Best Solar Path Lights for Your Walkway

During the day your home’s walkway is beautiful but, after dark, it can be hazardous if it’s not lit with solar path lights. For safety and security, a well-lit front path is essential. Installing solar path lights helps to provide that safety without running cords or cables that might be tripped on in the dark.

Solar powered lights for pathways provide illumination for your front steps, cobblestone walkway, or driveway. This allows both you, the homeowner, and guests to your home to safely navigate any uneven terrain without worry. Solar pathway lights also provide beautiful ambience which increases the curb appeal of your home.

Another benefit of solar path lights over the traditional type that plug into your electrical grid is automation. The vast majority of solar lights for pathways turn on automatically at dusk, as they are automatically equipped with a solar-sensing panel.

This means there’s no worry that you’ll neglect to flip the right switch and no need to carry a remote in your car or keychain. No matter how late you come home, you’ll have illumination.

Once the sun goes down, the outdoor solar lights come up and the way forward is clear. Even better, all this is available without running cords, hiring electricians, or wasting hours on complicated setup. And once you’re done, there are no energy costs to consider, and no batteries or fuel that need constant replacement. Your lights run on clean, free solar energy.

We’ve gathered up some of the best outdoor solar path lights to help you make the switch to worry-free and hassle-free solar power. We focused on choosing solar path lights that were made of quality material, and stood up to many weather conditions. We also looked at the brightness of the lights, as well as their charging and lasting ability. Here are some of the best choices for your walkway:

Beau Jardin Silver Garden Path Lights

ArMax Moonlight-3

Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway Light Reviews

Beau Jardin Silver Garden Path Lights

Editor's Pick

These large garden path lights provide beautiful ambience and safety for your walkway, pathway or garden. They are the editor’s pick for best solar path lights because the large, silver lanterns are beautiful but not showy, which allows them to add to your yard’s decor without distracting from the natural scenery or feeling out of place.

The Beau Jardin solar path lights are also a top pick because of the gorgeous pattern that the pool of light makes around them. This is created by a diamond-lattice pattern in the lantern glass. It creates an effect something like a snowflake or a mandala that is captivating, while still providing useful illumination to your front walk or garden path.

The Beau Jardin kit comes with eight lights made mainly of stainless steel and glass. At the end of each metal pole is a sturdy PVC stake for easy placement in your yard.

Each light can be independently placed and moved, with no wires or cords connecting them. And each light is topped with its own solar panel to provide charge for its battery. After dark the light-sensing panel turns the lights on automatically for up to eight hours of gorgeous light to illuminate your pathway.

In the morning, the lights will turn off automatically and begin charging so that they will be ready once darkness falls again.

These lights are sizeable, measuring just under five inches in diameter. The Beau Jardin solar path lights also stand about 12.5 inches high when staked in the ground (stake adds 3.9 inches to total height). The size, along with the 16 lumens of output, creates a large sphere of illumination with the aforementioned beautiful patterning.

The size and light output means that you should be able to place these brightest of solar path lights several feet apart and still get good illumination. The sturdy construction means these lights are waterproof and weather resistant. They will stay in place and function well despite wind, cold, or rain, as long as the sun comes out long enough to charge them.


  • Sturdy, heavy metal and glass design
  • Beautiful light patterns due to diamond-lattice pattern
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Large size of lantern and bulb gives bright outdoor lighting
  • Brightest solar path lights


  • Glass in construction may break under extreme conditions

ArMax Moonlight-3

Most Popular

The ArMax Moonlight-3 solar pathway lights are the workhorse of the walkway lights, and a great choice if you live somewhere with variable weather conditions. These lights may also be the best solar path lights for you if you prefer a subtle black finish to the silver of the Beau Jardin.

The ArMax kit comes with four lights with a matte black finish on the top casing and post. Each light has its own polycrystalline solar panel which charges a 15 lumen LED light.

The major advantage of the ArMax is its charge-holding capabilities. It comes standard with a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery which can fill up on sunny days and hold a charge that allows the LED to illuminate for a stunning 25 hours. This means that a full charge on a sunny day can be held over if the next day–or even the next few days–turn dark and cloudy.

The ArMax solar pathway lights are made of sturdy plastic with a high-quality solar panel. While it may not be as hefty as the metal and glass construction of some other models, the finish is still attractive, and the plastic lantern case may be more durable or prone to shatter than glass. Regardless, these lights are meant to go the distance in all kinds of weather.

Overall, these may be the best outdoor solar path lights for those living in areas of high inclement weather, or for those whose walkways are partially shaded. The ArMax does a great job of creating a product meant to deliver the light you need, even in suboptimal conditions.


  • Quality solar panel and battery charge for 25 hour total illumination time
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Bright illumination


  • Set only contains four lights, multiple sets may be needed

XLux Solar Stair Light

The XLux solar stair lights are different than many of the other solar pathlights, as they are specifically designed for stairs. But they deserve mention despite their unconventional nature.

Stairs and steps are one of the most accident-prone spots in our home. And when left unlit, your front steps or deck stairs may truly be one of the most dangerous spots that you have to navigate on a regular basis. Carefully climbing darkened front steps at night can be difficult even for homeowners, but it can be particularly hazardous for guests.

That is why we recommend the XLux Solar Stair Lights as the best solution for a stair-heavy pathway.

These stair lights are different than traditional solar lights for pathways. While most path lights are lantern or cylinder shaped with a long post to stake in the ground, these stairway lights are small with a flattened triangular shape.

This shape allows them to be mounted flush against the wood or cement of your stairs via included screws. The upward slanted edge contains the solar panel which charges during the day, while the downward slanted edge contains the LED light which points towards the tread of the staircase so that you and your guests can easily see your footing.

These lights can also be attached to a fence post for an unobtrusive look during the day, but a well illuminated pathway after dark. The lights are about three inches to a side, and provide an inviting, warm glow with a power of 15 lumens.

The XLux lights are sturdy and waterproof, with metal and plastic construction that is meant to stand up to weather, and the occasional inadvertent kick. The kit comes with six lights which are screw-mounted to the surface of your choice with included hardware.

While these bright solar path lights may not be ideal for all pathways, they can make an enormous difference in safety and peace of mind for those of us who know the frustration of coming home with our hands full and having to navigate darkened steps and stoops. We particularly recommend these for people who have oddly spaced steps in their walkway due to hilly landscaping. They might literally be a lifesaver.


  • Unique design provides excellent lighting for steps and stairs
  • Sturdy, waterproof, weatherproof, and kickproof construction
  • Bright warm glow provides ambience along with safety


  • Installation is more complicated, particularly in stone or concrete steps
  • Not suitable for walkways with no steps or nearby fence posts

Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights

The Voona Solar Outdoor Lights are a lovely lantern-style light. They create a stunning sunburst pattern of light using stored up solar energy after the sun goes down. This particular brand comes in both metallic silver and matte black finish, so you can choose which style best fits your landscaping.

These solar lights for pathways have a six lumen output with a warm, white glow. They charge in full sun, and then come on automatically after dark to provide up to eight hours of illumination to your garden or front walk.

Each light is placed easily and independently, with no cords or cables to connect them. And the metal and plastic combination construction provides durability and strength. The construction is waterproof and weatherproof, providing light in all temperatures and conditions, as long as there is enough sunlight to charge the solar panel.

The LED lights of the Voona are only six lumens, which is not as bright as some higher-rated models of solar path lights, however, the Voona kit contains eight lights compared to four or six in some other kits. There is still plenty of light to cover your pathway or walkway, and this model is priced at around $35, so you could afford a second set for not much more than what you pay for the top-rated models.


  • Comes in two different finishes
  • Emits light in an attractive sunburst pattern
  • Eight lights to a kit to provide more coverage to longer walkways


  • Not as bright as higher quality lights

Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights

Best Value

The Gigalumi lights provide a sleek modern look for illumination in your pathway or garden. These solar path lights are smaller, only about 2.2 inches diameter, but they still provide a full eight hours of overnight lighting.

The Gigalumi kit contains twelve silver-finish lights that stand about 9.5 inches when staked in the ground. The cylindrical plastic light cover provides protection and waterproofing so they can hold up to many weather conditions, including rain and snow. And inside is a 6 lumens strong LED light.

These lights are on the small side, which makes them ideal for providing light at night without drawing attention to themselves during the day. They are also appropriate for homes with sleek modern exterior decor which the lights will match easily.

And at a price of about $19 for a 12-pack, they make it easy to join the solar power movement without much investment. You can afford to light any walkway in your home, and to provide additional light to landscape elements you might like to feature even after dark.

Despite their low price, they are both useful and popular, with nearly 700 five-star reviews on Amazon. These are quality lights for those on a tight budget, and can provide plenty of safety, beauty, and illumination for years to come.


  • Small and sleek so your landscaping can get all the attention
  • Cost effective
  • Each kit contains 12 lights which covers a lot of ground


  • Small, and lightweight construction, may not be as sturdy as more upscale lights

How do I choose the brightest Solar Path Lights for my yard or walkway?

How do I choose the brightest Solar Path Lights for my yard or walkway

Very similar to choosing a solar deck step light, there are several factors to consider when deciding which solar pathway lights are best for you. Here are some questions you might want to ask before making a purchase.

How many lights do I need for my walkway or drive?

Consider both the length of your driveway or walkway and the brightness of the lights you are purchasing when answering this question.

If you choose a solar pathway light that glows brighter, it can likely reach a wider area of your path. The smaller, dimmer lights, on the other hand, will need to be spaced more closely. If you already have solar pillar lights installed, you’ll need fewer path lights.

What is the sun like on my walkway?

Take a look at your path at different times of day to see how much sun it receives at each time. Your home’s orientation and height, as well as the placement of nearby landscaping or even neighboring homes will affect how much sun falls on your path. For example, do you have any solar mason jar lights nearby? You may need fewer path lights in that case.

Keep in mind that for full functionality, even the best pathway lights need several hours of sunlight to charge. Many good quality solar lights will be able to function with some shade or cloud cover during the day, but lights may be dimmer than normal or may run out earlier than their advertised time in those instances.

If you expect shade or cloud cover on your walkway, try to choose a model of solar path light with a larger solar panel. You may also choose to space your lights more closely than the manufacturer suggests, so that they will provide adequate light, even if they are not lit up to their full brightness. And keep in mind if they need to illuminate the field of view of any solar cameras you have set up.

What suits the style of my existing landscape and the exterior of my house?

Solar pathway lights come in so many different styles. Some are ornate and decorative, some have a vintage feel, some are sleek and modern. Consider the style of your home and your existing landscaping, the overall feel of your neighborhood, and your personal style preferences when choosing a solar pathway light.

Ideally, you could choose a light that subtly adds to the beauty of your existing landscaping without drawing much attention to itself. Choosing a style that blends in during the day helps to create great curb appeal which can increase the value of your home and beautify your neighborhood. (You’ll want to keep the similar solar string lights and solar rope lights in mind while you’re decorating as well.)

A Clear Path Ahead

Once you have considered all these factors, it’s easier to know which of the many quality solar pathway lights is best for your needs. Choose with confidence and look forward to safety, security, and beauty no matter how late in the day you arrive at home. (Looking for even more cool solar-powered products? Check out these solar brick paver lights!)

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