Best Solar Power Car Fans for 2021

Do you need a solar powered car fan to take the pain and hassle out of your summer days?  Imagine it’s a hot day and your vehicle has been parked all day in the sun. Now you’ve got to drive home in this oven.  You open the door to your driver side and -boom- you’re hit with a heat wave of stale and stagnant air. You sit in your seat and it’s too hot.  You touch the steering wheel and it’s too hot. And that smell; the sun has been cooking the remnants of your morning latte all day. And worst of all, a colleague needs a lift home.  Now you both have to ride for who knows how long; makeup and hair styles melting away, office clothes gathering pools of sweat in embarrassing places.

But, what if you could open your driver side door, or your passenger door, to a cool oasis of fresh air that’s been perfectly conditioning for you all day long?  Instead of making the sun your car’s enemy, make them buddies and use a solar power car fan to keep the air inside your vehicle cool and fresh in direct sunlight all day.

You can keep one or more powerful fans on in your car all day long without the use of any battery power or additional electricity.  These solar car fans will rotate air, increase ventilation, remove stagnant odors, and keep the interior of your car many degrees cooler than your car would be without.  With a car fan, you may not even need to turn on your A/C sometimes, but when you do, cut the cool-down time in half with the already well-circulated air. If you’ve been looking for a simple and effective way to beat the heat of your parked car, try solar car fans.

Ferryone Solar Powered Car Fan

Livoty Solar Powered Fan & Air Vent

IdeaWorks Solar Auto Fan/Vent

Top Reviews of the Best Solar Powered Fans for Cars in 2020

Ferryone Solar Powered Car Fan

Editor's Pick

The Ferryone solar car fan is one of the best quality air ventilation systems for vehicles and is still a very affordable choice. This fan installs at the top of one of the front or back passenger side windows. Adjustable panels allow you to find the best angle to collect the sun. On the inside, you can see the three-sided cooling system face while outside only a sleek and discreet, flat, vent is seen.

Use this solar car fan to maintain your air temperature for your return and no longer feel the dread of entering your car after a long day in the sun. More than that, this unit will clean and detoxify the air in your car. This is an especially important feature if you typically transport precious babies, children, and seniors who may have allergies. If you transport your pets or smoke, this fan will remove all the offensive allergens and odors before your next car guest. If that’s not enough, keep in mind that maintaining a reasonable temperature in your car will extend the lifetime of the car’s electronic systems by keeping them cooler.

The Ferryone solar car fan goes the extra mile and when the sun’s away, you can still play. The sun’s power is stored in a backup solar battery for days when it’s still hot and humid but the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Buttons on the unit allow you to choose whether you take your power from the panel directly or if you use the backup battery. This fan is always ready to keep you cool and comfortable.


  • Backup, rechargeable, solar battery
  • Inside of car stays cool
  • Removes offensive odors
  • Extends lifetime of vehicle’s electronics by keeping them cooler


  • Installing the fan in a window means the window is now unusable elsewise

IdeaWorks Solar Auto Fan/Vent

Best Value

If you’re not too sure how much you want to invest in a solar fan for your car either in terms of money or space, then the IdeaWorks Solar Auto Fan is a great place to start.  At about half the price of our first pick, and at about ⅓ the size, this solar powered car fan can still help to cool and regulate the air in your car and eliminate odors. This solar fan installs on any driver or passenger side window and takes up only about as much space as the palm of your hand.

This solar car fan works in direct sunlight, but will not work well on a cloudy day.  This model also does not include a rechargeable battery which can be used as backup power source on the cloudy and overcast days.  The solar panels work best in direct sunlight, in clean and clear windows, which are not tinted.


  • Features a small and compact design
  • Keeps the air inside your car fresh and cool
  • The installation is very easy thanks to the rubber padded lining
  • Runs on solar energy, so there are no cables or batteries needed


  • Will not work with tinted windows
  • Air flow a bit weak 
  • May not be powerful enough for a larger interior

STYLOOC Solar Powered Car Air Vent

The Stylooc solar powered car fan is another model that also includes a backup rechargeable solar battery.  This means your car fan will continue to circulate, fresh, filtered air even when the days are cloudy and grey.  The unit includes buttons on the front that will allow you to switch between solar and the backup battery. When the days are bright and sunny, your solar car fan will use that energy to cool and clean your car and recharge your battery.  The double-duct and double-motor design speeds up the exhaust process and effectiveness, delivering to you a stronger and more powerful, clean, solar breeze.

This unit is similar in design to our first pick, installing on any window on the passenger side or driver side.  However, once the Stylooc is in place, the window can no longer be rolled up or down without disrupting the placement of the solar fan.


  • Rechargeable backup battery
  • Three fans in one
  • Eliminates offensive odors like pets, food, and smoke
  • Adjustable solar panels for best light absorption angles


  • A bit cumbersome in the window

TUZECH Solar Powered Ventilation Fan

The solar powered car fan from Tuzech is right about in between the larger 3-motor models and the smallest clip model.  This means it packs a bit more power than the smallest solar car fans, too. It’s length is about 6 inches, attaching to the car door windows as the other models do, however, the smaller size of this fan makes it less obtrusive.  Once the fan is in place, however, the window is incapacitated as with the other fans. This solar fan model is easy and fast to install and remove, making it simple to move from window to window to accomodate the needs of you and your passengers.

Just like all the other fans, it works by drawing the fresh air in and venting out the hot stale air, quietly.  In fact, the fan is silent so the only thing you’ll notice once you install your fan, is the cool fresh air you have now.  Never worry about sweltering, stinky, air in your car again. Plus, by implementing a solar fan in your car, you reduce the damage that occurs over time to the heat and sun beating down on your interior and dash with no relief.


  • Installing the fan takes only a few seconds
  • Fan will maintain a cool temperature and remove any odors
  • Compact and it can fit any window
  • Virtually silent fan


  • No backup solar battery

Livoty Solar Powered Fan & Air Vent

Most Popular

The Livoty solar car fan is the best of it all.  It only needs about 6 inches of window space because it only has two fans.  Don’t let that fool you; these fans are so powerful they give the 3-motor designs a run for the money.  Plus, this model has a rechargeable battery which allows you to keep a clean fresh breeze in your car even when you’re gone and so is the sun.  Use buttons on the front of the unit to select which fans are on or off and whether the fan cools your car with the power of direct sun or backup sun stored in the battery.

This model installs on the window like each of the other models in seconds and is just as simple to remove and relocate.  Install a fan on each side in the back seat and use these safe alternatives to open windows to keep the kiddos cool on roadtrips.  The fans are silent and give younger kids a sense of pride and accountability for monitoring, regulating, and managing the solar fan systems in the car.  A digital screen displays the temperature of the air in the car and a drop in temperature is easily observed and measured.


  • Cleans odors from the air
  • Backup rechargeable solar battery
  • Small and compact
  • Excellent price


  • Directions are unclear
  • Must be in place securely while car is in motion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Fans for Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Fans for Cars

You wouldn’t get all dressed and done up for work and then sit in a steamy sauna like that for an hour before work.  You wouldn’t put your valuables, electronics (like solar battery tenders), and gum in an oven and walk away for a few hours. But this is what happens when you climb into your hot car to go to work, or go home, or out for the night.  This is what happens when you leave your phones and devices in your car while your at the park or the beach. Leaving battery operated electronics baking in the heat can not only damage the product, it can be a hazard.  If you had a way to circulate cooler air throughout the car while you were away, this would solve so many problems.

Solar car fans are the solution.  So what are the advantages and disadvantages to using solar powered fans in your car?  These are the top praises and gripes:

Most Common Praise #1:  The Air Stays So Much Cleaner

Like with solar attic fans in your house, by keeping the solar fan going in your car through the day (or night), the air will be filtered through the system and odors will be eliminated.  There’s so much we use our cars for, from moving groceries to eating drive thru orders. We move sports gear to and fro. We transport lasagnas. We take laundry to the laundromat.  Whether it’s a funky smell somewhere in your car that you haven’t yet been able to identify, or a spill that just won’t quite come out, or an accident from a cherished family pet, these solar fans will restore the air neutral and cool.

Most Common Praise #2: The Interior Feels Cooler After Hours in the Sun

After hours on a road trip with a car full of friends or family, you leave your car baking in the sun of a parking lot.  Your car may sit there for hours, roasting together all the unique smells of clothing and shoes and snacks and wet towels and old drinks, before you and your crew return to the vehicle for your ride home.  You unlock the doors and everyone reaches in and – BAM – everyone is hit with heat and stench and everything is so hot to the touch. With a solar car fan, the temperature is always cooler by many degrees (just like with solar fan hats) so when the doors open after hours of sitting in the sun, you and your crew are greeted by well-circulated air that will take a lot less time and energy to cool down with the A/C unit once everyone is all packed in.  The seat belt buckles don’t leave brand marks on the skin. No one is afraid to sit on the leather seats for fear of 2nd-degree burns. The steering wheel is able to be touched and gripped comfortably and safely. These fans, like solar fans of all types, work wonders.

Most Common Gripe #1:  Window Functionality Lost

Once most solar powered car fans are installed properly and securely, it means you’ve given up that window for rolling down and enjoying the outside breeze until the fan is removed from the window again.  The good news is that most units are extremely fast and easy to install and remove and install again, but the bad news is that turns into a pain in the neck after a while. If your a driver that typically travels alone, this might not be such a big issue for you since it would be a fair trade to give up one of the four windows for a powerful solar fan in the car.  Then you’ll be able to use the vehicle’s A/C unit, the solar fan, or one of your free windows; whichever feels best. (To help run that solar fan, you may need this solar car battery charger.)

Most Common Gripe #2: Not a Replacement for A/C

While solar powered car fans are going to do a lot of significant good in keeping temperatures low in your car, it’s not going to be a replacement for a extra-chill experience of true freon-based air conditioning.  In some cases, consumers have purchased solar car fans in hopes of not having to use A/C, or not having to recharge or repair A/C units, but this was not the case in the end. Instead of solar fans as a replacement for A/C in your car, think about solar fans as a powerful supplement to an existing A/C unit.  Keeping the air cooler with a solar fan while your car is locked and sitting, will mean the air is easier and faster to cool once the A/C does go on. Consider if implementing a supplementary cooling plan to your car is the right move for you. You’ll feel a lot cooler if you do. (Can’t get enough solar? Trying putting a solar car fan in your solar-powered car or solar RC car!)

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