Best Chicken Coop Solar Light – Top Reviews of 2021

One of the best ways you can protect your livestock is by installing protective solar chicken coop lights that is either meant to imitate the eyes of larger predators (deterrent lights), or so sense motion and come on like flood lights.  In some cases you may wish to have your light on all night and early in the morning so that you can see when approaching and while you work. There are options for that, too.

Depending on what kinds of predators and pests you’re trying to deter, you may want some features over others.  For example, while red solar deterrent lights may work well for some animals, it doesn’t necessarily work with raccoons.  So if raccoons are your nemesis you might want to try something like a motion-sensor light.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the angles and degrees of your space that will be covered by solar lights for your chicken coop.  Some motion sensor lights cover up to a 270-degree range, while others cover 60-degrees, or 120-degrees. If you’re trying to cover a 360-degree space, consider a system with more than one light.

Another benefit to more than one light as part of your system, is brightness coverage per square foot of space. Some LEDs will offer about 100 lumens, others will offer as much as 400; which will give you the power of the average floodlight. Brightness is definitely a deterrent for pests, but it’s also an excellent piece of supplemental security from any trespassers.  Plus, you’ll have better, brighter light to work by.

Don’t put all that work into raising healthy chickens or other livestock, only to let predators destroy your hard work.  Protect the lives of your animals and your own property with the power of the sun. Consider installing solar chicken coop lights (or even one of these solar fence lights).

Predatorguard Solar Light Deterrent

Litom Solar Motion Lights

Yinghao Solar Predator Deterrent Lights

Best Solar-Powered Chicken Coop Lights – Top Reviews of 2020

Solar light for your chicken coop is the better option not only because it’s eco-friendly, but also because it’s cost-effective and long-lasting. It’s a smarter choice for lighting your coop, animal pens, orchards and vineyards because there’s so much less intricate installation involved.  Sometimes for traditional electrical outdoor lighting, you may need permits and you’ll almost certainly need an electrician, and it may not be done in one or two days; it can be an expensive process. But with solar security lights (like these solar shed lights), there’s no need for additional permits and you definitely won’t need an electrician.  Solar lights are very basic to install and most of the times only requires you to mount it in place. There’s never any wiring necessary, beyond perhaps hanging a cord where you want it to be. Our suggestion is to use solar technology to provide a well-lit coop and avoid risks and hazards, like fires or tripping over messy wires. Use the 2020 top reviews of the best solar chicken coop lights to help you find the light combo that will work best for you.  Plus, find out which solar light was selected for “most popular” and “best design”.

Predatorguard Solar Light Deterrent

Editor's Pick

One of the most common methods used to deter predatory animals from your chicken or rabbit coops is the “red eyes” method.  This set of small red LED lights from Predatorguard glows to look like the eyes of a larger, scarier, predator, like a wolf. The idea is simply that your pesky visitors will be deterred by an alpha predator’s presence and they will leave, hopefully never to return.  This unit uses solar power during the day to charge and it requires about 5 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge. At night, the unit automatically turns on the lights can be seen for up to ½ mile away.

This solar chicken coop light is made with tough industrial components and after installing, requires exactly no maintenance.  Just set the unit in a spot of full sun, near your coop. Install it on a post or wall at about eye-level for the predators line of vision.  This will repel fox, deer, wolf, coyote, raccoon, skunk, and even bear. Great for not only a coop, but near your trash cans, ponds, vineyards, orchards, campsites, or anywhere you’re having a problem with unwanted guests.


  • Multiple “blinking” modes  for a more natural effect
  • Short charge time
  • Long runtime


  • Lights may need to be moved around to deter larger predators that return

InnoGear Solar Motion Lights

When defending your chicken coop or other livestock, one of the most important features for your lighting system can be motion sensor.  When a predator comes into range, these solar powered motion lights will come on with a shine of over 450 lumens, making this light as powerful as a typical floodlight.  If that’s a bit too bright for your needs, no need to worry, this light has 4 different brightness modes.

This unit is made with a high-capacity solar panel which helps the unit to charge faster and run longer.  These lights are also waterproof and heatproof, so they’ll stand up to any harsh weather that comes your way.  Installation takes only seconds and only requires you to mount it with 2 screws. The range on these lights is more than double the average motion sensor light, by sensing 270 degrees around itself and within 26 feet.  The lights snap on when something enters the sensor zone and they will shine for 30 seconds.


  • High-capacity solar panel
  • Frosted, anti-scratch solar panel
  • Very bright security light; 450 lumens
  • 4 brightness modes to dim down when necessary
  • Comes in a 2-pack


  • Lights only come in white
  • Slow charge time; 8-10 hours

Ning Ze Xin Solar Vintage Light

If you’re looking for an industrial strength solar light for your chicken coop, but you’d like a little style and panache for you and your hens, the quaint and quirky solar chicken coop light from Ning Ze Xin is perfect.  This is an edison-style LED light bulb feature, inside of a farmhouse-style metal cage. Simple yet sophisticated, and solar powered.

This light will shine with 100 lumens so it will very easily light your entire space.  It’s high-capacity solar panel collects sunlight efficiently and a charge of 4-8 hours will deliver a consistent runtime of up to 12 hours.  This unit is made from highly durable metal and ABS materials and it comes with an IP65 weather rating.


  • Long runtime
  • Bright light; 100 lumens
  • Vintage design
  • On/Off switch like a traditional light


  • Cord is a bit too short; 10 feet
  • No motion sensor

Litom Solar Motion Lights

Most Popular

This solar chicken coop light is not only the most popular item on the list but it’s also our selection for best quality.  With so many quality features, it’s no wonder these are amongst the most popular solar lights available for your chicken coop. Litom has taken the original design and upgraded it.

Now the light has a brighter, wider range and 270-degrees instead of the old 120-degrees. There are also 24 LEDs in the light to shine brightly enough to flood a 200-square foot area.  The old model came with a weather-rating of IP55, but this one has gone a step above and it’s now available with an IP65 rating. It also features 3 different lighting modes: the light can stay on all night at one brightness, you can set it to stay on at night dimly but it will take full brightness when it detects motion, or you can set the light to be off in the night until motion is detected, and then, like automatic security lights, they will come on and shine bright.


  • High-quality upgraded model
  • Bright LED light with 200-sq ft flood range
  • 3 different lighting modes
  • Heat- and frost-resistant


  • Motion sensor timing is too short; 20 seconds

Yinghao Solar Predator Deterrent Lights

Best Value

This set of 4 solar powered chicken coop lights from Yinghao could be used to cover a 360-degree space, like around the corners of your coop, shack, or corral.  These red LED lights glow with the fierce stare of a greater predator to send other predators turning back. They can be seen as far away as 1000 meters if there are no obstructions.

Installation is a piece of cake; just mount each of the lights with two screws to a wall or fence post.  Make sure to install these in a place that gets full sun for at least 5 hours so you can collect the best charge possible.  A 5-hour charge in the day will give you 12 hours of protection at night.


  • Waterproof
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Pack of 4 covers 360-degrees
  • Fast charge time
  • Long runtime


  • No motion-sensor lighting
  • No blink features

Why To Use a Solar Chicken Coop Light?

Why To Use a Solar Chicken Coop Light

Having chickens and other livestock to care for is a big responsibility. As you know, you need to consider the safety of the animals, their comfort, and your convenience.  The same things must be considered when looking for the right lighting system for your coop or pen. Making the right choice will save you money from the get-go, and for years to come.  Here are some other excellent reasons to consider going solar with your chicken coop lights.

Eco-friendly Action

When you employ solar lights on your farm or homestead (or as part of a solar flashlight kit), you can feel proud that you’re not making life better for you and your chickens, you’re also improving the lives of those around you, from teaching your children to use solar energy to impacting your community with a reduction in carbon footprint and waste.  Because these lights use solar power, you will never need to rely on costly traditional power from the grid. Because these lights utilize rechargeable batteries that last years, you will see a significant reduction in battery waste.


A chicken coop does not need to be illuminated as brightly during the day.  It’s much easier to see during the day and predators tend not to be about, or to come out in they see you. But at night, it’s a different story.  The dark becomes a cover for predators who wait and stalk your animals. Using dim lights may be favorable in some areas around the home, but by your coop or corral, you’re going to want brighter lights.  Solar panel lights with maximum capacity design are able to fully charge the battery quickly with enough power to run the lights for upwards of 12 hours.


Most solar light bulbs can be hung or mounted, but they’re also often quite portable.  This makes them a versatile option, but that alone is not why they’re so versatile.  Often, when you get the right solar chicken coop lights, they end up solving more than one problem for you.  Need a light to see while you’re working in the dark? Need a motion-sensor light to act as a deterrent and as an aspect of security? Want a touch of gentle nighttime light to softly light your landscape? Want your coop lights to go on and off automatically when day turns to night?  Just one solar light can do all that for you. You can even get solar lighting that imitates nature. Check out these solar rock lights!


​Investing in livestock can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to the financial aspects.  The constant need for electricity can only make financial risks grow bigger. The solution will always be to acquire solar technology in your coop, and you can simply start with one light bulb. These options are affordable for all budgets and they’re a great first step for those who want to save money. You should take into consideration the weather conditions and the waterproofing needed for your light. With solar lighting, you can always trust the light to keep working since it’s not connected to an electrical panel that might get damaged by water, weather, or little rodents that like to chew through traditional wiring.  Solar power technology also comes with one of the most important benefits a chicken coop might need: it provides a power reserve in its solar battery even when there’s a power outage. Similar to the way these solar gutter lights keep your gutters illuminated during an outage, it can keep your coop protected during a storm.


Imagine being able to walk to your chicken coop, pen, corral, or garden in peaceful quiet moments before the sun comes up. But even though it’s dark, you can still see because your solar light shows you the way.  Imagine being able to rest easier knowing predators are no longer coming into your yard for prey or snacks from your garden. Your animals will be safer. Your wallet will be fatter and your harvest more plentiful; all in a more eco-friendly way.  Consider these lights and deterrents when you select the best solar chicken coop lights. (Are you looking to learn how to keep your solar lights clean? Click that link to find out!)

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