Best Solar Fairy Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

Solar fairy lights are delicate fixtures that can help you create a magical setting for any occasion. Whether you’re decorating for the holiday season, a wedding, a birthday party, or just looking to bring a touch of warmth to an indoor space, these lights are the perfect accessory.

In addition, solar powered fairy lights blend in with the environment and cause no damage to the latter. They work based on the photovoltaic principle, which allows materials such as silicone to absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity. The best part about this renewable form of energy? It’s actually free!

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

MPOW Solar String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

WELLGIUM Solar String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

What Are the Best Solar Fairy Lights in 2020?

In advertisements, most LED fairy lights look more or less the same – a long copper string with 50 to 200 tiny, brilliant lights distributed across it. But how do you know which of these pictures tell the truth and which exaggerate the quality of a product? This list of the top 5 best solar fairy lights in 2020 can help you tell the difference and buy something you’ll be happy to string along your new solar birdbath (for example).

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

Editor's Pick

Some of the most durable and reliable solar powered fairy lights come from Amir, and this 33ft 100 LED string makes no exception. The lights, the copper wire, and the solar panel are all built using only the highest quality materials in order to ensure that the string continues to work as advertised for several years after being purchased. This does not show in the price of this product, however, which makes it a veritable bargain.

For a relatively low cost, you get two sets of solar power fairy lights for a total of 66ft of copper string and 200 LEDs. The lights are delicate and small, but bright enough to draw the attention of any on-looker. They are furthermore tested for durability and completely weather-proof, so they can be used in areas or during seasons where/when rain and snow are expected.

The copper wire is highly malleable and can be bent into any desirable shape, but will not break easily when handled. The two available working modes – flash and steady on – can help you prepare a space for different events or quickly change the mood inside an indoor room.


  • 2 x 33Ft of copper wire with 2 x 100 bright LED lights per pack
  • The highest quality components for an average price
  • Two working modes for different settings and occasions
  • Weatherproof


  • Might not stay lit throughout the entire night if they do not receive enough sunlight during the day

SUNLITEC Solar String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

The solar fairy lights by Sunlitec can make any space look festive and romantic. With 33ft of copper wire and 100 LEDs per string, each pack of 2 is enough to bring a drop of magic to your patio, garden, balcony, bedroom, pool, or pergola. Although they can be purchased for a very affordable price, these lights are made to impress and to last.

The string is made from thin, highly flexible copper that is durable enough to be bent into any shape or coiled around any decorative feature. The copper wiring is insulated to prevent overheating and to ensure that the product is safe to touch even after 15 hours of continuous lighting.

The LEDs themselves are very bright and will project light in a complete 360 degree angle. Provided that the solar panel gets enough sunlight throughout the day, the lights can stay on for up to 10 hours during nighttime.


  • 2 x 33Ft of flexible copper wiring with 2 x 100 brilliant LED lights per pack
  • The copper string is malleable and durable, so you can safely experiment with several shapes without causing any damage to the product
  • The copper wiring is insulated to prevent heating
  • Weatherproof


  • The solar panel is fairly sensitive so the fixture might not turn on if surrounded by artificial lighting at night

MAGICTEC Solar String Lights, 36ft (100 LEDs)

These solar powered fairy lights by Magictec are every bit as impressive as other options described here. They come in packs of 2 strings, with each string featuring 36ft of copper wire and 100 LED lights. The lights are actually distributed across just 20 of the 36ft of wiring for a denser and brighter display. The remaining 16ft string can be used to put some distance between the lights and the solar panel in case this is necessary to ensure maximum sunlight absorption.

The copper wire is insulated to prevent over-heating, as well as lacquered to ensure its durability in all kinds of weather. Everything required for the installation of the fixtures is provided by the manufacturer so that setting up these lights is as easy as turning on a switch. Once they begin to charge for the first time, they turn on and off automatically during the evening and the morning, respectively.


  • 2 x 36Ft copper wiring with 2 x 100 bright LED lights per pack
  • The solar panel can be installed remotely from the lights
  • Copper wiring is insulated and lacquered
  • Weatherproof


  • Easily tangled if not handled with care when unpackaged and installed

MPOW Solar String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

Most Popular

Solar power fairy lights from Mpow come at an average market price, but are significantly brighter and more reliable than most other options. The pack features two strings of 33ft ultra-thin copper wire with a total of 200 LED lights – ideal for decorating small to medium spaces and features in the garden, porch, patio, or an indoor room.

The high-quality wire can be bent, straightened, and bent again without breaking, so the fixture is incredibly versatile in terms of décor. 8 Available working modes, from waves to fireflies, fading, twinkle, and more, ensure that you can easily change things up and create the perfect setting for any event. The upgraded solar panel used in the design of these fairy lights is tested for superior sunlight absorption and a longer-lasting lifespan.


  • 2 x 33Ft of ultra-thin copper wiring with 2 x 100 LED lights per pack
  • High-quality, durable wiring that can be safely flexed around any feature or shape
  • 8 Working modes for a more versatile setting
  • Weatherproof


  • The lights are not as bright and do not last as long in regions that do not get a lot of sunshine during the day

WELLGIUM Solar String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

Best Value

These solar LED fairy lights by Wellgium are approximately 30% less expensive than other options presented here, but they are nevertheless more reliable than most products on the market. They come in packs of 2 strings with 33ft of copper wiring and 100 LEDs each, which is more than a bargain considering their overall low cost.

Otherwise, they have all the features of top solar power fairy lights. They turn on and off automatically after installation, they benefit from 8 possible working modes for a variety of settings, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to their weatherproof build. In addition, the 12-month warranty pretty much ensures that you will receive a satisfying product for your money.


  • More affordable than other options presented here
  • 2x 33Ft bendable copper wire with 2 x 100 bright LED lights per pack
  • 8 Working modes that can create different atmospheres and settings
  • Weatherproof


  • Not as durable as other options

Why Are Solar Fairy Lights Better than Conventional Fixtures?

Why Are Solar Fairy Lights Better than Conventional Fixtures

Conventional bulb fixtures are part of a technology that grows more and more outdated each day. No matter which way you look at it, LED solar fairy lights are more resilient, more affordable, and have a longer lifespan (just like other outdoor solar lights). Here’s a short list that summarizes all the reasons why these products are better:

  • They have no wires. Although the bulbs themselves are obviously attached to a string, solar powered fairy lights do not have a cord that needs to be plugged into an outlet.
  • They save you money. The immense demand for these LED fairy lights has made them really cheap. Aside from saving money on the initial purchase, the fact that they run entirely on solar energy lowers your long-term expenses, especially in the holiday season. They’re like solar mason jar lights in that respect: cheap and decorative.
  • They are environmentally friendly. Because there is no need to connect them to the electricity grid, solar power fairy lights don’t participate in fossil fuel burning chains.

Ideas for Decorating with Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Ideas for Decorating with Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Thanks to their versatility and lack of outlet cord, solar fairy lights are a decorator’s dream come true. They can be strung along various railings, hidden in textures or objects, used to create starlit ceilings, made to accompany solar tea lights, and much more. Below you’ll find a list of possible uses that will definitely bring an aesthetic transformation to any space.

Light up a tree or a bush

Instead of placing your solar powered fairy lights front and center, you can use them to bring out other beautiful things already in your back yard, for instance by hanging them through and around flowers or trees. The tiny, LED bulbs will create a captivating visual experience, as they give new depth to your plant life, just like solar rock lights would.

Make a DIY, rustic chandelier

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted a rustic chandelier at one point or another only to find out they’re much too expensive to be worth the bother. Fortunately, with solar power fairy lights you can make your very own DIY rustic chandelier. All you need is some twine, grapevine balls, and a branch to hang them from.

Go overboard on the patio ceiling

Hosting a special summer party for someone? Maybe someone in your family got a big promotion or, better yet, got married. With enough LED fairy lights, and we’re thinking dozens here, you can completely light up a patio and give the impression of an illuminated waterfall. If this won’t make them feel special, we don’t know what will.

Make an open balcony more romantic

If you’re fortunate enough to have an open balcony, you can add some romance to it with solar fairy lights. You can hang a few of them on top of the railings, some underneath, while others are strewn around your flower beds. In just 10 minutes you’ve managed to create an enchanting oasis, and with minimal effort.

Drape your bed

For a truly romantic bedroom setting, solar powered fairy lights can be hung on the drapes or posts of your bed. Think of the warm, cozy feeling you’ll have every time you enter the bedroom and are met with tens of tiny lampyrid-like lights. You can also hang them from the ceiling to transport yourself under the night sky. Combine them with our favorite solar gazing balls for a truly magical sight.

Arrange them into jars

Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to decorate with solar power fairy lights is to get a couple of mason jars and fill them up with these tiny bulbs. It’ll give the impression of lifelike fireflies in a country jar, but without the need for the flies themselves. The jars will fit perfectly alongside your main entrance, on mantelpieces, or on various corners of furniture.

Set up a gorgeous photo display on a wall

Anniversaries are a great occasion to remember all the good times in a person’s life. However, these moments always tend to be a bit awkward. For a touch of class, you can decorate a wall by hanging some of your most memorable photos on the strand of solar fairy lights. This idea is also great for quickly decorating an otherwise barren wall.

Before You Buy Solar Power Fairy Lights

Before You Buy Solar Power Fairy Lights

There are several things worth considering before you buy solar powered fairy lights. The best way to go about it is to clearly have in mind what you intend to use them for. For instance, indoor usage is a lot less demanding than keeping them outdoors, while inside, a warm, yellow color might be more suitable than a white one.

Length and number of LEDs

If you plan to hang your fairy lights alongside railings or fences, the length and number of micro LEDs is important. For instance, if you want to coil them around 10 feet of railing, you’ll need 15 to 20 feet worth of string lights. Just as you would if you were buying solar Christmas lights, the length of wire should match the environment they’re being placed in.

Make sure the lights and wiring are weather-proof

Most products are weatherproof as is, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Especially if you intend to keep them outside, it is crucial that they can withstand weather conditions, such as rain or wind, but also temperature variations. It’s important for both the wiring and the bulbs themselves to be weather-proof, otherwise you might be better off looking for another product.

Choose an appropriate hue

Some LED hues are better than others in specific environments. Warm white or neutral white offer a more soothing kind illumination that is suitable for indoor spaces. At the other end of the spectrum is cool white, a nuance that boasts increased contrast and is, therefore, more appropriate for reading or outdoor use. Similar to solar hummingbird lights, aesthetics are everything with these products.

Without a doubt, solar fairy lights are better than traditional fixtures. Not only are they cheaper and more durable, but these products can be used for a variety of decorative purposes. From classy, indoor arrangements to lavish outdoor displays, these strings of LED lights can easily improve the aesthetics of your home and make it more welcoming and pleasant.

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