Best Solar Laptop Chargers Reviewed in 2021

A solar laptop charger allows you to use free, clean energy from the sun to power your laptop so that you can write, edit video, design and more without being tethered to an outlet. A great item for travel and camping bloggers, for those who take and edit sports or nature videos, or even for the recreational outdoor enthusiast, who still needs to be able to keep in touch with home and update work from the field, solar laptop chargers let you power laptops, and even phones and tablets.

A solar powered laptop charger can be hung from a tent or a tree, or laid out in a sunny spot on the beach to soak up solar power and transfer it into your devices. Some of the smaller models can even be clipped to the exterior of a backpack, allowing you to charge while you make your way to your destination. With a solar powered charger for your laptop, you can keep on working, writing, or posting no matter how far you roam.

X-Dragon Solar Charger

AllPowers 60W Solar Panel

Kingsolar 40w Solar Charger

Solar Laptop Charger Reviews

X-Dragon Solar Charger

Editor’s Pick

The X-Dragon is a top choice because it combines quality construction and efficient solar panels with extra flexibility in charging that makes it the best solar laptop charger in its class.

This solar charger has a fold-out multi-panel solar collection system. When not in use, it folds into a pack that’s a bit smaller than a three-ring binder. Once opened it boasts eight high-efficiency solar panels to collect every bit of light it can.

The manufacturer claims that the solar cells in this model are nearly 50% more efficient than other, commonly used panels. This can make a big difference if you need steady power and solid charging capability for a power-hungry laptop, or multiple devices.

It has a single 18V DC output for charging your laptop, plus two USB ports to charge other devices such as cameras, phones, or tablets. To make sure that this solar powered charger functions with a range of manufacturers and models, it comes equipped with 10 laptop connectors to attach to the included DC cable.

The X-Dragon solar charger comes equipped with technology that allows the device to automatically adjust its current and voltage to your specific device (up to 2.8A). This protects both the solar charger and your devices.

This solar powered laptop charger is water resistant, and the foldable design makes it easy to carry along. The device weighs about 2.5 pounds, and comes with hooks and carabiners to attach to the exterior of a pack, or to the top of your tent or canopy when camping.


  • High efficiency panels
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Foldable for easy packing
  • Comes with many DC cable ends to match many laptop models


  • None

Kingsolar 40w Solar Charger

Best Value

If price is a concern, the Kingsolar is a great choice for a budget-level solar powered laptop charger. Featuring ten square panels in a fold-out design, the Kingsolar has one DC and one USB outlet to allow you to charge a phone or other device while you charge your laptop.

It weighs just under three pounds, and the solar panels are water resistant. The folded device measures about 13” by 7” but opens out to a large surface area. This makes it great for catching the sun, but it is a little too big to hang on the back of a backpack while hiking or hunting.

Like other, pricier models, the Kingsolar solar charger has intelligent chip technology that allows the device to sense the best electrical current for the device being charged. This prevents shorts or battery failure, while allowing it to charge quickly.

This solar laptop charger also offers automatic restart, so that if charging is interrupted by sudden cloudiness or other obstruction, the system will automatically turn back on and begin charging as soon as conditions change and sun is detected.


  • Low price (about $80)
  • Large area of solar panels
  • Foldable and portable


  • Some users complain it is hard to position

AllPowers 60W Solar Panel

Most Popular

The All Powers Solar Panel offers 60W of power for your laptop charging needs. This solar powered laptop charger has nine rectangular panels to collect the sun’s rays, and can charge your device with its two USB ports, and a single DC port.

The extra USB port and the large panels with 60W capacity make this a great choice for those who need plenty of power for multiple devices, especially those who want to charge everything simultaneously.

Like the X-Dragon, the AllPower boasts high-quality, efficient panels with up to 23.5% efficiency. The panels are large, and the kit comes with clips to attach the solar panels to the exterior of a tent or canopy. Unfolded, the solar panels is about 36” x 20”. Folded into a pack this solar charger is about 12”x7”x2”

This solar laptop charger has 10 different DC connector ports, which means it is compatible with many different laptops. You should check carefully before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your specific device, however.

Like other models, it’s built to withstand the elements with sturdy materials that are resistant to spills and splashes. This solar charger for laptops is made of quality material, and comes highly rated, but is on the more expensive end of the price range at about $140.


  • 60w of power makes it a powerful charger
  • Large, efficient solar panels
  • Designed to withstand outdoor use


  • Higher price than other models

TOPDC 39W Solar Panel

The TopDC Solar Panel is built with similar high-quality SunPower solar cells to the X-Dragon, which gives it good solar efficiency. However, the TopDC solar power laptop charger contains fewer solar panels overall. It is designed with only six panels, versus eight to ten in other models in this solar laptop charger review.

This makes it a more compact alternative to the X-Dragon or other solar laptop chargers without sacrificing much overall power.

Like other solar panels reviewed here, the TopDC protects your devices against surges, short circuits, or overcharging through smart chip technology that recognizes the optimal power for the device you are charging. And it contains one DC port and one USB port to charge other devices such as a cell phone alongside your laptop if needed.

It is made of PET plastic panels and Oxford fabric which is waterproof and strong, to resist the wear and tear of backpacking, biking, or camping. And it has ten separate laptop connectors to allow it to interface with most popular brands of laptop.

The TopDC folds down to a 12”x7” and folds out to a size of about 45” x 12”. It does have loops to allow you to clip or lash it to your tent exterior or other sunny surface, but doesn’t include hooks or carabiners to do so.


  • Quality panels
  • Waterproof, lightweight and portable
  • Multiple laptop connectors for convenience


  • Fewer panels than other models

Suaouki 60w Portable

The Suaouki contains most of the same quality features as the other reviewed solar laptop chargers. A USB and a DC outlet which allows dual charging. A foldable multi-panel design. Smart technology to prevent overcharging or other malfunction.

But it has some differences that help it stand out. First, it offers up to 60w of power, which only one other solar charger we reviewed had. It has a sleeker design when folded, including a carrying handle.

And it comes with additional cables, including an SAE to clamp charger that allows you to use its power to charge a battery. It also includes a plug compatible with a car’s cigarette lighter. This lends versatility beyond simply charging your laptop, and provides you peace of mind while boating, jet skiing, or ATVing.

However, those extras do come with a cost. This is the highest priced solar powered laptop charger in our review. It will set you back about $150. This might be too high for the entry-level solar power user, but for the dedicated outdoors and recreational vehicle user, this might be just the device to help you get the most out of your travels.


  • High powered at 60W
  • Portable and resistant to the elements
  • A variety of useful cable options for charging


  • High price
  • Heavier than other models at more than 4 pounds

How do I choose the best Solar Laptop Charger?

How do I choose the best Solar Laptop Charger

Now that you’ve seen how the various solar laptop chargers stack up, it’s time to decide which one to buy.

There are many variables to consider when deciding which solar laptop charger is right for you. You’ll need more juice than you would with a solar phone charger. Carefully consider the different features each model has, and decide which is the best solar laptop charger for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider:

Power Capacity

Solar laptop chargers indicate their power in terms of their wattage. Most laptops will use somewhere between 15-30 watts of power, though that can vary. Laptops in standby use less power, while they consume more when booting up. For the majority of users, 40W will be sufficient, but check your particular laptop’s user manual to be certain.

If you will regularly be charging a second or third device such as a solar calculator or phone, you may want to go for a higher-powered solar power bank in the 60W range.

Solar Panel Area

It may seem logical to go with the solar laptop charger with the most portable solar panels, but going by panel number alone can be misleading. Ten small solar panels may not be more powerful than eight large ones–the key is in the overall surface area. The greater the surface area of the total panels, the more of the sun’s energy can be captured by the solar charger.

Of course, greater power may come with a  sacrifice. The larger devices can power more, but they also take up more space, and can be heavier.

If you’re on a long hike where every ounce counts, you may be willing to sacrifice power for portability.


Most solar powered laptop chargers are going to be used in an outdoor situation where they run the risk of drops, bumps, splashes, or spills.

As you would with a solar-powered fan, you’ll want to make sure the solar laptop charger you choose is up to the rigors of outdoor living. It should be made of durable material, the panels should be dust, scratch, and water resistant.

Connections and Other Features

Consider the device or devices that you’ll be charging (like a solar watch, for example). First, it’s very important to make sure that you choose a solar charger compatible with your laptop. Check the list of available plugs against your model to make sure you’re not caught out in the wild without a plug that fits.

If, by chance, the solar powered charger you like best doesn’t come with a plug for your device, you can still buy a separate plug on Amazon or at an electronics retailer. But, ideally you’ll be able to choose a solar panel that is already compatible with the devices you own.

You may also want to consider the number of additional ports. Most models offer one additional USB port to charge your phone or another device, but some models may have two or more.

Other conversion plugs are also available. The high power solar chargers can even provide power to a backup battery or a marine battery which can come in handy.

Going Solar

Now that you have reviewed the features that are most important to you, and looked through our comprehensive reviews, you are able to choose a solar laptop charger that fits your needs. Enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, without being worried that you’re too far removed to stay in touch. Add a solar-powered radio to the mix, and all the power you need is in a nice, sunny day!

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