Best Solar Fan Hats for 2021

You never realize how much you need a solar fan hat until you don’t have one.  Imagine it’s the middle of a hot summer heatwave. You can feel the sun beating down and there’s not a cloud in the sky.  It’s a beautiful kind of day for what you have planned, but you know it’s going to get hot, fast. So much of that heat can gather and stick around your ears and head. So much of that sunlight can get in your eyes.  It can make what you’re about to do more difficult, less comfortable, and less safe. If only you had something to block the bright UV light from your eyes and keep you cooler.

Solar powered fan hats to the rescue!  These stylish, fun, and functional hats use strategically placed solar panels to harness energy from the sun and keep the imbedded fan blowing a cool breeze over you while everyone else melts.

Whether you want to keep cool while you’re out having fun at the beach, boating, fishing, camping, or taking in a game from your favorite sports team, a solar fan hat is a breeze. Not just for outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans, these hats provide safety and comfort to professional landscapers, construction workers, and forestry workers.  In fact, these hats can even be a perfect solution for keeping your children and seniors cool on a hot day outside at the park. If the summer’s hot temperatures are too much for you, consider purchasing a solar fan hat and feel all your problems drift away.

Solar Helmet With Rechargeable Battery

Solar-Powered Cowboy Hat

Solar Cooling Baseball Cap

Top Solar-Powered Fan Hat Reviews of 2020

Similar to solar escape hats, they come in different sizes, colors, and textures. They are designed for use when barbecuing, hiking, going fishing, gardening, golfing, riding horses or playing baseball. You name it! Be the coolest person, literally and figuratively, during any outdoor activity while staying in the sun. These things are like solar blinds for your head. We’ve considered fashion, fan strength, breathability, functionality, quietness, safety, and cost.  Don’t sweat it, check out our solar powered fan hat reviews!

Solar Fan Fedora

The Fedora style solar cooling hat from Kool Breeze offers a unique unisex fashion element for your wardrobe and your outdoor activities.  Quirky and eclectic solar novelty collectors will love the addition of this functional piece to their set. This solar fan hat comes with an imbedded compact fan to blow air through the hat and keep your head cool.  Air escapes from the vent in the back. This wide-brimmed fashion statement is scientifically proven to cool the head and face and offer UPF 50+ UV sun protection.

The lightweight natural palm leaf straw adds extra comfort and breathability woven into a pattern that offers durability.  This hat looks neat and polished but still conveys a casual and carefree attitude fit for hot summer days. Product color may vary slightly, as the item is made with natural palm which varies in hue and shade but this is not a negative feature. This adds a level of unique authenticity to each and every Fedora-style solar fan hat that sits upon a head.


  • Unisex
  • Stylish
  • Made from breathable, durable, natural materials
  • UPF 50+ Protection


  • Fan can get noisy
  • Only works in direct sun, no battery
  • Only 2 sizes available (Medium and Large)

Solar Cooling Baseball Cap

Best Value

This novel idea from Solarrific will grow on you once you see how well it works!  The top of this baseball style hat features a solar panel that starts to harness the power of direct sunlight as soon as you put it on.  With the same protective brim of a traditional cap, this solar fan hat takes it a step further with a built-in fan that blows air over the head and face to keep you cool.

Wear it perhaps for the first time as a joke, but you will always bring this hat when you go to outdoor games, go camping or fishing, hiking or even to the beach.  Go without it and you’ll wish you brought it. This hat may have a different look, but it’s an excellent way to break the ice while it keeps you cool as ice. This solar fan hat could make an excellent gift for employees during company building exercises, retreats, or picnics or as a way to promote social responsibility for renewable energy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made from durable canvas
  • Velcro strap to fit younger users
  • No obtrusive wiring & no batteries 
  • Very quiet


  • No on/off
  • Needs direct sunlight

Solar-Powered Cowboy Hat

Most Popular

This solar-powered fan hat by Kool Breeze has become so popular because of its versatility, design, look, and comfortable feel. The built-in fan is activated by the solar panel that absorbs energy from the sun. It has a double cooling system in the front and back of the hat and can be safely used during the long hot summer days. This solar fan hat is advertised as for males, but it seems to be just as popular among females and with four different hat sizes, you’re sure to find a fit regardless of gender.

This stylish hat is made of lightweight palm leaf and is embellished with leather trim and a decorative strap so you’ll look cool and stay cool while you’re out fishing, boating, or just working around the home.  It even comes with a convenient chin strap you can use if it gets windy. Keep the sun off your face and enjoy a constant gentle breeze from your solar fan cowboy hat.


  • UPV 50+
  • Solar-powered
  • Durable material
  • Battery-free
  • Breathable design and material


  • Color of palm and leather varies depending on natural colors and packing

Solar Powered Cooling Hard Hat

Made from premium, pressure-resistant plastic and OSHA approved, this solar fan hat from GoToTop features a solar powered built-in cooling fan that works in direct sunlight to keep cool when the work gets tough.  For a very affordable price, this solar fan hard hat can be yours. The stronger the sunlight, the faster your fan hat.

With an adjustable strap for proper fit and an insulating layer design this hat provides safety and comfort. This professional grade hat offers enough safety protection to use in day-to-day construction work, or when it’s time to do repairs around the home or car. It’s subtle design keeps it from being too flashy or trendy. This unique solar cooling hat makes an excellent summer gift for the hard workers you know.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Subtle design
  • Quiet fan


  • Does not work without direct sunlight

Solar Helmet With Rechargeable Battery

Editor's Pick

This solar powered cooling hat by Kool Breeze blows away the competition in quality and for this it wins our Editor’s Choice. Truly going above and beyond, this solar fan hat is not playing around and it’s not so much a novelty as a must-have tool for anyone who typically works with a hard hat on.

But this solar powered hat has a special feature that none of the other hats on our list offer and that is the ability to store energy in a battery.  This hat doesn’t need direct sunlight to charge, but it does use direct light to charge its battery.  Although it can be charged completely by the sun and store that charge, it does also include the practical option of charging the battery with a USB plug and electricity if needed.  This hat even includes a 2-speed fan setting.

The design and appearance of this solar cooling construction hat is professional and likeable from the start, but the real thrill is in the safety and quality specifics!  This is all-American, handmade, certified, hard hat is both OSHA and ANSI compliant, is safe in all weather conditions, and appropriate in a variety of indoor and outdoor work environments from mining and ironworks to construction and forestry. This is even an excellent choice for someone taking an adventurous leap toward rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, or even going on safari.


  • Durable and safe
  • Sleek and quiet design
  • Highly functional and adaptable
  • Comes in white, orange, yellow, and green


  • On the expensive side

What’s So Cool about Solar Hats?

What’s So Cool about Solar Hats

Like solar binoculars, solar powered fan hats make fun and unique novelty gifts for the active outdoor adventurers you know, but they have a practical and functional side, too.  While some solar fan hats are designed to draw attention with bright colors and funky accessories, others are designed for sleek professional use. It really depends on the purpose for your purchase. These products go great with ultrasonic solar pest repellers.

Most solar powered fan hats come one of two ways:  the hat works in direct sunlight only, or it stores energy from direct sunlight which can be used when there is no direct sunlight available.  In both cases, the hat has built in solar panels to collect the power of the sun. The energy collected from the sun by the panels supplies power to the motor of a build in fanning system that moves cooler air over the head and face of the user and out the back of the hat.

Much like searching for the perfect solar water bottle, when searching for the perfect solar fan hat, consider all the ways it will be used and what limitations the hat may present.  For example, if a hat only works in direct sunlight and does not store power in a battery, this may be an inconvenience. It’s also smart to consider the climate and weather conditions that hat will be used in.  Not all hats are waterproof, weatherproof, or conducive to all environments. So before you pop one of these into your favorite solar backpack, consider all of the features we’ve listed.

Lastly, do not overlook the importance of washing and caring for the solar powered hat.  Some hats are made of natural palm leaf while others are made of canvas and even plastic and most of these cannot be put into a washing machine for cleaning.  If your hat is going to get a lot of wear, it’s wise to select one that will be easy for you to keep clean for maximum product lifetime. (For a fuller explanation of the pros and cons of solar energy, click the preceding link!)

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