Best Solar Gutter Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

Having gutter lights around your home or business can serve both decorative and security purposes. The installation of these fixtures, however, can be a pain in the backside, much like the additional expenses they put on your electricity bill. Unless, of course, you choose to go with solar gutter lights instead.

The best solar gutter lights offer all the benefits of their more conventionally powered counterparts, but with none of the drawbacks. Below, you’ll find a list of the most reliable products currently on the market, which we’ve classified according to price, brightness, durability, and other features.

INNOGEAR Solar Gutter Lights, Pack of 2

LEEYARLAM Solar Gutter Lights, Bright White, Pack of 4

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights, Pack of 6

What Are the Best Solar Gutter Lights in 2020?

Most of the fixtures selected here are solar gutter lights with motion sensor options (much like solar floodlights and solar spotlights), as well as weather-resistant and overall extremely durable. Although there are tens of other options on the market, the products below are guaranteed to meet and even overcome your expectations.

INNOGEAR Solar Gutter Lights, Pack of 2

Editor's Pick

The best solar gutter lights by InnoGear come in packs of 2 and are therefore fairly expensive compared to other fixtures. However, they are also recognized as some of the brightest and most durable lights on the market, which makes them more than deserving of our editor’s pick position for this list. After all, the price difference is not that great and, if you can afford them, they will eventually pay for themselves.

These gutter solar lights feature 4 working modes for different brightness settings and can be set to turn on only when activated by motion sensor. The solar panel is fairly large and can easily charge the 2600mAh battery even in poor lighting conditions, while the entire fixture is equipped with waterproofing and heatproofing components. The installation can be completed within minutes and the long aluminum mounting pole ensures that the solar panel is not in the shade of the eave.


  • The best solar gutter lights on the market; highest standard of quality and durability
  • 4 Working modes + motion sensor for energy saving
  • Super bright; 450 lumens per fixture
  • Weather-proof


  • More expensive than other options

ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights, Warm White, Pack of 4

At 4 fixtures per pack, these UFO-inspired gutter solar lights are an affordable, high-quality purchase. They are easily installed on fences, eaves, and walls, while their warm white tone and their pleasant light angle makes them perfect for decorative purposes. Each unit comes with 18 LED lights and is approximately 100 lumens bright.

The fixtures are pre-equipped with a bracket installation system that allows you to either attach them on a wall or clip them on a gutter. Because no wiring is needed and the solar panels are already integrated with the lights, the entire installation process takes no longer than a few minutes. The lights are IP-55 certified, which means they are safe to use outdoors, even in predominantly rainy weather.


  • Unique, UFO-inspired design with a pleasant light distribution
  • Automatically turns on and off during the evening and morning, respectively
  • Bright enough to be used for both decorative and security purposes; 100 lumens per fixture
  • Weather-proof


  • Slightly more expensive than other options
  • A motion sensor is not incorporated

LEEYARLAM Solar Gutter Lights, Bright White, Pack of 4

Most Popular

The outdoor gutter solar lights by Leeyarlam can be used to light up any corridor, garden, doorway, deck, patio, or home. With 9 LED lights per fixture and a brightness of 110 lumens, they are perfect for decorative purposes and can increase the security of any outdoor perimeter. They are not incorporated with motion sensors, but their enlarged and improved solar panel ensures that they can stay on for the entire duration of the night when properly charged.

Each light is pre-equipped with two installation brackets for increased versatility. You can use only one of these brackets to attach the fixtures to a wall or you can use both to clip them on the gutter, a fence, or other types of railings. The durable ABS material used in the composition of these solar gutter lights ensures a longer lifespan and a better return on investment.


  • UFO-inspired design with removable lampshade
  • Automatically charges during the day and turns on during the evening
  • Fairly bright; 110 lumens per fixture
  • Weather-proof and durable


  • A motion sensor is not incorporated

URPOWER Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights, Pack of 4

Urpower’s solar gutter lights with motion sensor is the perfect solution for illuminating your path, door, or home at night. The fixtures turn on only during nighttime and when activated by means of an integrated motion sensor. As such, these lights are not ideal for decorative or security purposes, but they are energy-efficient, affordable, and sufficient to provide temporary lighting for corridors or gardens.

The gutter solar lights by Urpower can be used in combination with a security camera in order to protect a given perimeter. They are easily installed using screws provided by the manufacturer, while their solid stainless steel construction prepares them for several years of outdoor use. With 20 powerful LED lights per fixture, these lights are brighter than most other similar products.


  • Affordable and energy-efficient; activated by motion sensor only
  • Easily installed; all necessary hardware provided by manufacturer
  • Brighter than most other options; 20 powerful LEDs per fixture
  • Weather-proof and durable


  • Not suitable for decorative or security purposes

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights, Pack of 6

Best Value

This pack of 6 gutter solar lights by Falove is more affordable than any other option presented here, as well as fairly durable and reliable. The fixtures are not as bright as other products, but with 21 lumens each, they are just enough to create a warm ambiance around your home, on a balcony, or in a garden. If enough of these lights are used within a given perimeter, the lighting can be sufficient to help you make your way safely during nighttime.

The fixtures by Falove are very easily installed using their convenient bracket system. The lights can hang from any gutter, fence, shed, or other flat surface and will work throughout the night so long as they receive enough sunshine during the day. They are not integrated with a motion sensor, but they do have a light detection sensor that automatically turns them on and off in the evening and morning, respectively.


  • A very affordable pack of 6 solar gutter lights
  • Ideal for decorative purposes
  • Easily installed using their in-built bracket system
  • Weather-proof


  • Less durable than other options
  • Not bright enough to be used for security purposes

Why Use Solar Gutter Lights?

Why Use Solar Gutter Lights

The best solar gutter lights are increasingly popular amongst home- and business owners. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Landscaping. Gutter lights are an affordable and convenient way to illuminate a wall, a fence, a balcony, or a garden.
  • Safety. A perimeter that is properly lit (perhaps with solar path lights) is less likely to attract unwanted visitors. In addition, it is less likely that inhabitants of the house will trip or fall when they traverse areas that are illuminated.
  • Solar energy is eco-friendly. You won’t be using any conventional electricity to run these gutter lights. As such, so long as you dispose of them properly when you purchase replacements, they will not contribute to polluting the environment in any way.
  • Solar energy is cost-effective. With traditional forms of lighting, the more fixtures you add to your home, the more expensive your electricity bill. This is not the case with gutter solar lights (or their related solar fence lights), which will cost no cent in addition to their initial purchase.

Before You Buy Gutter Solar Lights

Regardless of whether you choose one of the best solar gutter lights listed above or you opt for a different product altogether, there are a few features you should always bear in mind for an optimal purchase. These include:


Are the solar gutter lights you have in mind bright enough for your intended purpose? Dimmer lights are more affordable and sufficient for landscaping, but if you wish to properly illuminate an area for safety reasons, you should look for powerful LEDs. Just as you would look for if you were shopping for solar shed lights, each fixture should emit not less than 100 lumens.

Ease of installation

Like with solar wall lights, one considerable advantage of solar gutter lights with motion sensor options is the fact that their setup is quick and easy. Still, you should make sure that the lights you consider have pre-drilled holes and/or a bracket system and that they include all necessary components and hardware for installation.


Solar gutter lights are mainly used outdoors, which means that they are frequently subjected to powerful winds, rain, snow, even hail and stormy weather. It’s best to ensure that the items you buy are water-proof (IP 55 certification) and heat-proof, but also that they are constructed with durable materials that will not give in when tested by the elements.

Didn’t find what you were looking for in our selection of the best solar gutter lights? No problem! You now know exactly what to look for as you continue to browse through tens of products currently available on the market. Don’t forget to share your feedback if you decide to try something new. (Looking for more cool solar-powered products? Check out these solar chicken coop lights!)

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