Best Solar Parking Lot Lights – Top Reviews of 2021

If you need to ensure a large parking lot is illuminated but don’t want to spend too much money each month consider using solar parking lot lights. They provide more than enough light all night, and won’t add to your monthly electric bills because they power themselves using solar panels. And best of all, solar powered parking lot lights are cheaper than ever.

Savings and reliability aren’t the only reason you might consider using solar lights, another important aspect is safety. These products provide customers and guests with peace of mind by allowing them to see better in your parking lot, which prevents accidents and crime. Better yet, solar parking lot lights are easy to install. Just mount the solar panel and the light, and connect them. No dangerous wiring or unsightly extension cables.

LEONLITE 300W Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light

SZYOUMY Solar Street Flood Lights

TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light

Top 5 Solar Parking Lot Lights

So, We’ve already covered the reduced energy costs that solar powered lights can bring and the safety they provide, but what about the quality of the products themselves? You want to be confident you’re purchasing high quality solar powered parking lot lights because you want your business to look its best with lights that won’t easily break. We considered durability, efficiency, design, price, and even safety while we were reviewing these cousins of solar floodlights. So, let’s get right into the list.

LEONLITE 300W Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light

Editor's Pick

First up is the LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light. This sleek black light has a discrete unassuming look, but illuminates at an astounding 39,000 lumens, which is much higher than most solar parking lot lights. It has a built in dimmer if you don’t want it quite that bright, so anyone you don’t need to worry about it being too bright in some areas. The exterior is made of die-cast aluminum which provides extreme durability and heat dissipation.

Also, the light itself has a surge protection system making it perfect for parking lots, stadiums, or even farms. It features two modes, ones for manual control and one for automatic control based on the ambient light outside. Because it is solar powered, it won’t add to your electric bill and installation is very easy, just mount and plug the solar panel into the light. Overall, this is a great product, but it is much more expensive than most of the other solar led parking lot lights.

SZYOUMY Solar Street Flood Lights

Most Popular

Next is the SZYOUMY Solar Street Flood Light, which features anti-glare LEDS which illuminate at 2200 lumens, all housed in an aluminum exterior. This means it won’t rust, and can withstand most weather. Something that makes this product stand out from other solar parking lot lights is its remote control, which allows its brightness to be remotely adjusted.

Installation is very easy, just mount to your light pole, wall, or even ceiling using the provided bracket, and it’s ready to use. No confusing wiring or dangerous setup required. The high quality solar panel charges it during the day providing you with light all night long without increasing your electricity bill. Unfortunately, it has a rather large solar panel that will require occasional cleaning, and 2200 lumens might not be enough for some larger parking lots.

TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light

Best Design

Coming up next is the TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light. This light comes in a modern, bright white design that would look great in most parking lots. It features 1500 lumen LEDs that automatically adjust themselves based on nearby activity and light levels, which makes it much more than just a led solar parking lot light, it also doubles as a security system. Setup is incredibly easy, just turn on the light and mount.

No wires needed, so most people will feel confident installing this product. Furthermore, it has a roughly 300 square foot illumination area when mounted at its suggested height of 9 feet, making it a great choice for most parking lots. The only downside to this solar parking lot light is that it only illuminates at 1500 lumens on maximum settings, so some people may need something brighter.

YQL 25W Outdoor LED Solar Wireless Security Wall Flood Light

Fourth on the list is the YQL 25W Outdoor LED Flood Light. With a maximum illumination of 2200 lumens, it’s fairly effective for the price. Its design makes it very discreet so it can be used without affecting the overall aesthetic of your property, and only requires you to mount and plug the solar panel into the light.

It also uses ambient sunlight to charge its high quality battery which at a full charge provides a surprising 16 to 20 hours of light! This is much longer than most of the other solar led parking lot lights on the list. It has multiple settings for brightness so it can be used most places, even in more intimate spaces like a personal garden. Unfortunately it might be too flimsy for some climates, so consider that before purchasing this product.

Solar Street Light 48 LED with PIR Motion Sensor

Best Value

Finally, we come to the Solar Street Light 48 LED with Motion Sensor. This is easily the cheapest product on our list for what it provides. It illuminates at over 900 lumens in a wide area, making it perfect for more private parking, or an area where security is less of a concern. It features an industrial looking black design making it fairly discrete, so it won’t distract from any landscaping or decor.

Also, because it’s solar powered it charges itself in sunlight, meaning less energy bills. But the best aspect of all is that it has a motion sensor which will automatically turn the light on when it detects motion, and even an emergency mode which uses less energy in emergency situations to conserve power which is unique among other solar powered parking lot lights. The only downside to this product is its flimsy exterior which might not survive extreme weather.

Should you use solar in your parking lot?

Should you use solar in your parking lot

Almost anyone can benefit from using solar parking lot lights for the savings alone, but there are some important aspects to consider before purchasing one of these products. Much like solar spotlights, safety is obviously the primary concern. Make sure your parking lot gets direct sunlight most of the day, otherwise your guests or customers may be left in the dark, literally! This makes accidents much more likely, and may encourage crime in the area (especially if you don’t combine them with solar security lights).

Another concern is maintenance. Solar panels need to be cleaned occasionally to keep them operating their best, at least every few months, which can be somewhat time consuming. And finally, we have price. If you plan on lighting a large parking lot make sure you consider the price per light. A more expensive light may offer a bit more durability or illumination, but it can add up quickly. You WILL see savings over time, but, like with solar lamp post lights, the initial investment is more than some people can handle. If you’ve considered all of these things then led solar parking lot lights might be the perfect choice for your home or business.

Lighting Ideas for solar parking lot lights

So you’ve decided to use solar lights, but you don’t know how to make them look their best. First consider where your customers or guests might be parking and then consider if that area needs extra light at night. If so, you should consider a light color or tone that accents your property nicely. A more modern location would do better with a soft blue glow, whereas a more traditional property would do well with warmer orange solar parking lot lights. If you have a smaller parking lot you may not need to install any poles or posts and might be able to mount your lights to the building itself saving you even more money. Another idea is to take a look at other properties you like for inspiration when deciding how you want to use your lights.


Solar powered lights can be a good investment for your business, but you should be aware of any potential liabilities using these lights may bring, especially in highly congested areas. However, this shouldn’t be an issue when installed correctly, and with ample sunlight. Without regularly cleaning the panels, you’ll see your solar led parking lot lights efficiency significantly decrease over time.But, If you’ve thought about all of the issues we’ve presented and still want to use solar lights then you’re probably someone who can greatly benefit from the savings and safety a solar light can bring. (Looking for more solar products? Check out these solar mailbox lights!)

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