Best Solar Powered Owls – Top Reviews of 2021

Did you know a solar powered owl might be the answer to all your garden prayers? We understand how frustrating it is when pesky birds and rodents eat your seeds and sprouts, and spoil the crops you worked hard for. Solar owls can protect your crops by driving these pests away.

These realistic devices mimic a real owl; a natural predator of smaller birds and rodents. The unwanted critters notice the owl and decide to stay away. After a few days, critters go elsewhere for food and steer clear of the areas with the threatening predators in them.

Solar powered owl pest repellers usually feature glowing eyes, a moving head, and sometimes they make owl noises as well. These tools are powered by the sun so they make an economical option for fighting for your garden back.

There are a few critical pieces to weigh in on before making your decision though. Besides the cost of the initial item, you won’t have to consider any additional rates for electricity or maintenance. But, if you fail to check the specifications on your owl before you get it and install it, you might be looking at a short-term workaround instead of the full solution you need. In the reviews below, you’ll get an idea of the most important and most popular features. If you stick around until the end, you’ll get exclusive tips for buyers. Make a smart and informed decision that will work best for you and your yard or garden. Keep reading to find out how.

Livin' Well Solar Powered Owl Decoy

Gardeneer by Dalen Solar Powered Owl

Hausse Solar Owl Decoy

Best Solar Powered Owls – Top Reviews of 2020

Selecting solar garden owls can be far from easy. You want to make sure the unit yet get is aesthetically pleasing but you also want to make sure it has an efficient solar panel, it has a long runtime, it’s durable and weather resistant, and it’s realistic. If you don’t consider all of these points and make a hasty decision, you can end up with something you don’t like looking at, or something that doesn’t scare any critters away.

All garden owls on this list have a realistic design and decent size so that they can scare not only birds, but also mice, squirrels, and other rodents, much like ultrasonic pest repellers. We’ve also checked the product’s functions. Some owls have motion-activated glowing eyes and sounds; others have rotating heads. Regardless of their mechanisms, they are all praised for their effectiveness. Lastly, we considered the price. Like solar cameras, solar owls come in a wide range of prices, but all models on our list bring true value for money.

Livin' Well Solar Powered Owl Decoy

Editor's Pick

Keeping the pests away from your garden is not always easy, but the solar owl decoy by Livin’ Well could save the day. Standing 15.5 inches tall, this pest deterrent owl scares everything in its range with flashing eyes and a loud hoot.

That range is about 5-ft, but with it’s realistic behavior, it’s even able to scare pests from a distance. It’s particularly efficient in scaring rodents. You might have to experiment with positioning once or twice to find the ideal placement, but once you find it, this owl will not disappoint, unless you’re a pesky little rodent or nosy little bird.

A quality solar panel provides sufficient energy for uninterrupted pest control. For those moments when the sun’s not shining, you’ll also like that you can use it with traditional AA batteries.

Ideal for placing in your yard, garden, or on your balcony, the owl also comes with mounting hardware for secure anchoring. You won’t have to worry about the wind blowing it down, or kids and pets moving it around.




  • Realistic size and design
  • Glowing eyes
  • Waterproof
  • Works with AA batteries as well
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy mounting


  • The owl sounds are a bit soft
  • Squirrels are not deterred by it

Gardeneer by Dalen Solar Powered Owl

Most Popular

If you don’t want to upset your neighbors with a loud sound, but still need an effective pest deterrent for your garden, check out the SOL-R Action Owl from Gardeneer by Dalen.

This eco-friendly deterrent provides chemical-free pest control. It can easily scare small birds thanks to its realistic head movement. Technically solar powered, we like that the head also moves with the wind, enhancing the efficiency of this product.

It has reflective eyes but they don’t light up or flash. However, the glassy realistic eyes may actually seem more real. This owl also produces no sound, which means rabbits and squirrels are usually undeterred by it. Therefore, this solar powered owl is recommended more for individuals concerned primarily by other small birds and not so much by rodents.

This is another model with a realistic design that’s humane and eco-friendly, too. In fact, this owl is made from over 80% recycled materials.


  • Realistic size and design
  • Lifelike automatic head movement
  • Includes secondary power source; wind power


  • Doesn’t deter squirrels or rabbits effectively
  • Even with waterproofing, this item still gets damaged in heavy rain
  • Difficult to mount

Hausse Solar Owl Decoy

Best Value

A bit smaller than the owls above but also less expensive, this solar owl decoy by Hausse can be a great choice for the homeowner on a budget. This model comes with flashing eyes and produces a frightening sound each time an animal passes in front of its motion detection sensor.

Its 10-foot wide range makes it ideal for bigger gardens or lawns, despite its smaller size. Two modes give you the possibility to choose from flashing eyes and sounds or only flashing eyes, so you won’t disturb your neighbors. The extremely realistic design makes it ideal for scaring off pigeons, other small birds, mice, squirrels, and rabbits.

It works exclusively with solar batteries, which could be an issue in times when the sunlight is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, it’s energy-efficient, and it can work continuously for a long time on a single solar charge. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, this is another excellent solar garden owl to consider.


  • Easy to mount Produces glowing flashing eyes and scary noises Sounds and flashing can be used independently or not at all


  • Doesn’t include head motion A bit smaller than an average solar owl decoy

Britenway Premium Solar Powered Owl

The Britenway Premium solar garden owl is another great decoy designed to ward off your garden’s greatest enemies. This solar powered predator uses an eco- and animal-friendly method to deter all pests from your lawn or garden.

This utilizes the power of the sun to light up its eyes and scream a terrifying sound that frightens an owl’s natural prey. High-quality solar batteries can store sufficient energy for continuous operation; at night and during inclement weather.

This solar owl is ideal for placing on a fence or pole and has a 5-foot motion detection range. The incredibly realistic design, and a height of 16 inches, surely fools birds and other small unwanted visitors. It’s also waterproof and resists the weather’s elements.


  • Motion detection up to 5 ft
  • Includes flashing eyes and scary owl sounds
  • Ability to turn sound functions off


  • Difficult to mount or anchor

Hoont Realistic Solar Power Owl

If you want efficiency and don’t mind spending a bit more, this owl is a highly effective pest control solution. Similar to some of our choices above, it comes with flashing eyes and scary sounds. It won’t move its head in the sun, but the eyes will flash as soon as it detects movement.

Ready to use straight out of the box, it only requires solar energy to work. Standing 15 inches tall, it has a very realistic appearance. The quality paint is also meant to stay bright for a long time, despite being exposed to constant sunlight. Effective in deterring small pests but also a great decorative item, this solar owl will surely look great in your garden.


  • Dramatic predatory eyes
  • Deters with flashing eyes and owl noises
  • Works great to deter birds from pool areas


  • Difficult to mount
  • The owl sounds are a bit annoying

Features to Look For In A Solar Powered Owl

Features to Look For In A Solar Powered Owl

Solar powered garden owls are usually pretty effective in deterring pests in the most humane way. However, there are a few things you should check into before you buy.

  • Sound: By far, the most effective weapon against birds and rodents is a frightening hoot. Small animals will recognize the characteristic owl sound and run away from your property. Obviously, the sound is not effective in deterring other owls. If nocturnal creatures have targeted your chickens, perhaps you should invest in another type of solar-powered deterrent. Make sure the sound has an on/off button though, especially if you don’t want it to disturb your neighbors during the night.
  • Flashing eyes: A useless feature when the sun is shining bright, but this feature really scares when it’s dark. Rodents, in particular, can get scared by a sudden light flashing at them. This silent feature won’t disturb you or your neighbors though, so rest peacefully.
  • Moving head: While there is some hype over the solar rotating heads, these models are usually a bit less effective than those that can produce sounds. Nevertheless, they may also scare some small birds. The moving head is a method that scares mostly other small birds, and doesn’t work as effectively on rodents.
  • Size: Another essential thing to check is the size. Pests won’t be frightened by a tiny plastic owl, but may believe that the big owl sitting on your fence is a real one. Most solar powered garden owls are at least 13 inches tall; don’t go smaller than that.
  • Alternative power source: The best thing about solar garden owls is that they don’t need batteries. However, like electric fences, some of the best models come with both solar and standard batteries. This feature is great if you live in an area with little sun.


A solar owl is more than a pest deterrent (like a solar mosquito zapper); it can also add novelty to your garden, patio, or balcony. Producing sounds, light, or moving its head, this backyard accessory can help you get rid of annoying birds and rodents in a humane way, once and for all. With this information, you’ll definitely be able to make a smart judgement on the solution that will work best for you. You can let your yard become the playground of pesky little birds and rodents (like moles, which are what these mole repellers are for), or you can protect your property from invasive pests with a solar powered owl.

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