Best Solar Gazing Balls – Top Reviews of 2021

Gazing balls appeared for the first time in the 13th century and they were mostly used for aesthetic and spiritual purposes. Usually, the orbs were placed on a pedestal or wrought iron base so they could bring good luck and ward off evil. However, nowadays, they’re mostly used as decorative objects in the garden. But, did you know that solar gazing balls can actually help your garden grow?

Yes, you read that right. These decorative balls can actually be used as a renewable resource that helps your garden grow. This is mostly because they are made of steel material which turns them into a magnet for a static charge. This very attribute allows a gazing ball to improve the health of your garden since electricity and magnetism can be almost as effective as a fertilizer.

The charge in solar powered gazing balls adds a higher proportion of nitrogen in the air, which is exactly what can make your garden healthier. Thunderstorms have a similar effect. People notice that usually after a thunderstorm occurs, the vegetation looks greener. Many think that the rain is the reason for the vibrant look, but actually, it’s the lightning. The charge from the lightning increases nitrogen levels in the air and makes the plants healthier.

Votenvo Bird Figurines Solar Outdoor Decor

GreenLighting Outdoor Solar Stake Lights Set

Deneve Solar Gazing Ball on Tall Stake

Best Decorative Solar Gazing Balls – Top Reviews of 2020

Are you ready to make your garden healthier with these exotic and attractive gazing balls? Below, you’ll find reviews on some of the most popular ones on the market and what to keep in mind if you’re considering them. Keep reading to find the perfect ball for your garden landscape. And while you’re at it, why not consider one of these solar umbrellas?

Achla Designs Solar Celestial Orb

If you’re looking for solar gazing balls that can add a touch of magic and mystery to your garden, Achla Designs has got you covered. Their celestial globe is made of hand-blown colored glass by using a special technique that gives the ball a crackle appearance and mirror finish. Each globe contains an LED bulb that can last up to eight years and is charged by solar power.

The item comes in five different colors – red, blue, green, teal, and yellow. The LED bulb shines through the colored glass to create an ethereal glow. Balls are about 10 inches in diameter, but since each item is handmade, the size may vary slightly. The gazing ball can be placed almost anywhere in your garden or patio. You can also get a matching Achla globe stand that’s compatible with the globe.


  • Adds a touch of mystery and magic to your outdoor space
  • Includes LED bulb charged by solar power
  • The item is available in five different colors
  • Each item is handmade and handled with care


  • The globe is made of glass and may break more easily

Deneve Solar Gazing Ball on Tall Stake

Best Value

This solar powered gazing ball is also made from hand-blown glass. Thanks to its special design, it adds a unique charm to every yard, garden, or patio. Even though the globe is made of glass, it’s very durable and also weatherproof.

The globe also features an LED bulb and state-of-the-art solar panel that soaks up sunlight. Once the globe is fully charged, it can illuminate your outdoor space for up to 10 hours. The globe comes on a tall stake that can be placed firmly into your lawn. The stake is made of heavy duty metal and is very durable and resistant to weather conditions.The installation is quite simple and there is no need for maintenance.


  • The globe is durable and weatherproof
  • It comes on a stake made of heavy duty metal
  • Installing the item is very simple
  • There is no need for maintenance


  • Glass gazing balls break more easily than those made of sturdier materials

GreenLighting Outdoor Solar Stake Lights Set

Most Popular

These are definitely one of the sparkliest and most colorful solar gazing balls available on the market. Each bejeweled globe includes an LED bulb that will illuminate your walkway or accentuate your garden. Each globe is paired with a thin stake that can be easily placed into the ground.

The LED bulbs are solar-powered and the solar panel is located on the stake. The stake can extend past the solar panel so that it can receive direct sunlight. These globes can be bought in a set of 4 or 8 items and in multiple color options.


  • Very colorful gazing balls that produce a soft glow
  • Each globe comes with a matching stake
  • Installation is very easy
  • The lights turn on and off automatically


  • The thin stakes might be a bit flimsy

Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights Moon Glass Globe

Centuries ago, it was believed that solar gazing balls had powers that could bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. If you like decorations that remind you of supernatural, then this one might be the perfect choice for you. The gazing ball is made of glass and placed inside a moon. The moon and the staff are made of stainless steel.

Inside the gazing globe is an LED bulb that illuminates warm white light. The globe is designed with a beautiful pattern and is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. The item is made of sturdy materials and is resistant to all weather conditions.


  • Gazing ball comes inside a beautiful moon staff
  • The LED bulb illuminates warm white light
  • The manufacturer offers a refund or replacement within 180 days


  • Some users complained that they couldn’t get the ball to light up

Votenvo Bird Figurines Solar Outdoor Decor

Editor's Pick

Votnevo came up with a unique design for their solar powered gazing balls. Each ball is placed inside a beautiful glass bird figurine. There are four different designs for you to choose from. Even though the item is made of glass, it is suitable for outdoor use and won’t be affected by the weather.

The product features an LED bulb and rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Once exposed to direct sunlight during the day, the battery will provide up to 8 hours of illumination during the night.


  • Features a beautiful and unique design
  • Made out of quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions
  • Once fully charged, the light can run for up to 8 hours


  • The stake can bend easily

The History of Solar Gazing Balls

The History of Solar Gazing Balls

The first gazing balls were made by Italian artisans and they were meant to be used in the palace gardens. Europeans believed that these items had some sort of magical powers that could bring good luck to the entire family. In addition, it was believed that the gazing balls could help drive off demons, ghosts, and evil spirits. Some families believed that they could protect them from all intruders, including witches.

Another way that the balls were used is for meditation. Since the balls have a reflective surface and are usually placed in gardens, this makes them a perfect choice for meditation purposes. Gazing into the ball could allegedly help a person to become one with the universe and reflect on the mysteries of life.

In Victorian England, gazing balls were mostly used for decorative purposes, as they look amazing (especially when surrounded with hanging lights). However, people also believed that these beautiful items could attract fairies. In addition, there was a tendency to place a gazing ball on the dining table so the butlers could check on guests’ drinks and plates.

Nowadays, there are traditional but also solar powered gazing balls. Mostly they are used for decorative purposes, but if you believe in fairies and evil spirits, you can use them for magical purposes as well. The main difference between regular and solar gazing balls is that the latter ones can light up when the sun sets.

How to Take Care of a Solar Powered Gazing Ball

Years ago, gazing balls were made from blown glass. But nowadays, they are usually made of durable materials such as metal or tough plastics. This makes taking care of the ornament much easier. You can leave a gazing ball outside in your garden all year round if it’s made of metal or resin. All you need to do is spray it with a hose and wipe it down every now and then to keep the ball shiny.

In addition, there are still gazing balls made of glass available on the market. The best way to clean them is by using a standard glass cleaner. However, these globes should be stored indoors when the weather is cold since low temperatures can cause cracking. If the glass cracks, not only will it affect the look of your decorations but it can also present a safety hazard.

How to Display a Gazing Ball

Displaying solar gazing balls is very easy since they look enchanting wherever you place them. But they look even better when they’re lit with these solar lights. Usually, people put this decoration down on the ground or among the flowers. However, here are some other ways you can display this simple work of art.

  • Display the gazing ball on a small pedestal in the middle of a birdbath.
  • Place the decoration in the garden and surround it with pretty rocks.
  • Put the ball on a plant or among your plants. Or, place the ball on a stand and use this to decorate your potted plants.
  • Pedestals or stands made of iron, steel, or metal are a great way to display your gazing ball.
  • Put a gazing ball in a woven plant hanger. Hanging solar gazing balls can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Place the ball in a pond or fountain.
  • Display the decoration in a beautiful bowl.
  • Place the ball among statues or fountains with flowing water.

Solar gazing balls are an excellent decoration for every yard, garden, or patio. And, as you can see from all these examples, virtually any setting which allows your solar gazing ball to be noticed will definitely be a success. Just make sure to keep the durability of the item in mind. If your solar gazing ball is made of glass, then remember to place it somewhere where it won’t be tipped over easily and broken. (To help with that, try one of these solar mole repellers combined with a solar pest repeller.)

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