Best Solar Flood Lights for Outdoor in 2021

Providing home security and safety around the clock means making sure the exterior of your home has proper lighting by using solar flood lights. With solar flood lights, you can provide illumination from dusk until dawn without tapping into your home’s electrical grid, hiring an electrician for costly work, or contending with rising energy prices.

Solar flood lights allow you to illuminate your doors, garage, and other entryways with clean energy gained from the sun. Additionally, the best solar flood lights can be used to create directional lighting effects. This allows you to give light and attention to landscaping features, flags, or other areas of interest around your home or yard.

You can set a flood light to clearly show the street number on your home so that delivery persons or guests can find it with ease. You can illuminate stunning statuary or beautiful plants. Or you can draw attention to the most elegant features of your home, increasing your curb appeal no matter the time of day.

Solar powered flood lights are also a great option for business owners. A solar powered light can provide illumination to a sign or banner, while having relative ease of movement compared to a light that is hard wired into your electrical system. Light up your latest deals or offerings, or provide security after your business has closed. The best outdoor solar flood lights will give you strong, bright light from dusk to dawn so that those passing by can see your building and signage with ease.

No matter your reason for choosing a solar flood light, you need to know that you can rely upon the choice that you’ve made. To help you, we’ve reviewed some of the best outdoor solar flood lights currently available. These lights all work on free, clean solar energy. This allows you the extra illumination you seek without additional cost to either your electric bill or the planet.

These solar LED flood light reviews highlight the best available models, giving weight to the quality of lights and solar panels used, the durability of all included materials, and the versatility of the lights to be used in different configurations around your home or business.

JPLSK Solar Flood Light + Remote Control

Semlits Solar Flood Light

iThird 3 Modes Solar Light

Solar Flood Light Reviews

JPLSK Solar Flood Light + Remote Control

Editor's Pick

The JPLSK solar LED flood light provides flexibility and durability for all your home’s outdoor solar lighting needs. This solar flood light is made with separate panel and light housings for flexible positioning. Unlike many other models, however, this light offers the flexibility of remote control access to change the settings on your light. The remote settings along with the durable light and separate solar positioning makes this one of the best solar flood lights on the market.

If your light needs to be positioned up high, or someplace that is not easily accessible, this may be one of the best solar powered flood lights for you. The light allows you to change the brightness and determine the number of hours you would like the light to operate. No need to climb a ladder to reach the buttons or dials on the light itself.

You can also leave the light in auto mode, allowing it to charge in the sunlight, and turn on automatically when darkness falls. It will remain on until the next morning. While this is the only mode for many of its competitors, this is simply one of several modes for this solar flood light model.

The battery charged from the solar panel will typically allow between 8-10 hours of lighting in auto mode. This is sufficient to get all night lighting during most parts of the year in the majority of locations.

Additionally, the smart IR remote can interface with multiple lights in the same product line, so if you are buying several lights to cover the perimeter of your home or business, you can set all the lights to the same control settings with a single remote.

The light box and solar panel housing are connected via a 16 foot cord so that each can be positioned independently. The solar panel can be put on a rooftop or against a wall surface where it will receive the most direct sunlight, while the light box can be placed where it will offer the best effect after dark, even if that location is underneath a porch or overhang.


  • Flexible settings
  • Remote control for easy adjustment of light brightness or run time
  • Solar panel and light can be positioned independently


  • Some consumers reported trouble using remote through a window/glass

CLY 60 LED Solar Flood Lights

The CLY brand provides one of the best solar powered flood lights on market. This model of light boasts a strong battery setup which allows the solar panel to charge enough to support 16 hours of use. This system also allows for flexibility in placement with separate panel and light housing.

These solar flood lights have a 60 bulb LED panel which provides long lasting light for your home or business. The 300 lumens of brightness, and the wide, 120 degree range of the light provides bright light that covers a wide area.

The solar panel and light are housed separately and connected via a cord so that each can be positioned independently.

The independent positioning of the light and solar panel housing gives you flexibility to hang the light underneath an overhang, or in a shady spot while being assured that the solar panel is able to soak up plenty of sunlight to keep the battery charged.

The manufacturer states that a fully charged solar panel can light the LED box for up to 16 hours. This means the device can charge itself fully on sunny days, so that some holdover remains for days when the weather is poor and there is heavy cloud cover. This makes it one of the best outdoor solar flood lights for areas with lots of cloud cover.

Both the light housing and the solar panel are made with sturdy waterproof construction, and each has a metal bracket that will allow it to be mounted on a post or wall. The light housing and the panel can also be staked in the ground to create upward facing light for signs or statuary.


  • 60 LEDs for long lasting light
  • Strong battery power
  • Solar panel and light box can be positioned separately


  • Some users complain that the light is too diffuse

iThird 3 Modes Solar Light

Best Value

The iThird light provides flexible functionality in a solar powered flood light. It has three main modes that allow you to use the light for a variety of purposes and locations.

The iThird solar LED flood lights contain the solar panel and light box in the same housing. This provides somewhat less flexibility for positioning than some other models, however, the fact that the panel and light are not separated by a thin cord may provide additional security and durability overall.

The heart of the iThird’s appeal lies in its affordable price, and in the 3 function setting. The “always on mode” works much like other solar flood lights we’ve reviewed, automatically turning on after dark, and remaining on until sunrise.

The second mode is the “dim light sensor mode.” A 20 lumens light remains on throughout the night to provide a dim illumination, but when motion is detected, the light switches to a full brightness of 250 lumens.

A third mode keeps the light off completely until motion is detected, when it will turn on to it’s full brightness for 37 seconds.

This multi-function mode allows you to save light for times you will need it (when motion is detected) if you wish. This is particularly useful if you have varying needs for your light, or if you worry that the light might shine too brightly into a bedroom window and disrupt sleep, but still want the ability to illuminate your home when you are coming home, or to deter an intruder.


  • Multifunction light provides flexibility
  • Motion sensor for security
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and durable
  • Low price


  • Solar panel cannot be independently positioned

Sunbonar Solar Flood Light

This large, versatile flood light provides reliable illumination in a wide variety of settings. The Sunbonar boasts a multi-LED light panel with bright illumination, the quality solar panel with flexible positioning, and the housing design which allows both the panel and the light to be positioned in a variety of ways.

The Sunbonar solar panel is sizeable, and made of polycrystalline. The panel is protected by tempered glass and a metal housing and is backed by a steel bracket which allows the panel to be mounted on a variety of surfaces such as roof overhangs, wooden fences, or even be staked into the ground (with included hardware).

The light consists of a 120 LED panel which means that if one light is damaged or defective, there will be little change in overall functionality as there are 119 other lights to keep up the work of providing you with the light and safety you need. Altogether the light box creates a bright wide flood of light in the 800-1000 lumens range.

The light apparatus is held in a tempered glass and metal housing similar to that of the solar panel. The light has its own metal bracket for attaching and positioning, which means the light can be directed on the specific area of your home or business that you want to highlight.

A sixteen foot cable attaches the solar panel to the solar LED flood lights. This means that the panel and light can be positioned several yards apart so you can use the light in situations where an attached solar panel might not get enough direct light.

Keep in mind, however, that the light sensor that causes the Sunbonar to come on after dark is in the solar panel. That means wherever you placed the panel will have to be dark before the light comes on. Don’t use this light if you need the lights to come on in a shaded area well before darkness falls.


  • Bright light with wide area coverage
  • Light and solar panel can be positioned separately
  • Durable metal and tempered glass construction


  • One of the higher priced flood lights reviewed

Semlits Solar Flood Light

Most Popular

The Semlits light offers a super bright, wide angle flood light which can provide wide ranging illumination to your porch, garage, driveway or landscaping.

Like many of the best solar powered flood lights, the Semlits offers separated panel and lighting boxes which are connected via a 16-foot cord. This allows plenty of room for positioning.

Once fully charged, these solar flood lights provide a solid 8-10 hours of lighting. The light box contains 54 super high brightness SMD LEDs which gives you a solid 500 lumens brightness for the light. The wide angle of 120 degrees allows that light to spread over a wide area which reduces the need for additional lights or supplemental spot lights to cover a single area.

The hardware to mount these solar flood lights in the siding of your house or a post are included. Also included is a set of spikes so the light box and solar panel can be staked in the ground for dramatic lighting.


  • Ultrabright LED light box of 500 lumens
  • Wide angle of light for full coverage
  • Independent positioning of light and panel


  • Higher price than comparable lights

How do I choose the best outdoor solar flood lights for my home or business?

How do I choose the best outdoor solar flood lights for my home or business

Now that you’ve seen some of the best solar flood lights available on the market, it’s time to decide which one is the right fit for your individual needs. Like with more generic outdoor solar lights, you’ll want to confirm your light matches your circumstances.

To help you determine which light best suits your purposes, and will give you years of free, clean solar energy without hassle or higher energy bills, you should ask yourself a few questions:

What is the main purpose of solar LED flood lights?

Security, safety, and decor. These are some of the main reasons that consumers continue to choose solar powered flood lights as the best option for their home or business. While more versatile than, for example, solar path lights, you’ll want to make sure that the lights you choose fit the purpose they’re designed to fulfill.

You may want lights that provide illumination to your garage or front door so that you can make your way into your house at night with ease.

You might want lights that provide illumination to different entrances in your home so that anyone approaching them will be deterred, since they will be easily visible. Or you may want to illuminate your pool or hot tub so that anyone walking on your deck will be able to easily stay clear.

You might simply want to illuminate a particular feature of your home or business for aesthetic reasons. A flagpole, a statue or water feature, a particularly handsome plant, or a sign can be clearly illuminated by a solar powered flood light.

The great thing about choosing a solar flood light is that there is no worry about connecting to an outlet, or running cables. Even if the location you want to light up is far from other power sources, there is no worry.

What is the size of the area I want to light up?

If you are mainly concerned with highlighting a single door or feature, then a smaller light with a narrower field will be sufficient. However, if you are looking to have bright light on an entire wall or area of your home, then either multiple small lights or a very large, wide light will be needed. Consider, for example, if there’s a solar-powered camera who’s field of view you want illuminated.

Alternatively, you may want a light that is not so bright that the light is distracting from within a home. You may also choose a light that has adjustable brightness settings that suit multiple needs.

Double check the size of the area you plan to illuminate and compare that against the manufacturer’s material on the size of the light cast.

Where is it practical to place my solar LED flood lights?

Take a look at the area you want to illuminate and think about where your flood light will need to be mounted. Will it be mounted directly to your home’s siding, or is there a pole, post or fence upon which you’d like to place it? Do you need it synchronized with a solar gate opener or solar driveway alarm for security?

Some flood lights can even be placed on or staked in the ground. Review the area you want illuminated and think of where the light will need to go to accomplish your desired look. Also consider whether you may have to drill into brick or concrete and whether you have the necessary tools to accomplish that.

Where will I need to place my solar panel?

Some solar powered flood lights include a solar panel attached directly to the top of the light apparatus. Others have a panel which is connected via cord, and thus the panel can be positioned someplace a few yards away from the light.

This is important to consider. Like solar spotlights, these lights are bright and therefore require a good charge during the day if they are to do their job at night. Think about where you will position your solar panel in addition to considering where you will put your light.

If you want to put your light someplace where it will be in the shade often during the day, it’s important that you choose a kit with a solar panel that can be positioned elsewhere. The security and beauty that you get from a light is only as good as your positioning of the solar panel.

Once you’ve considered these questions, you’ll be ready to make a decision and purchase your new solar flood lights. Similar to adding a solar security light, you’ll have a more safe, secure, and beautiful home without adding pollution, or the need for additional fuel or electricity costs. After purchase and a quick installation, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new solar flood lights before you know it.

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