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Solar water purifiers can provide a low-cost and environmentally friendly way of turning available water into a ready-made water supply for you and your family. By harnessing the sun’s energy using solar powered water filters, you can ensure that you’ll never run out of water, even in the event of an emergency. Easy, convenient, and completely self-powered, these purifiers prove that caring for one’s family and one’s environment doesn’t require one to sacrifice quality, convenience, or peace of mind.

With many competitive options on the market, it doesn’t take much for you to harness the sun in order to make the most of your environment. Read on for several brief reviews of the top products on today’s marketplace, as well as several choice pieces of advice on selecting a solar powered water purification system from the wide variety of possible features and options.

Solar Still Emergency Water Purification Kit by Aquamate

Solar-Powered Non-Electric Emergency Water Distiller and Water Purifier by Solar Still

The Solar Still Deluxe Water Purification Kit by Survival Metrics

Best Solar Water Purifiers Reviews

Solar Still Emergency Water Purification Kit by Aquamate

Editor's Pick

Purchase peace of mind with this emergency solar water purifier from Aquamate. Although the kit is a bit pricey, the guarantee of reliable fresh water in any emergency situation is more than worth the price of the purchase. Completely inflatable, this kit is easy to store when not in use, and when it’s needed it can be at the ready in seconds. Plus, it’s reliability, durability and output rate are unmatched by other products on the market. This device doesn’t rely on electricity to purify water, but rather focuses the sun’s heat in order to evaporate, condense, and distill water, leaving it pure and fresh at the end of the process. On a sunny day, users report, this device can produce around one liter of drinkable water–essential for any survivalist looking to keep themselves from dehydration.

The Solar Still Deluxe Water Purification Kit by Survival Metrics

Best Value

At half the price of Aquamate’s solar still, this solar water purifier makes a tempting option for those searching for more budget-friendly alternatives to the first product on our list. And while the Survival Metrics kit is certainly a good option for the price, buyers should beware of the sharp decline in reliability, output, and overall quality that comes with the drop in price. Much smaller than the Aquamate, this solar powered water purifier is a great option for campers or survivalists looking for a ligth-weight, low-output still to get them through short, pre-planned trips. If you’re buying a solar water purifier for anything longer term, however, consider another option.

Solar-Powered Non-Electric Emergency Water Distiller and Water Purifier by Solar Still

Most Popular

The most expensive option on our list, this solar water purifier is also the largest, sturdiest, and most reliable option available on the marketplace. At a whopping twenty-eight pounds, this system is most certainly NOT portable. It is a large-capacity, closed, automatic system designed to provide large quantities of fresh water in a long-term survival scenario. Capable of producing up to eighteen-gallons of fresh water from sea water per day, it far outstrips the other products on our list. Unlike other solar powered water purifiers, this system harnesses the sun’s power through an attached solar cell and battery that then concentrated the collected energy and utilizes it as a heat source for water purification. In addition, should the need arise, the system can be disconnected from the solar cell and operated using alternative heat sources including fire, gas, or propane, increasing its versatility in low-light or nighttime conditions.

How Solar Water Purifiers Work

How Solar Water Purifiers Work

Solar water purifiers operate like traditional stills, purifying water through distillation. The only difference is that the thermal energy necessary to evaporate the water is drawn from the sun, rather than a more traditional, combustible fuel source. In addition, solar water purification makes use of the ultraviolet (UV) light found in solar radiation. Because most harmful bacteria and microorganisms found in water are adapted to the human gut, they are highly sensitive to sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation damages their genetic material, killing them and hindering reproduction, and thereby disinfecting the water.

Via these two properties, solar energy provides a reliable and low-cost way of purifying water, particularly when combined with a specially-designed solar water purifier. These purifiers maximize the amount of water that can be safely purified using sunlight, enhance the purification, and decrease the amount of time necessary for effective purification. So you can use that water in your solar kettle even faster!

The Advantages of Solar Water Purifiers

Solar water purification, or solar water disinfection (SODIS), has been studied extensively by the World Health Organization. The WHO has found that solar water purification only works in a closed system, such as the one created within specially designed solar powered water purifiers.That’s because ultraviolet (UV) light prevents the formation of DNA linkages in microorganisms, inhibiting their reproduction. At the same time, the thermal energy in the sunlight heats the water, killing additional organisms through pasteurization and purifying the water through evaporation and condensation, also known as distillation.

The advantages of solar water purifiers are fairly self-evident. Completely autonomous, they are reliable, easy to use, and free you completely from reliance on stored freshwater or the external fuel supplies (firewood, propane, gasoline) utilized by more traditional water purification stills.

With a good-sized solar water purifier, survivalists or campers can augment or replace their pre-packaged water supply and devote precious fuel to other tasks. Similarly, large, non-portable solar stills are a great way to prepare for disaster scenarios, ensuring safety and autonomy should freshwater become unavailable. These stills are also great for those who do not have regular access to a safe supply of municipal or well water, or for those looking to give their freshwater supply an extra round of purification. When combined with a solar rain barrel pump, your access to clean water will be unmatched.

Although there are alternative methods of solar water purification and disinfection, a solar water purifier is by far the safest and most reliable. In addition, solar stills both disinfect and purify water, as opposed to simply killing pathogens. By distilling water, solar stills remove non-biological contaminants such as sediment, toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Simply exposing water to sunlight is not enough to purify it; in order for water to be potable, it must be heated within a closed system. This prevents recontamination and concentrates heat, increasing the effectiveness of treating the water.

Misconceptions About Solar Water Purifiers

Misconceptions About Solar Water Purifiers

Contrary to some ill-conceived myths circulating on the internet, solar water purification does not occur naturally. It takes time and human intervention. Much like filters, solar and thermal disinfection do not provide residual protection against recontamination. Once purified, water must be kept clean or purified again.

Similarly, like solar aeration or solar ionization, solar water purification is not one-hundred percent foolproof. Certain pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and protozoa can survive treatment. Compared to drinking untreated water, however, drinking water processed by a solar powered water purifier is much, much safer. As one study conducted in Bolivia suggests, drinking solar treated water can reduce the contraction rate of waterborne illnesses by up to seventy percent.

In order to protect yourself from non-biological contaminants such as heavy metals or toxic chemicals, however, you can’t stop at solar disinfection. You need a solar powered water purifier that distills and purifies water, removing harmful contaminants and compounds.

Although there are plans out there for building your own solar water purifier, it’s much safer and more convenient to purchase one of the options listed above. In addition to increased portability and output, these products are much safer and more reliable than something built at home, making themselves more than worth the investment. Survival, after all, is not something to be trifled with.

In conclusion, a solar powered water purifier can be a solid investment for those looking to lessen their reliance on municipal water supplies, or to counteract situations in which safe drinking water is not readily available. Additionally, solar water purifiers are self-sufficient and environmentally friendly–a refreshing change from more traditional water purification methods. Using the natural properties of the sun, solar water purification systems provide a low-stress way of securing a safe water supply in any situation. With a wide variety of reliable, high quality options on the market, you can be sure to select the solar water purifier that best suits both your requirements and your budget.

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