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You’re alone in the woods or on the side of the road and it will be dark soon, but this wouldn’t be so scary if you had a solar flashlight. A flashlight is good, but a solar powered flashlight is better. You won’t have to keep replacing wasteful disposable batteries and you won’t risk those batteries leaking or dying over time. Instead, you can charge a solar energy flashlight with free, renewable, sunlight. It holds the charge you give it for upwards of 2 years or more. For the absolute best flashlight, get a flashlight with a solar panel and a manual crank. This is a common feature of solar lights and it means you’ll never be without at least one option for powering your light. And again, the fact you won’t have to buy batteries for these flashlights is good both for your wallet and the environment.

If you think the flashlight feature on your smartphone is good enough; you might not be seeing things clearly. At some point, your phone’s battery will die and you won’t have access to enough power to recharge it. Besides that, sometimes the light from the phone just isn’t strong enough, and the phone can be hard to hold or set up. A solar powered flashlight on the other hand can last for almost an unlimited amount of time as long as you make sure to charge it in the sun.

Just like all other solar-powered products, flashlights absorb sunlight and store it in their rechargeable batteries. In addition, they use LEDs that can illuminate up to 50 meters. Most of these flashlights are impact-resistant and waterproof. There are also some models that come with additional features. Keep reading to find out what are the best-rated solar powered flashlights currently available on the market and how to choose only one for you.

NPET Tactical Flashlight

Thorfire Solar Flashlight

MECO Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

Best Solar Flashlights in 2020 Reviews

If you’re thinking about a flashlight (or one of these solar lanterns) for your protection, these popular reviews will help you find which is the most tactical, the most practical, and the best price. Plus, with our buyer’s guide you’ll know which features to consider. Don’t get stuck without light and without power. Find the flashlight that will work best for your needs in these top reviews of the best sun-powered flashlights of 2020.

NPET Tactical Flashlight

Editor's Pick

The NPET T09 flashlight takes the notion of solar flashlights to the next level. It comes with many different features and safety tools that make it a perfect addition to your emergency kit. The flashlight is very bright; the brightest mode measures 268 lumens. This flashlight comes with several more modes for you to choose from. And, when conserving power is of vital importance, you can extend the battery life by putting the flashlight into “dim mode”.

One of the additional features that users love is once it’s fully charged, you can use this flashlight as a power bank to charge any USB device. The product comes with plenty of safety tools such as a seatbelt cutter or a safety hammer that can be used to break car windows. In addition, you can find a compass on the bottom of this flashlight. Last but not least, the powerful magnet in the flashlight allows for easy mounting. The only downside of this solar-powered flashlight is that it is not entirely waterproof but it does have some water-resistance.


  • The flashlight comes with several different modes
  • The highest light output is 268 lumens
  • The flashlight comes with additional features and safety tools


  • All the extra features make the flashlight a bit heavy
  • The product is not waterproof, only water-resistant

MECO Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

Best Value

MECO Hand Cranking flashlight is one of the most convenient solar flashlights you can find on the market. The unit is small and you can easily attach it onto your backpack by using a carabiner clip. This makes it perfect for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor trip. If anything goes wrong, the manufacturer includes a forty-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t let the small size fool you because this flashlight is very durable. The built-in rechargeable battery can store energy for such a long time that you won’t need an external battery at all. You can also crank the flashlight for manual power if the sun is gone. If cranked for about 6 minutes, the flashlight will provide an hour of illumination. This feature is very useful in case you run out of battery. Of course, the flashlight is equipped with a solar panel so you can leave it in the sun and let it charge. Even though this flashlight is very basic and doesn’t come with any extra features, it’s still a perfectly tailored emergency device.


  • This flashlight is compact and easy to store or carry around
  • It can be charged by sunlight or manual crank
  • The manufacturer included a 40-day money-back guarantee


  • The flashlight is basic
  • There aren’t any safety features included

ECEEN Solar Powered Flashlight

For those searching for a solar force flashlight with incredible brightness, here’s one recommendation: the ECEEN Solar Powered Flashlight. This product comes with a built-in solar panel which works on 5V, meaning that the flashlight can provide almost unlimited illumination during day and night. The LEDs are very powerful and pack 150 lumens. The lighting distance is about 50 meters.

The product also features a rechargeable battery with 600mAH capacity. The battery can be recharged by using solar power, AC charger, or a USB cable. When fully charged, the flashlight can provide up to 4 hours of continuous power. The charge can last up to 3 years.

The flashlight is made out of sturdy materials and it is very durable and also waterproof. Additionally, the product is also lightweight and features ergonomic design so that it doesn’t create any unnecessary strain on your hands. The handle is textured so that the product doesn’t slip out.


  • A very bright flashlight that packs 150 lumens
  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • Features ergonomic design
  • Takes about 4 hours to recharge
  • The charge can last up to 3 years


  • The runtime of this flashlight is relatively short

Thorfire Solar Flashlight

Most Popular

Thorfire Solar Force Flashlight is an excellent choice for every emergency kit. The product is very durable and provides consistent light. It takes only one hour in the sun to power this flashlight and enable it to run for at least two hours. The unit also features a crank backup power source; only one minute of cranking will provide up to an hour of illumination in the flashlight’s dim mode. To fully charge the flashlight, you should leave it in the sunlight for 2 hours or hand crank it for about 5 minutes. The flashlight can run up to 4 hours once fully charged.

Considering the size of the flashlight, it features 100 lumens, which is a decent amount of brightness. However, this flashlight might not be the best choice for all those who are looking for a super bright emergency flashlight. The flashlight comes with three modes: bright, dim, and SOS. The last mode is actually a strobe mode. Switching between the modes is as simple as clicking the power button several times. In addition, the product is waterproof and can be submerged up to 45 feet.


  • Bright flashlight – packs 100 lumens
  • The product features a manual crank backup
  • It takes only 2 hours of exposure to sunlight to fully charge it
  • The product is durable and waterproof


  • The flashlight could be brighter
  • There is a limited number of modes

Hybrid Light Journey Solar Waterproof Flashlight

If you’re searching for one of the best solar force flashlights that have multiple uses, then look no more. The Hybridlight Journey Solar Waterproof Flashlight features a dual mode and it can be used in different situations. The first mode is the low-beam option which provides up to 25 hours of continuous light. The high-beam mode, on the other hand, can last up to 7 hours. In addition, this flashlight can also be used to charge your smartphone. The 2400 mAH lithium-ion battery can hold charge up to seven years.

The product has a built-in solar panel and you can charge it both outside in the sun or underneath incandescent lighting. In addition, you can always connect the flashlight to a USB charger to charge it quickly. The product is waterproof and it also floats on the water so that you don’t lose it. Even though this flashlight is quite powerful, is very light, compact, and portable.


  • Light output is 160 lumens
  • The flashlight can be charged by using solar power or USB charger
  • The product can be used to charge smartphones
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Comes with only two modes
  • Lacks additional functions or uses

What to Consider When Buying Solar Flashlights

What to Consider When Buying Solar Flashlights

With so many solar force flashlights available on the market, having to choose only one model can be a bit overwhelming. (It’s a bit like buying a solar watch. So many choices!) The best way to start the buying process is by determining what you’re going to use the flashlight for? Do you need it to be sturdy and durable for outdoor use or are you planning to use it as a backup indoors?

When it comes to outdoor use, it’s advised to go for a solar-powered flashlight that features a quality solar panel or a backup charging method which doesn’t need electricity. In addition, your flashlight will ideally be waterproof or at least water-resistant. Flashlights with extra features, such as a compass, might be very useful.

Flashlights may also have a backup charging method that needs electricity, such as USB charging. If you want to be extra green, get a flashlight that lasts a long time charged, so you get the most from the electricity charge you do use. Better yet, combine one with one of our favorite solar briefcases for added longevity. Features such as durability and water-resistance might not be absolutely necessary. However, what you should search for is a flashlight that can be easily stored and carried. Here are some other features you should pay attention to when looking for sun-energy flashlights:


In general, and much like these solar bug zappers, portability is one common feature all flashlights share. However, some flashlights are more portable than others. If you intend to use your flashlight every now and then, going for a heavier model is fine. However, if you need to use it frequently, for example at work, then you should be looking for a lighter and more portable model. In addition, smaller and lighter flashlights can be stored easily almost anywhere. Some flashlights are so small that they can be stored on a keychain, but they are still very powerful.

Flashlight Brightness

Just as the magnification of our favorite solar binoculars varies, the light and brightness a flashlight creates can vary from model to model. The average flashlight will offer somewhere around 100 lumens. Depending on how much light you need, especially in an outdoor emergency scenario, you’ll want to look for the most reliable model with the brightest lumens you can find. One thing to keep in mind is that flashlights that have a brightness level higher than 150 lumens are often times too bright.

Battery Life

Battery life or the runtime of a flashlight is a very important factor you should consider when looking for a new solar-powered flashlight. It’s usually measured in hours and given for each light setting. Some manufacturers even include a runtime graph that helps the buyer understand the performance of the light over time. On average, the majority of solar flashlights can run for about 15 hours, but there are some models that will run for more or less. To make sure you get the most for your money, make sure to get a flashlight that can last as long as possible, or combine one with one of these solar generators.

Charge Time & Charge Life

Another factor you should keep in mind is how long it takes your flashlight to be fully charged. It usually takes about 6 hours of exposure to direct sunlight for solar force flashlights to be fully charged. (For some added versatility, combine these with a solar tent.) Keep in mind that you should never sacrifice runtime of a flashlight over charge time. Make sure to get a flashlight that has a good runtime even if it takes a bit longer to charge it.

Charge life, like with any battery, is the cell’s ability to store energy at the capacity it originally did, and eventually it doesn’t hold a charge for very long at all in the end. On average, the charge life of a solar flashlight is about two years.


Sooner or later you find yourself in a situation when you need a flashlight. This could be in the basement, the attic, the shed. It could be in your car, or in the outdoors. Wherever you are, you might not always have access to power. Prepare for every eventuality with a solar flashlight that will hold the charge of the sun for upwards of 2 years. Go the extra mile and make sure that flashlight also includes a manual crank and you will never be without a light source. Choosing the perfect solar flashlight for you might seem to be a daunting task, but, hopefully, our buying guide helps you with your decision. (Looking for info on the best camping solar panels out there?)

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