Best Solar Fence Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

Setting up fence lights is a great way to ensure a more secure perimeter around your home while also sprucing up the décor. Conventional lights might be a hassle to install, especially since most require wiring to a power source. However, this is not at all the case with solar fence lights, which can be popped into place in less than a minute and require little to no maintenance after installation.

In what follows, we’ve put together the top 5 solar lights for fences in 2020 and followed it up with useful information about how these lights work, how many units you’ll need, and which features you should prioritize over others.

OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights, 4 Pack

EXULIGHT Solar Power Fence Lights, 4 Pack

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights, 6 Pack

What Are the Best Solar Fence Lights in 2020?

The solar power industry is ever growing and, with it, an avalanche of products has flooded the market (check out these electric solar fence chargers, for example). Virtually all kinds of conventional lights have been upgraded to versions that work with solar power, so it can get pretty dense when you’re looking for something specific. Luckily, we’ve done the grunt work for you and have come up with this list of the best solar fence lights in 2020.

OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights, 4 Pack

Editor's Pick

The solar fence post lights by Othway strike a fantastic balance between pricing and quality, which is why we have picked them to be our Editor’s Choice. They come in packs of 4 units for an affordable cost and they can be bought in both white and black to better suit the existing color scheme of your fence.

Each light is 12 lumens bright for a total of 48 lumens per set. This is more than you will get with most other products in the same price range and enough to properly illuminate a perimeter for security purposes, provided that you install the units with no more than 1.5ft between them. The plastic cover is cut in a delicate honey-comb shape for an interesting light display, which means these fence lights are excellent for both security and decorative purposes.

In addition, the lights by Othway are made of durable plastic to withstand rain, wind, and snow. They come with 2 pre-drilled holes for installation and, once they are set up, they require no additional maintenance.


  • 4 Solar fence lights with 12 lumens each for an affordable price
  • Can be used both for decorative and security purposes
  • Honey-comb plastic cover for a beautiful light display
  • Weather-proof


  • Less durable than other options
  • Might not turn on if exposed to artificial light during the night

EXULIGHT Solar Power Fence Lights, 4 Pack

Most Popular

Exulight’s solar lights for fences are some of the sturdiest, most durable products you can buy in this price range. Each set comes with 4 units and, at 22 lumens per light, is one of the brightest options currently on the market.

The shape of these solar fence lights is designed in order to maximize sunlight absorption and conversion efficiency. Thanks to the fact that the solar panel on each unit is slightly oblique, you can place the latter anywhere on the fence and rest assured that it will accumulate enough electricity throughout the day.

In addition, the honey-comb cut in the plastic cover ensures an aesthetically pleasing distribution of the light during nighttime, while the integrated light sensor automatically operates the units once they are installed and turned on. You can essentially place them on the fence and forget about them; they will continue to work flawlessly.


  • 4 Solar powered fence lights with 22 lumens each
  • Optimal positioning of solar panel for absorption of sunlight throughout the day
  • Honey-comb distribution of light; ideal for decorative purposes
  • Weather-proof; can last for years through rain, snow, and high temperatures


  • Not as effective in regions that do not get many hours of sunlight per day

AITYVERT Solar Flame Lights, 4 Pack

These solar powered wall and fence lights by Aityvert are certainly more expensive than other options presented here, but a pleasure to use and look at. The set includes 4 lights that emulate the warmth of a flame and that are therefore perfect for setting the mood in a patio or backyard.

Each light is approximately 20 lumens bright and encased in a light black cast with lattice design on the front for a gorgeous display. The pattern used to enhance the inside of the units makes it appear as if each cast shelters dancing flames for the perfect ambiance. The lights turn on and off automatically, at night and in the morning, respectively.


  • 4 Solar flame lights with 20 lumens each
  • A warm white hue that emulates the appearance of dancing flames
  • Sleek black cast with a lattice design on the front
  • Fully weather-proof


  • Considerably more expensive than other options

HOME ZONE Security Solar Wall and Fence Lights, 4 Pack

The solar fence post lights by Home Zone feature a sleek design and a stainless steel finish for an enhanced look. At 20 lumens each, these lights can be used both for decorative and security purposes and are therefore ideal for mounting on the outer walls or fence of a home.

Each package by Home Zone includes 4 lighting fixtures, as well as the screws and anchors necessary for installation. The units come with pre-drilled holes to facilitate their setup and are as easy to operate as flicking on a switch. Once they are turned on for the first time, they regularly come online during the evenings and turn off in the mornings for ease of use.


  • 4 Solar lights for fences, each with 20 lumens
  • Sleek design with a stainless steel finish for durability
  • The package includes both the fixtures and all necessary installation hardware
  • Completely weather-proof


  • Slightly more expensive than other options

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights, 6 Pack

Best Value

The 6 pack solar fence post lights by Sunface are more affordable than all of the options presented above, but comparable in terms of quality and durability. Each light is 10 lumens bright, so additional units might be needed to properly illuminate a fence or wall for security purposes, but the advantageous cost makes up for this shortcoming.

In addition, these lights have a beautiful, rustic design and can be ordered in both warm white and multicolored hues. They are perfect for decorative purposes and made from ABS plastic to ensure long-term durability. The installation is simple and quick, involves no additional wires or hardware, and sets the lights to turn on and off automatically during the evening and morning, respectively.


  • 6 Solar lights for fences, each 10 lumens bright
  • A very affordable package compared to other items of similar quality
  • Beautiful design in warm white or multiple colors
  • Made of ABS plastic for enhanced durability and weather-proof


  • Not as bright as other options
  • Not as durable as other options

Why Should You Light Your Fence?

Why Should You Light Your Fence

Similar to solar string lights, solar fence lights are a great way to improve the security around your domestic perimeter. Regardless of what type of fence you have, lighting will help increase visibility and act as a deterrent to potential trespassers. Both unwelcome people and animals tend to avoid areas that are well lit for the simple reason that you’d be able to see them right away.

Whether in the form of solar fence post lights above the railing, a continuous string of brightened bulbs, or under-deck railings, flooding the outdoors of your home with well-placed sources of illumination will increase the security of your family and work to create a warm ambience. Keep in mind that they go very well with solar floodlights.

One of the more popular choices for such domestic enclosures are solar lights for fences. These can work wonders in terms of decorative ambiance, especially when you have a gathering over in your backyard. Just imagine your green fence slowly getting illuminated by warm flickers of LED lights as the sun sets over a lively dinner party.

Whenever you hear a noise nearby, your solar fence lights will help you see better. Most of the times, it’s just a critter or a bird, but nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes with knowing for sure.

Why Choose Solar Fence Lights?

There are numerous advantages to choosing solar fence post lights, one of the more pertinent ones being their easy installation. Nobody wants endless extension cords running through their backyards. Aside from being unsightly, the latter also pose a serious child risk. Alternatively, these lights are entirely powered by the sun, so all you need is an outdoor place you’d like to brighten.

Since you don’t need to worry about turning them on, solar lights for fences are engineered to maximize your convenience. Built-in timers and other sensors ensure that these products will turn on and off as the light dims or the sun rises. You can basically put them up, forget all about them, and they will continue to run unhindered. Combine them with solar pillar lights, and all of your perimeter lighting needs will be handled.

Another advantage of solar fence lights that sways many customers is the fact that these lights result in significant savings on their energy bill. The energy that powers these magical bulbs is entirely renewable and free since it comes from the sun. This can make a world of a difference for those who live in remote locations, where electricity is expensive. (Combine solar fence lights with these solar lamp post lights for a truly illuminating experience!)

How Bright are Solar Fence Post Lights?

There’s no doubt that LED technology was one of the best things to happen to solar fence lights as a whole. They are cheaper to make, easier to dispose of, as well as more efficient in terms of light produced per energy consumed.

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. A 3-Watt bulb usually produces anywhere from 240 to 320 lumens (lm) worth of brightness. As a comparison, a regular 20-Watt halogen lightbulb is capable of producing 350 lm. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that you’re producing the same amount of light with close to 7 times less energy in the case of LED technology.

Depending on whether you want to increase visibility (a task for which these solar security lights are also well-suited) or just create a pleasant ambiance, solar fence post lights should be placed every 1.5 to 3 feet from one another around your perimeter. A higher density of bulbs will lead to better visibility and improved security.

Before You Buy Solar Fence Lights

Before You Buy Solar Fence Lights

Several things are worth considering before you make your final purchase on solar lights for fences. You should be aware of the surface you want to cover, the reason why you’re buying them in the first place, as well as your color preference.

Brightness and number of lights

Depending on the length of the boundary surrounding your property, solar fence lights every 3 feet will create a pleasant ambience with medium overall brightness. For security purposes, you might want to place them every 1 to 1.5 feet, so you’ll need more of them to cover the same surface.


You’re placing these solar fence post lights outside, so you’d naturally want them to be made of materials that are resilient to weather conditions. Fortunately, manufacturers ensured these products can handle some wind, dampness, rain, as well as cold-hot temperature variations without breaking down.

Design and Hue

Simple white light can be a little tough on the eyes, so many people prefer warm white or colored LEDs. Although the only thing you should consider is your personal preference, as well as the overall impact you’re aiming for, it’s worth noting that colored LEDs usually last for double the amount that white ones do.

Regardless of what type of outdoor light you go with, adding solar lights to your fences will have a noteworthy impact on your homestead’s outdoors. All that’s left is for you to decide on whether you want more lights to increase the security of your home or business or if fewer fixtures are enough to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. (Looking to light up your dock as well? Check out these solar dock lights!)

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