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Nothing wrong with a little music on the go, but why not make it interesting with a solar powered radio? Some rely on their mobile devices for entertainment, but what happens when there’s no charge or no signal? Or, what if you’re out hiking or away from the usual electronic distractions? Or, in an unfortunate scenario, there’s an emergency and you don’t have access to power? You can imagine, then, how handy a solar charged device is in these scenarios, allowing you to go anywhere there’s sunlight!

Of course, easier said than done, right? There are a lot of products out there, each with their own unique specifications, prices, designs, and types. It can be overwhelming to pick out one for your needs. But not to worry! We’ve got a handy list of some of our favorites and best of 2020. We’re positive you’ll find a solar radio suited to your needs.

Our Selections

When choosing a solar powered radio, we opted for a few criteria to bring you the best in quality. Like with solar phone chargers, criteria generally included things like price, charge life, size, range, and durability. Since the equipment needs sunlight, it’s assumed it will be outside for long durations, so you don’t want something easily damaged! We took in other considerations too, such as those useful for emergency situations. Also, charge life is important, so we opted for selections with good lifespans and the lowest possible charge time.

With that, let’s get started with our list!

Kaito KA500 5-way Solar Power AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Houkiper Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radios with AM/FM

iRonsnow IS-366 Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio Hand Crank

Top Solar Powered Radios of 2020

Kaito KA500 5-way Solar Power AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Editor's Pick

Our first choice is an inclusive pick with multiple features and utilities fit for camping or emergency scenarios. A bright yellow color makes it easy to spot and it has a host of features perfect for all sorts of situations.

Firstly, this is a six-way radio capable of tuning into all major weather stations in your area, along with NOAA compliant stations. You’ll also get sports and news broadcasts to keep you in touch with the local ongoings, just in case.

Even better though! This solar powered radio not only charges from sunlight, but a built in crank can charge compatible mobile devices like smartphones and MP3 players. So, if you’re caught without battery power somewhere, you can rely on this! Need more? The radio has a built in flashlight as well. The sheer value and safety benefits from our pick makes this a must have for any scenario, and acts as a handy backup in the worst situations.

Houkiper Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radios with AM/FM

Most Popular

Our next choice is a smaller, portable solar radio, but no less efficient. This is a great camping utility or emergency device – depending on the circumstances – with automatic radio alerts set for weather events. It also hosts four different ways to keep it charged, so you’re never without a broadcast source.

Solar powered is the obvious method. You also can also charge the batter with AA batteries, a generator crank, and/or USB cable, so no matter the circumstance you can rely on it being on. It’s also waterproof and weather resistant, great for various outdoor conditions. As for charge, the solar batter is 2000 mAH in total, and the radio comes equipped with a small, LED ready light.

A great inexpensive survior/camping tool!

iRonsnow IS-366 Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio Hand Crank

Best Value

One of our best value choices, the iRonsnow is a small, sizable red solar radio that doubles as a powerful flashlight for any outdoor scenario. This one has a few features for convenience, such as a charge light indicating the amount of battery power, along with a 2000 mAH solar charge.

The compact radio is a perfect travel size too, with 5 x 7 inches in total size. Can tune into all major nearby stations and comes with its own rechargeable LED light. Users can also jack in headphones/earplugs if desired.

You can charge with sunlight, but like our previous options, a hand crank/USB port are also options. Of the choices, it’s the most inexpensive, so if you’re looking for a versatile backup for outdoor activities or emergencies, this is a solid choice.

EJEAS Emergency Weather Solar Crank AM/FM NOAA Radio

Another solid choice. This emergenc/solar powered radio comes in handy for all outdoor conditions, with a bright, handy LED screen to tell you what station/frequency you’re tuned into (useful for those with weaker/impaired vision). Compatible with local radio stations and NOAA/Emergency Weather broadcasts to keep you safe, no matter where you are.

This is a good pick if you need a solar powered radio with a larger battery size (4000 mAH), with an estimated 5 hours of music/radio broadcast time. You can charge with sunlight or, as with others, use AA batteries, a micro-USB charger, or included crank.

You can also expect a 1W flashlight for nighttime use (or low light areas). It also has an SOS signal (in serviced area) if a dangerous situation occurs.

RunningSnail AM/FM NOAA Weather Emergency Solar Digital Crank Radio

The last but certainly not least choice, RunningSnail provides the final option for solar powered radios with an impressive array of functions suited for any outdoor/emergency scenario. Bright orange color-scheme means it’s easy to keep track of and its total solar charge of 2000MAh keeps it going for several hours.

Just as with the others, a built-in flashlight is standard, a 3W LED along with multiple ways to charge the device, solar included. A crank allows you to generate electricity as well, so you’re never without a power option. Connected USB devices can use the radio for charging, too.

Size wise this is one of our smaller choices, so it can fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or bag. Good for having on hand whether for recreational or safety use.

What to look for?

Best Solar Powered Radios What to look for

Now you have an idea of some of the best radios for 2020 using a solar charge. As you can see, there’s a variety of options for you to pick and choose from, ranging from radios used in astrophysics, to radios for zoological research, so how do you choose the best solar powered radio?
Like with solar watches, it depends on what your needs and circumstances are. If you expect to do some light outdoor activities or go camping, one of our compact, inexpensive selections will suit you fine. If you expect to bring along other devices like a smartphone, find a radio which doubles as a charger for compatible hardware.

However, even if you’re out for a casual hike, it never hurts to have emergency hardware in your sun-powered backpack. Our selection, like the Kaito, are durable and flexible for what they can do, capable of tuning into multiple radio stations. If you expect disaster, know bad weather is on the way, or assume risk of bad radio, take a durable choice with extended battery life and wide frequency range.

But, know that whatever option you may select from our list, all are perfect for safety and backup scenarios. With a range of ways to keep both the radio charged and your personal devices, having one can keep you safe – either outdoors, at night, during power outages, or other potential disasters.


When looking for the best equipment (like solar telescopes), it’s important to take all considerations into account. So, when seeking the best solar powered radio, keep our list in mind! We want you to have a stable, durable option, whether you’re outside for some casual fun or are indeed experience an emergency due to weather. Whatever the case, we’re confident our choices will work with everyone, whether you need a budget item or full fledged survival device. (Looking for more fun solar-powered devices? Check out these solar coffee makers!)

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