Best Solar Powered Tents for Outdoor Adventures

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor experience, why not shake things up with a solar powered tent? This revolutionary equipment can completely revitalize one’s camping enthusiasm by providing a source of energy from – you guessed it – the sun. A hiker can rely on their tent to power lanterns, electronics, and mobile devices. Solar tents are great for safety and convenience, extending the quality of your camping trips.

But not everyone uses solar tents or even make use of compatible solar panels. That’s all right, because we’ve got you’ve covered. We’re going to breakdown the best solar powered tents for 2020, giving you everything you need to make a savvy purchase, while offering a range of options for various camping needs.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent + BLAVOR Solar Charge Panel

Coleman 8 Person Tent + Stanstar Camping Lantern/Panel

CORE 9 Tent + RAVPower Solar Panel Combo

Top Solar Tents Reviews

When selecting the best solar tents, we evaluated a variety of criteria to make a decision. Durability, solar charge, size, and price are just a few of the metrics, while keeping a broad audience in mind. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast going on long, solo hikes, (don’t forget your solar radio) planning a weekend out with friends, or getting together with family, we’ve found options hopefully fitting anyone’s criteria. We also worked to accommodate most price ranges, while opting for the highest quality options.

In addition, we’ve included some combination solar panels for your planned activities. These are perfect accessories for a planned hike – both lightweight and easy to transport. Some are designed for casual use, and others can be taken along for extended walks and hikes. Some are even used to prevent the spread of certain weeds in farmers fields. Whatever the case, we’ve got a variety of options for you.

Cinch Popup Solar Powered Tent

One of the only “smart tents” available in the US, the Cinch Tent is for all manners of camping and exploration. This one’s unique, because it’s customizable. With ease, hikers can set as many ‘popup’ tent segments as needed, fit for any group size and environment.

Simple setup means you won’t have to spend arduous time propping up a solar tent, and the module itself is quite spacious and accommodating. It’s vented, storm resistant, and designed to fight off pests. Best of all, each Cinch comes with a solar charge panel with two rechargeable LED lights. You can also control the brightness from your phone. It’s a great, all-inclusive kit for any environment and any camping size.

Enthusiasts can choose from two options: the Cinch Solar Tent or the Cinch Hub. The former has multiple size options, ranging from 2-4 people in total. The latter, while small, allows you to attach segments (and you can attach as many as desired). There’s lots of versatility here, suited for any environment and any camping need.

CORE 9 Tent + RAVPower Solar Panel Combo

Best Value

For our first combo selection, we recommended the tried and true CORE 9 instant cabin tent with the RAVPower solar panel. The CORE 9 is an excellent choice for any hiking trip, with an instant setup option and waterproof design. It comes with a canopy and enough space to accommodate 2-4 people (though allows for up to 9 persons to sleep). Good for small families, or, if you’re feeling spacious, yourself. It has port accessibility for an electric cord – but in this case best used with our recommended solar panel. Ground venting keeps the solar tent cool and setup only requires 60 seconds.

Our recommended RAVPower panel is also conveniently sized and functional. Compact and perfect for tents and hiking, this foldable panel sports 3 USB ports accompanied by a waterproof design. In total it supports a 24W charge, perfect for any device supporting a USB charge port. You can take it on the go, or install it with the appropriate tent, like the CORE 9.

Coleman 8 Person Tent + Stanstar Camping Lantern/Panel

Most Popular

Our Coleman selection is great for a few reasons: it doesn’t hit the wallet too hard and it’s spacious enough for eight people. The polyester material and seamless design are storm resistant, with an included canopy for extra protection. Considering its size, it’s also one of the best options if you’re looking to budget, while maintaining the sturdy quality you’d expect from a tent. The solar tent includes an extendable door for storing clothing/boots/shoes, and setup generally takes fifteen minutes. It also comes with a portable bag for easy transportation, on foot or otherwise. Total 16 x 7 foot measurement with 6 foot total height.

With price in mind, we also recommend the Stanstar Camping Lantern/Panel. This bargain priced panel includes a lantern for nighttime illumination, while compatible with a single USB port. The accompanying lantern can be used for any activity and helps with safety, especially during evening hours with overcast skies. When used with the Coleman, it makes for a good solar power tent combination.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent + BLAVOR Solar Charge Panel

Editor's Pick

One of the largest selections, the Browning Big Horn Tent is an essential, single setup, good for a family or a camper with a craving for a lot of space. The tent is best suited for campers/hikers planning an extended stay in a single location, and we say this because it’s total carry weight hits close to 33 lbs. On its own, not so bad, but you can imagine taking this for long walks gets tiresome. However, it offers a weather resistant design and plenty of breathing room. Ventilation is integrated and there are six mesh windows for daytime/nighttime.

This one is clearly for enthusiasts, requiring set up and planning. Likely, usage includes campouts lasting for several days, if longer. However, for the size and durability alone, it’s a decent option.
The recommended solar charge panel by BLAVOR is another conveniently sized foldable energy station, USB compatible for your mobile devices. This one also makes use of wireless charging, provided the device supports the Qi technology. Even better, though, is the inclusion of its own rechargeable flashlight (with 3 settings) and compass. This is perfect for the hiker on the hills, especially if you’re in need of illumination. Combining these options together will make your next long-term camping trip one to remember.

Coleman Dome Tent + Solar Powered Charger

Thus far we’ve selected tent options for large parties, but the Coleman Dome Tent is best for solo or duo excursions. Like other Coleman products, this tent is constructed with polyester, shaped for convenience and water resistance with a setup time averaging ten minutes. Tent also includes a floor vent for keeping you cool, with optional canopy for sunny/rainy days. It’s also lightweight, good for extended travel over long hiking distances, all in an affordable price range.

The Solar Charge is a different panel, in that it operates as a flashlight and phone charger (for the correct device). It’s the smallest one we’ve chosen thus far because we recommend it for traveling purposes. Doubling as a light, it can help with nighttime travel and is also weatherproof/water resistant. The total charge capacity goes up to 20,000 mAh. Well priced, it also comes with a 1-year warranty to boot. A nice package for solo travel or smaller groups.

Ozark Trail Tent + Sunnybag POWERTAB Panel

Our final choice, this camping solar tent is best suited for long stays in flat locations, such as a beach or field. More of a “luxury” style, the Ozark tent suits up to 3 people with extending canopies, foldable entrance, and port for electricity. Like some of our choices, this requires setup, and does not come with additional poles. It’s also a multi-person job, requiring several people to complete setup. However, it’s quite spacious with headspace up to 6ft, and good for any weather condition.

Our recommended panel is the Sunnybag POWERTAB solar panel, a conveniently sized tablet great for charging mobile devices. Unlike other choices, this is a single, versatile panel which is ready out of the box. Any compatible device can be charged using it. Total charge size is 6000 mAh and it comes with a 1-watt LED light for nighttime illumination. Better for reading versus a dedicated flashlight, so plan accordingly.

Combined, these are comfy choices for the outdoor enthusiast.

What to Consider when Purchasing a Solar Tent/Camping Tent + Solar Panel Combo

What to Consider when Purchasing a Solar Tent-Camping Tent + Solar Panel Combo

So, we’ve broken down a few of our top choices for solar powered tents and solar accessories (like this solar kettle), but there’s still a few things to consider when making your final decision. Everyone has different needs, goals, and size requirements, so think them over accordingly. However, regardless of what you choose, there are key factors every camping solar tent – solar or otherwise – should have.

The Advantages

For instance, what are the advantages of a solar tent (and accessories, like this ultrasonic pest repeller) over a regular one? The answer, of course, is convenience. Drawing on natural light to charge your devices means you don’t need to rely on another power source, like a car or battery, when camping. You can trek anywhere, so long as you have a viable source of sunlight. It also means you’re safer when outdoors, because you can keep devices like phones charged in case of an emergency.
If you use camping solar panels, there are similar benefits; you won’t need to bring extra chargers or inconvenience yourself with a lower power device.


When selecting a tent, solar powered tent, or solar device, keep some things in mind. You should always opt for long-lasting, weather resistant material. Remember, your tent is against the elements, such as storms, water, heat, and cold. Material that cannot handle these conditions will, overtime, rapidly lose its value. If you plan on going outdoors often, then you need quality equipment. Check for warranties too – lifetime guarantees are invaluable.
Also, consider size options. Everyone has different camping goals – some hike on their own, some go with a friend, and others camp with family (or a combination). Regardless, there’s nothing worse than bringing your equipment only to find you lack enough space for everyone, or, space isn’t comfortable enough.

Lastly, consider things like weight and ease of transportation. Most hiking trips will require you to carry equipment (hopefully in your solar backpack), some heavier than others. Therefore, you want both your tent and solar panel equipment to be both lightweight, easy to carry, and manageable. Durability for panels is also important, since they’ll be exposed to weather and natural elements.


Depending on your location, actual solar powered tents are difficult to come by. It’s generally better to find a preferred tent and companion solar panel for efficiency reasons. However, it means you might not have as many options for specific solar power tents. Rest assured, though, our selections are high quality and with your camping enjoyment in mind.

Before you make the big leap, however, understand some of the drawbacks to both tent and solar panels. For starters, if you’re not planning on using a popup tent, you’ll need additional tools to properly set up a campsite. Most solar tents, unfortunately, don’t have said tools, so you’ll need your own (and some knowledge in setting up the tent itself).

Solar panels, too, need proper care to get maximum usage with them. As you can imagine, if there’s no sun, there’s no charge. So, if you’re out hiking or camping on rainy/cloudy days, you’ll run into problems. Depending on the panel size, charge capacity may also be limited.
Lastly, while we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure durability and long usage, solar panels are sensitive. If mishandled, dropped, or packed inappropriately, they can suffer extensive damage and no longer be used. Treat them as gingerly as you would these solar firestarters!


Now you have a better idea of what comes with a solar power tent, and how it’s best used on hiking trips. Finding the best solar powered tents (and respective panel accessories) is challenging, both because of availability – or lack of – and inexperience with the product. However, most are accessible to veterans and newcomers alike, suited for a range of wilderness activities. We hope this quick review allows you to find the best solar tents for your next outdoor excursion. And don’t forget to take along some solar camping lanterns!

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