Best Solar Dancing Toys in 2021

Over the last few decades we’ve seen leaps in advancement with solar technology.  In the home, office, and classroom, solar power offers a clean and renewable resource for our appliances and machines, free from the dangers and destruction of fossil fuels.  But why stop at adult gadgets? Friendly and affordable solar toys are available for the next generation in your family.

There are so many options for all ages and purposes from lessons to home decor, solar toys make playful and exuberant gifts for children or adults.  Plus, you’ll never need to worry about corrosive batteries that need replacement and risk your child’s safety. These are gifts you can feel good about!

Encourage responsible and sustainable living while your little ones are young and this practice will be second nature to your children as they grow into wise young adults.  These solar toys provide educational exercises, creative fun, and practical science to continue the development of your child’s intelligence and imagination. Liven up your desk, car or windowsill with our fresh list of the best solar toys.

ALLOET Solar-Powered Windmill

GESSPPO Solar Powered Dancing Car-Toys

YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy

Top Solar Toys & Gadgets Reviews of 2020

Using the power of the sun, these solar-powered gadgets (like these solar-powered flowers) wiggle, dance, roll, and rotate to capture the attention and smiles of young and old alike.  With no need for batteries or plugs, these trinkets and baubles make cute and smart decorations and toys. Combining fun with learning is the key to an enjoyable educational process. If you are hoping to encourage a love for knowledge in the solar energy fields, this is a great way to start.

ALLOET Solar-Powered Windmill

Editor's Pick

This classy-looking replica of a wind turbine makes an excellent educational toy, display for a teen’s room, a science classroom, or even the office of a renewable energy professional you know. This solar-powered windmill captures the best of both renewable resources and powers itself with a solar panel on the base of the model.

If you’re looking for a chic and professional corporate gift to give to employees and clients in either of these industries here it is. At 10.6 x 9.3 x 1.8 inches and about 11 oz, this modest statement will not overwhelm the room or require too much space.  This model would look excellent on any desk or shelf.

This solar powered windmill toy is easy and fast to assemble and requires no batteries but is not intended for anyone under 8 years of age.  For older learners this makes an excellent combination lesson in solar power and wind power. This solar powered wind turbine model is an excellent classroom lesson where a replica of a field of wind turbines can be built and monitored over the semester.


  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Great for students or enthusiasts
  • Very affordable
  • No batteries required
  • Includes On/Off switch


  • Not recommended for children under 8 years of age

YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy

Best Value

This friendly solar-powered toy comes to life under the sun and dances its little cact-ass off.  The solar panel in the base of this solar powered dancing toy gives it life and works especially well on the sunny dashboard of a vehicle.

This solar toy requires no assembly and sticks easily to your surface with double-sided tape.  Made from durable ABS plastics, this little guy will be safe from overheating in most circumstances. Plus, you’ll never have to replace any batteries to keep your cactus dancing and your unicorn prancing thanks to the build in solar panel.

Sold as set or individually, choose to befriend the dancing cactus, or any of his friends, a whimsical prancing unicorn, a hedgehog marching guard, and a dancing bikini lady with a summery drink. Bright and fun but not too big for a dash or child’s windowsill or desk at about 4 inches tall and 3 oz in weight. This toy is fun for kids on family road trips, or fun for adults who are still kids at heart.


  • Environmentally friendly; no battery needed
  • Attractive appearance; 4 colourful and cute characters
  • Full set available
  • Low-priced


  • No suction cup included

Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

This solar-powered ornament brings the magic of traditional prisms into the twenty-first century with trendy updated solar technology that rotates rainbows all around your space. Add extra light and color to the colder winter days by taking advantage of the sun in your room, your cubicle, or your vehicle.  This cheerful solar powered decor is an excellent addition to your porch or garden oasis.

This cool design is made inside a transparent sphere so you can see the inner workings turning while your room turns into an enchanted retreat. This solar power toy is a sophisticated piece of decor that doubles as a cat toy to entertain your fur babies for hours. Whether to share with your pets or for your own enjoyment, this solar rainbow maker adds great ambiance to any room.

This light-hearted item makes an excellent gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, housewarming parties, birthdays, graduations, or even as an inspirational gift for a grieving loved one. This attractive solar decor is even functional and could be used as a prop or tool for photography enthusiasts. Add a dash of colour in someone’s life with this solar-powered rainbow toy!


  • Good for the environment - solar-powered
  • Very entertaining
  • Attractive ornament
  • Educational


  • Suction cup is a bit weak

GESSPPO Solar Powered Dancing Car-Toys

Most Popular

These low-cost adorable solar powered toys are innocent and simple additions to your sunny spaces.  Add a pop of fun and color to your container garden, bedside table, or at the window by the kitchen sink.  The sun gives these little friends their energy and makes them shake with joy.

These adorable solar-powered toys are popular for cars but work in any sunny spot in your home or office, too.  With more than 30 different characters, from kitties and puppies to flowers and hula girls, there’s sure to be one that fits every personality you know.

These quiet perky toys are perfect gifts for office colleagues or use them to make a unique office space of your own. It comes in one piece with no need for assembly and no unwanted commitment to replace batteries. Made from ABS plastics this small and lightweight delight is easy to fit most anywhere and works as a funky alternative to bobble head toys.


  • Sustainable; solar powered, no batteries required
  • 30 different figurine styles
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Light-weight


  • Delicate frame

ROKR Solar 3D Movable Wooden Rover Puzzle

This solar powered 3D puzzle toy combines engineering, art, and design to make an interesting and unconventional gift for creative children or adults.  Build this unique movable Rover replica with 156 pieces made from high quality laser cut wood. This kit also includes a solar motor set to keep the vehicle moving, just like the real space hunter and detailed instructions to help builders along.

This solar powered project makes an excellent backdrop for teaching the techniques and benefits of solar power, or the exploration of the home of the sun, the solar system.

Depending on the builder’s experience level, this project can take up to 4 hours to complete and provides an excellent productive and educational project for adult participation and bonding with younger enthusiasts.

This Rover-style toy model wins for most unique design with its wooden puzzle pieces and solar powered motor.  An educational toy and an original piece of home decor, this DIY project is great for creative and critical thinkers and sparks a feeling of pride and accomplishment when it’s done!


  • Solar powered motor
  • 3 unique designs
  • Educational
  • High-quality wood board


  • Not suitable for kids under 8 years of age

How Do Solar Toys Work?

How Do Solar Toys Work

Solar toys are entertaining for adults and children, (like these solar RC cars) but they can provide a great lesson for those interested in learning about solar energy. See firsthand how the photovoltaic cells work without the need for any batteries or plug-ins. In order to create power, a voltage should be generated additionally as a current. When light hits the solar (photovoltaic) cells, one of three things happens to the small particles of light called photons:

  • Photons are reflected off the cell
  • Photons pass directly through a cell
  • Photons are absorbed into the cell

Solar-powered toys, like this solar-dancing Groot, use last process; photons being absorbed into the cell. After being absorbed, the electrons inside the cell get a little boost from the photons. The connection to the motor is made through small wires so that electricity can be sustained. This motor spins a gear which spins another until the solar toy starts moving. The entire purpose of the solar cell is to ensure this process flows continuously to generate as much electricity as possible. Having only smaller mini solar panels, most solar-powered toys need frequent solar charging and sunlight or they will stop working.

Why Buy a Solar Toy?

Each year, more and more consumers are taking responsibility for their carbon footprint and the amount of waste and excess they are producing.  These consumers aim to better their own living, their communities, and the globe by making small and permanent changes to the ways of living in order to provide a greener healthier planet for the future.  One of the ways conscientious shoppers are making this switch is in buying solar powered toys that do not require wasteful dangerous batteries.

Though a relatively new type of toy, solar powered novelties, like these solar-dancing snowmen, are becoming more popular with younger and better-informed parents and teachers.  Solar toys must meet a unique set of safety regulations and solves many environmental issues that traditional children’s toys typically compound.

Although solar energy can still be collected during overcast weather, the efficiency of the small solar panels found in these type of toys drops considerably. In order for the solar panels to gather solar energy, they need to be exposed to constant sunlight. Their size is a contributing factor on how well will they perform. In cases where the sunlight is blocked, the photovoltaic cells will not work at their maximum capacity. As you might imagine, solar energy cannot be harnessed during the night.

Studies show that solar energy is one of the most efficient sources of energy with little to no pollution generated as a result (and that’s well demonstrated with these solar robot kits).  This, combined with the sustainability of the wooden pieces, takes lessons in green living a step further. The sooner you can embrace sustainable practices into your lifestyle, the sooner it will become a habit for your children. It’s never too early to teach your little learners about clean energy, and every parent or teacher knows they learn better from getting involved in these kinds of practical demonstrations. Try solar powered toys to inspire and entertain your little rays of sunshine and your shining stars.

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