Best Solar Mailbox Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

Your mailbox is sometimes the first thing someone sees when they look at your home, and with a solar mailbox light you can be sure it’ll look its best, especially at night. They provide the illumination needed for delivery vehicles, guests, or anyone else that may need to see your address at night. Also, they look great and add a touch of class to any property.

Even better, With many colors to choose from, you can pick one that accents your home perfectly. Best of all though, they save you money by using the sun’s energy instead of your homes power, and everyone can benefit from that. So if you’re thinking about adding some flair to your property, consider using solar lights for mailboxes.

Gama Sonic Baytown II Outdoor Solar Light

LeiDrail House Solar Powered Address Numbers Plaque

Classy Caps Manchester Solar Post Cap Dark Bronze

Top 5 Solar Mailbox Lights

We’ve covered the money-saving aspects of solar mailbox lights, which are similar to solar sign lights, but you want to be sure you’re buying a product that uses quality components so your investment is one that lasts. We’ve searched the internet and found the top 5 lights for 2020 while taking into account price, reliability, durability, design and the quality of the components so you can be sure you’re spending your money wisely. (Looking for something completely different? Check out our guide to our favorite solar Christmas lights!)

Classy Caps Manchester Solar Post Cap Dark Bronze

Best Value

First we have the Classy Caps Solar Post Cap. This solar mailbox light has an easy to install base that fits over most posts, or it can even be hung. Also, it’s solar powered so you just place in a sunny area and its battery will charge, illuminating your mailbox all night.

You can be sure your mailbox will look its best because they use high quality plastics in a dark bronze color which looks great just about anywhere. It’s also the most reasonably priced solar mailbox post light compared to some of the other products on the list. Unfortunately, because it’s made of plastic it can be damaged in extreme weather.

LeiDrail House Solar Powered Address Numbers Plaque

Most Popular

Next is the LeIDrail House Solar Powered Address Plaque. This one is a little unique because it also illuminates your address when placed above a mailbox. Also, its sleek silver frame is very discrete so it won’t detract from your homes exterior decor.

Even better, this solar mailbox light uses ultraviolet to charge which means it needs less sunlight and it will still illuminate all night long. Installation is incredibly easy too, just hang on a wall and let the sun do the work and at only 1.8 pounds almost anyone can do it. Unfortunately, it can only be hung on a vertical surface so you can’t place it on a post or pole.

Gama Sonic Baytown II Outdoor Solar Light

Editor's Pick

Third on the list is the Gama Sonic Baytown II Solar Light. This is the most traditional looking light on the list, making it perfect for any home or mailbox that needs a touch of elegance. Also, this mailbox post solar light comes ready to mount to any surface, just switch out the bottom.

Better yet, it requires no wires or solar panel setups, it’s ready to use out of the box. It also illuminates at 130 lumens, which is quite bright, so you can be sure your mailbox will look its best. Sadly, it’s one of the most expensive products on the list.

Large Outdoor Solar Powered LED Light Lamp

Next is the Outdoor Solar Powered LED Light Lamp by Kendal. Featuring a powder coated cast aluminum exterior which is extremely rust resistant. Also, it’s a more traditional design which means it will fit in with almost any outdoor decor. Like the other solar mailbox lights on the list, it only requires sunlight to charge its battery which saves you money on your electric bill. It’s also extremely lightweight at only 3 pounds and requires no extra wires or solar panels, everything is integrated. Unfortunately, compared to other products on the list it’s fairly expensive.

Mayne Solar Cap

And finally, we have the Mayne Solar Cap. This solar mailbox light features a very minimalist design so it should fit in with any outdoor decor you may already have. Installation is incredibly easy too, just place on top of your post, use the 4 self-tapping screws to hold it in place and it’s ready to use. No wires, no extra solar panels, everything is built into the product itself. The only thing it needs is sunlight during the day and at night it will automatically begin illuminating your mailbox. Sadly, it’s made of PVC so areas that get incredibly hot, or damaging weather should consider another product.

Decorating Ideas for Solar Mailbox Lights

Decorating Ideas for Solar Mailbox Lights

By now you’ve already considered what a solar mailbox post light might look like on your property but they can be used in other ways you may not have considered. If you have a fence with posts along it you can place these lights on top for a more elegant look to your property. Place them on a patio or gazebo railing for a bit of added light at night, or along a walkway railing to ensure guests can find their way in the dark. Any way you choose to use these solar mailbox lights on your property will probably look great, experiment a bit!

Why Solar?

We’ve covered design and aesthetics, but what about functionality? Solar lighting is a great choice because it uses the sun’s energy to charge its batteries which costs you nothing. Also, like with solar rope lights, these solar lights for mailboxes use solar panels that are built into them, which means no extra wiring or large solar panel arrays around your property. The only maintenance they require is an occasional cleaning or dusting of the solar panels and they turn on automatically, so you can just set it up and it’s good to go. There are very few reasons not to use solar, so why not make a change?


In the end, you’re the only one who knows if solar is right for you. If your property is extremely shaded, or you live in a place that experiences many cloudy days or storms you may want to stick to traditional lighting, but if you have adequate sunlight then consider one of these solar mailbox lights and make your home look its best.  (Looking for some ready-made solar lighting kits? Check out these packages!)

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