Best Solar Mole Repeller – Top Reviews of 2021

If burrowing critters threaten the health of your gardens and flowerbeds, a solar mole chaser is your best friend. These solar-powered devices can ward off moles, gophers, rodents, and other small rodents looking for a free meal in your crops or your lawn. But how exactly does a solar powered mole chaser work? Are they safe around kids and pets? Will they save you money?

How Do Solar Mole Repellers Work?

A solar mole repeller absorbs power from the sun with a solar panel. Energy is then used to drive away and repel critters. Similar to the more traditional electric rodent repellers, (like solar electric fences and their associated solar chargers) a solar powered mole chaser utilizes sonic wave sounds to ward off unwanted rodents. The higher the frequency, the more efficient the repeller (much like an ultrasonic pest repeller). However, setting these devices too high may cause irritation to nearby pets, especially smaller dogs and cats. All the solar mole chasers on our list have frequencies between 400 and 1,000Hz, so you can choose the range that works best with your rodent visitors and the type of soil in your garden.

If you’re considering solving your rodent problem with solar pest repellers, it’s important to examine a couple of details before buying. First, you’ll want to measure the size of the space you’ll be protecting. Each solar powered mole chaser covers a certain area, so consider how many you’ll need for full coverage from every angle. Second, you’ll want to make sure the units you purchase will stand up to the climate and weather of your area. If you get a good deal of rain, it’s a good idea to invest in a model that’s waterproof. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got an appropriate solar monitoring system.

Below, we’ve gathered the five most popular models and compared them for a breakdown and reviews of features and functionality. With these top reviews below, you’ll get a solid idea of the most popular options available, how much the costs, and just what makes a high-quality solar mole repeller. Plus, check out our final section with even more buyer’s tips so you can make the smartest and most informed decision.

Apello 6 Pack Mole Repellent

VENSMILES Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Wallaceu Solar Mole Repellent

Best Solar Mole Chasers – Top Reviews of 2020

As you would expect, all of the mole chasers on this list do exactly what they claim at prices that won’t break the bank. Check out these top reviews of the best solar powered mole chasers of 2020.

Apello 6 Pack Mole Repellent

Editor's Pick

You can keep your pests away in as humane a way as possible, thanks to the Apello solar mole repellent. Coming in a set of six, this device sends out vibrations and sonic pulses at 30-second intervals, greatly irritating yard moles, voles, and other animals.

Covering up to 6,500 square feet, or a 45-foot radius per spike, this pack is excellent for bigger areas. You’ll have to use more than one device to enhance efficiency and coverage, but this mole chaser will surely help you ward off any unwanted burrowing rodents.

Powered by a rechargeable solar cell, this repellent needs no extra batteries. The cell recharges in eight hours and impresses with a five-day average runtime. Ideal to use in your lawn or garden, these chasers are also waterproof and durable. They’re made from aluminum and flame-retardant ABS materials. Not only will they withstand prolonged sun exposure, but they also deal well with lawn sprinklers and light rain.

Working in the 400Hz range, this mole chaser may also be audible to humans and pets; however, there is nothing to worry, as it only irritates rodents. Backed by a 1-year guarantee of repair, replacement, or refund service, and sold as a convenient pack of 6, this solar powered mole chaser is undoubtedly one of the best you can find.


  • Humane pest repellent option
  • Convenient pack of 6 chasers
  • 1-year guaranteed repair, replacement, or refund


  • Not suitable for high rain and water
  • Doesn’t work well for chipmunks

Redeo 3rd Generation Solar Mole Repellent

This highly efficient model from Redeo brings exceptional value for money. It comes in a pack of four, and users claim it functions more efficiently than other repellers. This device works in cycles of intermittent emissions that minimize the chance of burrowing rodents becoming immune to the sound. This unit includes four different settings which allow you to set a desired frequency between 400 and 1,000Hz.

Effective and humane, this solar powered mole repeller is also fully waterproof, boasting an IP67 rating. It not only resists your sprinkler or slight seasonal rain, but it also works normally even when it’s temporarily immersed.

What really makes the difference between this unit and all others is the dual solar panel. A beveled position enhances the capture of solar energy, allowing the 3.7V lithium battery to support the device working for a longer time. Safe, easy to use, and highly effective, this is perhaps the best sonic mole repeller for various rodents and mid-size to big yards.


  • Humane pest repellent option
  • Convenient pack of 4 chasers
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Upgraded, 3rd generation product
  • Works well for moles


  • Even with IP67 rating, heavy rains can still damage these units
  • Not effective for larger rodents like squirrels and gophers

Wallaceu Solar Mole Repellent

Best Value

A solar mole chaser doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. This pack of four from Wallaceu could be a great choice. Coming at a price that won’t break the bank, this sonic repeller sends out vibrations and sonic pulses in 30-second cycles, irritating moles, gophers, voles, and other under- and over-ground rodents.

A wide coverage of 6,500 square feet per spike makes this set ideal for big yards. If you deal with a big pest infestation, all you have to do is overlap two or more devices, to enhance efficiency and coverage.

Suitable for all weather conditions and withstanding slight rain and sporadic splashes from a sprinkle, this solar mole repellent recharges in eight hours and has a battery life cycle of approximately five days. One lacking aspect is the non-adjustable frequency that can help to ensure you’re not annoying your pets. Nevertheless, this product brings real value, considering its price.


  • Humane pest repellent option
  • Convenient pack of 4 chasers
  • Fast charge time, long runtime


  • Only IP44 waterproof rating, making this a poor choice for rainy zones
  • Frequency is not adjustable

Vekibee Sonic Mole Repellent

The next solar mole chaser on our list comes from one of the top leading brands of humane pest control solutions. It uses the same technology as all the other repellers on this list but comes with a few features that really make a difference.

First, this repeller has shorter sonic pulses cycles, of only 20 seconds. It vibrates and emits 400Hz frequencies contemporarily, enhancing efficiency. While the vibrations are emitted at ground level only, the sound is clearly audible by all other animals. As such, it doesn’t only repel moles and burrowing rodents. It’s also effective in keeping away rats, rabbits, and chipmunks.

Higher efficiency batteries means faster recharge cycles. The polysilicon solar battery goes from drain to charge in only four hours, and like the other candidates, it lasts up to 5 days. Under continuous operation, this repellent wards off annoying pests in approximately 14 days. Effective and durable, the unit boasts a watertight construction made from anti-corrosion aluminum and ABS plastics. Designed for effective outdoor pest control, this is one of the best solar powered mole chasers available.


  • Superfast charge time; only 4 hours
  • Convenient pack of 6 chasers
  • Great for moles and voles


  • Only realistically protects upto about 30 ft
  • Not as effective as it claims for chipmunks

VENSMILES Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Most Popular

The last entry on our list for the best solar mole chasers is the device from VENSMILES, which offers a great alternative to our other options. It doesn’t come in a set and it’s a bit on the expensive side; but nevertheless, it’s effective and more aesthetically appealing.

Its green finish blends well with an outdoor décor and makes it easy to hide in the grass. THis model boasts an effective range of 8,000 square feet, making a sole device sufficient for a small to midsize yard.

You can also switch from one frequency to another in the 400-1,000Hz range, to prevent burrowing rodents from getting used to the annoyance. Thanks to its high-performing battery, the repellent can work for up to 7 days on a single charge. We love that it’s suitable to leave outdoors in all weather conditions. If your yard is larger, consider two or more units for the best coverage.


  • Blends easily with outdoor decor and grass
  • Covers 8,000 sq ft effectively
  • Adjustable frequency control


  • On the expensive side
  • Not a good option for gophers specifically

How to Choose a Solar Mole Repeller

How to Choose a Solar Mole Repeller

Solar powered mole repellers can be highly effective devices, provided you know what you’re looking for and choose wisely. Here are a few key details you should consider before buying:

  • Frequency: Most solar powered mole repellers have frequencies in the 400-1,000Hz range. Higher frequencies are more effective; however, burrowing rodents may get used to it. A solar mole chaser with an adjustable frequency range is undoubtedly a better choice than a fixed frequency one.
  • Coverage: How much coverage you need depends on the number of repellers you plan to use and size of your property. Most chasers have coverage between 6,500 – 7,000 square feet, and for the best results, you should use two or more overlapping devices. For a small yard though, a single device with wide coverage may suffice.
  • Battery: Not all solar batteries are created equal. Some can power your sonic mole repeller for up to five days on a single charge. Others have a life cycle of two weeks. Some batteries need up to eight hours of continuous sun exposure to recharge, others only four. Depending on how much sun you get in your area, you can easily decide which is the best sonic mole repeller for you.
  • Quality: Like solar bug-zappers, solar mole repellers are outdoor devices. Therefore you must pay attention to the materials they’re made from. Corrosive-resistant aluminum, and fire-retardant ABS plastics are your best bets. Pay attention to the waterproof specifications to see if your device is indeed waterproof or only splash-proof. Any device with IPX6 or lower isn’t waterproof, but only water resistant. These repellers shouldn’t be left outside in heavy rain nor placed in water puddles.


You’re definitely ready now to get rid of those pesky burrowing rodents. You’ve got an idea of what kinds of details to consider before making your purchase, like the area of space, or the primary rodent you’re trying to repel. The five most popular options provide a fair perspective on the best out there.

You can either let those critters continue to destroy your yard and gardens or you can implement a system today to rid yourself of underground rodents in about one month. At least with solar mole chasers, your conscience will rest easy knowing your system is completely humane and eco-friendly. And if you’re looking for some other great solar-themed products, check out these solar-powered owls while you’re here!

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