Best Solar Christmas Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

The winter holidays offer the perfect occasion to make your home or business stand out with cheerful decorations. For those who use conventionally powered lights, however, this usually translates into a hefty electricity bill, which can bring down the holiday joy quite a bit. One way to avoid this downside altogether is to go solar instead.

Solar Christmas lights and decorations are just as beautiful, functional, and versatile as their more traditional counterparts. In addition, they do not impact the environment in a negative way and they are much more cost-effective.

QEDERTEK 200 LED Solar Powered Christmas Lights

LEMONTEC 200 LED Holiday String Lighting

INNGREE Snowflake Solar String Lights 30 LED

Which Are the Best Solar Christmas Lights and Decorations?

Holiday cheer comes in many shapes, colors, and forms, and this is no less true for solar Christmas decorations. These innovative ornaments range from multicolored string lights to all-white garlands, garden stakes, delicate fairy lights, and more. The following are some of the best decorations on the market, in terms of both aspect and quality. (Looking for our favorite outdoor solar lights instead? Click that link!)

QEDERTEK 200 LED Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Editor's Pick

These solar Christmas lights by Qedertek come in a generous set of 200 LEDs displayed across a 72ft strand, which is a great deal considering the affordable price of each set. The lights feature all the traditional colors, including blue, green, red, and yellow, for a truly festive décor. You can use them to adorn an outdoor Christmas tree, your home, your garden, a party, or, why not, a holiday-themed shop front window.

Because there is no wiring to worry about, these string lights are easy to install and maintain. The only condition for them to work is that the solar panel is placed in a well-lit area where it can absorb the most sunlight during the day. A 6.5ft cable is provided to connect the lights to the panel, which means you can place the two separately as well. Once installed, the lights turn on and off automatically and can last up to 8 hours per night on a full charge.


  • Each set comes with 200 bright and colorful LED lights; 8 working modes The 72ft cable string is long enough to decorate most trees, windows, or other features High quality for an affordable price IP 65 weather-proof; will endure through snow and heavy rain


  • The duration and intensity of the lights might be affected if the solar panel gets insufficient sunlight throughout the day

LEMONTEC 200 LED Holiday String Lighting

Most Popular

Lemontec’s white holiday string lights are sold in packs of two, each with 200 LEDs on a 72ft cable. This makes for an impressive total of 400 LEDs at a price that will usually buy you half. In addition, reviews from hundreds of other customers confirm that these solar Christmas lights are more than worth their money in terms of durability and quality. Overall, it’s one of the best deals you can get on the market.

Thanks to the fact that the lights are displayed on an extra-long cable, you can use them to decorate extensive gardens, a lawn, various home features, trees, and even indoor settings like a balcony or a set of stairs. The cable is dark in color, which makes it less visible during the day and barely noticeable at night. The lights, on the other hand, are super bright and able to create a cheerful atmosphere.


  • 2 Sets of 200 bright white LEDs on an extra-long cable for extensive decorating
  • Easy to install; comes with 6ft of cable to connect lights to solar panel
  • Automatically turns on and off; can light up for more than 8 hours on a full charge
  • IP 65 weather-proof; can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Less durable than other options

INNGREE Snowflake Solar String Lights 30 LED

Best Value

This joyful set of solar Christmas decorations by Inngree includes 30 LEDs in the shape of snowflakes on a 20ft cable. You can buy the set in either all-white or multiple colors to ensure that it fits in with the rest of your holiday ornaments. In both cases, the lights create a romantic, festive atmosphere and can be used to decorate both indoor and outdoor features.

The solar panel is easily installed without any additional tools and can be set up separately from the string lights. Only two switches must be operated upon installation – the power on/off and the flash/steady mode – which makes the set overall simple to maintain. The on button is pressed only once and the lights turn on and off automatically after the activation of the solar panel.


  • Beautiful snowflake solar Christmas decorations for a cheerful atmosphere Can be ordered in both white and multiple colors (including red, blue, green, and yellow) Easy to install and maintain Rain and weather-proof; suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • More expensive than other options
  • Only 30 LEDs are included per set

SOLARDUKE LED Snowflake Lights 3D

These LED snowflake lights by SolarDuke are designed with an eye-catching shape and the ability to change colors at a pleasant pace throughout the night. Even during the day, their 3D form glitters in the sunlight, which ensures a great display while the battery charges. Once installed, the lights turn on and off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about them throughout the holiday season.

Each set comes with two snowflakes positioned on stakes and easily installed into the ground. Their acrylic and stainless steel composition ensures that they are light-weight and easy to maneuver, but also that they can withstand harsh conditions during bad weather days. The snowflakes rotate through seven possible colors for a mesmerizing, magical effect. As such, they make the perfect solar Christmas decorations for any garden or patio, where they can be used on their own or as accents for other features.


  • Charming 3D snowflake shape, in-theme with the holiday season
  • A mesmerizing display of 7 alternating colors
  • Quality design with acrylic snowflakes and a stainless steel stake
  • Lights turn on and off routinely so that you don’t have to worry about them after installation


  • Fairly pricy compared to other solar Christmas decorations
  • Only 2 snowflakes are included per set

SUNLITEC 100 LEDs Starry String Lights

Sunlitec’s LED string lights come in a warm white hue and offer a festive touch to any indoor or outdoor space. 100 LEDs are included per piece and each set features two separate strings for a total of 72ft of solar Christmas lights. The cable connecting the LEDs is made from thin copper, which allows you to bend it around any shape for an aesthetically pleasing effect. In addition, the wiring benefits from insulation so that it does not overheat even after 15 hours of continuous lighting.

Although very delicate, the lights are strong enough to illuminate an enclosed space, as well as beautifully accentuate an outdoor feature. Once installed, the set operates automatically and can last for up to 10 hours per night on a full charge.


  • Two sets of 100 LEDs each in a warm white hue that is perfect for ambient lighting
  • Highly affordable compared to other options
  • Thin copper wire that is easy to bend and aesthetically pleasing
  • Weather-proof build; can withstand both very low and very high temperatures


  • May be less durable than other options

Why Use Solar Powered Christmas Lights?

Why Use Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Largely due to their versatility, and like the best solar string lights, solar powered Christmas lights are on the fast-track to becoming the next big thing. Their incredibly intuitive set-up often means you can put them anywhere, at any time, without needing to worry about having outlets nearby or lengthy cables getting in the way. They also tend to run cooler than most installations, which significantly reduces the risk of fire due to overheating.

Stress-Free Installation

Solar Christmas lights don’t require any wiring or outlets to, which has quickly turned them into consumer favorites. Similar to solar rope lights, those far-away trees in the yard or inaccessible high places around your house are new ground for glowing decorations. Everything you have to do is hang them in the most creative ways and places you can think of.

Incredible Convenience

If, at any point, there’s a power outage, your house will continue to shine beautifully and you won’t have to waste one Watt from your generator for it. In addition, sensors and built-in timers ensure that your solar Christmas decorations will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Plus, you can use them all year round!

Lower Energy Bills

The fact that your solar Christmas lights rely on the sun to recharge their batteries and light-up the festive season means free, renewable energy for you. While for some, electricity might be cheap, those who are typically on the edge of power grids don’t have the luxury of premium prices. By using less electricity from conventional means, you’re also lowering your carbon footprint. (For more ways to save energy on indoor lighting, check out our article on the best indoor solar lights.)

How to Pick the Best Solar Christmas Lights

Depending on what you want to decorate, how, but also your geographic location, there are several things you should consider before purchasing your first solar outdoor Christmas lights. This list of features will help you sort the products that best fit your needs from those that might not be as effective from a decorative and functional perspective.

Battery Life and Charging Times

This one’s an important soft spot for solar Christmas lights. These decorative installations rely on sun to recharge their batteries. Consequently, how much they can last on a full charge, as well as how long it takes for the batteries to be back up to 100% is crucial.

Particularly in winter, there’s bound to be less sun to go around, which means you should focus on those products that have the longest battery life and the smallest charging times (the same as if you were buying one of these solar candles.) If you do not, you run the risk of having your lights dimly shine only for a few hours and there’s nothing more off-putting than mediocre solar Christmas decorations.

Dimensions and Solar Panel

Although secondary in importance to the battery capacity, the dimensions of your festive lights are also important. In essence, you want to make sure that you have enough length to cover your tree, as well as any noteworthy outdoor features. Imagine having half a porch beautifully lighted while the other sits in bleak darkness. This is something you’ll want to avoid. Just as if you were buying a new solar wall light, you need to make sure that your product matches its environment.)

Moreover, the PV panel of your solar powered Christmas lights ought to be placed where it will be exposed to the maximum amount of direct solar light. This can be a tricky feat to achieve in winter, so having a nearby source of artificial light you use often may complement the lack of natural one.


Last, but definitely not least, you need to make sure that your solar Christmas lights are as weatherproof as they come. This means that you need to patiently go through their technical specifications to find out whether the bulbs and the wire can take a little wind and cold.

Solar Christmas decorations are meant to beautify the outdoors as much as they are destined to brighten your indoors. If, by some unfortunate accident, one of them goes out, you need to make sure that the whole installation won’t follow suit and leave you in the dark.

Tips to Decorate Your Home Using Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Tips to Decorate Your Home Using Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

With solar outdoor Christmas lights, creativity and imagination are your only limits in terms of holiday decorations. Due to their versatility, durability, and convenience, you can tap into that inner competitive spirit and go the extra length on lighted ornaments this season. You can make lighted outdoor Christmas boxes, shooting stars between your yard trees, but also a glowing garland for your stairway banister or front porch. Add some solar tea lights, and you’re in business.

Solar Christmas decorations can also be used to light-up any indoor or outdoor fig branches or woven together to create a stunning lighted ceiling that brings to mind the starry night. Another common favorite are lighted, tiny snowball nests glowing alongside your alleyways or all around a charming snowman with a luminous bowler hat.

If this season you plan to use solar Christmas lights instead of regular ones, then you ought to be prepared. Their sheer flexibility in terms of being able to hang, coil around, or line every little nook and cranny of your outdoors and indoors have made them a top purchase during the holidays. (Looking for some complete solar lighting kits? Click the preceding link to find them!)

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