Best Solar Dehydrators – Top reviews of 2021

Ready to add a whole new dimension to your food and spices with a solar dehydrator? You’ve come to the right place! Dehydration is a classic technique to preserve food and ingredients without the use of electronic devices or moderne equipment, instead relying on the power of our own sun! This allows you to savor a brand new world of flavors and preservation methods, opening up a whole new world of flavors and cooking techniques.

If you’re new to the idea, no worries. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite solar dehydrators for 2020. All are meant to provide you both convenience and accessibility, an efficient new way to refine your garden-picked ingredients. Or, if you’re a hobbyist, we’re certain to bring you a choice that fits your particular criteria.

This technique has been used for thousands of years and now, with our list, you’re partaking in a longstanding tradition of human survival. We’re sure to find you something fitting your needs, so let’s dive in!

Food Dehydrator Pantries Dehydration System Non-Electric

iPower 3 Feet Diameter with Duty Hanging Dryer Rack

Casolly 2-Ft 8-Layer Herb Drying Rack

The Best Dehydrators

When seeking the optimal choices for your needs, we kept a few things in mind for a solid criteria. Value, lifespan, and price points were just a few considerations before selecting our choices. We also considered what the solar food dehydrators were best for, how many “layers” they possessed, and how effective the end result was.

From this we’ve cobbled together a big list of exciting solar dehydrators! We’re certain you’ll find something you like. For now, let’s jump into our top picks for 2020.

Casolly 2-Ft 8-Layer Herb Drying Rack

Best Value

Our first choice brings a lot of value in both size and price. We wanted to start our list with something allowing you a great deal of flexibility when preserving spices/food while simultaneously composed of durable, non-toxic materials.

The Casolly dehydrator lengthens at 8 feet and is foldable for easy storage, made of nylon material. The mesh weave means your ingredients have ample space to “breathe” and there are multiple sections for a variety of spice choices. Each pocket can be zipped close and its suitable for anything compatible with the solar dehydration method. A good starting option if you want an inexpensive selection doubling as a convenient tool for spice and food prep.

Food Dehydrator Pantries Dehydration System Non-Electric

Editor's Pick

Our next pick is a higher quality solar dehydrator ideal for preserving various foods over a period of time with no electricity required. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a way to dry spices and foods, while also doubling as a potential food storage option.

This dehydrator also doubles as a seed sprouter and can grow wheat grass, and the blocks for separation can be set individually for dehydration. This is a nice option you can use for your kitchen when you’re growing said wheat grass, or want to organize your spices/food by tray.

The dehydrator comes with a plastic fixture and hook for hanging outside, along with non-toxic mesh netting and trays. A smaller, more compact option, it’s total dimensions are 16x16x3 inches and it’s a fantastic way to add variety to your meal plans.

BoHoFarm Herb Drying Rack Herb Dryer Net w/Zippers Black Mesh

Bringing even more value in quality is BohoFarm’s solar dehydrator, an eight-layer variety pack suited for drying out your herbs, spices, foods, and anything ideal for dehydration techniques.

BohoFarm is known for the organic, green-friendly quality. This eight sleeve dehydrator has everything you need for classic food preservation techniques, while the fine-mesh exterior protects ingredients from wind and pests. Each layer can hold up to 4.5 lbs so you can experiment with different food sources. Also, the material allows for easy folding and storage, assuring long lifespan for all your pantry needs.

iPower 3 Feet Diameter with Duty Hanging Dryer Rack

Most Popular

Our next solar food dehydrator is ideal for those who need wider space for their food and spice items and some additional functionality when setting up. Other options come in one, single sleeve, but the iPower lets you separate each rack into detachable sections if desired. This lets you have some versatility when dehydrating things, especially if you want to separate based on heat or the itinerary in question.

Additionally, all rings can be folded together for future storage, and the material is non-toxic nylon for lightweight carrying. An excellent option for those who need a larger dehydrator with additional sections for spices, food, flowers, and herbs.

Apollo Horticulture 3ft 8 Layer Collapsible Mesh Hydroponic Drying Dry Rack Net

Our last choice is no slouch in the solar dehydrator family!

Like the iPower option, this one sports 3 diameter sleeves for plentiful space when drying spices or food. However, it comes in shorter at five feet, so is a better option if you’re seeking something smaller in size (or don’t have adequate room to hang the dehydrator). Because of its vertical design, it’s also easy to fold for storage, made of fine-mesh nontoxic nylon.

We recommend this one for stable conditions, as it lacks zippers as with the others. However, for ample space and organization options, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Why a solar food dehydrator?

Why a solar food dehydrator

So you’ve just bought a solar backpack and now you’re wondering what to put in it. If you’re not a hobbyist or never heard of dehydration methods, you might wonder why bother at all? Why not just get a sun-powered cooker or a great solar grill? Well, solar dehydration is a technique that’s been used to preserve food, spices, herbs, and decour for years. It requires no electricity, special equipment, or special knowledge – just the dehydrator itself and applicable items.

It’s also important to note “solar dehydrating” is different than sun dehydrating. The latter’s been used for thousands of years, keeping food safe to eat by our ancestors. But, as inventions changed the game, solar dehydrators added a whole new layer to edible preservation – literally! So, you’re not just jumping into a flash-in-the-pan hobby, this is a technique embedded in history.

It’s a great way to add new flavor and dimensions to food items (or herbs), or, rely on an alternative method for food preservation. If you own a garden, for example, this is a fantastic way to add longer lifespan to your edible or spice items. And, because you only need the sun, no additional work is required. So long as sufficient heat exists, you have all the resources you need.

What to look for in a food dehydrator?

Just as if you were choosing the best solar shades, choosing the right tool for your needs is important as is with everything. No doubt you’ve noticed some of our picks are far larger than others. Do you need something in this size? Do you plan to dehydrate large quantities of food? If so, a bigger dehydrator is a prime choice – especially if you grow a garden and expect lots of growth.

However, maybe you just want something for herbs, spices, and/or flower petals. The compact options won’t take up as much as space, and you’re not stuck with a massive sleeve you have no need for (or even space).

Then again, perhaps you dehydrate a combination of everything, but want to set items at different temperatures or times. Food dehydrates differently from spices, so, doing them all at once can cause unintended problems. Our selections which can be broken into partitions are suitable for more organized dehydration, or, have removable trays for indoor growing and other uses.

There are also choices for windy conditions, such as dehydrators which have zippers to store your material and food. This is not required, but you don’t want your spices flying around thanks to a hard breeze.

Whatever your choice, know that each selection is environmentally safe and non-toxic. If you store them in good condition, you can expect each to have a long lifespan.


If you’re looking for a new way to fancy up your edibles, a solar food dehydrator (like this “Sollpod“) is the way to go. Relying on the sun for food preservation is a technique we’ve used for thousands of years, and now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about! Whether you’re a gardener, hobbyist, or someone looking for additional options to bring new life to your eats, our selection will fit any need. (Looking for even more great solar products? Check out this link to our best solar screens!)

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