty in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind that the product requires rechargeable batteries to operate and they are not included.


  • A small candle that can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Features a special Flip ‘N Charge-Solar Panel technology
  • The candle features a special dimmable mode
  • The product is covered by a limited warranty


  • The candle is not waterproof
  • Though innovative, the charging method isn’t always convenient

Little Bees Romantic Solar Tealight Candles

Best Value

All those who are fond of creating a romantic atmosphere with tealight candles will definitely love these small solar-powered candles. These candles can be used indoors to provide romantic light, as a night light, or even as an emergency light or camping light. If you want to use the product outdoors, the manufacturer recommends putting it in a transparent jar or lampshade for an even more authentic look. This pack includes six candles that each measure about 2×3 inches.

These candles provide a warm flickering light. They’re environmentally-friendly, since they don’t emit carbon dioxide and charge using only sunlight. In order to work properly, it’s recommended that you allow the candles to charge for a few hours initially. Unlike many other solar-powered candles, it’s necessary to turn on the switch at the bottom of the candle in order for it to charge. When it comes to batteries, this product requires 1 Lithium-ion battery to operate, which is included. The candles can be placed anywhere since they’re very safe. They feature small LED bulbs which don’t heat up and therefore won’t cause any accidents. Perfect around kids and pets.


  • The pack includes six small tealight candles
  • The candles can be used indoors and outdoors as well
  • The candles are affordable and practical to use


  • Not entirely waterproof, despite description’s claims

Zkee Vintage Style Solar Powered Candle Lantern

If you love vintage items, then you’ll definitely want to get this solar-powered lantern candle. The candle features 12 LED bulbs which create the effect of flickering fire inside the lantern. However, the light is much brighter than that of the traditional lantern. This product is perfect to be used outdoors and decorate your garden, deck, patio, or porch.

According to the manufacturer, the lantern is waterproof. It also features tempered glass panes which are very sturdy and can withstand damage. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the lantern and that enables it to run for up to 8 hours. In case something happens to the lantern, the manufacturer made sure to include a decent 1-year guarantee.


  • Imitates a real lantern design
  • Made of quality materials
  • Features tempered glass panes which add to durability
  • 1-year guarantee is included


  • Replacing the battery might be a bit difficult
  • The design is not that convenient

JKLcom Solar Flickering Window Candle

Editor's Pick

Solar window candles are an excellent way to decorate your living space. This pack of four candles is very safe to use since the LED bulbs do not heat produce heat and won’t cause any accidents. Each candle features a “sucker” which makes it very easy to place the candle on any smooth surface such as the walls and windows.

The candles feature the automatic on/off feature and will automatically turn on when the sun goes down. Once fully charged, the candles can run for up to 10 hours continuously. There are two operating modes available: steady light and flickering light.


  • Four solar window candles are included in the pack
  • Attaching the candles to smooth surfaces is very simple
  • There are two operating modes available – steady light and flickering
  • The run time is up to 10 hours


  • The candles are not very sturdy
  • The product is not waterproof

Everything You Should Know About Solar Candles

Everything You Should Know About Solar Candles

Just like solar fairy lights, in order for any candle to work, you need to expose it to direct sunlight. This way, the candle will charge so that it can run it through the evening. The longer a candle is exposed to sunlight, the longer it will run at night. In general, an average solar-powered candle can more than 10 hours.

People tend to worry that solar-powered products might not work at all during the winter months or on cloudy days, but this is just a myth. Solar-powered products can still charge even in overcast weather. However, they do run for longer periods of time during the summer months and when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Here are some other things you should know about these candles:

The On/Off Switch

These candles feature an on/off switch that allows you to manually turn the candle on or off. This feature is quite useful if you want your candle to work during the day as well, and not only in the evening. Keep in mind that in order for the candle to recharge, you need to switch it off (just like with hanging solar lights.)

The Life Span

How long a candle can last varies from product to product. In general, candles can last for about four years. It all depends on how often you use them, whether they’re used properly, and how well you take care of them.

The Battery Life

Just like with the lifespan, the battery life of solar powered candles depends on the model, the brightness of the candles, and the type of batteries used. Usually, candles require four AA batteries to operate and the battery life is estimated to be about 450 hours.

Producing Heat

What makes these candles different from traditional ones is that they imitate the flame, create a relaxing environment, but they don’t produce any heat. The LED bulbs feature a wattage that’s too low to produce any heat. That’s why the bulb remains cool to the touch even if the candle is left turned on for hours.


Just because solar-powered candles don’t produce heat, doesn’t mean that they don’t smell good. Many of them do include fragrance oils which can be released. However, the fragrance will probably not be as strong or fill out an entire room. Depending on your preference, this could be a good feature. Consider solar tea lights as well, if you’re looking for a fragrant decoration.

Use of Solar Candles

You can use these candles almost anywhere. For example, there are solar window candles available on the market, as well as outdoor solar-powered candles. Keep in mind that most of these candles are not waterproof; only water resistant. So, it’s advised you protect your candles from rain and water in general.

Disadvantages VS. Advantages of Solar Candles

Disadvantages VS. Advantages of Solar Candles

What makes these candles very convenient is that they’re very easy to set up since there’s no wiring required. Since these candles feature LED bulbs, people tend to think that electricity is necessary for them to operate. The truth is they do require electricity, but not in the traditional sense. Solar-powered candles convert sunlight into electricity and they will work as long as they’re charged.

Disadvantages of Solar Powered Candles

  • Usually, outdoor candles aren’t scented. When they are, the scent can fade away quickly, being outside.
  • Even though the description of a product may state that it’s waterproof, solar-powered candles are usually only water-resistant.
  • LED bulbs may contain hazardous materials such as lead or arsenic. However, these materials are present only in small amounts.
  • Sun candles tend to cost more than traditional candles, but they do last much longer.

Advantages of Solar Powered Candles

  • Like solar hummingbird lights, solar-powered candles are very durable. They’re usually made of a plastic body and are water-resistant.
  • After charging the candle in direct sunlight for about 6 hours, the candle will be able to run up to 15 hours.
  • Candles that run on a solar panel usually last for about four years if charged daily. The LEDs can last up to 15,000 hours.
  • In order to produce the bright light generated by a solar candle, five traditional candles would have to burn at the same time. Therefore, buying a candle powered by the sun will help you save some money.
  • There are no safety risks when using solar-powered products such as solar window candles; no risk of fire or hot spilled wax.
  • Those who care for the environment will be surprised to hear that burning one traditional candle a day can produce about 25 kg of carbon dioxide in a year. Indoor and outdoor sun candles don’t emit carbon dioxide at all.
  • These candles usually come in sets. You’ll always have backup candles for special occasions. Just remember to charge them first!
  • There is no need to worry about flames blowing out when using solar-powered candles.
  • These candles are made to perfectly imitate traditional candles. They feature LED bulbs that simulate the flickering flame effect, and oftentimes other lighting modes.


Buying a solar-powered candle is an excellent way to decorate a room or your garden without fearing that they might cause any accidents. Solar powered candles come in various sizes and styles, so you’re very likely to find one that will suit your needs. In addition, many of these candles are high-quality and they perfectly imitate traditional candles so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. If you tend to buy candles mostly for their beautiful scent, then you’ll be glad to know that a solar candle can also feature a scent dispersing function. Some can even be used as insect repellents. Let these solar powered candles spark a romantic mood in your backyard and home. (Looking for more cool solar-powered products? Check out these solar deck step lights!)

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