Best Solar Fans – Top Reviews of 2021

Moving to a more solar-sustainable life can start with one small decision, like using solar fans this summer to keep you and your home cool and dry.  During the summer, fans get used in the day and night much more frequently. This, combined with all the AC units that are going on for the season, causes a significantly larger consumption of non-renewable energy across the nation.

This is not an earth-conscious pattern for us.  Instead, solar fans could be delivering the relief that we need from summer heat.  These fans are efficient and powerful and some of them are even portable or able to be relocated easily.  By making the decision to go solar, even on just a few fans around the home, you’ll notice a significant drop in your average summer electricity costs.  It might even be enough to convince you to go solar elsewhere in your home and your life.

There are so many benefits and applications for these fans around the home, both indoors and out.  These fans have some obvious applications like blowing in cool air from outside at night to keep you comfortable, or like completing a ventilation system in your barn, shed, or attic.  But have you ever considered setting up a fan on your doghouse to keep your pets cool? What about in your chicken cool or other animal pens? Imagine if the treehouse your kids play in every summer was equipped with a fan, a light, and a charging station for small devices, all for free from the power of the sun.

Solar fans like this are an excellent addition to a greenhouse.  Not only is this beneficial to the plant maintenance, it serves as a cool relief for working in the hot and humid greenhouse. They’re also a wonderful option for outdoor use, around your picnic and grilling areas, by your patio, your hammock, or your porch.  And remember, this type of fan is easily used indoors too, if you make sure the panel still gets enough sun, either in a window or by mounting the separate panel outside on your roof.

If you’re the kind of family that loves to take the RV or camper out for adventure during the summer, keep cool while you camp with a fan like this.  In fact, some of these options are so easy to transport that you can pack them into your vehicle and set them up at the beach or campsite in less than 2 minutes, for a day of cool fun.  Additionally, these fans work as an efficient and cost-effective way for you to keep your electronics cool. Set these up to point at your laptop, tower, server, or any electronics that tend to get hot.

With all these uses, it’s kind of silly that you don’t already have one of these fans in place.  Don’t wait any longer. Keep your temperatures down and your costs down with these popular fans reviewed in the list below.

Ansee Sun-Powered Fan

Yinglisolar Sun-Powered Fan System

Western Harmonics 12 Inch Sun-Powered Fan

Best Solar Powered Fans – Top Reviews of 2020

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective answer for hot summer days and nights, you’ve come to the right list.  Keep reading for a look at some of the absolute best fans available. Find out which fans were selected for our top picks and why.  Stick around for the buying guide at the end to make sure you’ve considered all the important details before you make your purchase.  Read on to find the fans that will work best with your solar powered system.

Ansee Sun-Powered Fan

Editor's Pick

This solar fan from Ansee has a cute design and excellent functionality. It’s great to use in and around your home, or to take on camping trips or other outdoor adventures. This fan is only about 8.5 inches tall, almost 6 inches across, and about 1.5 inches thick from front to back solar panel. This fan is made to fit perfectly in any window. The solar panel faces outward toward the sun, and the fan point into your home, circulating cool and refreshing air.

But this fan is more than just a fan. It features two different lighting modes. At the top, you’ll find an LED lamp that rotates downward 60-degrees, which can come in very useful when reading or writing by this light. The other light mode is a flashlight which is found in the base of the unit. For better portability and use in flashlight mode, this fan also features an easy-carry handle, so it’s perfect to take on a hike to keep everyone cool.


  • Lightweight and silent
  • Adjustable fan direction
  • Table lamp and flashlight mode included
  • Bright LED lights
  • Easy to carry; fits windows perfectly
  • High velocity blades and powerful motor
  • Fast charge time; 3 hours in direct sun


  • Short runtime; about 4-6 hours
  • No USB ports for device charging

Goodsoz Solar Fan Vent System

This fan from Goodsoz offers quite a bit of compatibility to work as part of your complete solar home ventilation system. This set includes a 10W, 5V, solar panel and an electric fan. This solar panel starts to power the fan immediately in direct sun. There is no charge time for this set, because there is no battery to charge. When there is no light on the solar panel, the fan will stop immediately.

However, this unit is fully compatible with a solar bank, which will store solar energy for a later use. It also features a USB charge port on the back of the solar panel, so you can directly charge devices with direct sun, too. It’s recommended that if you charge a device from the back of the panel, that you do your best to protect your device from overheating in the sun, by covering or insulating it – or just maybe – by the breeze of a solar powered fan.


  • USB port charge port included
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Affordable
  • Works well as part of a complete system


  • Certain parts of the unit are waterproof, but most is not

Western Harmonics 12 Inch Sun-Powered Fan

Best Value

The Western Harmonics solar fan is a fine demonstration of bare necessity and minimal function. Very easily portable, you can use this fan on the homefront or out on an adventure. The panel and fan are small enough to bring with you where you’re going, but probably best ported in your vehicle and set up when you arrive. If you were going to carry it by hand, it’s only about 5lbs all-in-all and if you put it in a backpack, it wouldn’t be any trouble at all.

This fan has a 10W solar panel and the breeze it makes reaches far and feels strong. This fan can be repositioned easily depending on your needs; no mounting needed. The blades are 9 inches and it comes with two-speed controls. Highly dynamic, the fan comes with an efficient and long-lasting motor. The cord from fan to panel allows for 14-feet of distance. If required, it can also be extended. The fan runs directly from converted solar energy and there is no rechargeable battery included. When the sun is gone, the fan will not work.


  • Durable long-lasting motor
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Compatible with additional extension cord


  • Not as easy to port by hand

Yinglisolar Sun-Powered Fan System

Most Popular

This pedestal fan from Yinglisolar is a great fan to include around the home. It would make an excellent addition to your porch, sunroom, treehouse, patio, or even as an indoor fan. You’ll just need to make sure that the separate solar panel is in direct sunlight to absorb and store power. The cord between the cable and the fan allows for nearly 20 feet, so it’s easy to mount the solar panel on the roof and install the fan on the interior of your home. Unlike the other fans on this list so far, this one includes a lithium battery which will store power from the sun so that this fan can be used during the night or dark weather. Charge time is about 5 hours in direct sun. Runtime will give you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted use, even in the dark.

The speed is variable from 1000 to 1350 RPM, low speed mode of 1000 RPM and a high speed mode of 1350 RPM. It has a solar panel of 15W and it is able to function during the day for the solar power. It also comes with a remote control so that can control the fan settings from a distance. The fan can serve as a secondary light wherever you put it. At night, the LED light inside the fan will light up, making this an excellent choice of fan and nightlight combo for the bedrooms in your home.


  • Built-in LED lights for illumination in the night
  • Lithium battery stores solar energy
  • Includes overcharge protection
  • Charges electronic devices with the USB port on the remote control


  • Quite large when compared to other models
  • Not easily portable

Amtrak Solar Galvanized Steel Vent Fan

Let’s assume you’re in search of a fan to work as a powerful ventilation unit in your home. Perhaps you want to install it in your attic, a treehouse, a barn, a greenhouse, or a shed. This solar powered fan from Amtrak is just the kind you need. Most sheds and attics are usually airtight and highly insulated. A space with warmer air and built-up moisture can lead to premature failure of some of its structural materials, mold, insects, and this can cause a whole list of problems. Having an exhaust fan installed is one easy way to eliminate hot and moist air from the shed,and keep the space cool and dry. This helps to prevent structural defects or health problems.

This efficient fan can be easily installed anywhere around your homestead to keep it cool and dry and to circulate fresh. It comes in two sets, a 12 DC-volt fan and a high-quality crystalline solar panel of 12V. The best part is that the solar panel is certified to power your fan up to 30 years, and comes with a guaranteed refund in the case of any defect experienced within these years. You can also get a free optional thermostat that automatically helps to turn on and off your exhaust fan when your space reaches a certain temperature or humidity level.


  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to install
  • High quality solar panel
  • Good warranty; product last up to 30 years
  • 40W power


  • Fan can be loud

Advantages of Using a Solar Fan

Advantages of Using a Solar Fan

When you  make the move to solar cooling in your home and on your property, you’re making a decision to be more responsible with money, and with the future of the planet.  You’re choosing a method that has proven to be many times safer than traditional electricity. It poses much less risk of fire or other hazards involving children or pets.  If you need even more reasons to consider going solar for your next fan, (or even solar oven if that strikes your fancy) take a look at these other benefits:


If you use a solar powered fan, whether that’s in your car, home, attic, or greenhouse, you do not need electricity. Because the sun’s the primary power source, you will not incur any costs. Even if at first a small fan might cost more than a traditional one, it could prove to be less expensive in the long term. This is due to its capacity to decrease air conditioning costs by even 35%.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional fans derive energy from the power grid (city power grid) that relies on fossil fuels (for example, natural gas or coal). But solar fans utilize only the sun’s energy. When people set up solar panels on their roofs or utilize solar powered devices to make the environmental temperature decrease, they are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s what’s motivated these engineers at Purdue University to develop and distribute their own solar fans.

Power Type

When it comes to power sources for solar powered fans, there are at least 6 types. Here are a few:

  • Standard AA/D batteries
  • 12V battery
  • Rechargeable power pack
  • USB adapter
  • AC adapter
  • Solar power

The above power sources differ greatly. A 12V battery is much better than disposable D-batteries, for example. Rechargeable power packs have become popular because of accessibility and convenience. They come with a solar charging pack, which makes it easy for you to run them carefree without having to buy expensive, wasteful batteries. Both a USB or an AC adapter solar fan are able to make excellent use of a solar powered rechargeable battery pack.


The sun shines almost endlessly during the hot summer months. Why not utilize solar energy to make your living environment cooler? Look at what kind of power your fan functions best with and the length of runtime before it needs to be recharged. These are the factors that influence the portability of the fan. (Fans aren’t the only portable solar products either. Many solar powered clothes dryers can be toted along with you on your travels.)


Many people enjoy a fan that makes a bit of a hum and it can substitute as a white noise to calmly drift to sleep. Yet this is not always the case. If you find yourself in a smaller space, or a space that may be primarily for working, you may find yourself irritated with the sound. Consider how much sound you want your fan to make where you’re going to use it. And if a fan just isn’t cutting the mustard, try one of these solar air conditioners!


Be ready to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of these alternatives in order to determine the option which provides the best solution for you. Normally you’ll need to determine the amount of power that suits your needs, and the maximum runtime that operates best for you. It’s possible that you won’t always be able to recharge your solar fan if it doesn’t include a rechargeable battery, so consider whether a solar bank will be a necessary expense as well.


Imagine living in a world where there’s no need for an interconnected network that delivers electricity from producers to consumers.  Imagine a world free of electrical grids. Solar powered products and services move us closer to this reality every day. Move it a little closer yourself by selecting home products powered by the sun.  A great place to start is with a solar powered fan. As you look around your property and spot the areas that would benefit from a bit more air circulation, imagine what it would look like and feel like (and sound like!) if you had a solar fan working for you. (Feel like checking out more fun solar-related products? Check out these solar fan hats!)

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