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Sun2Solar Solar Cover and Easy Gear Reel System

A solar cover reel can keep your pool fun and useable, even in the harsh and cold middle of winter. As the months get colder, your pool is going to get colder and more prone to picking up plenty of rubbish. A solar pool cover is going to keep your pool clean and warm, but moving it on and off every single day can make many people dread even using their pools. A solar cover reel for an in-ground pool or above ground pools can help you get back that freedom to enjoy your pool.

With a solar cover reel, you can easily reel the cover on and off of your pool whenever you feel like swimming. After you’ve installed it, you can start to enjoy your pool again no matter what the weather is and without the dread of knowing you have the task of recovering your pool waiting for you when you’re done. Below we’ve found the best solar pool cover reel for every type of pool.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover and Easy Gear Reel System

Rocky's 5A In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel

The Top 5 Solar Cover Reel Reviews

Choosing a solar cover reel isn’t all that simple. Like a solar pool heater, it is a complicated piece of machinery that needs strength to hold up to constant use. You also need one that’s going to be easy to use, it should be much easier than manually removing the cover. We’ve kept quality in mind when finding these reviews.

When assessing the marketplace of solar pool covers we’ve used a few other key ideas to decide which are the best for you. An obvious one is value for money, it needs to be the best price possible without sacrificing anything. Quality of materials is another big concern if it is going to last. These reels are the best on the market, they should meet all of your requirements no matter what type of pool you have.

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel

Best Value

The VINGLI Pool Cover Reel is a high-end solar cover reel, it might not be the cheapest on the list but it offers great value for money. It is built to last, with fantastic engineer ensuring this pool cover reel is going to be working for years to come.

The VINGLI is definitely built to last. With its construction, this reel can take the load of even very heavy solar pool covers. It uses a 3 section aluminium pipe; this is enforced to prevent the tube sagging at any point under the weight. The reel itself is thick and constructed with stainless steel so rusting isn’t going to be an issue.

This entire system can be put together with nothing but a Phillips-head screwdriver. Its assembly is simple and won’t give most buyers much trouble. With strong straps and solid construction, the VINGLI makes reeling in your solar cover an easy task. The mechanism uses just a single hand crank. With only one hand you can reel in your blanket. This kind of convenience makes the VINGLI the best solar cover reel on the market.

The price is a little higher than some budget models, but this is made up for with its superior design and the long-life of its materials. If you’re willing to pay for quality and reel longevity, then the VINGLI is a great choice.

Solar Lakes Automatic Solar Blanket Reel

This Solar Lakes product is definitely the best solar blanket reel if you’re looking for convenience. This cover reel takes away the one bit of using a solar cover reel that used to require any work, the actual reeling in. If you’re not content to let a normal reel take the hassle out of uncovering your pool, this automatic reel can take care of everything for you.

Using a separate solar panel to power itself, this product will reel your cover on and off by itself with the simple use of a remote. For older customers or those who don’t want to even operate a hand-crank, this reel can’t be beaten for its convenience and ease of use.

This solar blanket reel doesn’t come with all of the same components that the VINGLI does. It doesn’t include its own aluminium rod so you will need to attach it to the one you already own or purchase a new one. This is a great opportunity to combine this convenient system with a really strong good quality rod, ensuring you never have to replace this setup.

This is one of the best solar cover reels for in-ground pools. If you have an in-ground pool then this motorised solar cover reel can make your life even easier and make swimming an entirely stress-free activity.

Kokido Kalu Aluminium Swimming Pool Cover Reel

The Kokido Kalu solar pool cover reel lacks the bells and whistles of the other entries but it is a solid choice at an unbeatable price point. This is the best choice of a solar blanket reel for anyone looking to get a quality product with good value for money.

Despite being a budget choice this reel comes with everything you need to get started. The tubing included can cover most pool sizes and is think enough to withstand the weight of a solar cover. The materials aren’t as strong as some of the other entries on this list but this product is still very durable.

It features a large steering-wheel style crank to make covering and uncovering an easy job. It isn’t as simple as the VINGLI’s one-handed crank or an automatic reel, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble operating it.

The Kokido Kalu includes heavy duty wheels to make storage and movement an easy task. This is a relief for anyone worried about the space for a solar cover reel. The Kokido Kalu can be easily moved away and stored when not in use. Its wheels also prevent slippage when actually reeling your cover in and out, a big relief compared with moving a cover by hand.

Rocky's 5A In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

Most Popular

Rocky’s 5A is a solar cover reel for Inground Pools that excels in its simplicity and strength. Since it is made specifically for in-ground pools it sits quite low on the ground, this really you prevent having an eyesore by your pool. It is also available in a built-in option, this is a lightweight unit that can be permanently attached to your pool to make retracting your solar cover even easier.

The Rocky’s 5A is designed for pools up to 20 feet ride, this should give the size you need for most in-ground pool’s solar covers. There is also a 24-foot model that covers even larger solar covers. It is made from sturdy aluminium for extra durability, this should ensure it holds up for as many winters as you need it for. This one does require a little assembly but is a sturdy and compact piece of equipment. With its minimalist design, you might even forget it’s there.

Rocky’s 5A uses a hand crank making it quite an easy jo to reel in a solar cover. This is a relief for in-ground pools since you’ll be crouching down to operate the crank. The Rocky’s 5A is the best solar cover reel for in-ground pools currently available, it combines simplicity with a quality build.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover and Easy Gear Reel System

Editor's Pick

The Sun2Solar Easy Gear Reel System is our pick for those looking for a solar cover reel for above ground pools. This one markets itself as applicable to both in-ground and above ground pools, but it really looks like the perfect set up for an above ground solar cover. It comes in sizes big enough to deal with any above ground pool and really excels at making it easy to operate.

The easy gear system makes retracting a solar cover a single person job, just a light turn of the handle will get the pool cover moving. This will give you quick access to your above ground pool even in winter.

This solar pool cover reel for above ground pools works so well since it is adjustable in size. This makes it a good fit for many different pools. It is easy to move around, but sturdy enough to stay in place while in use with its treaded tires. It is also made from strong reinforced materials so it will be hefty enough to take the weight of any solar cover. This all makes it the best choice for above ground pools.

What is A Solar Cover Reel and Do You Need One?

What is A Solar Cover Reel and Do You Need One

Most pool owners are losing out on warmth in their pools and wasting time cleaning them unless they have a solar pool cover. This covers allow you to save money heating your pool using the natural heat from the fun all while stopping your pool from getting dirty outside of summer. However, they are a nightmare to place and remove.

A solar cover reel solves this problem entirely. They make it simple and quick to retract or place a solar cover whenever you want to swim. This gives you the protection and power of a solar pool cover without sacrificing any convenience. A solar pool cover takes the hassle out of swimming in the winter, much like a solar shower takes the hassle out of showering at a campsite. It can give you back that important ease of access.

If you an in-ground or above ground pool, you need a solar cover reel. These products will cover any type of pool and help you use the natural energy and heat to keep it working perfectly all year round. It isn’t lazy to try and avoid laying the cover on and off, it just makes sense. Similar to using a solar umbrella, you can be sure your pool will always be covered when you need it to be and always available when you fancy a swim.

Things to Consider When Buying a Solar Pool Cover Reel

When you’re buying a solar cover reel you need to consider the needs of your pool and the quality of the product. While they’re plenty of reels out there that are pretty cheap, they won’t get the job done. Those that are made from lower quality materials won’t take the weight of a good solar pool cover at all. They might dip in the middle, making covering your pool a difficult task. Some might handle the weight of the cover but make it hard work to actually use the reel system. You need to use a solar pool cover reel that actually makes the job easier.

Like with liquid solar blankets, this makes strong materials essential. Since most solar reels are going to be out throughout the winter, they also need to hold up to bad weather. Rust-resistant metals are an absolute must when you’re buying a cover reel.

You also need to keep in the mind the boring practicalities of your pool. If you have a particularly large pool, that is going to limit your options. Larger solar pool cover reels are more expensive, and as the cover, itself becomes the larger the issue of materials and quality becomes even more important. With more and more weight on your reel system, you need to be sure that it can handle it. If you have a large pool you should also consider ease of reeling. Solar Cover reels with easy reel functionalities will make things easier, as will an automatic solar cover reel. If you find yourself trying to reel in a giant pool cover single-handed than you should consider this option.


There many solar cover reels available that suit different needs. However, the best all have a few things in common; strong high-quality materials, ease of use, and manoeuvrability. You need a cover that fits this bill but works for your pool and any accessories you might use (like solar pool skimmers). This way you can purchase a reel that is going to last and keep your pool in use for even longer. Why sacrifice time you could spend swimming to cold weather? If you keep these in mind and stick to these recommendations, your pool can easily be heated, clean, and ready for a quick swim all through winter. If you want the best solar pool cover reel, these choices can help you find the one that is right for you.

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