Best Solar Lighting Kits – Reviews of 2021

That dream you have about getting off the grid is closer than you think with a solar light kit for your home, cabin, RV, trailer, boat, or treehouse.  A solar light kit can power and light your space for no electric cost at all. Once the system is installed, you collect free energy from the power of the sun.  This is converted into stored energy that you can use to light your space, charge your devices, and sometimes even play music.

There are so many benefits to a lighting kit like this.  Solar light kits are excellent options for outdoor use or inside, so long as your panel is outside in the direct sun.  They’re a great resource to take on outdoor adventures. Some even come with motion sensor security lighting. You’ll also eliminate the risks and hazards that come with traditional electrical wiring, be it indoor or outdoor. There are weather and water risks, and not to mention the messy cords are dangerous for children, seniors, and pets.

After the initial purchase, your power is free for evermore.  You won’t need to pay for expensive electricity or piles of disposable batteries to still live comfortably off-grid. Perhaps best of all, relying on a renewable resource like the sun for power reduces your carbon footprint and is much better for the environment. You can be proud to be eco-friendly.

If a solar light kit sounds like it might be a good idea for your home, read on for the most popular kits and a review of all of the features and functionality included.  Plus, stick around for some quick tips to consider when making your solar light kit purchase.

GVShine Solar Light Kit

Goland Century Portable Solar Lighting Kit

KK.BOL Portable Solar Light

Best Solar Lighting Kits for Your Home – Top Reviews of 2020

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the right solar lighting kit for your indoor and outdoor solar lights. The reviews below cover a range of solar light kits and consumer needs.  We’ve selected for you the best kit for a tight budget, the kit that has absolutely everything, and the best off-grid kit. Read 2020’s top reviews of the best solar light kits available and consider which would work best for you. (Note that these reviews don’t cover solar Christmas lights. Those get their own article.)

GVShine Solar Light Kit

Editor's Pick

If you’re looking for a comprehensive kit to get you started in the world of solar lighting, you’re going to love this solar light kit from GVShine. It comes with everything you need to get started fast. Included in the kit you’ll receive 3 foldable, collapsable, polycrystalline solar panels and a solar DC system.  Additionally, you’ll get 4 solar USB lights that come with long cords. The kit also includes 3 standard USB-adapter cords, and charger extensions for Android, iPhone 4, and iPhone 6. All the hardware you need for a proper installation is in the kit.

This a great kit for someone looking to get off the grid and into their own power collection.  The Solar DC System is weatherproof, but it isn’t fully waterproof and while it will resist rain, snow; even hurricanes, it should not be submerged.  The DC system can be mounted in a number of places, such as the top of an RV, cabin, or boat. It’s even small enough to sit inside your tent with you and provide hours of electricity for your devices.

This will take about 6-8 hours in direct sunlight to fully charge. When your system is initially fully charged, it will provide up to 14 hours of electricity.  The unit can charge up to five devices at once, including lights, but as more items are charged, the runtime will decrease. After the initial charge, your system will be able to collect power and charge devices at the same time. The system offers a 15-year lifetime guarantee for the solar panels, a 5-year guarantee for the LED lights, and a 3-year guarantee for the lithium battery.


  • Comprehensive kit with everything you need
  • Charges quickly
  • Weatherproof
  • Long runtime; up to 14 hours
  • Easy installation
  • Long-life guarantees
  • Portable


  • Solar lights are a bit dim at a maximum of 3W

SUAOKI Solar Panel Light Kit

If you’re looking for a comprehensive kit with everything included, but maybe a bit more basic that the GVShine kit, there’s the Suaoki solar panel light kit. Everything’s more compact in this kit which makes it easier to travel with and set up.  It’s great for use around your own home, but it’s easy portability makes it a great solar option to take camping, hiking, boating, or to the treehouse, beach or cabin; anyplace you go where electricity is hard to find. Instead, you can harness the power of the sun and make your own.

This kit comes with one poly crystalline solar panel that can be laid flat or propped against anything to collect maximum sunlight.  It also includes a controller which allows you to plug in a maximum of two LED lights, a phone charger, and the solar panel itself. Two solar LED light bulbs come in the kit and everything includes 5-meter cords for convenience.  The cords also include a smart-touch on/off switch to help you conserve battery power and product lifetime.

The solar panel will initially take about 6 hours to charge in direct sunlight.  Once fully charged, your controller can charge your lights and devices for up to 14 continuous hours.  Of course, the more items plugged in to charge, the shorter that runtime will be. The controller can fit in one hand and the solar panel is a convenient 7×9-inch frame.


  • Comprehensive lighting and charging kit
  • Waterproof
  • Virtually no installation required
  • Fast charge time
  • Long runtime
  • 12-month warranty


  • Light is too dim; 1-2W
  • On/Off switch is inconvenient in the middle of cord length

BioLite Off-Grid Solar Light System

This unique solar lighting kit from BioLite is our selection for Editor’s Choice.  This system is designed to take you off the grid and it works perfectly for powering an entire small cabin, pool house, beach house, RV, boat, treehouse; even your home.  In addition to a powerful and highly functional control panel, this kit includes 2 hanging lights (one for each room, perhaps), one motion-sensor light, and of course a solar panel.

Install the panel on the roof of your cabin or RV and install the control panel under it, inside.  Then, run one hanging light to one room, or spot in the cabin, and the other light to another spot or room.  Now you’ve got 100W lighting in two rooms. 100W is a far higher lumen than a typical solar kit bulb, so you’ll get plenty of light for reading, working, or cooking. If you’re hoping for a dimmer light option, BioLite has you covered.  The two hanging lights come with 3 different brightness options. That’s more than some traditional electrical home lights come with! The third light is a 200W motion sensor security light that you can run outside around your perimeter or by your entrance. When something comes within 16ft of the light, the bulb will automatically turn on and stay on for 30 seconds.

The control panel can be mounted onto your interior wall or similar resource by two mounting screws. This control panel features a bright digital screen to tell you how much battery life is left and about how many hours it will last at the rate you’re currently at. Besides that, the control panel will read your SD card, allowing you to play your MP3 music right through the system. From the control panel, you can adjust the volume, rewind, fast forward, pause, and play.  It even features an FM radio. The high quality of the materials and the amazing functionality makes this the ultimate off-grid, recreational, or survival tool to take with you, and this is why it’s selected as our Editor’s Choice.


  • Control panel has a digital display screen to monitor the system
  • Control panel will play your music on speaker
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Includes 2 attractive hanging lamps with lightswitches
  • Lamps are 100W each with 3 brightness settings
  • Includes a 200W motion-sensor security light
  • 18-ft daisy-chainable cables make it easy for lights to reach different rooms


  • Must be in constant direct light
  • May take more than 8 hours for initial full charge

Goland Century Portable Solar Lighting Kit

Most Popular

If you want everything from the BioLite Editor’s Pick, but you want it portable instead, then Goland Century has the answer in their portable solar light kit. This comes with a 5.5×9-inch 9-V, 3W, solar panel made from durable plastic and polycrystalline solar glass. Also included, you’ll receive 3 solar string lights with 9-foot cords for the best reach.

The greatest part of this kit is the control panel.  Unlike stationary panels, this is like carrying a small radio with a durable, comfortable handle. The control unit carries easily like an emergency flashlight, and in fact, this unit works as a flashlight, too. A high beam LED light will illuminate whatever is in front of you, and if you’re looking for a gentler light, the unit also generates LED astigmatism light.  The control unit also includes an MP3/MP4 interface, a built-in radio, a speaker with volume control, and aerial antenna, and all the charging ports and control mechanisms. This is the kind of portable tool that could save your life so be smart and add one to your vehicle, RV, camper, boat, camping gear, and emergency go bags.


  • Extremely portable
  • High photoelectric conversion efficiency 
  • Virtually no installation
  • Multifunctionality
  • Maintenance-free


  • Charging time is slow
  • Not weatherproof

KK.BOL Portable Solar Light

Best Value

If you want the simplest option possible, for the lowest price, then consider the KK.BOL portable solar powered light. For it’s low cost, it’s a durable and dependable quality.  This kit is just the basics; one solar panel and one solar LED light on a hanger and not on a string as one might expect. The light is quite bright at up to 150 lumens, but not overbearing like a floodlight. The kit does also include USB charger ports and an Android port.  This is an excellent option for someone who’s not quite sure about the commitment of a full solar lighting kit just yet. The price is unbeatable. It’s very likely that you’ll love it and decide to get a system afterall.


  • Easy to install
  • Bright LED light; 150 lumens
  • Can’t beat the price
  • Maintenance-free


  • Not waterproof

What to Know About a Solar Panel Light Kit

What to Know About a Solar Panel Light Kit

The technology for solar-powered lighting is rapidly improving (just look at these new solar lanterns!) It’s an excellent choice in the case of emergency situations, black-outs, remote areas, or off-grid living.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when you’re making your consideration.

Where to put your solar panel

It’s common to mount your panel on the roof of your space if possible.  This is a good way to capture as much light as possible. But if that’s not the case for your roof, not to worry.  Most every lighting kit panel can be moved, mounted, propped up, or laid flat for whatever kind of position you need for maximum direct sunlight.

What do you need it for

Are you using your solar light kit outside in the back garden, in a tent, or in a treehouse?  Or are you using it to generate more power for your seasonal vehicles like your camper and your boat?  Or, maybe you’re looking for a way to rig your whole home for off-grid living. Whether you’re using it for everyday use, or in an emergency, you can find the right kit for you.  But know what needs you have before you go shopping. (Looking for some instructions as to how to clean solar lights? Or how to fix solar lights? Click those links!)

How fast it will charge

In most every case, the solar panel of your kit will need to sit in direct sunlight for about 10 hours, give or take, depending on its efficiency and strength.  After the initial charge, it shouldn’t take so long for the rechargeable batteries to reach maximum power, but you’ll still want to consider how long it will take to fully charge.  This will be especially valuable information for an emergency situation.

How long is the runtime

Once the unit is initially charged, the length of continuous power it will give you is the runtime.  Surprisingly, most panels take several hours to charge, but hold power extremely well and can offer several lights and charge several devices for hours.  The less power you use, the less you’ll drain the runtime, so if you’re only using one light, you’re runtime can be upwards of 14 hours.

How bright are the lights

Light brightness (lumens) is very important to consider if you’ll be needing a bright light.  Often, the solar lights that come with kits only shine up to 10 lumens. If you need bright light for a whole room or yard space, consider the kits that give you 100 lumens or more per bulb.

How many ports are included

If you need a kit with extra charging functionality, be sure that the kit you get will do all you need. Some kits do not include a port for iPhone or Android items, while others include both.  Some kits provide one LED bulb while others provide up to five. Make sure you’re getting all the ports and cords you need.


Imagine living your life without an electric bill. You can continue to go the way of non-renewable energy that comes at costly rates, or you can embrace the future and bring solar into your life.  An excellent place to start is by illuminating your mind and your space with solar light kits. (Looking for even more solar products to make your life better? Check out our favorite solar mailbox lights!)

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