Best Solar Dancing Flowers of 2021

Maybe you thought solar dancing flowers would be a great party favor to give your colleagues for their windows and desks and dashboards.  You were right. Maybe you thought a bright and happy dancing flower is just what you need to keep you company for the long ride home. Definitely.  You may have considered replacing the same old (wasteful) fresh-cut flower gift bouquets with a long-lasting dancing lily for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day instead. Of course.  Or maybe you are the ultimate solar flower enthusiast that cannot wait for the chance to create an original garden for yourself made of happy dancing solar powered flowers. Yes!

Whichever scenario sounds about right, you can be sure you’re making the smart choice with these funky little babies that benefit from direct sunlight just like real flowers.  But these flowers don’t need water; they are truly hassle-free! Set these shiny petals in light and you’re done. These bright colored flowers will do a happy little dance.

Solar dancing flowers make an excellent alternative to traditional fresh-cut flowers.  First, the flowers do not get cut and wasted. Secondly, these little solar beauties last far longer than the blossoms of fresh-cut bouquets.  Third, have you checked the cost of a bouquet of fresh flowers lately? These solar powered dancing flowers are much more economical.

Renewable energy sources can be a controversial subject in today’s society.  Start your children and loved ones off small with the delight of a few flowery friends.

KT 3-Pack Solar Dancing Flowers

Gwill 6-Pack Solar-Powered Dancing Flowers

KT 2-Pack Solar Toy Flowers

Top Solar-Powered Dancing Flowers Reviews of 2020

Like our favorite solar wind spinners, they come in fun bright colors and designs and require virtually no maintenance. If you’ve had trouble before with keeping plants alive, try one of these solar powered dancing flowers and your guaranteed to suc-SEED.

Whether you’re searching for a lovely dancing flower ornament for your home, office, classroom, or as a gift, you’re sure to find a colorful set or standalone that suits your style.  We’ve considered cost, color, motion, and original design when it comes to reviews of the top solar dancing flowers available. Read on for the top picks in design, quality, and budget. And click here for some related solar motion toys!

KT 3-Pack Solar Dancing Flowers

Editor's Pick

These happy little solar dancing flowers sway and dance when they’re exposed to direct sunlight.  Put them in the sun and they’ll happily dance all through the day, bringing a smile to every passerby. These solar flower friends come as a set of 3: you’ll get a smiling sunflower, and waving white lily, and a red rose.  Each comes in a shiny, little, rounded pot but the color of the pots vary and may come in pink, red, yellow, green, light blue, and blue.

These solar powered dancing flowers are made from safe and durable plastic and there are no removable parts so they’re a great gift for anyone over 2 years of age. Bright, but small with a dimension of about 8.2 x 5.6 x 5.4 inches, these little flowers fit just about anywhere.  Each flower comes with its own sticky patch for securing to a surface. Place your flower in direct sun and watch it start to dance right away.

Keep the set together or spread the love with one in the home, one in the car, and one in the office. Cute and quiet, these solar powered dancing flowers are sure to grow smiles wherever you plant them. These adorable little flowers get our Editor’s Pick.


  • Only needs direct sun
  • Innocent and friendly design
  • Affordable
  • Set of 3


  • Pot colors may vary

WARM FUZZY TOYS Solar Dancing Flower Toy

Choose from several sunflower designs, the white daisy, or a number of other bright and fun flower designs.  Each sits in a colorful, rounded, pot which holds a solar panel. When you place your flowers in direct sun, they will immediately start to dance for you.  Watch the flower’s leaves wave up and down as the flower sways from side to side.

Most of the solar-powered dancing flowers come in sets, so this little flower is for those who really want to buy just one; either to replace a broken one or simply to enjoy just one. No matter how many you have around you, they will lull you into a state of relaxation and contentment.   As with all the solar powered dancing flowers, this little buddy does not require any charging or batteries.

Make a gift of this flower to anyone young or old. It’s safe for anyone over 2 years of age and made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic plastics.


  • Only needs direct sunlight
  • Non-toxic
  • Long-lasting
  • Hassle-free


  • Colours might fade in time

Gwill 6-Pack Solar-Powered Dancing Flowers

Most Popular

Sold as a set of 6, these jovial little solar powered dancing flowers are more than just flowers – some designs are equally as adorable garden buddies, like a bright bumblebee or a shiny ladybug. These little dancing flowerheads sway with the sound of the sun and raise their leaves in joy as soon as the solar panel is given light to absorb and use for energy to feed your little dancers.

This set of dancing flowers scores our top pick for quality because not only does it require no batteries or charging because of its solar power, but it works in direct sunlight or even by the glow of indoor bulbs. Gwill guarantees these items are safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and hypoallergenic. These toys have been made from high-quality plastics and materials so your new flower friend will last a long time.


  • Sunlight energy & indoor lighting
  • Safe & long-lasting
  • Portable & easy to use


  • Colors may vary

KT 2-Pack Solar Toy Flowers

Best Value

This set of two solar dancing flowers is our pick for best purchase on a budget because there are two in the pack for a very low cost.  If you’re not sure you want to invest in a solar powered garden just yet, but you’d like to have more than one dancing flower, this is the way to go.  You’ll get two flower friends for close to the price of one.

You’ll get a shiny bright red dancing sunflower in a yellow pot and a shiny white and yellow daisy in a red pot.  How about that for two new, hassle-free, happy-go-lucky, friends? They both have double-sided tape for securing your flower in just the right place. Each item has a dimension of 6.6 x 6.1 x 4.6 inches and each weighs about 3oz.  When the solar panel is in direct sunlight, the flower will start to swing and jive. The center stem-and-flower piece will rock back and forth and the leaves will rise and fall and rise again as these little blossoms solar salsa straight to your heart.

Harnessing the power of the sun, this innovative toy also works as a study in alternative energy applications. They are not only fun to watch, but they also cause no harm to the environment by creating the dangerous waste left behind from rotting batteries in landfills and oceans.


  • No batteries necessary
  • Affordable
  • Cute, quiet design
  • Compatible with indoor and outdoor lighting


  • No color or design choice

Greenbriar International Solar Dancing Lilies

Sold separately or as a set of four connectable pieces, these solar powered dancing lilies are an adorable springtime addition to your home decor alone or with its other three friends.  In the center, five cheerful yellow lilies will dance and sway back and forth in the neat little protection of its pot. The pot is a light blue bottom designed to look like a picket fence.  When all four solar dancing flower pieces are attached together, you can enjoy an entire garden of lilies waving in the sun behind a cute little picket fence.

Each dancing flower toy is about 4.5 inches and just over 2 oz, making it an easy fit to any office desk, kitchen counter, or windowsill.  In direct light these fanciful blossoms can bring brightness to even the overcast days.




  • Works in sunlight or indoor light
  • Affordable
  • Part of a set


  • No design or color options

How to Care for Solar Dancing Flowers

How to Care for Solar Dancing Flowers

In order to understand how a solar toy works, it’s better to first understand how solar energy works. Often times, the concept and the language of technologies can be overwhelming and intense.  Solar energy, on the other hand, is an excellent concept to start with for young learners because it can actually be quite easy to understand.

How Does a Solar Flower Dance?

Light energy is converted through a series of transformations into mechanical energy (like in this solar dancing Groot). This is when the photovoltaic cells come in. They are usually four of them and together they form the solar panel. The solar panel takes advantage of the most important renewable source we have; the sun. All it needs is the direct light coming upon it.  Perhaps the best part is that this energy is free

You’ll find many solar products available which are focused on reducing expenses, being more energy efficient, and environment-friendly in terms of waste. Considering our overfilled dumps, our toxic dumping into the ocean, our pollution of the atmosphere, and our planet generally choked with trash, it’s no wonder living a cleaner life with solar power is so appealing to individuals. Each day, more people, families, businesses, and communities make changes in process to include solar power and cleaner energy in day-to-day work and life.

Battery operated toys are expensive and demand changing batteries at regular intervals. These toys have a solar panel inside which can be put under the sun and, when charged, will make the toy move. Whether it’s a toy to play with or a cool display piece to be enjoyed, all solar powered flowers should be a fun way for young scientists to learn about renewable energy and the mechanics behind it. These solar-powered dancing flowers will help to encourage a younger generation to be more responsible with regard to the planet we all share. Batteries contain chemicals that leak and poison water supplies and pile up in landfills. But purchasing solar toys for your children will decrease your carbon footprint (and theirs) while making a small green change in your life. If you believe solar energy is important, it’s better to introduce it to our young minds at an early age.

Fixing Solar Dancing Flowers

Caring for your solar dancing flowers can be easy, but remember that opening the toy to work on it may void any warranty you may still have, so consider whether you want to take the next step and perform a very simple operation on your flower to get it rockin n’ rollin again quick.

While these flowers don’t need water, they do need light and one of the most common challenges of a garden of solar flowers is that on days when the sunlight is hidden, the solar panel is not able to absorb much light for energy.  However, in most cases, the incandescent and fluorescent lights of an indoor environment mimic the sun’s spectrum and can provide power for small items like your little dancing flowers. If you aren’t able to keep your dancing flowers in the direct sunlight, which is best, then try placing them in a room with bright light to watch them dance as happily as ever.

You might think it’s too tricky, but you’d be surprised how easy (much like solar shades and blinds) it can be to do a tune up on a solar toy.  In many cases, it’s much easier to repair a simple solar toy than it is to repair the complex network of computers, electronics, and mechanics in the battery operated toys of today.  Not only is it relatively easy to fix a solar toy, but depending on the age and interest of the youngster involved, fixing a solar toy could serve as an excellent bonding experience with a built-in science lesson.  Repairing a broken toy teaches your child to avoid a throw-away pattern of behavior and instills a feeling of pride and accomplishment. You may need a small screwdriver though in most cases the pieces can be disassembled and reassembled with one’s fingernails and fingers.  The inside components of a solar toy fit together in only one way, like a puzzle, so you can be sure whether you have it assembled correctly or not. This also makes it quite easy to troubleshoot if there are any issues between one component and another. Most of the solar-powered dancing flowers and toys use a combination of solar power, gravity, and magnetism to operate.

If your solar toy is not working, the most likely scenario is that the magnet in the toy has been displaced or damaged in the packaging or delivery process. This is a simple fix and can save you the trouble and time of waiting for a replacement flower.  Open the solar toy and locate the displaced magnet. Test it to make sure it still has a magnetic charge (it should) and look within the inner shell of the toy to find the spot where the magnet belongs. Pop it back into place, or if necessary, use a modest dot of superglue to hold it in place.  With the magnet back in place, the toy will most likely being dancing for joy immediately.

Though less likely, it’s also possible that there could be an issue with disconnected wires. The wires are critical to the process because they make the connection between the solar cell and the board.

Another issue may be that the functional moving part of the toy may be dislodged from where it should actually be, causing its moving pieces to become stuck or motionless.  Check that your moving parts are in the correct place and there is nothing obstructing their motion. Check the wires to see if they’re connected from cell to board. Relocate or reconnect anything that is out of place.  If you’ve already tried all that, your dancing flower may need to be replaced.

Keep Your Flowers Clean

It’s nice to keep the dust off of your solar dancing flowers for a couple of reasons.  First, a dancing flower that’s covered in dust is not it’s happiest self and this will not give you the bright smile you deserve.  Keep your flowers dusted to keep them generally attractive and appealing. You can use a microfiber cloth or even a slightly damp cloth with a modest dab of soap.  Gently wipe the petals, leaves, and base of your flower dry. The happiness and shine are back in action. Besides the overall appeal, it’s important to keep dust from collecting on your flowers because dust that collects on the solar panel can interfere with the ability of the cells to absorb solar power. For the best set of shiny dancing flowers, keep the solar panel as clean and clear and you keep the rest.

Plant a Seed

If our children; the leaders of tomorrow, are introduced to the smart and compassionate ways of living cleaner with solar power today, they will be more inclined to build a sustainable and beautiful future.  A solar powered toy is more than just a toy, it’s a lesson. In this case, a solar dancing flower can be a cheerful delight to any decor and it can serve equally as well when it comes to explaining the scientific notions of harnessing sunlight for power.

Whether these darling dancing flowers are just an eco-friendly gift to admire or a classroom lesson in solar science, they are a promising addition to your environment.  The next time you consider giving someone flowers, consider giving them the solar kind instead. (Looking for more great solar toys? Check out these solar bobbleheads!)

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