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Do you ever find yourself in need of some solar pond lights to light up your outdoor pool at night? Or maybe you just love having a nighttime soak in your outdoor jacuzzi. It could even be that you’re just looking for a way to upgrade the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Whether you need some efficient nightscape lighting for your watery retreat or you want to take your property to the next level, underwater solar lights are waiting to turn your night into an unforgettable one.

Solar pool lights are and eco-friendly and cost-effective way of replacing expensive traditional lighting that can cost a bundle to acquire, install, and keep running. There are some battery-operated LED lights that can submerge, but get ready to take them out to replace the batteries frequently; as much as every week! Plus, the disposal of all those batteries is definitely not eco-friendly.

Instead, you can light up all of your waterscaping with the power of the sun during the day, so your space is illuminated with warm, festive, lights every night. Solar pond lights for your pool are relatively inexpensive, highly waterproof, and they often come in with a multi-color setting to keep your scenery fresh and exciting. Solar underwater lights also make for exotic and unique photo backgrounds for all the pictures you’ll be posting to Instagram. There’s little to no maintenance with most of these solar underwater options but there’s no shortage of choice and design.

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COODIA Set of 3 Underwater Landscape Lights

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SUNWIND Solar Pond Light Waterproof

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STILL COOL Solar Pond Multi-Coloured Lights

Detailed Reviews of Solar Pond Lights Underwater

Widely used in any kind of outdoor pool, jacuzzi, custom pond, or lake, these underwater solar lights are a fascinating addition to any spot.  There’s not too much to worry about when you’re searching for the right kind of underwater lights, but we’ve got the most popular options for you to check out and we’ve selected our top picks to help make your search easier.  You’ll see our pick for the best alternative to underwater lights, our best quality selection, and the editor’s top selection. Find out all you need to know with 2019’s top reviews of the best solar underwater lights.

1. COODIA Set of 3 Underwater Landscape Lights

The high quality combined with good value for money and bright underwater solar lights, inspired us to select this set from Coodia as our top choice. This package comes with everything needed for installing the lights by yourself: 3 waterproof solar spotlights, 1 poly-silicon 6V/420mA solar panel, 1 spike, 2 screws, and the user manual. Every spotlight has 6 LEDs in warm light and a sensor that can automatically detect the nightfall to switch the light on.

We strongly recommend removing the plastic coating that covers the solar panel in order to function at its maximum capacity. For a full charge, it needs 8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight and it can work for up to 12 hours during the night. The cycle is repeated on a daily basis. Since the solar panel is separate, it’s strong enough for all 18 LEDs and easy to move around for the perfect sunny spot. The total length is about 17 feet from the distance of the solar panel to the first light. The distance between the lights is about 3.5 feet. They can easily be placed in any pool, pond, or even just in your backyard garden.

  • Solar-powered
  • Energy saver
  • Easy installation
  • Not very bright

2. STILL COOL Solar Pond Multi-Coloured Lights

Who doesn’t like a party by the pool? Let these floating solar pond lights amaze your guests with its soft changing colors. These solar light globes are waterproof enough to float in any pool or pond, but they don’t have to go in the water. The versatile design allows you to also set these on a flat surface as a kind of solar table light, or you can even hang these from hooks or trees.Its cast is made out of durable ABS plastic, and it’s water-resistant. These solar pool lights have a diameter of about 4 inches.

These come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so that you have no risks when buying them. They’re suitable in any place from a lake to a jacuzzi, and they’re fully portable so you can take the fun with you. The colors change automatically starting with red, then yellow, and green, and finally blue. Don’t wait for a special event, buy them now and enjoy a lovely glow for nights to come!

  • Solar-powered
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile feature
  • Light not strong enoughCLY 60 LED Solar Flood LightsDoes not include a waterproof rating

3. SUNWIND Solar Pond Light Waterproof

Your pool will never look the same once you float these eye-catching alternative solar pool lights out to see! Instead of submerging, these float on the top of your water, charging all day, and shining all night. This solar underwater light alternative comes with three flash-strobe LEDs that can make your pool perfect for photography, especially as these rotate between colors automatically. The solar panel on top will absorb the sunlight from dawn to dusk and will switch the light on after dusk. Being solar-powered, it’s connected to a rechargeable battery of 3.7V 18650 1200mAh hidden inside the light in order to provide a functionality of up to 8 eight hours during the night.

It has a very simple two-step installation, all you have to do is let it charge in the sun and then, when the night comes, place it in the desired area such as a lake, jacuzzi or let it float on your swimming pool. With its diameter of around 7.5 in and height of about 3 inches, the LED light placed at the bottom creates a lovely glow in your pool.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • RGB flash-strobe
  • No fixed light

4. Biling Solar Powered Underwater Night Light

This is an upgraded set of solar pond lights from Biling which features a longer lifespan, excellent durability, sleek design, and all for a reasonable price. These upgraded features are primarily possible due to the larger solar panel which is more efficient, and collects more solar energy faster. With only 8 hours of charging in direct sunlight, these lights can provide up to a full 20 hours of continuous light during the night; more than you could ever need for one night. These pool lights can be fully submerged underwater, but they can be used on the ground as well to light your garden or landscaping.

To install this unit, just make sure the separate solar panel can absorb a full day’s sunlight. Plant the solar panel in the ground with stake (which is included), or mount it on the wall with the screws (also included). The package comes with three lights each having 6 LEDs with a RGB function and two modes of being operated: steady-on and gradual-change. You can choose from changing to red, green, blue, or a repeating combination of colors.

  • Solar-powered
  • Portable solar panel
  • Amphibious design
  • Weather dependent

5. LEMON BEST 3-Lamp Underwater Solar Lights

Lemon Best is committed to delivering to you a set of 3 solar underwater lights for your pool, pond, jacuzzi, or even just as lighting for your landscaping, or garden. These underwater solar lights are a perfect addition to your pool, making the hot summer nights more pleasant. With its sleek design and colorful changing mode, it will upgrade your outdoor space by providing the perfect ambience for any gathering or party. This comes with 4 lighting modes and it’s able to switch between colors for an RGB blend, or simply remain on each of the three colors: red, green, and blue.

It ‘s perfect to be used underwater for illuminating any fountains, ponds or pools, but it doesn’t have to be used under water. Install this lighting into the hardscaping of your property for a highly durable and waterproof backyard lighting solution. You can easily spotlight your desired corner since the head lamps are adjustable up to 90 degrees. The solar panel can be placed in the ground or on a wall and it includes 180-degree adjustability. These lights can shine with 150 lumens with a full charge, for the entire night.

  • UV and IR-resistant
  • IP68 waterproof certified
  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Not snow-resistant

Benefits of Going Solar with Your Solar Pond Lights

If you’re in the market for acquiring new waterproof, submersible, lights for your property, first consider going solar. It’s the best solution for you and your family, and really, for your entire community.  Underwater solar lights (and similar solar accessories like solar pond aerators) will lower or eliminate additional costs you might incur for keeping your lights running with traditional electricity or disposable batteries. Here are a few more reasons you should make the switch to solar lights in your pools or outdoor spaces.

Solar-Powered & Eco-Friendly

Like any other solar-powered light, (or these solar fountains) these underwater lights are charged in the daylight; more specifically, in direct sunlight for about 8 hours per day. No other wires or electrical permits are needed to install these lights.  The power is stored in a rechargeable battery and after sunlight the LEDs will come on automatically. The light sensor turns them back off in the morning. By switching to a solar choice (like these solar rock lights), you’re making the decision to use sustainable, renewable, green energy and you’re doing your part to reduce toxic waste generated from constantly replacing cheap, disposable, batteries.

Cost-Effective & Long-Lasting Investment

Sometimes solar lights (like our favorite solar string lights) can seem more expensive than regular lights, but since they’re not consuming any electrical energy and they’re fully solar-powered, they are a great value for the money invested. In addition, most underwater solar lights can be used on land or even indoors, making them a versatile choice.   Consider that when you purchase a solar light, it’s a one-time investment with no additional cost to maintain or run it.


Solar technology is improving with each day and making it safer and cheaper to use throughout the home and garden, and beyond. No matter how secluded your property is, as long as there’s enough sunshine, you can always go solar. Solar pond lights come with all-around features making them the perfect choice for being used outdoors, on the ground, as floating pool lights, or underwater, and even indoors. They can be the main attraction to your pool party or they can simply be for highlighting your favorite spots in your garden. Regardless of your demand the underwater solar lights will always the perfect asset you never knew you needed. (Looking for more solar products? Check out these solar water heaters.)