Best Solar Powered Security Cameras for Wireless Surveillance

Solar powered security cameras are not only environmentally-friendly as compared to their conventional counterparts, but also a smarter choice. Thanks to the fact that they are powered by the sun, they are cost-effective and incur no additional expenses after their initial purchase and installation.

What’s more, these cameras don’t require an outlet connection, which means that you can place them exactly where you want them without having to worry about wiring. Read below to find out more and get a look at the best solar powered security cameras currently on the market.

RING Spotlight Cam Battery + Ring Solar Panel

REOLINK Argus 2 + Solar Panel

SOLIOM Bird S60 Solar Powered Security Camera

What Are the Best Solar Powered Security Cameras in 2020?

A solar powered wireless security camera must be durable and reliable (like this one by Reolink). Its solar panel and rechargeable battery must be powerful enough to ensure the camera never goes off during the night, even when there isn’t a lot of sunshine during the previous day. With these and other important aspects in mind, we have selected the 5 best solar powered security cameras currently available for purchase.

RING Spotlight Cam Battery + Ring Solar Panel

Editor's Pick

Ring security cameras are well-established as some of the best products in this niche. Although they come with a considerable price tag, the investment is worth it when considered against long-term savings on electricity and maintenance. The units by Ring are more durable than many of their conventional counterparts and more reliable than most other solar powered security cameras.

This spotlight cam + solar panel Ring package includes a 1080HD video security camera with Live View and audio, as well as a compatible and sufficient solar panel. The camera can be linked with any iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows 10 device and will send motion-activated alerts when this function is selected by the owner. In cases of emergency, the integrated siren can be remotely activated by phone, tablet, or PC in order to scare any potential suspicious people.

Finally, Ring security cameras are equipped with built-in microphones and speakers to allow two-way talk between you and anyone on your property. Additional battery packs can be added for back-up power.


  • The package includes a Ring spotlight camera, a rechargeable battery, and a compatible solar panel
  • 1080HD video with Live view and audio
  • Customizable motion-activated sensor and integrated siren
  • Built-in microphone and speakers for two-way talk
  • Durable, reliable, weatherproof


  • More expensive than other options

SOLIOM Bird S60 Solar Powered Security Camera

Best Value

The solar powered security camera by Soliom is equally impressive to other products described here, but comes at a slightly more affordable cost. Unlike with other, similar cameras, the latter comes with an integrated solar panel and requires no additional components to be installed. You simply place it at an appropriate angle and ensure that it gets at least 1 hour of sunlight each day. The rest, it does on its own.

The built-in battery is powerful enough to last through several days of poor sunlight, while the low power notification on the Soliom app will always draw your attention if manual charging is needed. The motion detector and alert are programmed to reduce the risk of false alarms and the clear two-way talk function can be used to interact with guests or deter intruders.


  • More affordable than other options
  • Integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery
  • The Soliom app features low power notifications, motion alerts, and more
  • Two-way talk


  • Not as durable as other options

STARTVISION Solar Powered Security Camera

StartVision’s solar powered wireless security camera is the most affordable item on our list, though the difference in price does come with some minor drawbacks. The camera is integrated with the solar panel and the rechargeable battery, so you don’t need any additional components to set it up and start surveying.

However, the quality of the image is slightly lower, at HD 960p. Its night vision function allows the recording of video up to 33ft in the distance, while the camera’s infrared light ensures decent clarity.

A smart motion detection alarm is also included in the set and so is a micro SD slot, albeit for only 32GB. The camera is easily installed and IP65 certified for its weatherproof build, though perhaps not as durable as other options presented here.


  • One of the more affordable best solar powered security cameras
  • Full HD 960p video
  • Stores footage on an integrated 32GB micro SD card (not included in the package)
  • Features two-way talk and motion alerts


  • Not as durable as other options
  • Performance is not as impressive as with other options

Are Solar Powered Security Cameras as Good as Conventional Ones?

Are Solar Powered Security Cameras as Good as Conventional Ones

A solar powered security camera (like this Lynx security camera) fulfills the same purposes as conventional surveillance system, only better. There are several key differences to these relatively new products. For one, they rely on solar energy and a set of rechargeable batteries to work, rather than a connection to your traditional power grid.

Perhaps one of the most attractive deals that solar powered wireless security cameras offer is the lack of monthly fees or subscriptions. All you need to get the system up and running is to purchase a Ring security camera, as well as a solar panel to go with it, and that’s it – you’re good to go. (And you might consider getting a solar driveway alarm while you’re at it!)

Regardless of which solar powered security camera you get, they essentially work in the same way, namely by getting their energy from light, rather than an electric grid. Light is converted into electricity with the help of solar panels. Direct sunlight works best at producing electricity, but any light will do, even the one that’s available on cloudy or rainy days. Of course, the panel will have a slightly smaller efficiency than usual.

We wouldn’t worry about rain too much, though. The best solar powered security cameras will come equipped with rechargeable batteries that can pick up the slack when there’s less sunlight, store excess electricity when there’s more than enough to go around, and enable the unit to work flawlessly at night.

The Advantages of Using the Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

There are many advantages to buying a solar powered wireless security camera, from easy installation to immense flexibility in terms of location. Many customers appreciate the sustainability it offers due to it being powered by a renewable source of energy, while others are sold by the ability to extend or downsize their surveillance systems at any time.

Can be placed in flexible locations

Because you’re essentially buying a wireless surveillance system that needs no cables or wiring, you have the freedom to place Ring security cameras in any location you see fit – high up on a construction site, on a rooftop, at the entrances to your warehouse or to your barn. If you can think of it, you can likely place a camera on it.

Can be installed and relocated easily

You know you have the best solar powered security camera when it doesn’t take a technician or specialist to install it. Like these solar garden decorations, these DIY surveillance systems are made to be installed in any and every location you can think of. The advantage of not needing any cables or drill holes also means you can move the system at your own leisure.

One step towards a more sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of contemporary technology. A solar powered security camera does not participate in the vicious circle of pollution since it relies solely on the renewable energy of the sun, as well as a set of rechargeable, disposable batteries. This kind of technology is becoming so ubiquitous that it can be found in products as different as solar attic fans and outdoor solar lights.

The system is easily scaled

With the option of being able to purchase just one solar powered security camera to begin with, you can then add as many as you wish to your monitoring system on a need-to basis. Most security camera viewers have applications that make it possible to simultaneously view each site, sometimes even on your smartphone.

Before You Buy Solar Powered Security Cameras

Before You Buy Solar Powered Security Cameras

Before you buy a solar powered wireless security camera for your premises, consider a few essential aspects. Not all products have the same specs, just like not all areas around the world get the same sunlight. Below, there is short list of things you need to consider before making a purchase. Luckily, you won’t need any of these solar filters.

Are the solar panels and battery powerful enough?

Since you’re considering a solar powered wireless security camera to improve the safety of a property you own, it’s mandatory that you first compare solar panels and battery storage capacity. Generally, the higher the PV output of the solar panel, the better, since it will be able to charge your batteries faster, with less sunlight time. (And while you’re improving the safety of your home, why not consider these solar powered gate openers as well?)

Good battery capacity is a must, which is why the best solar powered security cameras will always have plenty to go around and then some. These accumulators have to ensure that the system can work all through the night, but also that extra energy is stored from sunny days and carried on to cloudy ones. Generally, you want a battery that has at least 10 times the capacity of your solar panel’s PV output.

Will there be WiFi at your locations?

Having WiFi Internet access where you wish to install a security camera is definitely a plus, since you can watch the live feed from anywhere and receive instant alerts when the motion sensor detects anything going about.

Some of these systems are equipped with the same cellular data technology that allows your smartphone to browse the Internet as a workaround to no WiFi, but having a router nearby definitely helps. Overall, WiFi would be cheaper and provide you with much better quality than 3/4/5G technology.

Where will the security footage be stored?

You needn’t worry about not having a network connection up and running just now, as most solar security cameras have an SD card slot where they can store the feed. This can be a more affordable option for those who don’t have Internet on site, with the caveat that you need to make sure the camera itself has one of these slots.

Another great option, particularly if you want to give more people safe access to your surveillance footage, is to have the camera store the videos on a Cloud service. You will need an Internet connection for this to happen, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent one.

Solar powered surveillance systems have immensely grown in popularity ever since the mid-2000s for a number of reasons. Their advantages essentially position these cameras as a more affordable, more convenient product than traditional ones. While their versatility certainly contributes to this aspect by a lot, the fact that they don’t need any wiring or connection to an electrical grid drives the sale home.

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