Best Solar Lighters for Camping and Cigarettes

Sunlight and fire are both quintessential parts of the human experience, so using a solar lighter just makes sense. Whether using it for an emergency or for everyday use, they provide enough heat to ignite paper. Some products even charge a battery using the sun, that means they can even be used at night. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it to light a candle, or a cigarette, a solar powered lighter will ensure you always have a fire.

A major benefit of using solar for your lighter needs is the reduced cost of replacing the fuel inside your existing lighter, or buying a new lighter altogether. A solar powered lighter works using the energy from sunlight, in some cases charging a battery to be used even after the sun has gone down. Also no installation or setup, most come ready to use out of the box. They also work great as a safety tool for emergencies or a hiking bag. If you never want to be stuck without a lighter again, consider using a solar lighter.

SoloScientific Tinder Hot Box Solar Lighter

Easyinsmile Camping Solar Spark Lighter

elzle Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank with Cigarette Lighter

Top 5 Solar Lighters

Like solar watches, you already know solar cigarette lighters can save you money on fuel and replacements, but you may not know which products work and which don’t. You don’t want to waste money on products that don’t work, so we’ve done the hard part for you. We reviewed the top solar lighters for 2020, considering price, durability and reliability. You want the product you purchase to continue working as long as possible and that requires quality materials. These are some of the things we considered while reviewing these solar powered lighters so we could provide you with a list of the best products available. (Looking for another set of cool products? Check out these neat solar phone chargers!)

Easyinsmile Camping Solar Spark Lighter

Most Popular

First up is the Easyinsmile Camping Solar Spark Lighter. This is a classic design that has stood the test of time. It’s very simple, using just an aluminum disc and a spring. It focuses the sunlights energy to one point lighting your cigarette, tinder, or anything else you need lit. Also, because of the simple design, it’s easily the cheapest product on our list. It’s also very small, weighing only 65 grams, and at only roughly 10cm it will fit in most pockets.

When you’re not outside it doubles as a mirror in a pinch. As for safety, because it uses no flame you won’t accidentally set anything on fire accidentally. The case it comes in prevents sunlight from entering the disc and heating the spring, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your solar lighter in the sun. Unfortunately lighting something is its only real function, but for the price it’s hard to complain.

elzle Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank with Cigarette Lighter

Best Value

Next is the elzle Solar Charger LED Light and Cigarette Lighter. This little device does a whole lot, and also functions as a solar powered lighter. It features a high quality solar panel which charges a battery that can store enough battery power to charge an iphone 10 times! Also, it has a bank of 4 extra bright LEDs that can even be set to strobe. This battery also powers a small lighter which gets hot enough to ignite paper.

These extra features alone make it more versatile than most other solar cigarette lighters. The battery and lighter alone make this a perfect tool for any survivalist or hiker. Because the lighter only produces heat and no flame it’s wind resistant and safer than most other lighters. Sadly, it is the most expensive product on the list, but with all of its added features it is more than worth it.

Suncase Solar Lighter

Third on the list is the Suncase Solar Lighter. This unique looking product uses sunlight to light whatever you might need, much like the more traditional products on the list but with a much more compact and sleek design. Featuring two compact sections that unfold to reveal a concave mirror and a rod in the center which lights your cigarette or tinder. This simple design means you won’t need to worry about it having any errors or technical mishaps.

Another great thing that sets this product apart from other solar cigarette lighters is its very compact design that will fit just about anywhere. It also comes in several colors and styles, which means you can accessorise them much like you can with a traditional lighter. Unfortunately, it’s a little pricey for how simple the design is.

SOLARXIA Car Ashtray, Electronic Cigarette Lighter

Coming up next we have the SOLARXIA Car Ashtray and Solar Powered Cigarette Lighter. This product is primarily a car ashtray, but what makes it so unique is that it also features a high quality solar powered lighter. It fits in most standard cup holders and charges in the sunlight that comes through your car or homes windows. The solar panel is removable so you can clean it if it gets any dust or cigarette debris on it, substantially extending its lifetime.

Another great feature is the USB charging port, which means even on a cloudy day you can charge your solar lighter.When the lid opens there is also a cool blue light which prevents ashing outside the tray in a dark environment. A downside to this product is the bulkiness and weight, as it isn’t very portable, you couldn’t use it hiking or on the go.

SoloScientific Tinder Hot Box Solar Lighter

Editor's Pick

Finally we have the SoloScientific Tinder Hot Box and Solar Lighter. This is another product that features that long trusted design more classic lighters use, but with one added benefit. It comes with an airtight, water resistant case that holds tinder making this very useful for any survival bag or hiking kit.

A concave mirrored aluminum disc with a flexible spring in the center focuses sunlight to the tip of your cigarette or clump of tinder. This simple design has stood the test of time and the tinderbox that contains it is just another reason to consider this solar spark lighter. Unfortunately like some of the similar products on the list, it might be a bit pricey for what it really does.

Who can benefit from a Solar Lighter?

Who can benefit from a Solar Lighter

Like with solar-powered radios, you might be considering if you can really make use of a solar powered lighter. Lets first go over what these products can offer. First, they save you money and most people can benefit from that, unless you never use a lighter at all in which case, why are you reading this? Second, they only require the sun to function which means you’ll never be without a lighter again. Third, they are wind resistant which means they work in any environment. And finally, most are so small they can fit in your pocket or hiking bag making them the perfect tool for emergencies.

Obviously hikers or survivalists can make use of a solar lighter (like they could with solar fan hats) but what about some other hobbies professions? First, emergency crews may want to invest in one of these as a backup to other ignition sources. Construction workers, winter sports enthusiasts or even truck drivers may want a lighter that won’t go out from the wind at high speed or altitudes. Even fisherman may benefit from a backup lighter on the boat in case of emergencies.

Electronic Solar Lighter VS Solar Spark Lighter

Both an electronic lighter and a spark lighter will provide a source of heat for you to light your cigarette or anything else you may need, but the way they function is very different. A Solar spark lighter focuses sunlight to a specific point which creates immense heat. Whereas an electronic lighter uses sunlight to charge a battery which then is used to create heat. Both are safer than the traditional butane lighter, and in the long run more reliable. Spark lighters require sunlight while you’re lighting your cigarette, but electronic lighters just require a charged battery, although if the battery isn’t charged it’ll require hours of sunlight to recharge. There is no one right answer, they both offer different benefits in different situations.


Solar lighters are an incredibly useful tool for those that use lighters in their daily lives already. Be aware of the restrictions that these products have though. If you plan on using these exclusively at night they may not be the right choice for you. Also if you plan on using it to light something like a cigar, it may take a while to light. Overall solar cigarette lighters are a good choice for most people that are looking for a new lighter, and the savings you’ll see long term make them more than worth the initial investment. (For related solar products, check out these awesome solar flashlights.)

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