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Imagine walking to your dock at the bay and stumbling along in darkness until you trip and sprawl into the water, but this could have been avoided with solar dock lights.  Not only are solar powered dock lights an excellent solution to safely light the way for you and your family, but they offer a dependable form of security for trespassers. Besides that, they can really change the atmosphere of your outdoor area by adding a splash of modern sophistication coupled with timeless style.

If you’ve been walking to your boat this entire time without any lights, you don’t know what you’re missing.  But, you’re missing it because you can’t see! Solar dock lights will fix this for you. Not only will you enjoy a safe stroll upto your boat, but away from it, too.  Solar powered dock lights work automatically to come on and shine bright when it’s night, by collecting solar power during the day.

Best of all, going solar means avoiding the costly installation of electrical outlets outside, by the water.  Almost always, this would involve some expensive waterproofing for a space such as a dock or marina. Even if you pay for all that installation, no you have to hide all the ugly cords and make sure those aren’t hazardous, too.  On top of all that hassle, now your electric bill shoots up every month you have to keep the electricity on outside. Eliminate all these problems with the power of the sun. There’s no electrical installation or wiring; no messy and dangerous cords, and no impact to your electricity bill whatsoever.  There’s really no question: solar is better.

Solmore 4 Pack Solar Dock Lights

XTF2015 Copper Solar Dock Lights

Gigalumi Solar Bronze Dock Lights

Review: Best Solar Dock Lights in 2020

Like with solar floodlights, with so many models available on the market, how can you pick the right one? We’ll show you how to choose the right lumen, the right casting, the right ratings, and the best design for your docking bay or marina.  Below, we’ve selected the best solar powered dock lights for someone on a budget, someone with elegant style, and someone who needs a very long runtime for their light. Plus, we’ll reveal the most important criteria to consider when buying ​boat dock ​lights and the advantages of making the switch to solar.  Read on for more help from 2020’s review of the best solar powered dock lights available.

Solmore 4 Pack Solar Dock Lights

Editor's Pick

This Solmore 4-pack of dock lights runs up to 12 hours a night, which is double the runtime some similar products might offer.  In addition, these lights are exceptionally strong and made from high-quality aluminum alloy casting. These powerful little lights are built to withstand 9 tons of pressure.  This is a really helpful feature if you happen to place your lights along a docking path where you use a truck or other vehicle to hitch your boat. If you accidentally back over one of these lights, it should be okay.

Each light is fitted with six premium-quality LED lights that will not only improve the visibility of your docking area, but also enhance the appearance of your property. These lights automatically charge during the day and begin to illuminate at dusk or when dark and inclement weather sets in. They also include a IP68 waterproof rating, extreme weather resistance, and a tightly wrapped internal battery sealed for extra protection.  For these reasons, it’s an excellent option for the conditions of a docking bay.

With no wiring necessary and nothing to plug in, all you need to do to install this light is screw it down. The lights have an automatic on/off feature that senses when conditions are dark to turn on, and off at the break of dawn. The casting itself only comes in one color; silver, but the LED lights come in a variety of colors to select from.  This allows for a lot of flexibility in design and appearance when planning the lighting at your docking area.


  • Automatic on/off functionality
  • Long runtime, 12 hours
  • Extremely durable and resistant to weather and intense pressure
  • Resistant to rust
  • Simple installation
  • Virtually maintenance-free


  • No screws included with the light kit
  • Lights could be brighter

Eastern Star Solar Lighting

​Eastern Star Solar Lighting is another excellent choice for boat dock solar lights. The lights are made out of stainless steel and their sturdy build ensures undisturbed performance regardless of the weather conditions. Each product comes with 4 upgraded LED lights that will shine bright in the darkness of night and even in inclement weather with low daylight conditions.

The lights are equipped with a space-maximizing solar panel for better efficiency. In addition, the large battery capacity (700MAh) provides up to 10 hours of runtime on a full charge. Plus, you receive 10 lights in a pack, allowing you quite a bit of flexibility for placement and spacing along your docking area. The lights are made from water- and heat-resistant stainless steel and each one is smaller than a smartphone, so they’re very discreet if you want them to be. Each light shines at 120 lumens and the angular design helps to capture as much sunlight as possible.


  • 10-pack of lights
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Can be mounted nearly anywhere vertically or horizontally
  • Long runtime


  • Stainless steel casing can still leave residual rust marks
  • Product’s lifetime is short; lasting only about one season

XTF2015 Copper Solar Dock Lights

Most Popular

If you’re more concerned with the appearance and less with the functionality, the 2-pack of solar dock lights from XFT2015 offers an excellent balance.  These solar lights are encased in an attractive copper-style stainless steel that won’t fade or rust and adds a touch of class to any pathway.

These lights still provide a lot of function, too.  Each unit is made with monocrystalline solar glass which is more efficient than the typical polycrystalline panels.  Each light shines at about 100 lumens and its unique SMD bead and spotlight reflector design throws extra light for the best vision at night.

These solar powered lights are not motion sensitive. They will not turn on or off if there is motion in its range.  The only thing these lights will detect is daytime or darkness, and they will turn on or off accordingly.


  • Elegant decor
  • Each light casts 100 lumens
  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • Will not corrode when exposed to rain, snow, or extreme weather
  • Install using double-sided tape or mounting screws
  • Powerful monocrystalline solar panels
  • Excellent price


  • Short runtime; 4-8 hours
  • Weatherproof but not waterproof; cannot be submerged

Home Zone Solar Dock Lights

The best part of this 4-pack of dock lights from Home Zone is the amazing mounting capability.  Its brilliant design means it can be placed virtually anywhere and the panel will still get optimal sunlight while the LED lights shine in four directions from the center circle. Just make sure this light is placed where direct sunlight is most constant and that there is nothing obstructing the solar panel, such as weeds or branches.

Another great detail about these lights is that they are made from a high-quality aluminum casing that is designed to stand up to intense pressure and weather.  These lights come with an IP67 weather-rating and automatic on/off sensor. They make an excellent lit pathway to have one mounted every 5 feet or so, and would work along the dock sides for ambiance and safety.


  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Compact; fit in the palm of your hand
  • Add a classy atmosphere to your docking bay
  • Add safety for watery walk-ways
  • Add security lighting to deter trespassers


  • Each light only casts 20 lumens
  • Prone to water damage

Gigalumi Solar Bronze Dock Lights

Best Value

If you’re looking for a subtle lighting, the Gigalumi solar dock lights are the right choice.  These appealing solar lights come in a bronze-style stainless steel casing that looks especially nice in landscaped areas and outdoor spaces with a flare for decor.  However, these lights shine at only 3 lumens creating a very subdued lighting, and perhaps the need for several. That’s not a problem though, each pack comes with 12 solar lights.

These dock lights are very simple to install and take only a moment to screw into their location.  They’re also waterproof and weather resistant which makes for a great choice at a docking bay or marina.  In fact, these are so durable, they will not suffer any corrosion in the salty air, rain, or snow, and they will not be damaged in freezing temperatures.


  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • 180-day warranty
  • Attractive bronze finish
  • 12 lights in one pack
  • Inexpensive


  • Too dim for certain circumstances
  • Screws are not stainless or galvanized

Consider This When You Buy Solar Power ​Dock Lights

Consider This When You Buy Solar Power ​Dock Lights

Like choosing the best solar fountain, choosing a solar-powered dock light depends on your specific needs. What makes the products different from one another is their charge time, runtime, brightness, durability, and design. In general, the best solar power dock lights are LED since it’s very efficient and you can get more light longer from such a kit. Plus, the bulbs can last for as long as 100,000 hours.

If you are looking to add a beautiful ambiance to your dockyards, there are many options with different features, styles, and types that you can choose from. Here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind when buying solar-powered dock lighting.

Durability and Water Resistance

Since you will be using these lights outdoor and possibly close to water, then your dock lights will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, water, and moisture. It’s recommended to choose products made out of waterproof materials that can withstand any weather condition – including freezing temperatures – and last for a long time. Also, keep in mind that not only should the light be water-resistant but also the solar panel; ultimately, the entire unit. (The same holds true when buying any outdoor solar product, like these solar hanging lights, for example.)

Battery Capacity

The battery is one of the most important parts of solar lights. How long your light will last after it’s fully charged depends on the battery capacity which is measured (in MAh). There are some models that can last up to 12 hours on a full charge. The larger the battery capacity is, the more efficient your light will be. Treat this part of your purchase like you would a solar flashlight purchase. Battery life matters!


If you want to use a particular light model to light up your dock and also give it a stylish appearance, quantity of lights is a factor that you should keep in mind. Some solar dock light models come in bundles while others come in singles. Obviously, the bigger the size of the area, the more lights are required for you to light up the dock properly. It’s recommended to know the exact size of the area, so you can determine how many lights you’ll need.

Brightness and Color

Boat dock solar lights, like solar flagpole lights, will come with different levels of brightness measured in lumens. The higher the lumen, the brighter the light.  Dock lights also come in multiple light colors, so it might be easier to spot your dock from someone else’s with orange lights, or blue lights, for example.  Plus, the variety of colors gives you many options to create the right style and atmosphere.


Last but not least, you should take the style and the design of your dock lights into consideration. After all, you could have these lights around for a while.  Think about what casing will be best, and which shape will fit your space perfectly. Do you need an inconspicuous light, or an embellished model? The considerations are similar to those used when buying a solar shed light.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Dock Lights

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Dock Lights

Dock lights powered by solar power seem to be an appealing choice for plenty of reasons, including not dealing with electrical installation and power cords, especially in a marina area.

Instead, installation is simple and usually only requires you to turn a couple of screws. Once they’re installed, there’s no maintenance, except that you should check the lights  every so often to make sure there is nothing obstructing the bulb or the solar panel. Keep these other key points in mind when weighing the pros and cons of installing solar lights at your dock:

  • Cost-free electricity – these lights are an excellent solution to costly electric bills that only go up with outdoor electric dock lighting
  • There are no expensive batteries or light bulbs to replace
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle. (Note that this benefit extends to other solar products, like solar pond lighting.)


After reading our reviews and our buying guide, hopefully, you already know of at least one light that can meet your needs in style and functionality.  Investing in outdoor solar lights is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You won’t have to deal with wires, cords, and power outlets. It’s safer for children and pets, and there is no risk of a fire hazard, which can be especially concerning around a dock.  Best of all, the prospect of solar dock lights means you’ll continue to save money, season after season.

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