Best Solar Wind Turbines of 2021

MarsRock Solar Wind Turbine Hybrid Generator

There are near infinite benefits to having a solar wind turbine but perhaps the most important reason is for the safety, security, and comfort of your home and family. Can you imagine how scary it would be without power if you needed it to survive? Many people have medical equipment that needs to be plugged in, or at least charged, in order to best assist.  Without power, the equipment ceases to be helpful and becomes a burden. Whether the loss of power comes in your home, at school, or at a hospital, a backup plan is critical. A solar power wind turbine is the perfect backup power source when all else fails.

A solar wind turbine combines solar power and wind power to charge a battery that can then function at a certain wattage and voltage for your needs. In most cases, a turbine will be permanently or semi-permanently mounted into the ground or onto a very sturdy and stable piece of property. Following that, solar panels will be positioned to catch the sun’s rays.  This power charges the system’s battery (or batteries) and you can begin to use this for powering you small appliances and charging your devices. When the battery is fully charged, most solar wind generator systems will automatically save what’s in the battery and will switch to the direct charge to power everything.

Besides the unfortunate emergency scenarios, there are many other, nicer, reasons for using a solar wind turbine:

  • You want to supplement your power sources, lower your electric costs, or switch to off-grid power completely
  • You want to have use of some electricity while you spend time at the cabin or the lakehouse, but you don’t need to overdo it
  • You want to add a power source to your treehouse or shed
  • You want to store free power to light your landscaping and gardens at night
  • You want to have extra power on the boat or in the camper
  • You want to add power to your greenhouse

Surely with very little effort, you could think of at least three reasons it would benefit you to set up solar wind power on your property. The following reviews will help you to determine your needs and expectations when it comes to a solar power wind turbine that’s right for supplementing or replacing your existing power plan.

Eco LLC Solar Wind Turbine Kit

Missouri Wind and Solar General Freedom II

MarsRock Solar Wind Turbine Hybrid Generator

Top Reviews of Solar Wind Turbines for 2019

Are you ready to collect natural, renewable, energy so you can power your home, camper, or boat? Below, you’ll find the top five reviews for turbines that collect power from both solar and wind together, giving you a highly efficient home energy system to use as a backup, supplement, or replacement to the costly power you’re paying for now.

Though making the switch to solar-wind energy will save you hundreds – potentially thousands – of dollars, it does require a small investment up front. We’ve taken this into consideration in the reviews below and offer a selection that ranges in price from “just trying this out” to “off-grid master”. Some solar power wind turbines offer a 6-month finance plan to help make your switch even easier.  Keep reading to learn the differences in each product and which would work best to generate free power for you.

MarsRock Solar Wind Turbine Hybrid Generator

Best Value

Perfect for the conscientious beginner, the MarsRock is the least expensive solar wind turbine but still offers enough power to charge devices and run small appliances in your camper, boat, or bunker. This unit is power-rated for 400 watts and 12 volts. Its tactful, low-key, design and 23-lb size make it an unobtrusive addition to your backyard, garden, or patio.

These blades are made from nano nylon fiberglass and have a rated rotation speed of 400 rotations per minute.  The 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC generator sits safely inside of an aluminum die-casting generator case and uses an electromagnetic control system and means that the power is more stable.  Durable and resistant to harsh weather and climates, this solar power wind turbine will work happily from – 40°C – + 80°C without any interruption. In cases where weather or storms may cause damage to your solar wind turbine, this MarsRock is built to be extremely easy to install, maintain, and repair.  It covers a 20-year lifespan so whether you’re just testing it out or in for the long haul, this solar wind turbine has your back.


  • Sleek, discreet design
  • Low vibration
  • Includes double bearing swivel shaft for wind resistance and stability
  • 6-mo financing available


  • Requires mounting and welding of steel pole

Eco-Worthy Solar Panel Wind Turbine

The Eco-Worthy solar wind generator hybrid is about twice the cost but offers a higher power-rating at 600 watts and 24 volts. It also offers compatibility with deep cycle batteries for maximum storage and power. However, no more than four deep cycle batteries per unit is recommended due to the length of time it can take to recharge batteries, especially if you’re without wind and must rely on the lower-powered solar generator.

This solar wind turbine works best mounted to an already stable base such as a roof, instead of pole-mounting in the ground. Depending on how high you intend to erect your turbine and how stable you can create the pole’s base, pole-mounting can be done, though it’s recommended that the height be 20 ft. or less. The Eco-Worthy solar wind turbine is built from durable, weather-resistant, fiberglass that won’t corrode, but it’s also specially designed to withstand the corrosion of sea salt water, too. That makes this solar wind generator an excellent option for boats and coastal properties.


  • 6-mo financing available
  • Automatic break when batteries are fully charged


  • Wind resistant to only 35 mph
  • Does not include 3-14 gauge wires required to complete installation
  • Cons03

Missouri Wind and Solar General Freedom II

Most Popular

The General Freedom II solar wind turbine from Missouri Wind and Solar is by far the most stylish of the turbines on our list. It features an exclusive decorative turbine tail with cut stars and stripes; reminiscent of the airplanes of WWII. This sleek black unit features nine blades instead of the usual three. Rather than the fiberglass typically used to design turbine blades, these are fully hot-dipped, galvanized, zinc-plated metal. Stick this in the elements for the next 50 years and you’ll see no rust, no corrosion, and no need to maintain or repair these blades. Come rain and high winds, this solar wind turbine withstands an incredible 125 mph winds. If used as intended, this unit will last the rest of your life – and maybe longer!

This solar wind generator features a unique and high-quality earth-magnet core which contains more than twice the amount of copper as is typical for similar systems. More copper means more power, and the General Freedom II is certainly proof with a maximum output of up to 2000 watts. That’s 10 times the typical power-rating for other solar power wind turbines. This is a perfect middle-of-the-road solar wind turbine purchase for someone who wants quality and budget control. This initial investment won’t break the bank and it will more than make up for the cost with the amount of free power it delivers to you.


  • 12-mo financing available
  • No cogging
  • Charges 12V, 24V, or 48V batteries
  • Lasts a lifetime under normal use


  • 50 lbs

TrendlySolar Wind Turbine with Solar Panels

If your location tends to get more sun than wind, the Solar Wind Turbine Kit from TrendlySolar is going to be great for you. This solar wind generator is an efficient gatherer of both solar and wind power, but these solar panels are made from the newest monocrystalline design which outperforms the usual polycrystalline panel design. You’ll get the most bang for your sunbeam with these solar panels. This unit has a power-rating of up to 800 watts and 24 volts.

The turbine is made from a 5-blade design, making it more efficient than the 3-blade design typically featured in similar solar power wind turbines. When you are collecting wind power, this solar wind turbine withstands up to 50 mph wind, and temperatures as low as – 40°C – or as high as 80°C. This system can reach a maximum capacity of about 1000 watts, but it comes fully compatible to work with other larger capacity systems for maximum off-grid benefits.


  • More efficient monocrystalline solar panels
  • Great for sunny locations
  • Power-rated up to 800 watts, 24 volts
  • Includes 4 1000-watt solar panels


  • Does not include 3-14 gauge wires required to complete installation
  • 97 lbs

Eco LLC Solar Wind Turbine Kit

Editor's Pick

At the top of the line with a traditional design and dependable nature, the Eco LLC solar powered wind turbine is a classic, powerful, system.  This kit includes a 3-blade turbine made from corrosion-resistant carbon fiber composite, 3 polycrystalline solar panels, a hybrid controller, and a power inverter and AC load. Powerful by itself, this unit can also work in conjunction with other units for optimal power storage and generation.

This solar wind generator runs an optimal 880 watts and up to 110 volts for several hours before needing to be recharged.  Eco LLC has also included safety shut-off functionality when the battery is low, voltage or load is too demanding, or there is a risk of overheating at 75°C.  This solar wind turbine even comes with a 15-year lifetime under warranty for one year.


  • 1000-watt, continuous use inverter
  • 1 year warranty


  • Battery and mounting pole not included
  • Can take a while to fully recharge batteries
  • Can generate vibration interruption, 60Hz

Consider This When You Buy a Solar Power Wind Turbine

Consider This When You Buy a Solar Power Wind Turbine

Before you order any solar wind turbine, ask yourself what you’ll use it for.  Understand your primary and secondary needs. Maybe you’ll be supplementing traditional power used in the home.  Maybe you want to harness extra power to use while you and your friends and family enjoy a trip in the camper or on the boat. It may even be that you’re trying to go completely off-grid with your power needs.  Consider what you’ll actually want to power. Are you trying to run your laptop all day, or are you just charging your phone or using the toaster? Whatever your needs are will determine the answers to the next points of consideration.

Watts and Volts

Power-ratings for wattage can range from about 400 watts to more than 2000 watts, depending on the type of solar wind generator you buy.  When you have a general idea of the amount of wattage you intend to use at one time, be sure that the system you choose has the capacity for the wattage you need. The same rules apply with power-ratings for voltage capacity.  Consider the kind of bandwidth you’ll need and then make your decision.


By far the most complicated part of installing a solar power wind turbine on your property is mounting the turbine.  Assembly is quick and simple when it comes to the hardware and the blades; the battery hookups and wiring, but when it comes to mounting, you’re on your own, at least somewhat.  Consider whether your turbine is going up in a permanent spot or being mounted for use on a vehicle or in a semi-permanent spot. Mounting usually consists of at least mounting the unit to an existing stable surface, such as a roof, but this is actually the less ideal when it comes to wind resistance. Typically the most stable option is to insert a steel beam into the ground and secure it (sometimes with concrete).  Mounting will be of particular interest to you if your location is notoriously windy. Be careful to check out the wind-resistance rating for the turbines you consider buying. This can often have a wide range from just 25 mph to more than 125 mph.

Additional Supplies

In many cases, a solar wind generator kit does NOT come with everything you need to get the job done and the batteries charging.  About 50% of the sets for wind turbines with solar panels do not include all the wiring or all the mounting equipment and in some cases you’ll need to get the remaining bits on your own.  Be sure you have everything you need: turbine and generator, solar panels, battery (or batteries), and inverter, and a hybrid controller.

Location and Conditions

When making your plan for solar wind power generation, do not forget: location-location-location.  Your turbine should be as optimized as possible for its environment. This means you should consider how windy and sunny the location will be, and how hot or cold it will get.  In addition, a coastal location should seek a solar wind turbine that is designed to withstand the harsh corrosive nature of UV rays and salt water.

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