Best Solar Lamp Posts – Best Reviews of 2021

It’s easy to make your house look its best when you focus on decorating the exterior of your home using aesthetically pleasing lighting. Solar lamp posts provide an elegant, practical, and economical approach to home decor by charging in the sun when it’s not lighting your outdoor space, saving you money. They also create a more stylish atmosphere, which makes any natural area feel more charming, and they provide an added benefit of home security allowing you to better see what’s happening outside, even at night.

The main reason you might be considering using a solar light post is that you won’t need to do any complex electrical work or run an extension cable across the yard, and it turns on automatically making it very easy to use. Better yet, they’re usually very lightweight making them easy to install no matter your physical activity level. They also look great on the exterior of any home, at the end of a driveway or even along a fenceline. We’ve personally reviewed five of the best solar post lights sold on the internet to help you determine if they’re right for your home, and to take the hassle out of looking for the outdoor lighting you want.

Greluna Solar Lamp Post Triple-Head Vintage Solar Lamp

Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Lamp Post

Top 5 Solar Lamp Posts

Because they charge when not in use these post lights won’t add to your electrical costs, but you want to make sure your investment is worth it. It’s not really saving money if you have to buy new lights every year! Also, you want to be sure your new investment will look good no matter where you choose to install it, so design is something we take into account. Like solar pillar lights, because these solar lamp posts will be outdoors they’re exposed to all sorts of weather, making durability something we’ve considered as well. You want to be sure you’re using quality components too and that the solar panels, batteries, and LEDs are up to standard. We considered all these things while we were looking at different solar light posts so we could bring you the best products available.

Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Lamp Post

Editor's Pick

First up is Gama Sonics Royal Bulb Lamp Post Outdoor Solar Light. This solar light post might be a bit more expensive than some of the other ones on the list but sometimes, as the saying goes “You get what you pay for.” Featuring a cast aluminum body with a weathered bronze finish this light will last for years to come, and will look great the whole time. It also uses high quality solar panels so its battery charges more efficiently, meaning a longer lifespan for your solar lamp post, and more bright nights. Setup is incredibly easy, just unbox and install somewhere that gets direct sunlight.

Also, it illuminates at 120 lumens so you know your garden, yard, or even pool area will be adequately lit. Another great aspect of Gama Sonics solar powered lamp post is how lightweight it is at only 12.5 pounds. That means most people can install this light without issue. Unfortunately it’s the most expensive product on the list, which might make some people wary of it. Also it only comes in one color so some people may find that their design style clashes with the product.

Where this product would work best:

Gardens – This particular light would best fit in a victorian style garden or any garden space that would benefit from a touch of bronze accent color.

Driveways – This would look great at the very end of a driveway. This is the first thing a guest sees when they pull up to your house and a vintage bronze light post makes quite a statement.

Pool Areas – Anyone looking to bring some elegance to their pool area should consider this solar light post. You could even use it to light a more traditional poolside bar.

Fenceline – Any fenceline could benefit from a traditionally styled light, and it deters animals and criminals from entering your property.

Greluna Solar Lamp Post Triple-Head Vintage Solar Lamp

Most Popular

Next is Greluna’s Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post. The primary draw for this product is how lightweight it is, weighing a surprising 7.1 pounds! It has a black plastic exterior, meaning it won’t rust when it’s exposed to any inclement weather. Like the other products on this list it’s a completely solar powered lamp post which means no cost to operate, and there are no wires so you don’t need to worry about complex installation or electrical knowhow.

The illuminated section is a series of three traditionally styled lights with a simulated rain pattern on glass panes, which give off a very soft glow, perfect for a more intimate outdoor space. Another great aspect of this light is the base, which is designed to fit into a planter. This means you can create beautiful garden accents, or even showcase specific flowers in it. However, there is one downside. It only illuminates at 15 lumens, so don’t expect to use this solar light post for much more than an accent light.

Where this product would work best:

Pool areas – The cool blue light these give off create the perfect night time atmosphere in any pool area. The low lumen illumination won’t overpower any lights you have installed in your pool.

Fenceline – This light will give any fence or wall an elegant accent piece, and it can help prevent people and animals from wanting to come onto your property.

Porches – Those of you looking for a more modern glow in a traditionally styled light post should consider this product.

Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

Best Value

Third on the list is Sterno Home’s Outdoor Solar Post Light. Featuring a very traditional design, and a black aluminum exterior, it looks good no matter where you decide to use it. Another benefit of an aluminum exterior is that your solar lamp post won’t see a lot of wear and tear from the weather and it’s fairly lightweight, weighing only 13 pounds. It illuminates at 50 lumens using 12 LEDs, and has a cool color profile best suited for a more modern environment.

Installation is very easy, just find a flat outdoor area, mount it and you’re good to go. It also operates automatically, coming on at night, turning back off in the morning and then charging in the sunlight all day. It does all this without any external wires, so no electrical skills are needed. Unfortunately it’s more expensive than a lot of solar powered lamp posts on the market, so make sure it meets all your needs beforehand.

Where this product would work best:

Driveways – The black exterior and the aluminum frame make for a powerful accent piece at the end of any driveway.

Fencelines – The traditional look of this lamp makes it perfect at the edge of your property or fenceline.

Gardens – These lights make any garden look its best, either along a path or as a garden accent.

Greluna Solar Lamp Post Light

Up next we have the Greluna Solar Lamp Post Light, which for its price can’t be beat. It features a more traditionally styled design and clear glass panes surrounding an LED. It also has an aluminum frame which is rust resistant and durable enough for any environment. The most interesting feature of this solar lamp post is its variable brightness settings, which illuminate at between 25 and 50 lumens. This means you can use this light in just about any outdoor setting. Line a path to your garden, add an accent piece to the end of your driveway, make a patio a bit more inviting, or even use it as mood lighting for your pool area.

Better yet, it does all of this without any external wires or dangerous electrical setups and is a shocking 4.6 pounds, which means almost anyone can install it without straining themselves. Speaking of installation, its as easy as unboxing your solar light post and fastening it to the ground anywhere outside that gets direct sunlight. Another great thing about this light is that it was designed to fit into planters, meaning you can use it as a garden showcase. Unfortunately, the base is a bit fragile so make sure you install it well.

Where this product would work best:

Gardens – With the ability to install it into a planter, this is an obvious choice to beautify any garden space.

Pool areas – The variable lighting settings allow you to create the perfect atmosphere. A brighter more guest friendly setting, and a lower more intimate setting.

Staircases – Because it’s so lightweight it’s a natural choice for a staircase or other hard to light area.

Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Light with Arm

And finally, we come to the Kemeco 6 LED Solar Post Light. One of the brightest lights we reviewed, illuminating at 100 lumens, this product will ensure your outdoor space stays adequately lit. Another great feature is the arm across the bottom of the light, providing an area to place hanging baskets for plants, or even a decorative flag. The cast-aluminum exterior means it won’t rust or require maintenance. Even better, this solar lamp post has a more traditional design in all black, making it well suited to most outdoor areas.

Like all other products on the list, it’s charged in the sun all day and then uses that to light your outdoor space at night. This can be done automatically, but this product also features an On/Off switch that is easily accessible. Installation takes only minutes, you just unbox and place outside somewhere that gets direct sunlight most of the day. No wires, no hassle and at only 13 pounds almost anyone can install it. Sadly, it is one of the most expensive solar light posts on the list so really consider all factors before purchasing this product.

Where this product would work best:

Gardens – The hanging basket arms on either side of this light make it an obvious choice for most gardens. You could even use it to hang hoses!

Porches – The cool blue glow coupled with the ability to hang flowers make this light an obvious choice for any porch or front yard.

Driveways – Using this at the end of the driveway is another option. The arms allow you to hang flags or banners from them, and the 100 lumen illumination means you’ll always have a clear view when pulling out of your driveway.

Is solar the right choice for your home?

Is solar the right choice for your home

Most people have been told all about the money saving advantages of using solar lamp posts, but don’t want to invest a lot of money into a completely solar lighting system. Let’s break down benefits and some of the disadvantages of using solar light posts as opposed to a more standard wired lighting system. (They’re very similar to the pros and cons of using solar wall lights.)One clear benefit of using solar light posts are the savings you can obtain, using only the sun’s energy and a battery. However, the early investment could be a bit more than most customers are willing to spend. Another advantage is that solar lights automatically operate without the use of any timers or switches. Most solar lights outdoors will last at least 3 years, but with proper maintenance some can last up to 10 years and in some cases much longer. Unfortunately most solar panels efficiency drops a bit over the years. On average a solar lamp posts power output decreases by 0.5% every year. Standard maintenance and washing the panels is also needed to help keep them operating at their most efficient. And sadly, a stormy day can leave your light (or your solar hanging lights, for that matter) uncharged if it gets no sunlight all day, leading to a dark outdoor space at night. Truth be told, when deciding on a solar light what the decision ultimately hinges on is knowing whether your outdoor space can benefit from more light. If your yard is extremely shaded, or you reside in a location where it’s always cloudy you might want to avoid solar powered lamp posts, but if you stay in a place where the it’s sunny most of the year, you could make use of the decreased energy bills solar power can bring.

What are some of the locations solar lamps look their best?

When people hear the phrase “solar lighting”, they naturally think of all the wiring and installation that comes with setting up a solar system. That’s what makes solar lamp posts (and they’re cousins, solar parking lot lights) so practical, the solar panels are fused into the exterior, and almost all of them require no wiring. This freedom allows you to make use of these lights anywhere in your outdoor space that gets direct sunlight most of the day. Better yet, they’re durable and built to withstand the elements meaning you don’t have to lose sleep about exposing your lamp post to inclement weather. They also look beautiful in almost any outdoor space, from giving a walking path more visibility to creating a warmer atmosphere in your garden. Illuminating a dim pool area to giving you more visibility at the end of your driveway. The way you choose to light the outside of your home says a lot about you, and solar light posts always make a great statement. Sometimes it helps to look at outdoor designs you admire and then implement your light in a similar way. You could probably come up with many more ways to add a distinctive touch to your garden, pool or any other outdoor space (like a dock light) using solar lighting, just be sure it has a sufficient amount of sunlight. (Think, for example, of a solar flagpole light!)


Solar lamp posts are a great investment for most people, but you have to make sure you can provide ample space, a sunnier climate, and an unshaded outdoor space with adequate sunlight. This completely removes the possibility of installing it entirely indoors. Also if it happens to be under some sort of umbrella or roof overhang you’ll require at least partial sunlight during the day. Another issue you might run into is the ever changing availability to sunlight due to plants or trees growing into the area around your property. And finally, they require some maintenance and cleaning to keep the solar panels working their best. But, If you’ve assessed all of these problems and still want to make use of solar light posts then you’re probably someone who can gain an advantage from it, both financially and decoratively. (Looking for more cool solar-powered products? Check out these solar-powered brick paving lights.)

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