Best Solar Driveway Alarm – Top reviews of 2021

In 2020, your choice of solar driveway alarms has become more difficult simply because of an expanded array of options. Hugely functional, these handy devices will warn you when people or vehicles approach along or up your driveway. Used primarily for security, creative people might also use them to count the number of people visiting their business or just use them for informational purposes.

What you’re looking for in a solar driveway alarm will remain pretty much constant. However, there are some differences between the available products to keep in mind. Use your judgment to determine what you need and which solutions would best serve those needs. We’ll identify some features you should keep in mind at the bottom of this article after we list our recommendations.

Guardline ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector

Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm System

1/4 Mile Long Range Rechargable Solar driveway alarm wireless sensor System

What Are the Best Solar Driveway Alarms For Sale in 2020?

1/4 Mile Long Range Rechargable Solar driveway alarm wireless sensor System

Best Value

This solar driveway alarm is a fully featured set of sensors and alarms that allows you to personalize and customize different chimes for different areas of alarm. It will detect cars, people, and large animals. It never needs to be recharged, being fully solar powered, and is the ultimate in “set it and forget it” convenience.

It’s extremely easy to install, has a long range, and is reliable and durable. The manufacturer has been making these products for over 30 years, and it shows in the quality of the product.

The alarm kit provides an excellent balance of features and price, which is why we’ve lent it our Best Value award.


  • Reliable Fully featured


  • Can only set four unique alarms

Guardline ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector

Editor's Pick

This American product is a fantastic choice for a solar driveway monitoring system. Coming standard with fantastic range and superior reliability, this alarm system won’t let you down. Its unique and superlative combination of features and value has made it the winner of our coveted Editor’s Choice award for superior products. The product can be customized for how many sensors and alarms you wish to have, so no driveway is too big or too small.


  • Durable
  • Dependable


  • The price is a little higher than some of the other products

Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm System

Most Popular

With an average user review of 4.5 stars out of five, this solar driveway alert system is built durably, reliably, and with a full feature set. No wonder it’s flying off the virtual shelves! While simple and straightforward, it will do everything you expect it do and it’s easy to figure out. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star average rating from over 180 users. Need we say more? Oh, it’s also an Amazon’s Choice product. So I guess we could say more.


  • Amazing usability


  • None

1/2 Mile Long Range Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector

This product is about as simple as they get. It protects your home by protecting your driveway. There’s nothing fancy or extra about the product though. It just works. Nothing wrong with that, and the price point is right too.


  • Durable construction


  • Plain plastic coloring

HTZSAFE Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm System

The last thing you want is your solar driveway monitoring system to fail after you’ve just installed it. Luckily this product’s durability and reliability will ensure that this unit won’t let you down when you need it the most. Easy to install, it will remain on guard for as long as you need it to.


  • Highly reliable


  • May be lacking some features you would like

Features To Consider

Best Solar Driveway Alarm Features To Consider

When deciding on which solar driveway alarm you wish to buy you’ll want to keep the intended recipient and likely use location in mind. If you’re buying the unit for repeated use, you may want to grab a different product than one that’s just being used as a one-off. Keep in mind that these products go great with solar powered cameras and solar gate openers.

Ease of Construction

As most people are not electricians or engineers, the typical consumer is looking for a product that is easy to put together and maintain. Luckily for that consumer, all of the products included on this list are “plug and play” (so to speak.) Just stick them in the sun and watch them go. However, you will need some knowledge about small electronics and the ability to follow directions to make them work properly, so use care to select an item with good technical support if that’s a subject you lack skill in. Similar to buying a solar mole repeller or solar bug zapper, you’ll want to know at least a little bit about putting things together before you get one of these.


You don’t want to buy a solar driveway monitor only to have it fail in a couple of days. You want these units to work for as long as the sun rises. Luckily, all of the products on this list will meet that criterion.

Style and Color

You’ll want to make sure that the aesthetics of the product you choose are acceptable to you. These products, though functional, might not satisfy your picky sense of style, so try and get the most attractive one in your price range.

Consider Giving Solar Driveway Alarms as Gifts

Because of their versatility and universality, solar driveway alarms make perfect gifts, especially for a do-it-yourselfer who has a lot of solar-powered products, like a solar electric fence charger.

Save The Environment

Rather than devour energy from batteries or a wall socket, this solar power meter encourages the use of products that draw their energy from the sun’s rays. Much more environmentally-friendly than products that require other forms of energy, this one won’t encourage the use of any toxic disposable batteries to clean up or drain power from your grid and drive up your energy bills. As with solar spotlights, all you need is clean and natural sunlight, for some clean and natural fun.


Gone are the days when setting up a security system consisted of multiple calls to a “security company” staffed mostly by ex-convicts on parole. Solar powered driveway monitoring units can put an end to that counter-productive practice while putting very little strain on your budget. As is clear from the foregoing, we strongly recommend the Guardline ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector. Its blend of versatility and value is the perfect combination for the vast majority of consumers and the positive Amazon reviews are proof of that. If you want to save a little bit of money, you can’t go wrong with the 1/4 Mile Long Range Rechargable Solar driveway alarm wireless sensor System. At just under $70 for a fully functional unit, you’ll hardly notice the cost. You’ll definitely notice the tremendous utility you get from the product though, as there’s hardly anything on the market as useful and reliable as these solar driveway alarms (especially when paired with our favorite solar path lights).

Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 29 reviews

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