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Solar fountains can provide a low-cost and environmentally friendly way of turning available water into a ready-made water feature to decorate your home and garden. By harnessing the sun’s energy using solar powered fountains, you can ensure that your home and garden stands out from the crowd. Easy, convenient, and completely self-powered, these fountains prove that keeping a beautiful home and caring for one’s environment doesn’t require one to sacrifice quality, convenience, or peace of mind.

With many competitive options on the market, it doesn’t take much for you to harness the sun in order to make the most of your environment. Read on for several brief reviews of the top products on today’s marketplace, as well as several choice pieces of advice on selecting a solar powered fountain from the wide variety of possible features and options.

Solar Birdbath Kit by MADETEC

Solar Fountain by Solatec

Solar Fountain by COSSCCI

Best Solar Water Fountains Reviews

Solar Birdbath Kit by MADETEC

Editor's Pick

Enjoy your garden without worrying about batteries or extension cords with this solar fountain kit from MADETEC. Completely solar powered, this pump can be placed in any existing birdbath or fountain, hooked up to a water source, and left to go. Plus, the pump comes with four different types of nozzle head attachments. Each of these attachments sprays water in a different pattern to a different height. At its highest the water can rise 30 to 50 centimeters.

As a bonus, this solar fountain can be used in a variety of ways. It can be placed in any outdoor birdbath, fountain, fish tank, pond, pool, or other water feature. Additionally, the pump’s action helps aerate the water, circulating oxygen and preventing stagnation.

The solar powered pump itself floats atop the water and begins running automatically within a few seconds of exposure to sunlight. Like similar solar pumps, the effectiveness of this pump is dependent on the brightness and duration of the available sunlight, so be sure to place your pump in a location that receives plenty of direct light throughout the day.

This pump does have a few downsides comparable to similar products on the market. For example, the solar pump functions using only photovoltaic panels, and does not have an associated solar battery. That means that the pump doesn’t store any energy; in order for it to work, all panels must be exposed to full, direct sunlight. That means that it must be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that nothing obscures the panels. Additionally, the pump and nozzle must be regularly cleaned as well to ensure that nothing obstructs water flow through the device.

Solar Fountain by COSSCCI

Best Value

This product is very similar to the solar fountain from MADETEC, only cheaper and with slightly fewer features. Completely solar powered, the fountain does not require any additional power source. Simply set it in the sun and let it sprinkle. Like the MADETEC, this fountain floats atop existing water features such as birbaths, ponds, pools, or fish tanks. It comes with three different sprinkler heads capable of producing three different spray patterns and heights.

The photovoltaic panels surrounding the solar fountain will begin to run water within a few seconds of being set in direct sunlight. Like other products on our list, COSSCCI’s solar fountain lacks a battery to store the energy it collects, so it requires constant, direct sunlight in order to run. It also requires quite a bit of care and attention in order to ensure that the panels are not obscured and the pump and nozzles remain unblocked.

There are several benefits to this water feature, however. Because it doesn’t store energy, it wastes no power running at night. Additionally, it circulates and aerates the water it pumps, spreading oxygen through the surrounding water and preventing stagnation. Plus, COSSCCI’s solar fountain has a built in, brushless motor that provides a longer service life and lower energy consumption. That means that this product is good for up to 10,000 hours of serviceable life.

Overall, this product is a great option if you have access to direct sunlight and you’re looking to spruce up your home and garden on a budget. Although the lack of backup battery is certainly a limitation, overall this solar fountain is competitive within the marketplace and provides quite a bit of bang for one’s buck.

Solar Fountain by Solatec

Most Popular

This solar fountain by Solatec is one of the top sellers on Amazon, and with good reason. It’s affordable, reliable, eco-friendly, and incredibly stylish. Completely solar powered, you can simply set this pump in the sun and provide it with a water source. Within a few seconds, it will begin to pump. Great for adding interest and drama to existing water features such as birdbaths, ponds, pools, and outdoor fish tanks, this solar powered fountain from Solatec is a reliable alternative to the other products on our list.

Unfortunately, Solatec’s solar fountain also suffers from many of the same limitations. For example, it does not have a backup battery and requires continuous, full sunlight in order to function. That means you’ll need to place it somewhere where it can receive plenty of direct sunlight, plus keep up with regular maintenance to make sure the solar panels do not become obscured. Additionally, the pump mechanism and nozzles require regular cleaning in order to ensure that they do not get blocked.

On the bright side, however (pun intended), this solar fountain does come with four separate nozzle attachments, each of which produces a specific height and spray pattern. These nozzles are capable of spraying water up to 30 to 50 centimeters in the air, depending on the amount of sunlight the pump is receiving. Additionally, the pump must be fully submerged in order to function properly, floating just beneath the surface of the water. If all of these requirements are met, however, this solar fountain can be a delightful, whimsical addition to your home and garden.

Solar Fountain Pump with Backup Battery by ROADTEC

Another popular option on Amazon, this solar fountain provides a completely solar powered display ready to work for you. Simply place the device in direct sunlight, allow it to float within an existing water feature such as a birdbath, pond, pool, or outdoor fish tank, and watch the pump begin to work.

This solar powered fountain by ROADTEC provides several great features that distinguish it from other options on the market. For example, this fountain comes with a battery backup, which means that it can continue to function even when direct sunlight is not available. Additionally, this fountain has a detachable, washable pump that makes cleaning easy.

Plus, the ROADTEC solar fountain comes with a built-in water level monitoring system. Thus, the fountain automatically turns off when it idles for more than fifteen seconds, or when it ceases running due to low water levels. This handy feature prevents blockages and extends the device’s lifespan. Regular and vigilant maintenance of the pump and solar panels is, of course, still a requirement for the pump to continue operating at its full potential. Luckily noticing, fixing, and preventing blockages of the pump is relatively easy with proper care and consideration.

Finally, the fountain also has four distinct, detachable nozzles with different spray patterns and water heights, allowing for easy customization and alteration of your water feature. Live the high life on a low budget and enhance any existing water feature. Buy this solar fountain from ROADTEC and allow your lawn and garden to shine with automatic, solar powered flare.

Overall, this fountain is a solid choice on our list, with all of the standard features of the competition, plus an external battery that increases the versatility of the solar fountain.

Solar Powered Ceramic Frog Water Feature by STI GROUP

By far the most stylish item on our list, this solar fountain will add flare to your lawn and garden. Depicting a frog perched on the edge of a lily pad, shooting gently splashing water from its pursed mouth, this fountain is made from high quality, glazed ceramic that not only looks great, but will stand up to any weather conditions. Additionally, the fountain is completely solar powered, relying on a solar cell to provide power to an integral low-voltage water pump that circulates liquid between the lily-pad basin and the frog’s mouth.

Available in packs of up to four fountains, this water feature is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere on your patio, deck, backyard, or garden. Simply place the device in direct sunlight and allow it to run. The fountain is completely self sufficient, relying on the sun for power and recycling water from within the bowl.

The solar panel is separate from the fountain, and connects to the pump via a 10-foot cable, giving you much greater latitude about where the fountain itself is placed. Only the solar cell needs to be in direct sunlight in order for the pump to operate; that means that the fountain itself can decorate any part of your lawn and garden, even if it’s in the shade! Simply run the cable from the solar panel to the fountain, turn on, and enjoy. No additional wires, cables, or outlets required!

This product is distinctive from the other items on our list in that it does not fit inside an existing water feature, but rather acts as its own decoration. Consider purchasing it if you’re looking for something to decorate your home and garden without being beholden to direct sunlight or existing water features.

Solar Fountain with Battery Backup by Feelle

Like the other products on our list, this solar fountain is completely solar powered. Simply place it in direct sunlight, floating atop an existing water feature such as a pool, pond, birdbath, fountain, or fishtank, and the pump will begin to run within three seconds, shooting water up to 50 centimeters in the air.

Unlike many other solar fountains, this product also comes equipped with the advantage of a backup battery. This allows the pump to continue running without direct sunlight, contributing to a more prolonged and more stable fountain action.

The Feelle fountain also has a special feature designed to protect and prolong the usable life of the motor. Designed with a special ‘water inductor’, the pump will perform multiple water level tests over a twenty second period. If the water inductor detects a shortage of water, the pump will stop working after twenty seconds, avoiding motor burn out. After the pump stops running, it goes into sleep mode and begins to charge itself.

Additionally, this fountain comes with four different nozzles that allow for four different spray patterns. Plus, the fountain comes with a special twelve-month, one-hundred percent warranty and excellent, friendly customer service guaranteed to respond to any issues within twenty-four hours.

Like the other items on our list, this product does require regular maintenance to prevent the pump from becoming clogged and ensure that the photovoltaic solar panels function properly.

Overall, this solar fountain is a great option for adding fun and drama to your garden. By utilizing the sun and existing water features, this pump will allow you to decorate your lawn and garden in high style at an admirably low cost.

Solar Birdbath Fountain by Tranmix

Comparable to other products on our list, this solar fountain runs completely on the sun’s energy and the water from an existing water feature. Simply place the fountain in the pond, fountain, birdbath, pool, or fish tank which you would like to augment, allow it to float just beneath the surface of the water, and watch your solar fountain dreams come true.

Equipped with a water jet that can shoot up to 50 centimeters into the air, this solar fountain comes with eight different nozzle attachments, double the number of any other product on our list. Each nozzle attachment produces a different spray pattern.

Like other solar fountains, this product requires regular maintenance to ensure that the pump remains unblocked and the solar cells remain functional. It does not have a built-in water level monitor or stop, so it does require regular monitoring to make sure that water levels are high enough to avoid damaging the pump.

This unit has no backup battery, so the solar panels must be exposed to constant, direct sunlight in order to continue functioning.

As an additional bonus, however, the manufacturers provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee, along with a twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty and replacement policy something matched by few other manufacturer’s on the list.

Overall, this is a good product that competes well in terms of price, features, and functionality with the other options on our list. The biggest standout for this product is the eight nozzle types included, making it a strong contender for your next solar fountain if variety is one of your most important requirements while purchasing a product. If you’re looking for something with a backup battery or a self-regulating water level monitor, however, look elsewhere.

The Benefits of Solar Fountains

The Benefits of Solar Fountains

Solar fountains provide many benefits over traditional water pumps and water features. They’re completely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, relying only on the sun’s rays for power. Plus they look great, adding interest and drama to your home and garden. In addition, solar-powered water fountains circulate the water in your pond, fountain, birdbath, or other water feature, aerating it and circulating oxygen, like a solar birdbath bubbler.

Like solar rain barrel pumps, solar-powered water fountains are easy to turn on and off, only operating at opportune times without wasting energy.

How Solar Fountains Work

Most solar fountains rely on small solar cells that use something called the photovoltaic effect–the creation first of a voltage, or electrical potential, and then an electrical current upon a material’s exposure to light–to harness the sun’s energy. The solar cells–the dark panels at the top of a solar fountain–harness the energy of the sun’s rays and convert it into direct electric current. This works because the solar cell is made of layers of silicone and specific chemicals that create electrical potential (a.k.a. voltage) via alternating pockets of positively charged space and negatively charged, reactive electrons.

When high energy waves of light cast by the sun strike these electrons, they are discharged from their positions and pushed into the cell’s positively charged spaces, ultimately creating an electrical current, which is then used to power the fountain’s pump and, in the case of systems with backup batteries, stored as yet another electrical potential that can be accessed at a later time.

What to Look For in A Solar Fountain

Much like solar pool pumps, many of the solar fountains on the market do not have batteries, and thus can only operate when exposed to direct sunlight. That is not a problem if the location you intend to place the fountain is in direct sunlight, but if you intend your fountain for a shaded place, want it to function during times when sunlight is unavailable, or simply want to ensure a constant, consistent current throughout the day, then consider a system with a back-up battery or external solar panel.

In the same fashion as solar pond aerators, because most solar fountains are meant to be placed directly on the water feature, it is important to consider the dimensions of the solar fountain you’re buying. What will fit best in the water feature, fountain, or birdbath you intend the product for? How high would you like it to spray? Would you like variety in your spray pattern, and if so, how much?

Finally, it’s important to consider how long you want your solar fountain to last and what level of maintenance you are willing to perform. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance, lower-stress solar garden decoration, consider an option with a built-in water level sensor in order to extend the useable life of the fountain and lessen the amount of cleaning necessary for the pump.

In conclusion, a solar-powered fountain can be a solid investment for those looking to lessen their reliance on gas or electric power. Additionally, solar fountains are self-sufficient and environmentally friendly–a refreshing change from more traditional fountains olutions. Using the natural properties of the sun, solar fountains provide a low-stress way of securing a safe water supply in any situation. With a wide variety of reliable, high-quality options on the market, you can be sure to select the solar fountain that best suits both your requirements and your budget. (Looking for even more cool solar products? Check out the best solar showers on the market today!)

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