Best Solar Car Battery Chargers – 2021 Top Reviews

A solar car battery charger is a brilliant device that uses green energy to keep your car and other 12V batteries from dying.  This saves you money at least two ways: solar energy is free energy so you won’t get hit with increased bills just so you can charge your cars or equipment. Plus, it saves you replacing dead batteries, especially in those motor vehicles that don’t get such regular use, like lawnmowers, ATVs, ski jets, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, and RV campers.

Batteries can be naturally drained over time, especially if they are not started with at least some regularity and allowed to recharge. This is a classic problem for seasonal vehicles. If a battery is allowed to go flat it may never be able to hold a significant charge again.  You can save yourself the trouble of routine starts and dead batteries by implementing a solar panel car battery charger in or on your vehicles. When the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight, it collects energy from the sun which is converted to 12V electricity. This is sent to your battery, usually as a trickle charge, to increase your battery’s charge and lifetime.  The tickle effect is an excellent method for delivering low power at a consistent rate. This is perfect for maintaining your battery and works at its most efficient when the battery is already at a 50% charge or better.

If you’re the sort of driver with all kinds of extra electronic gadgets and tools hooked up in your vehicle, these can make a significant drain on your battery even when your vehicle is off. Modern vehicles can have up to 30 different body control modules including alarm systems, immobilisers, and lock monitoring. These units consume valuable electricity from the battery, too. In these cases, a solar powered car battery charger would be a smart choice.  You’ll find the lifetime of your car battery extends as you use a solar charger to maintain it, while you still have the freedom to use all of your cool devices. Effective, but more importantly, efficient, a solar car charger will save you the worry (and the money) you face with vehicle batteries that won’t start when you need them.

As major industries embrace solar options for manufacturing their products, and even solar products for consumers themselves, our future takes on a healthier, greener, cleaner glow. The progress in solar technology stands to revolutionize the market. Either you continue to go the costly and risky path you’ve been travelling, or you get in gear and equip yourself with a solar  battery charger for you car.

Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger

Suaoki 18W Solar Car Battery Charger 

Allpowers 18V Portable Solar Car Battery Maintainer

2020 Top Reviews for the Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

If you’re ready to be rid of annoyances like dead batteries and short battery life these in your car and seasonal vehicles, these 2020 top reviews of the most popular solar battery chargers will help you find the right option (and maybe even combine it with complementary products, like solar car fans).  We’ve considered the quality and durability of the frame and solar glass and whether the unit is waterproof.  We’ve also highlighted whether the primary function of the kit is to charge, maintain, or both. This is an important point to consider for your specific situation.  Equally important is to consider if you’ll be better off with a reverse protector or you’re fine without.  Read on for the top solar battery charged reviews!

Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger

Editor's Pick

This solar battery trickle is one eco-friendly way to maintain the charge for any of your vehicles, be it car, truck, trailer, lawnmower, or boat.  In fact, any 12V battery can be charged with the Sunway Solar car battery charger. If you have an alarm installed, or other accessories, don’t let this extra item drain your battery.  Use this trickle charger to avoid the drain altogether.

This efficient solar car battery charger comes with battery cables, 4 suction cups, and a cigarette lighter plug. It can quickly connect and disconnect from the battery and has a built-in blinking LED light to let you know when it’s working. This charger should be unplugged from the car battery when the vehicle is in use.


  • Easy to install with an 8-ft. cable
  • Portable & easy to maintain
  • LED Indicator for 12V
  • USB output for charging mobile devices
  • Can repel splashing
  • Long lifetime thanks to durable components 
  • Cost-effective & energy saving


  • Not waterproof, cannot be left outside during rainfall
  • Other brands solar regulator cable may cause reversed polarity

Powoxi 12V Solar Battery Charger

This solar car charger is simple, convenient, cost-effective and powerful. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to port around and store.  This unit is great for maintaining the batteries of vehicles that only get used occasionally and it saves the money you would spend charging with electricity.

Keep in mind this item is a battery maintainer, not a primary charging device. The suction cups hold the solar charger very well. It can be used for all types of vehicles from trucks to ATVs, from boats to snowmobiles, from cars to motorcycles. The connection is unidirectional, straightforward and easy to attach and disconnect, no need to look for positive or negative leads.

It is great for outdoor use and perfect for having it in predominantly rainy regions. The durability of this solar car battery charger kit allows a longer product life while keeping your battery alive, too. It was engineered to take full advantage of the sun through the control of color stabilization and UV inhibitors. With a 3.3 Wattage, 12 Volt and a 190 Amperage, these specifications make it a good choice for the ones looking for high conversion efficiency.


  • Inexpensive & cost-effective
  • Completely waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • No built-in lithium battery, prevents dead batteries
  • Easy to use & simple installation
  • Thin Film’ technology allows low-light capacity in overcast conditions
  • Reverse protection included to avoid discharge and overcharge
  • Free 12-month warranty


  • Cannot be used for charging a completely discharged battery

Suaoki 18W Solar Car Battery Charger 

Most Popular

If your vehicle is sitting for months without being used, this solar panel car battery charger is what you need. The unit keeps your battery charged to lengthen its life expectancy being engineered to fully charge a battery and maintain it at a proper storage voltage. It is designed to take full advantage of one of the best and, at the same time free, energy sources; the sunlight. It is made of water- and heat-resistant material, providing a reliable long lifetime and it works with all types of vehicles from cars and trucks to RVs and boats.

The solar car battery charger has a proven solar cell efficiency of 22.5%, and the 18V with 18W of energy output works better than 4.5W, 7W of other similar products. It weighs only about 13oz which makes it easy for transport, and safe to use. The charging comes with two options: the alligator clamps to charge your vehicle battery, and  the cigarette lighter plug.


  • Ultralight & reliable
  • Heat resistant & quick heat dispelling - protects it against overcharging
  • Built-in blocking diode - avoids batteries from discharging at night
  • Water resistant
  • 18-month warranty
  • Cost-effective & energy saving


  • Not to be used for charging a dead car battery
  • The included wires are rather short

Suner Power 12V Portable Solar Car Battery Charger

The Suner Power solar car battery charger is designs by technicians with decades of solar experience to charge 12V batteries and manage battery drain for your cars and other motor vehicles. Place the solar panel in your car, on it, or nearby, so long as it has sufficient sun.  The panels collect energy so that the charger can deliver a trickle charge to your 12V batteries.

This charger and maintainer kit works for Wet, Gel, SLA, AGM and Deep Cycle batteries. You’re also safe from damage caused by overcharging or reverse discharge because this charger includes a built-in diode blocker that offers reverse protection. It’s easily portable and built with a highly durable upgraded ABS frame around high capacity solar glass.

The kit includes the portable panel, the adapter cables and jumper cables, and 4 suction cups to secure the panel to the interior of your windshield if you  choose. It can be installed in one minute; almost no assembly and no maintenance required. Best of all the Suner Power Solar Car Battery Charger Kit includes an extended 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • Includes a warranty and lifetime customer support
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to pack
  • Durable structure


  • Needs full sunlight

Allpowers 18V Portable Solar Car Battery Maintainer

Best Value

The Allpowers solar battery maintainer is compact for keeping in your car and using to maintain your battery charge and extent its life..  This 10-inch solar panel can easily fit on the interior of your windshield or on the dashboard. The panel kit includes an adapter cord to your cigarette lighter plug and one for jumper cables. This will charge 12V batteries and generate 5W of energy.

This solar panel is made of durable all-sun-all-day materials but while it is weatherproof, it’s not completely waterproof and you should not set it up outside your car.  The monocrystalline solar screen makes it one of the most powerful and efficient solar car battery chargers for your car. The kit includes suction cups to secure the panel to a window.

It’s important to remember two rules with the Allpowers maintainer: First: this is not for dead and near-dead batteries.  Your battery should be more than half charged. This unit works best as a battery maintainer. Second: you must unplug the solar car battery maintainer before you start the engine or you risk electrical surges when you start the engine.


  • Powerful solar panel
  • Compact size
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • Works best as a maintainer, not a charger
  • Not 100% waterproof

Most Important Features for Solar Car Battery Chargers

Most Important Features for Solar Car Battery Chargers

If you’ve come this far, you must be seriously considering a purchase for a solar powered car battery tender or charger for your car or other 12V batteries. Just like when you’re buying a solar trickle charger, there are a few key features to look for and consider to make sure you get everything you need from your solar battery charger.  Read on for the top features you should look for when buying your solar charging unit.

Made from Durable, Weatherproof Materials

Before you buy,  ask yourself if you’ll be setting this solar panel up on the interior of a vehicle or outside in direct sun and weather. While most solar panels are made of extra durable UV resistant plastics and resins, they may not always be 100% waterproof. If you’re placing it inside the protection of a vehicle, no big deal, but if you leave a solar panel outside and it’s not waterproof, you will destroy it.

Quality Solar Panels

Solar screens are most often made from monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar glass, but it’s actually the monocrystalline panels that are most efficient and effective at absorbing every ray of power it can.  Every panel should sit in the most constant sun you can possibly give it, but the monocrystalline screens have a better work ethic on overcast days. Make sure your panel comes in a durable ABS frame.

Avoid Discharge and Overcharge

Doing your homework on this feature can make all the difference in the world.  Only about half of the 12V solar battery charger and maintainer kits on the market include reverse protection; a diode blocker that eliminates the risk of overcharging your battery.  When your charge kit does not include reverse protection, it’s extremely important to disconnect your unit from the battery before starting your engine or you run the additional risk of generating an electrical discharge which can be bad news for your engine. If you’ve got reverse protection, it protects you from this discharge, too.  However, in every case, it’s really best to be in the habit of disconnecting before starting up.

Maintainer, Charger, or Both

Which do you need, a maintainer, a charger, or both of these?  If you’re looking for a solar powered battery charger that will recharge your dead battery, look carefully. You’re going to need a brand that charging is the primary function, because most claim at least some juice is needed in your battery to recharge it. Some kits will be primarily a maintainer, which means it’s the best option to use for motor vehicles and batteries that don’t get regular use, like lawnmowers or a jet ski. This will use trickle charge to maintain the battery, but it should be more than half charged already for best results. You may even wish to look into RV solar panels.

What’s In the Kit?

The last key feature you need to look for in your selection the perfect solar battery charger for you, is what comes in your kit.  Obviously, the kit should come with a solar panel. This panel should probably come with some type of mounting, often this is suction cups to be used on a window of the vehicle.  Most kits come with a jumper cable cord so it can be attached directly to your battery. Some kits also include a cord that goes to your cigarette lighter plug. Some kits come with more attachments and tools, but these are the major ones that will get you though with no problem.


Imagine a life charged primarily by the power of the sun.  A renewable, free, resource that saves billions of dollars globally every year that would be spent on costly and non-renewable gas and electric power. The demand for solar technology is driving innovative companies to make solar power more accessible, efficient, and affordable.  Business responds by advancing solar power and solar products at an impressive rate. As the clean energy is poised to overtake the market, we see solar popping up on rooftops, backyards, roadsides, and solar farms. We see solar making its way into our everyday routines and even into our responsible ownership of motor vehicles.  Consider if a solar battery car charger makes sense for any of the vehicles or 12V batteries you have. (Looking for more articles about cool solar products? Check out this guide to solar charge controllers.)

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